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Member Ships

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Valkyrie X, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Alphonse Elric

    Alphonse Elric That's My Rule!!!

    I thought of some new ships, but feel free to correct me if I made a mistake or if such ships are already in existence.

    Kyubi X NarutoUzumaki94/Naruto/Naruto Uzumaki = DemonInsideMeshipping

    ^ I think it makes a little sense, since the Kyuubi is the name of the Nine-tailed Demon Fox that happens to live in Naruto's body...

    NarutoUzumaki94/Naruto Usumaki/Naruto X Sasuke = HeyItSortaWorksInTheAniméWhyNotGiveItaShot?shipping

    ^ Wow, that ship name is long, and it pretty much gives the explanation.

    Nara_Shikamaru X Temari = HeyItSortaWorksInTheAniméWhyNotGiveItaShot?Version2.0shipping

    ^ Wow, longer name, and explains as much as the original.

    More when I think of them.
  2. intergalactic platypus

    intergalactic platypus Only rescues maidens

    I figured I'd do one with myself just for fun. Although this is NOT canon (the age gap is creepy), HowToDefendYourself*AgainstFreshFruitShipping for me and Nomytaker, my favorite person on the forums and my ever amusing pair EDIT: censor doesn't like yourself and against being next to each other
  3. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    That shipping is sexy. xD

    Even sexier. xDD But I'm rather neutral on the fourth one of the BestSPPfShippingsEvershipping though. Maybe it can be "SexiestSPPfShippingsEvershipping. xDD Or pairing instead of shipping in the first.

    RandomConversationSPPfshipping = Fox x ゆめ Eefi
    - Don't ask.
  4. Teehee

    Teehee Ampharos=lovegasm.

    Teehee X Shadowfaith = LovableFriendshipping.

    Seriously, if it weren't for her on some occasions, I wouldn't be doing this now. *Can't believe he said something NICE about Rachie... he MUST be getting old*
  5. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    Indeed, you are. :D *runs and ducks thrown objects*

    BecauseYouAreMaleThereforeItIsYourFaultshipping = ゆめ Eefi x every male in the universe, therefore including the forums.
    - Guess what this is from. xP Just a joke shipping, don't add it, Cat!

    IBlameFatal/Joeshipping = *Ryan* x Chelc
    - Consult the name of the shipping. Ryan blames Fatal while Chelc blames Joe.. xD *runs away*
  6. *~Puru-Ryuu~*

    *~Puru-Ryuu~* |x|Rebirth|x|

    IHateYouShipping= Me X Hungry Munchlax.
  7. Valkyrie X

    Valkyrie X Well-Known Member

    Los shippos have been added. ;D[/lol crappy Spanish]

    And because boredom has taken over me...

    Zennou Ryuu x Blue Star (soon to be Altair) = Tennisshipping. =P

  8. *~Puru-Ryuu~*

    *~Puru-Ryuu~* |x|Rebirth|x|

    EveryShippingSPPFShipping=Every Shipping

    Saffire Persian+Tavion=AuthorShipping
  9. Andromache

    Andromache Cat and Snake lover

    Can I have a ship?

    InsanelyLongPMsshipping = Andromache x ~Ampris~
  10. Ampris

    Ampris Slip slidin'

    ^_^ Yay, our ship's finally on the list!
    Last edited: May 11, 2006
  11. Shadowcat

    Shadowcat Guest

    IRespectYouAsIfYouAreTheBestModEver- Shadowfaith x xXSapphireXx.

    Well, in the past... And I still do...

    And I need my name changed, thank you Zennou Ryuu. Pike Queen Lucy to xXSapphireXx.

    ContestshippingRandomnessChattingOnMSNShipping- Jo-Jo x Encyclopika x Sweet May x Chelc x Misty-Fan-Forever x WaterKrystal x darkwithrobots x Hoshika x Kiori x Umi_Mizuno x Alopec x xXSapphireXx x MischeivousSorceress

    Um... Is there one for AIM? Any of the above listed people may edit that shipping.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 11, 2006
  12. Komedic Konservationist

    Komedic Konservationist N00b in the dungeon!

    Komedic Konservationist + *Orion* + AJ Flibble= Scytherslayershipping.

    AntiKantoshipping + SavetheUrsaringshipping + HeirtotheC-botsshipping + Troploomeifishipping + Misenterpretationshipping + Spriteadviceshipping + Scytherslayershipping= KomedicKonservationistshippingshipping. XDDDDDDDDDD
  13. Alphonse Elric

    Alphonse Elric That's My Rule!!!

    New ship, but feel free to correct me and delete them if ever such a ship is already in existence. My disclaimer post, as always. :p

    MondoTR X Cacophony = CouldYouPleaseTakeMeOffTheList?Thanksshipping

    ^ I have no idea... But it really did happen in the New Pair/New Twin Threads.
  14. Cacophony

    Cacophony Well-Known Member

    My god man, what have you done to my good name!? I was hoping to be left out of you people's sick games! You lured me here to this unhallowed ground on purpose! *accusatory glare* D;

    But yeah, it happened. And no, I don't have a shipping of my own to contribute. Sorry...maybe some other time, though?

    To below: Dammit Lemono, you did that just to spite me, didn't you? That cuts deep, man. I expected better from you. ;P
    Last edited: May 12, 2006
  15. hIrAm

    hIrAm Well-Known Member

    Meh, I got one.

    Lemono x Cacophony = Comicshipping

    Also, my name will be changed soon, so I'll be sure to inform you when it does. Thanks, Zennou.
  16. Alphonse Elric

    Alphonse Elric That's My Rule!!!

    Well, they're merely friend shippings. It's not like you get forced into a relationship with another SPPf Member all of a sudden. Don't overreact, unless that's some sort of sarcasm. :p
  17. Cacophony

    Cacophony Well-Known Member

    No, I know. It was definitely sarcasm. Heh, sorry for not making it clear enough. No troubles here, really! ^^;

    On further inspection, it would appear someone paired me up with Eszett. To what do I owe the honor? Now I could overact and drop to the floor in convulsions, but instead I hereby move to rename it...to BrainDrainshipping. He's the brain and I'm, well...heh heh. ;)
    Last edited: May 12, 2006
  18. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    Lol, but you aren't the drain of the uh, brain. xP

    FriendsForYearsshipping = Mirai Mirai x ゆめ Eefi
    - o_O Don't ask. She's a friend that I met from outside the forums.
  19. hIrAm

    hIrAm Well-Known Member


    CasualOntopicshipping: AJ Flibble x Lemono
  20. AJ Flibble

    AJ Flibble Emohawk

    Ha, I'm appearing in a few ships now XD.

    Opinionatedshipping = AJ Flibble X Evanji Axu

    Yes, this is the third shipping with the pair of us, but we are opinionated I guess.
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