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Member x Favorite Fictional Character Shipping Thread Version 4.0

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by *Jean Grey*, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Member x Favorite Fictional Character Shipping Thread Version 4.0

    Yeah, the last one died in April, and with Skiyomi's and DaveTheFishGuy's permissions to recreate this, I made this new thread. Yup, I'm always here so you guys could count on me to update regularly. ;)

    This thread is so members of Serebii Forums can ship of themselves along their favorite fictional character, human or not, but of course, as this is a shipping thread, there are some rules, please follow them.

    1. All SPPf rules apply here obviously.
    2. No SPAM or bashing or any form of harassment.
    3. I could use maybe a couple of helpers. PM me if you're interested...
    4. Do not discuss ships here, you just put your shipping in here. You can put reasons, if you wish. (Thanks, Dave)
    5. NO repeating ship names in here. If it's taken, go think of a new one.
    6. The list is going to be in alphabetical order, to make it easier to find specific ships.
    7. You have 3 strikes, so please follow these rules. First strike, I'll give you a warning. Second strike, a two-week ban from claiming. Third strike, permanently banned from claiming. Don't let me do this please, you guys know that it pains me to do so.
    8. Use Ctrl + F (or Apple/Command + F for Apple users) to search for a shipping name, to make sure it isn't taken.
    9. Maximum of two ships per month, please. After you claim those two, wait a month before you could claim another one or two. Me and my helpers could take three.
    10. READ THESE RULES PLEASE! I don't want to ban any of you from claiming, and I'm barely nineteen. Far too young to die as far as I know.


    Forms: Please follow them. Credit to Medea for basic forms with alterations by me. If the words are bolded, please do bold them, same as through with italicized.

    Naming a Ship

    Ship's name - Character's name (Show) x Your Username

    DarkOfTheMoonShipping - Giima (Pokemon) x *Jean Grey*
    PurpleMajestyShipping - Lucian (Pokemon) x *Jean Grey*

    ~Please replace "Character's name" with the character of your choice, "show" with what show the character came from, and "Your Username" with well...your username.

    ~Use this format when asked for in the forms below too, whether in changing username or ship name.

    Username change

    Old Username: [Type in your old username here]
    New Username: [Type in your new username here]
    Ship's name: [Type in the name of your ship and the pairing, following the proper format]

    Old Username: *Jean Grey*
    New Username: ~*Diane
    Ship's name: DarkOfTheMoonShipping - Giima (Pokemon) x ~*Diane

    Ship name change

    Old Ship name: [Type the ship name here]
    New Ship name: [Type in the new ship name you wish for here]
    Ship's name: [Type in the name of your ship and then the pairing, following the proper format]

    Old Ship name: PurpleMajestyShipping
    New Username: PurpleMistShipping
    Ship's name: PurpleMistShipping - Lucian (Pokemon) x *Jean Grey*

    If in case the character's name changes from say, Japanese to English, just inform me, I'll change it, no form needed. ;)


    1. pokefan#493
    2. Espeon 114x

    Warning and Banlist.

    None! Please, let's keep it that way, alright?


    1. Skiyomi - Thanks for approving this an allowing me to restart this!
    2. DaveTheFishGuy - Thanks for allowing me to restart the thread!
    I could not have continued without you guys. :)

    Now, as I respect Dave's hard work on the list, I'm going to bring the list over here as not to annoy anybody. So, no worries, no need to reclaim, they're all safe and sound. Take a look at the next posts for the alphabetical list. (Thanks, Dave!)

    By the way, I'm going to claim:

    DarkOfTheMoonShipping - Giima (Pokemon) x *Jean Grey*
    PurpleMajestyShipping - Lucian (Pokemon) x *Jean Grey*
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2010
  2. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    List of Ships: # - H

    00RaiserShipping - Setsuna F. Seiei (Gundam 00) x csisps_26
    1stPlaceShipping - Ryuhou Ryu (s-CRY-ed) x Mimori Kiryu
    2BAMasterShipping - Ash/Satoshi (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    2HKShipping - Haku (Spirited Away) x HikariTajiri
    2Awesome4WordsShipping - Kakashi (Naruto) x cascade88
    69LoverShipping - Hisagi Shuuhei (Bleach) x Ruby Moon
    AccidentalPoisonShipping - Toxicroak (Pokémon) X Orangen
    AceShipping - Salamence/Boomanda (Pokemon) x Sapphire Phoenix
    AdamantOrbShipping - Saturn (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    AdamantiumShipping - Wolverine (X-Men) x FlyingEevee
    AdorableShipping - Rena "Reina" Ryuuguu (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni) x Umbreon-dana
    AdoreShipping - Chimecho (Pokemon) x Xashlei
    AdviceShipping - Brock (Pokemon) x ArcanineOod
    AerialClawShipping - Staravia (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    AerialCombatShipping - Reggie's Staraptor (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    AeroShipping - Soren (Fire Emblem) x Xashlei
    AgainstSoulShipping - Marina/Kris (Pokemon) x Cyber Cyclone
    AikiianShipping - Liam (Gaia) x HikariTajiri
    AisaiShipping - May/Haruka (Pokemon) x taitofan
    AkatsukiYuriShipping - Konan (Naruto) x AuraWolf
    AlabastaShipping - Vivi (One Piece) x Pikapikapikachu
    AlteaShipping - Marth (Fire Emblem) x Xashlei
    AmbassadorOfThePhilsShipping - Spirit (Oban Star Racers) x AuraWolf
    AmicableShipping - Takuma Ichijou (Vampire Knight) x Kiseki
    AmnesiaShipping - Ilia (Legend of Zelda) x CyberBlastoise
    AmpleParkingShipping - Eric Cartman (South Park) x BlankAsPaper
    AncientFishShipping - Relicanth (Pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    AncientScytheShipping - Kabutops (Pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    AnimaShipping - Soren (Fire Emblem) x Xashlei
    AnimagusShipping - Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter) x flyboy1308
    AnimalBondShipping - Nogi Ruka (Gakuen Alice) x csisps_26
    AnimeFarmShipping - Raguna (Rune Factory) x HikariTajiri
    AngelShipping - Pit (Kid Icarus) x Xashlei
    AngelOfDeathShipping - Botan(Yu Yu Hakusho) x flyboy1308
    AngelWarriorShipping - Takeru / T.K. (Digimon) x csisps_26
    AngelicShipping - Pit (Kid Icarus/Super Smash Bros. Brawl) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    AngerManagementShipping - Ino Yamanaka (Naruto) x Sadistic Blaziken
    AngolShipping - Angol Mois (Keroro Gunso) x LightingKimba
    AngstShipping - Lance (Pokemon Adventures) x Orenji-chan
    AngstyShipping - Crowfeather (Warriors Series) x Lynnfox
    AngstyLittleWerewolfShipping - Leah Clearwater (Twilight) x AuraWolf
    AngstyPointyHairedShamanShipping - Ren Tao/Len Tao (Shaman King) x AuraWolf
    AnnoyingBratShipping - Haur Miura (Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!) x Ikito
    AnnoyingOlderBrotherShipping - Derek Venturi (Life With Derek) x Mewluvr200
    AnnoyingYoungerBrotherShipping - Edwin Venturi (Life With Derek) x Mewluvr200
    AnonymousRoseShipping - Drew/Shuu (Pokemon) x xxBlackyxx
    ApatheticGeniusShipping - Shikamaru Nara (Naruto) x DaveTheFishGuy
    AppleShipping - Ryuk (Death Note) x Xashlei
    AquaBenderShipping - Katara (Avatar) x CyberBlastoise
    AquaBirdShipping - Winona (Pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    AquaRingShipping - Wallace/Mikuri(Pokemon) x FlyingEevee
    AquaRibbonShipping - Wallace/Mikuri (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    ArachnophobiaShipping - Ron Weasley (Harry Potter) x cascade88
    ArcShipping - Serene (Riviera: The Promised Land) x Cierra
    ArcanineShipping - Arcanine (Pokemon) x ArcanineOod
    ArcoShipping - Kricketune (Pokemon) x Ampris
    ArcticShipping - Regice (Pokemon) x fishyfool
    ArcticSunShipping - Isaac (Golden Sun) x Queen_Lugia
    ArdorShipping - Saori/Soledad (Pokémon) shadow_shipper
    ArmorShipping - Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) x csisps_26
    ArmoredKnightShipping - Sword Knight x Blade Knight (Hoshi No Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    AriosShipping - Allelujah/Hallelujah Haptism (Gundam 00) x csisps_26
    ArrogantShipping - Gary (Pokemon) x sweetpikachu
    ArrowShipping - Darrow (Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy) x absoluteSoul
    ArtShipping - Deidara (Naruto) x Kyuubi-Chan
    ArtIsABang!Shipping - Deidara (Naruto) x AuraWolf
    ArtStudentShipping - Tracey/Kenji (Pokemon) x Medea
    ArtistExorcistShipping - Froi Tiedoll (D.Gray-Man) x AuraWolf
    ArtisticFlareShipping - Miki (Shugo Chara!) x raglflagl
    AruShipping - Wang Yao/"China" (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Mewluvr200
    AsdfWHUTShipping - Aaroniero Arruruerie (Bleach) x Darth Kitty
    AshMistyAndMeShipping - Ash/Satoshi (Pokemon) x Misty/Kasumi (Pokemon) x XxM!styxX
    AssassinShipping - Anna Williams (Tekken) x treespyro
    AthenaeumShipping - Nico Robin (One Piece) x shadow_shipper
    AtomicInfernoShipping - Aldamon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    AttitudeShipping - Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) x Mimori Kiryu
    AttractionShipping - Silver (Pokemon Special) x CeruleanGrace
    AugustChildShipping – Red (Pokémon Special) x kawaii-lurve
    AuraCombatShipping - Riley (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    AuraGuardiansShipping - Sir Aaron x Ash/Satoshi (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    AuraPuyoShipping - Riley (Pokemon) X Ms.Accord
    AuraWingShipping - Sir Aaron (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    AuraWithinMeShipping - Lucario/Rukario (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    AutomailShipping - Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) x csisps_26
    AutumnShipping - Leaf (Pokemon FR/LG) x Vycksta
    AwesomeSauceClubhousesShipping - Stanley "Stan" Marsh x Kyle Broflovski (South Park) x BlankAsPaper
    AzureDragonShipping - Clair (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    BadGrammarShipping - Iori Minamoto (Beauty Pop) x Lynnfox
    BadLuckShipping - Train Heartnet (Burakko Kyuatto/Black Cat) x Kyuubi-Chan
    BadassBookwormsShipping - Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) x cascade88
    BadassHatsShipping - Kouki/Lucas (Pokemon) x Altair_chan
    BakaNekoShipping - Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket) x Mel-Girl
    BandanaShipping - May (Pokemon) x Mr. Joker
    BanzaiShipping - May (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    BasketCaseShipping - Jessie (Pokemon) x Ampris
    BattonageStylerShipping - Solana x Kellyn (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    BeamAbilityShipping - Waddle Doo (Kirby) x Mewluvr200
    BearoShipping - Ursaring (Pokémon) x Sadistic Blaziken
    BeatUpCartmanShipping - Wendy Testaburger (South Park) x BlankAsPaper
    BeautifulShipping - Ruby (Pokémon Special) x kawaii-lurve
    BeautifulButterflyShipping - Beautifly/Agehanto x Butterfree/Batterfree (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    Beauty4EverShipping - Haku (Naruto) x ShinyPalkia
    BecauseOMGIt'sHanSoloDuhShipping - Han Solo (Star Wars) x cascade88
    BeetleLightningThunderShipping - JP / Junpei (Digimon) x csisps_26
    BelieveShipping - Zero Kiryuu (Vampire Knight) x Mimori Kiryu
    Bella'sWerewolfShipping - Jacob Black (Twilight Shipping) x AuraWolf
    BelleMaidenShipping - Eve (Harvest Moon) x cascade88
    BelovedSacrificeShipping - Seimei Aoiyagi (Loveless) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    BendOverBackwardsShipping - Gary (Pokemon) x CeruleanGrace
    BestNamesEverMuchShipping - Drew/Shuu (Pokemon) x riolulu
    BestWarriorFriendShipping - Meta Knight/Metanaito x "Jecra" (Hoshi No Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    BetrayBarrierShipping - Hakudoshi/Hakudoushi (InuYasha) x csisps_26
    BetrayalShipping - Louie (Gaia) x HikariTajiri
    BigBananasShipping - Richard Wellington (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) x Phantom Bugsy
    BigHammerLittleHammerShipping - Lavi (D.Gray-man) x Mimori Kiryu
    BirdBrainShipping - Bird Pokemon (Pokemon) x Delta Major
    BirdTrainerShipping - Falkner/Hayato (Pokemon) x Delta Major
    BishaanShipping - Giratina (Another Forme) (Pokemon) x Sapphire Phoenix
    BishieShipping - Saturn (Pokémon) x ShinyPalkia
    BitterSweetShipping - Marley/Mai (Pokemon) x mimejr.james
    BlackBloodShipping - Jiro Mochizuki (Black Blood Brothers) x Mimori Kiryu
    BlackCatShipping - Train Heartnet (Black Cat) x Mimori Kiryu
    BlackKnightShipping - Kallen Kouzuki (Code Geass) x Shane-San
    BlackenedShipping - Light Yagami (Death Note) x Xashlei
    BlackyShipping - Umbreon/Burakki (Pokemon) x xxBlackyxx
    BlahblahblahShipping - Kieran (Fire Emblem) x Xashlei
    BlancRoShipping - Zagi (Jyu-Oh-Sei) x Mimori Kiryu
    BlazeMegaShipping - Harrison (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    BlazikenShipping - Rafe/Ryuu (Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys) x ~NaThziVOIR~
    BlizzardShipping - Candice (Pokemon) x plopagon123
    BlobbyShipping - Wobbuffet (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    BlondeShipping - Ino (Naruto) x cascade88
    BlondeRocketShipping - Domino (Pokémon) x cascade88
    BlondeStalkerShipping - Misa (Death Note) x cascade88
    BlondieShipping - Iggy (Maximum Ride) x Lynnfox
    BloomAnewShipping - Bellossom/Kireihana (Pokemon) x Orion-Sama
    BlueShipping - Nightcrawler (X-Men Evolution) x FlyingEevee
    BlueBlurShipping - Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog) x Mewluvr200
    BlueChampionShipping - Cynthia (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    BlueFireShipping - Flannery (Pokemon) X DaveTheFishGuy
    BlueGrassShipping - Gardenia (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    BlueHairedRangerShipping - Solana/Hinata x Lunick/Kazuki (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    BlueHatsShipping - Sir Aaron (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    BlueMarshShipping - Sabrina (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    BlueMileShipping - Grumpy Bear (Care Bears) x Hydroleaf
    BluePink&WhitePuffballShipping - Jigglypuff/Purin (Pokemon) x Meta Knight/Metanaito (Hoshi no Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    BlueSparkShipping - Pachirisu (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    BlushShipping - Hinata (Naruto) x cascade88
    BlurObliviousShipping - Neemon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    BokuShipping - Souseiseki (Rozen Maiden) x taitofan
    BoneheadShipping - Cubone (Pokémon) X Orangen
    BookWormShipping - Nico Robin (One Piece) x mimejr.james
    BossyLeaderShipping - Anko (Naruto) x Cyber Cyclone
    BoyYou'reHotShipping - Shinji/Paul (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    BrainWaveShipping - Tenten (Naruto) x Cyber Cyclone
    BraveLeaderShipping - Wales Tutor (Zero no Tsukaima) x Mimori Kiryu
    BrawlShipping - Lucario (Pokemon) x Icicle
    BrazenShipping - Roxane/Tsutsuji (Pokemon) x Avegaille
    BrightAmongstSocietyShipping - Gary/Shigeru (Pokemon) x xxBlackyxx
    BrightCheeksShipping - Pikachu (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    BringingSexyBackShipping - Duke Devlin (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x cascade88
    BritishShipping - Ryou Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    BrokenDragonShipping - Garchomp (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    BrooklynRageShipping - Joey Wheeler/Katsuya Jounouchi (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Mewluvr200
    BrotherlyShipping - Rally Dawson (Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's) x Seviper009
    BrotherlyLoveShipping - Takashi Morinozuka (Ouran High School Host Club) x csisps_26
    BrownEyesShipping- Ash (Pokemon) x sweetpikachu
    BubbleShipping - Hikari/Dawn (Pokemon) x Katsu Koneko
    BubbleBurningShipping - Masquerain (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    BudewShipping - Roxas (Kingdom Hearts II) x Vulpixel
    BugMasterShipping - Shino Aburame (Naruto) x DaveTheFishGuy
    BulletForMyValentineShipping - Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist) x Dragodynamite
    BuonoTomatoShipping - Lovino "South Italy" Vargas (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Mewluvr200
    BurgerShipping - Alfred F. "America" Jones (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Mewluvr200
    BurningShipping - Takashi Kawamura (Prince of Tennis) x Moogles4ever
    CactusShadowShipping - James (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    CalculativeShipping - Thorton / Nejiki (Pokemon) x Xashlei
    CalmestOneOfTheGroupShipping - Cho Hakkai (Saiyuki) x Mimori Kiryu
    CanIBorrowYourAscottShipping - Fred (Scooby Doo) x cascade88
    CanIHazACheezburgerz?Shipping - Sull (Oban Star-Racers) x AuraWolf
    CancerShipping - Howard Roark (The Fountainhead) x Tempus Fugit
    CandyShipping - Drew/Shuu (Pokemon) x Angelic Pika
    CandyluvingWammyBoyShipping - L Lawliet (Death Note) x Konata Izumi
    CanvasShipping - Bianca (Pokemon) x plopagon123
    CanvasCurseShipping - Drawcia (Kirby: Canvas Curse) x Mewluvr200
    CapShipping - Kenta (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    CaptureStylerShipping - Kellyn (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    CardShipping - Gambit (X-Men) x FlyingEevee
    CaringShipping - Kaoru Hitachiin (Ouran High School Host Club) x csisps_26
    CarnivalShipping - Peppita Rossetti (Star Ocean 3) x taitofan
    CascadeShipping - Misty/Kasumi (Pokémon) x Caelesti
    CasualShipping - Odd (Code Lyoko) x CeruleanGrace
    CatShadowShipping - Hyuuga Natsume (Gakuen Alice) x csisps_26
    CatgirlShipping - Meowth (Pokemon) x Shiny Skitty (Pokemon) x Glameow (Pokemon) x Orangen
    CelebiShipping - Luxord (Kingdom Hearts II) x Vulpxel
    CelestialShipping - Melt (Star Ocean 3) x taitofan
    CelestialBladeShipping - Keenan Crier (Digimon) x csisps_26
    CerberusShipping - Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    CerulifeShipping - Misty (Pokémon) x TurtwigFan1
    ChalkboardShipping - Ryo Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x BlankAsPaper
    ChampionMaterialShipping - Cynthia/Shirona (Pokemon) x Glaze
    ChapeauShipping - Kisuke Urahara (Bleach) x The 4th KIRA
    CheerleaderShipping - Gary (Pokemon) x Krys
    CherudimShipping - Lyle Dylandy/Lockon Stratos (II) (Gundam 00) x csisps_26
    CheshireCatLookALikeShipping - Sai (Naruto) x AuraWolf
    ChiblockShipping - Ty Lee (Avatar) x CyberBlastoise
    ChicagoShipping - Ayasegawa Yumichika (Bleach) x Luppi
    ChildAtHeartShipping - Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) x Emerald Pikachu
    ChildGeniusShipping - Luke Smith (The Sarah Jane Adventures/Doctor Who) x ArcanineOod
    ChildhoodTeaseShipping - Kenny/Kengo (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    ChildlikeShipping - Yaya Yuiki (Shugo Chara!) x Michiyo
    ChocolateShipping - Michael Keehl / Mello (Death Note) x Xashlei
    ChocolateFunShipping - Mihael Keehl/Mello (Death Note) x Mel-Girl
    ChocolateLoversShipping - Mello/Miheal Keehl (Death Note) x AuraWolf
    ChopinShipping - Roderich "Austria" Edelstein (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Mewluvr200
    ChozoSpacesuitShipping - Samus Aran (Metriod) x Gigachu
    ChromeWindRushHarrierShipping - Gray Michael Vincent (Battle B-Daman/B-Daman Fire Spirits) x csisps_26
    ChubbyShipping - Choji Akimichi (Naruto) x DaveTheFishGuy
    ChuuuShipping - Ash's Pikachu (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    CirrusShipping - Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) x HikariTajiri
    ClairvoyanceShipping - Morty (Pokemon) x Krys
    ClashShipping - Battler Ushiromiya (Umineko no Naku Koro ni) x Katsu Koneko
    ClaymoreYuriShipping - Claire (Claymore) x AuraWolf
    ClingysockShipping - Peter Pettigrew (Harry Potter) x Lynnfox
    CluelessShipping - Ash (Pokemon) x Tadashi
    ClumsyAndPhantomThiefShipping - Daisuke Niwa x Dark Mousy (D N Angel) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    ClumsyAssassinShipping - Jun/Barry (Pokemon) x Altair_chan
    CobaltBladeShipping - Yamato Daiwa (Battle B-Daman/B-Daman Fire Spirits) x csisps_26
    CockyShipping - Wolfram von Bielefeld (Kyou Kara Maoh!) x Mimori Kiryu
    CocoaCrazyShipping - Cocoa Cat (Sanrio Characters) x Hydroleaf
    CognizantShipping - Sarina (Pokemon) x Avegaille
    ColdAngelShipping - Candice (Pokemon) x aerisLana
    ColdShoulderShipping - Glaceon/Glacia (Pokémon) x Cyber Cyclone
    Coltedshipping - Green (PokeSpe) x Espeon 114x
    CombatLightningShipping - Gallade (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    CombustShipping - Blaziken (Pokemon) x Sadistic Blaziken
    CombustionShipping - Flint (Pokemon) x EmberGryphon
    ComfortShipping - Tracey (Pokemon) x CeruleanGrave
    ComplacentShipping - Rincewind the Wizard (Discworld) x Ampris
    CompleteAndTotalJerkShipping - Gregory House (House, MD) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    CompleteDedicationShipping – Zero (Mamotte! Lollipop) x Mimori Kiryu
    ComputerBoyShipping - Makubex (Get Backers) x Mimori Kiryu
    ComputerGeekShipping - Eduard "Estonia" Von Bock (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Mewluvr200
    ComputerLoveShipping - Izzy (Digimon) x Krys
    ComputerTutorShipping - Yui (Corrector Yui) x Orion-Sama
    ConcealmentShipping - Yellow (Pokemon) x cascade88
    ConsecrationShipping - Rouka Souen (Vampire Knight) x shadow_shipper
    ConstrueShipping - Solana/Hinata (Pokemon) x Avegaille
    ContestShipping - Lucien (Star Ocean 3) x taitofan
    ContrastShipping - Rue/Lu (Threads of Fate / Dewprism) x Mint (Threads of Fate / Dewprism) x Xashlei
    CookieDreamShipping - Garrett (Twilight) x FlyingEevee
    CookieLoveShipping - Harley x C.Gholy
    CoolGirlShipping - Temari (Naruto) x ShinyPalkia
    CopaceticShipping - Nicole/Noriko (Pokemon) x Avegaille
    CopycatShipping - Ruby (Pokemon Special) X CeruleanGrace
    CoralEyeShipping - Atsumi/Cissy (Pokémon) x shadow_shipper
    CorgiShipping - Kiba (Naruto) x EmberGryphon
    CornetShipping - Konata Izumi (Lucky Star) x taitofan
    CoronaBlasterShipping - Beelzemon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    CoronetShipping - Cyrus (Pokémon) x LadyCharizard
    CosmonautShipping - Samus (Metroid) x Orion-Sama
    CosplayShipping - Silver (Pokemon) x Vulpixel
    CosplayHatShipping - Leaf (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    CountdownShipping - Barry/Jun (Pokemon) x FlyingEevee
    CountryRepresentShipping - Matthew "Canada" Williams (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Mewluvr200
    CourteouslyCuriousShipping - Gallade (Pokemon) x Delta Major
    CrazyShipping - Ray (Radio Free Roscoe) x sweetpikachu
    CrazyCoolShipping - Crash Bandicoot (Crash Brandicoot Series) x cascade88
    CrazyHairStyleShipping - "Wooden Sword" Ryu/Rio (Shaman King) x AuraWolf
    CredoShipping - Yuuki Cross (Vampire Knight) x shadow_shipper
    CrimeaShipping - Elincia (Fire Emblem) x Xashlei
    CrimsonAkatsukiShipping Dawn (Pokemon) x Crimsonash310
    CroagunkInCommonShipping - Brock (Pokémon) x cascade88
    CrowShipping - Wuya (Xiaolin Showdown) x taitofan
    CrystalShipping - Dawn/Hikari (Pokemon) x Shane-san
    CuisineShipping - Wang Yao/"China" (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Xashlei
    CunningShipping - Cusotmer Service (Hoshi No Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    CunningPerfectionShipping - Sebastion (Kuroshitsuji) x kirby8933083
    CuriousityShipping - Luneth (Final Fantasy III) x Kyuubi-Chan
    CursedDependencyShipping - Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji) x kirby8933083
    CuteShipping - Yoshi (Super Mario World) x ~Mist~
    CuteLilRedHeadShipping - Daisuke Niwa (DNAngel) x Mimori Kiryu
    CuteRedBlueElectricShipping - Tory Lund (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    CutesyShipping - Ash/Satoshi (Pokemon) x Angelic Pika
    CutenessShipping - Hikari/Dawn (Pokemon) x Mel-Girl
    CyberShipping - Roll (Megaman Battle Network) x CyberBlastoise
    CyberHeroShipping - Lyra (Megaman Star Force) x CyberBlastoise
    CymruShipping - Wailord (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    DaddyShipping - Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club) x csisps_26
    DamnMonkeyShipping - Blaziken (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    DancingThroughLifeShipping - Fiyero (Wicked) x cascade88
    DarkAngelShipping - Marley (Pokemon) x Mr. Joker
    DarkBlueShipping - Karen (Pokemon) X DaveTheFishGuy
    DarkGlareShipping - Paul/Shinji (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    DarkMagicShipping - Dark Magician Girl (Yugioh) x Ho-ohRocks201
    DarkMillionShipping - Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Mewluvr200
    DarkOfTheMoonShipping - Giima (Pokemon) x *Jean Grey*
    DarkSideShipping - Yami Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh) x cascade88
    DarkVoidShipping - Darkrai (Pokemon) x Cosmar
    DarknessShipping - Riku (Kingdom Hearts) x bleeding-chocobo
    DarlingShipping - Sneasel (Pokemon) x Vycksta
    DateEightShipping - Red (Pokemon special) x Torosiken
    DattebayoShipping - Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto) x Mimori Kiryu
    DaughterSon&MotherShipping - Tiff/Fumu x Kirby/Kaabii (Hoshi No Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    DawnToDuskShipping - Espeon/Eefi x Umbreon/Burakki (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    DazeShipping - Hatsuharu Sohma (Fruits Basket) x Katsu Koneko
    DazzleShipping - Edward Cullen (Twilight Series) x Chelc x Icicle
    DeadShipping - Ryuk (Death Note) x ShinyPalkia
    DeadlyFlirtationsShipping - Grell Sutcliff (Kuroshitsuji) x kirby8933083
    DeductionShipping - Conan Edogawa (Detective Conan) x Merialle
    DeepFreezeShipping - Froslass (Pokemon) x Luigi-the-Breloom
    DefyShipping - Capt. Hook (Peter Pan) x cascade88
    DemonShipping - Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke) x HikariTajiri
    DemonBeastFightersShipping - Kirby/Kaabii x Tiff/Fumu x Meta Knight/Metanaito (Hoshi No Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    DesertWindShipping - Temari (Naruto) x Cyber Cyclone
    DesireSanityShipping - Vincent (Silent Hill 3) x cascade88
    DesolationClawShipping - Ryo Akiyama (Digimon) x csisps_26
    DestinyShipping - Zero (Pokemon) x BabyLugia
    DestructiveWisecrackersShipping - Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars: Clone Wars) x Morpher01
    DesuShipping - Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden) x Vycksta
    DeterminationShipping - Ash/Satoshi x Misty/Kasumi x ~Mist~
    DevotionShipping - Satoshi/Ash (Pokemon) x Katsu Koneko
    DewShipping - Latios (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    DictionaryShipping - Fujibayashi Kyou (CLANNAD) x raglflagl
    DifficultyShipping - Kappei (Clannad) X CeruleanGrace
    DiggerShipping - Roark/Hyouta(Pokemon) x FlyingEevee
    DimGlowShipping - Gary Oak (Pokemon) x ~*Under the Moonlight*~
    DimensionShipping - Cyrus (Pokémon) x ShinyPalkia
    DirtyBlondeShipping - Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist) x xXContestShipperXx
    DistractionShipping - Youhei Sunohara (Clannad) X CeruleanGrace
    DistressShipping - Princess Peach (SuperMarioBros) x flyboy1308
    DisturbedSinceChildhoodShipping - Teru Mikami (Death Note) x cascade88
    DivineAvianShipping - Simurgh (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World) x Delta Major
    DNAShipping - Deoxys (Pokemon) x AuraWolf
    DodgyShipping - Miroku (Inuyasha) x Hydroleaf
    DogLoversShipping - Jenny (pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    DollShipping - Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!) x Michiyo
    DoofShipping - Bidoof/Bippa (Pokemon) x BabyLugia
    DoubleAdvantageShipping - Maurice (Pokemon) x Sadistic Blaziken
    DoubleBlackShipping - Yuri Shibuya (Kyou Kara Maoh!) x Mimori Kiryu
    DoubleTroubleShipping - Aoi (Pokémon) x Seviper009
    DoubtShipping - Anzu/Janine (Pokémon) shadow_shipper
    DragonShipping - Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh) x LadyCharizard
    DragonFeatherShipping - Drew's/Shuu's Flygon/Furaigon x BabyLugia
    DragonFireShipping - Takuya Kanbara (Digimon) x csisps_26
    DragonFireStormShipping - Flygon (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    DragonLeopardShipping - Lance (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    DragonPriestessShipping - Filia (Slayers) x Skiyomi
    Dreamershipping - Takato (Digimon) x ~SkyHigh~
    Dreamyshipping - ponyboy curts(from the outsiders) X ponyboycurtis
    DressShipping - Jasmine (Pokemon) x Oraiste
    Du-Du-Du-DueeelShipping - Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x BlankAsPaper
    DuelAtDawnShipping - Mia (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) x Joe The White Knight
    DuelMonstersShipping - Yugi Moto (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Mewluvr200
    DuelMonstersFriendshipShipping - Yugi Moto/Yuugi Mutou x Téa Gardner/Anzu Mazaki (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Mewluvr200
    DynamesShipping - Neil Dylandy/Lockon Stratos (I) (Gundam 00) x csisps_26
    EarthFanShipping - Suki (Avatar) x CyberBlastoise
    EarthObsessionShipping - Third (Jyu-Oh-Sei) x Mimori Kiryu
    EarthPrincessShipping - Eva "Molly" Wei (Oban Star Racers) x AuraWolf
    EasterShipping - Amu Hinamori (Shugo Chara!) x Michiyo
    EbilServantShipping - Len Kagamine (Vocaloid 2) x BlankAsPaper
    EgotisticShipping - Billy Ikatashi (Beauty Pop) x Lynnfox
    EgotisticalShipping - Tamaki Suou (Ouran High School Host Club) x Mimori Kiryu
    ElectroMouseShipping - Raichu (Pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    EleganceShipping - Lili (Tekken) x mimejr.james
    EmeraldLightningShipping - Datonare (Monster Rancher) x Naomi
    EmoShipping - Lucy (Pokemon) x Sadistic Blaziken
    EmoingShipping – Silver (Pokémon Special) x kawaii-lurve
    EmotionalFriendShipping - Estelle/Estellise (Tales of Vesperia) x Delta Major
    EmotionallyDoomedShipping - Hitsugaya Toshiro (BLEACH) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    EmperorConquerShipping - Ken Ichijouji (Digimon) x csisps_26
    EnigmaShipping - Meta Knight/Metanaito (Hoshi no Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    EnjoyTheLittleThingsShipping - Kenren Taishou (Saiyuki) x Mimori Kiryu
    EnthusiasmShipping - Rock Lee (Naruto) x DaveTheFishGuy
    EntomologyShipping - Shino (Naruto) x Krys
    EonShipping - Latias/Ratiasu (Pokemon) x plopagon123
    EpicShipping - Neku Sakuraba (The World Ends With You) x Sakuri
    EscaShipping - Lanturn (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    EternalRingShipping - Harrison (Pokemon - Master Quest) x aerisLana
    EuphonyShipping - Megumi Yamamoto (Special A) x Michiyo
    EvanescenceShipping - Namine (Kingdom Hearts) x cascade88
    EvilAndMisunderstoodShipping - Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) x cascade88
    EvilButAwesomeShipping - Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter) x cascade88
    EvilGeniusShipping - Dr Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog) x ArcanineOod
    EvilTendenciesShipping - Kevin Levin (Ben 10: Alien Force) x cascade88
    EvilWhiteHairedLavenderEyedIncarnationShipping - Hakudoshi (InuYasha) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    ExLaserShipping - Davis Motomiya (Digimon) x csisps_26
    ExcelShipping - Keiko (Yu Yu Hakusho) x flyboy1308
    ExoShipping - Ryou (Tokyo Mew Mew) x HikariTajiri
    ExorcistShipping - Allen Walker (D.Gray-man) x Mimori Kiryu
    FactoryKnowledgeShipping - Noland (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    FairLoveShipping - Jun/Barry (Pokemon) x Zishan
    FakeNinjaShipping - Umbreon (Pokémon) x Vulpixel
    FALCONPUNCHShipping - Captain Falcon (F-Zero) x Ho-ohRocks201
    FALCONEPAUNCHShipping - Captian Falcon (F-Zero) x Mewluvr200
    FamilialTrustShipping - Lana Skye (Ace Attorney) x Platinum Skye
    FangShipping – Hatake Kakashi (Naruto) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    FangasmShipping - Oliver (Hannah Montana) x Lynnfox
    FanserviceShipping - Kaito (Vocaloids) x pokefan#493
    FaraleShipping - Red (Pokespe) x Espeon 114x
    FastTemperShipping - Knuckle Joe x Sirica/Sillica (Hoshi no Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    FatAndLovebleCamperShipping - Owen (Total Drama Island) x AuraWolf
    FateShipping - Fayt Leingod (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time) x Mimori Kiryu
    FavoriteShipping - Ho-oh (Pokemon) x Ho-ohRocks201
    FayoresLoveShipping - Zelda (Legend of Zelda) x Gigachu
    FeedMeShipping- Naruto (Naruto) x Hydroleaf
    FeelMyWrathShipping - Maylene (Pokemon) x Pokefan38
    FelineDNAShipping - Viral (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) x pink skitty
    FelinePurShipping - Meowth x Skitty (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    FemaleFataleShipping - Dawn/Hikari (Pokemon) x Ruby Moon
    FeudalJapanShipping - Kagome (InuYasha) x csisps_26
    FiddleShipping - Luigi (Super Mario Bros. Series) x Ampris
    FifteenMillionShipping (Gaia/The World references, yay!) - Balmung (.hack//Legend of the Twilight) x HikariTajiri
    FighterShipping - Knuckle Joe (Hoshi No Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    FightingBluesShipping - Maylene (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    FightingSpiritShipping - Maylene (Pokémon) x Seviper009
    FingerlessGlovesShipping - Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) x Vulpixel
    FireChickenShipping - May/Haruka (Pokemon) x plopagon123
    FireCrazehShipping - Flannery (Pokémon) x riolulu
    FireRaionShipping - Entei (Pokemon) x AuraWolf
    FirstLoveShipping - Lucario (Pokemon) x Shygirlfrumfl
    FishyShipping - Whiscash (Pokémon) x Whiscash
    FixationShipping - Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) x HikariTajiri
    FlameShipping - Charizard (Pokémon) x LadyCharizard
    FlameAlchemistShipping - Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist) x csisps_26
    FlameBeachBarkShipping - Joshua's Houndoom (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    FlameBoltShipping - Chimchar (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    FlameLeafShipping - Jimmy (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    FlamethrowerBlastShipping - Paul's Magmar (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    FlamingShipping - Axel (Kingdom Hearts II) x Shygirlfrumfl
    FlaskShipping - Lezard (Star Ocean 3) x taitofan
    FlawlessShipping- Ash/Satoshi (Pokemon) x Riot6296
    FlightShipping - Drew's/Shuu's Butterfree/Batterfree x BabyLugia
    FlirtatiousShipping - Drew (Pokemon) x CeruleanGrace
    FlirtyOldManShipping - Raven/Schwann Oltorain (Tales of Vesperia) x Delta Major
    FloatShipping - Fololo/Lololo x Falala/Lalala (Hoshi no Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    FlowaShipping - Daisy (Mario) x CyberBlastoise
    FlowerShipping - Orihime(Bleach) x Salamence Flame 12
    FluffShipping - Meowth (Pokemon) x Ampris
    FluffyShipping - Wally/Mitsuru (Pokemon Special) x xxBlackyxx
    FluffyCloudShipping - Swablu/Chiruyto (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    FluffyFeatherShipping - Dawn's/Hikari's Buneary/Mimiroru x BabyLugia
    FluffyPuffShipping - Kiba (Naruto) x BabyLugia
    FluffyTailShipping - Ninetales/Kyukon (Pokemon) x BabyLugia
    FlyingDragonShipping - Drew's Flygon (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    FocusBlastSecretShipping - Paul's Ursaring (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    FonicFoolShipping - Tear Grants (Tales Of The Abyss) x Dragodynamite
    ForceShipping - Syaoran (Cardcaptor Sakura) x HikariTajiri
    ForcedCranidosMatingShipping - Roark (Pokemon) x Vulpixel
    ForestShipping - Agito (Origin: Spirits of the Past) x HikariTajiri
    ForeverShipping - Soren/Scenerio (Fire Emblem) x Sapphire Phoenix
    ForeverIAmWithYouShipping - Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass) x Mimori Kiryu
    ForeheadShipping - Sakura (Naruto) x CyberBlastoise
    ForlornShipping - Misty/Kasumi (Pokemon) x Star Dust
    FourEyesShipping-Weevil Underwood/Insector Haga (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters) x Nemmeh
    FoxElegantShipping - Sakuyamon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    FoxTailShipping - Kyubimon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    FoxWhiteShipping - Taomon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    FoxYellowShipping - Renamon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    FoxyShipping - Gin Ichimaru (BLEACH) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    FrailShipping - Wally (Pokemon) x Xashlei
    FrancaisShipping - Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High) x Lynnfox
    FrenchShipping - Fleur Delacour (Harry Potter) x cascade88
    FrenzyLeafVoltShipping - Torterra (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    FrenzyPlantMagnitudeShipping - Paul's Torterra (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    FrenzyThunderShipping - Paul (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    FriendlyShipping - James (Pokemon) x Ampris
    FriendshipSpeechShipping - Téa Gardner/Anzu Mazaki (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Mewluvr200
    FrostShipping - Steven Stone (Pokemon Special Manga) x cloudykitty
    FrozenBirdShipping - Articuno (pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    FrozenFuryShipping - Regice (pokemon) x Articuno (pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    FrozenLoveShipping - Byakuya (Bleach) x catzeye
    FrozenHunterShipping - Beowulfmon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    FrozenWaterShipping - Lorelei (Pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    FruitShipping - Peach (Mario) x CyberBlastoise
    FullMoonShipping - Lu Yan (Key of Heaven) x shadow_shipper
    FunInTheSunShipping - Funshine Bear (Care Bears) x Hydroleaf
    FunkyFistShipping - Sagara Sanosuke (Rurouni Kenshin) x Mel-Girl
    FunkyHatShipping - Urahara Kisuke (BLEACH) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    FunnyHairShipping -Saturn (Pokemon) x Lynnfox
    FunnyHatShipping - Ryan (HSM) x Lynnfox
    FuzzyShipping - Roger S Huxley (Star Ocean 3) x taitofan
    GFCloneShipping - Sakura Haruno (Naruto) x DaveTheFishGuy
    GFClone2Shipping - Hinata Hyuga (Naruto) x DaveTheFishGuy
    GaiaShipping - Zidane Tribal (Final Fantasy IX) x taitofan
    GalacticShipping - Mars (Pokémon) x TurtwigFan1
    GalaxySoldierArmyShipping - Meta Knight/Metanaito x Garlude x "Jecra" x Yamikage (Hoshi No Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    GalladeShipping - Zexion (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) x Vulpixel
    GambleShipping - Tsunade (Naruto) x DaveTheFishGuy
    GameboyShipping - Matt (Death Note) x Lynnfox
    GameFreaksShipping - Matt/Mail Jeevas (Death Note) x AuraWolf
    Gamer'sCornerShipping - Mail Jeevas/Matt (Death Note) x Konata Izumi
    GandalfrShipping - Saito Hiraga (Zero No Tsukaima) x csisps_26
    GearHeadShipping-Bao-Dur (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords) x Nemmeh
    GeassShipping - Zero (Code Geass) x Shane-san
    GenderConfusedShamanShipping - Lyserg (Shaman King) x AuraWolf
    GenderConfusionShipping - Mello (Death Note) x pink skitty
    GenerousShipping - Oz Bezarius (Pandora Hearts) x Kiseki
    GentleShipping - Alphonse Elric (Full Metal Alchemist) x Xashlei
    GhostGothShipping - Sam (Danny Phantom) x CyberBlastoise
    GhostHunterShipping - Valerie (Danny Phantom) x CyberBlastoise
    GigaSparkShipping - Cynthia's Garchomp (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    GiggleShipping - Harley (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    Giratina-sanShipping - Giratina (Origin Forme) (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    GiveInToSightShipping - Itachi (Naruto) x AuraWolf
    GlassesShipping - Kain Fuery (Fullmetal Alchemist) x csisps_26
    GlitterShipping - Lorelei (Pokemon) x EmberGryphon
    GlompShipping - Lopunny/Mimiroppu (Pokemon) x Orion-Sama
    GoAwayShipping - Paul (Pokemon) x FlameRose
    GoGoGoGoGoGoGoGoGoShipping - Jasdero (D.Gray-Man) x AuraWolf
    GogglesShipping - Obito (Naruto) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    GoldenFireGeassShipping - C.C (Code Geass) x Gigachu
    GoldenRayOfSunshineShipping - Konzen Douji (Saiyuki) x Mimori Kiryu
    GoldenWindFireShipping - Temari (Naruto) x Gigachu
    GothCamperShipping - Gwen (Total Drama Island) x AuraWolf
    GothClownShipping - Marley (Pokemon) x Mr. Joker
    GracefulRoseShipping - Roserade/Rozureido (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    GracefulVampireShipping - Alice Cullen (Twilight Sereis) x AuraWolf
    GranbullTrainerShipping - Madame Muchmoney (Pokemon) x granbull guy
    GrassHeroesShipping - Erica (pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    GrassTypeLoveShipping - Gardenia (Pokemon) x cascade88
    GreatAppealShipping - Drew/Shuu (Pokemon) x CoordinatingMaster
    GreatBlueYonderShipping - Winona (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    GreedShipping - Mammon (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) x taitofan
    GreenDragonShipping - Envy (FullMetal Alchemist) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    GreenEggShipping - Yoshi (Super Mario Series) x Mr. Yoshi
    GreenSteelShipping - Steven Stone (Pokemon Special) x Naomi
    GreenTunicShipping - Link (The Legend of Zelda) x Mewluvr200
    GrinShipping - Hiro Nakamura (Heroes) x Ampris
    GrrrShipping - Inuyasha (Inuyasha) X Hydroleaf
    GuardianAngelShipping - Makoto Mizuhara (El Hazard) x Katsu Koneko
    GuardianShipping - Hayate Ayasaki (Hayate no Gotoku) x Katsu Koneko
    GuillotineWingShipping - Gliscor (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    GuiltyPleasureShipping - Rizel (Rizelmine) x HikariTajiri
    GunShotShipping - Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist) x csisps_26
    GunnerBoyShipping - Jordan C.Wile (Oban Star-Racers) x AuraWolf
    HaICouldn'tUnderstandHisAccentAtFirstShipping - Ethan Lovett (General Hospital) x cascade88
    HairFlickShipping - Drew/Shuu (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    HaircutShipping - Musica (Rave Master) x Lynnfox
    HammerShipping - Amy Rose (Sonic) x CyberBlastoise
    HandGunShipping - Death the Kid (Soul Eater) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    HappygoluckyShipping - Yellow (Pokemon Special) x Merialle
    HarassShipping - Asuna/Flannery (Pokemon) x Sadistic Blaziken
    HardHeadShipping - Roark/Hyouta (Pokemon) x Icicle
    HarpShipping - Nando/Naoshi (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    HarpieShipping - Mai Valentine/Mai Kujaku (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Mewluvr200
    HatLoverShipping - Ryan Evans (High School Musical) x Mewluvr200
    HavocShipping - Jean Havoc (Fullmetal Alchemist) x csisps_26
    HawkCatShipping - Reggie (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    HawtDressShipping - Blue (Pokemon Special) x Ho-ohRocks201
    He'sMineShipping - Ritchie/Hiroshi (Pokémon) x riolulu
    HeDiedShipping - Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick (South Park) x BlankAsPaper
    HeIsSoMyNewBishieShipping - Anise (Mirai Nikki) x cascade88
    HeadacheShipping - Psyduck (Pokemon) x ~Mist~
    HeadbandShipping - Tsukino Asusagawa (Yakitate Japan) x plopagon123
    HeadstrongShipping - Misty (Pokemon) x Tadashi
    HeadInTheCloudsShipping - Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga (Azumanga Daioh) x Mewluvr200
    HeartOfGoldShipping - Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog) x ArcanineOod
    HeartsShipping - King (Mamotte! Lollipop/Save Me! Lollipop) x riolulu
    HeatSeekerShipping - Asuna/Flannery (Pokémon) x shadow_shipper
    HeavenShipping - Tenchi Masaki (Tenchi Muyo) x Katsu Koneko
    HeavenlyShipping- Fuuro(Pokemon) x KibaLG8
    HeheShipping - Shyguy (Super Mario) x cascade88
    Height-hateShipping - Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist) x Xashlei
    HelioFlyerShipping - Bull Borgnine (Battle B-Daman/B-Daman Fire Spirits) x csisps_26
    HelloGoodbyeShipping - Axel (Final Fantasy) x cascade88
    HelloYandereLikeMyselfShipping - Yuno (Mirai Nikki) x cascade88
    HelpShipping - Wilt (Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends) x Xashlei
    HeroBunnyTwilightfoxShipping - Ichigo (Bleach) x twilightvixen
    HeroFriendShipping - Lana (Smallville) x CyberBlastoise
    HiTechAddictShipping - Izzy (Digimon) x csisps_26
    HiddenMeShipping - Takanari Togu (The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross) x Mimori Kiryu
    HiddenShynessShipping - Gilbert Nightray/Raven (Pandora Hearts) x Kiseki
    HiroShipping - Toushiro Hitsugaya (Bleach) x Uzamaki Hinata
    HobeyHoShipping - Vo Spader (Penndragon Series) x Lynnfox
    HOLDITShipping - Edgeworth (Phoenix Wright) x Ho-ohRocks201
    HoldItN00bShipping - Miles Edgeworth (Phoenix Wright) x AuraWolf
    HolyShipping - M-Aco [custom-named] (Ragnarok) x Xashlei
    HolyDarkShipping - Xellos (Slayers) x Filia (Slayers) x Skiyomi
    HomePlanetShipping - Michiru (Sailor Moon) x cascade88
    HopeShipping - Takeru Takaishi (Digimon) x Xashlei
    HopelessRomanticShipping - Georgio (Pokemon) x CeruleanGrace
    HorizonShipping - Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) x bleeding-chocobo
    HostilityShipping - Ren Tsuruga (Skip Beat) x Mimori Kiryu
    HotLeafShipping - Kurenai (Naruto) x Cyber Cyclone
    HotNoahShipping - Tyki Mikk (D.Gray-Man) x AuraWolf
    HotStuffShipping - Soul (Pokemon) x Mr. Joker
    HotTemperShipping – Misty/Kasumi (Pokémon) x kawaii-lurve
    HotVampireShipping - Edward Cullen (Twilight sereis) x AuraWolf
    HowDoIBoston?Shipping - Scout (Team Fortress 2) x Phantom_Bugsy
    HudoFudoMaruShipping - Tsubame Tsubakura (Battle B-Daman/B-Daman Fire Spirits) x csisps_26
    HumorDarkShipping - Kazu (Digimon) x csisps_26
    HumorousAttemptShipping - Jade Curtiss (Tales of the Abyss) x Delta Major
    HungerShipping - Ilyana (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) x Joe The White Knight
    HuplantShipping - Cosmo (Sonic) x CyberBlastoise
    HydroShipping - Blastoise (Pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    HydroVoltShipping - Gary Oak (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    HyperShipping - Momiji Sohma (Fruits Basket) x Mel-Girl
    HyperBishieShipping - Jun/Damion (Pokemon) x S-Unit
    HyperHyperShipping - Komui Lee (D.Gray-man) x Mimori Kiryu
    HyperRushShipping - Tadashi Karino (Special A) x Kiseki
    HyuugaShipping - Neji Hyuga/Hyuuga Neji (Naruto) x AuraWolf
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  3. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    List of Ships: I - Q

    I<3AshShipping - Misty (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    I'dBoneYouSoHardShipping - Jupiter (Pokemon) x Yeti
    I'llKillYou!!!!!!!!Shipping - David/Debitto (D.Gray-Man) x AuraWolf
    I'mdifferentthanmostShipping - Ion Fortuna (Trinity Blood) x Mimori Kiryu
    I'mHungryShipping - Diamond (Pokemon Special) x Phoenix Fire
    IHateThisExorcistShipping - Chaoji (D.Gray-Man) x AuraWolf
    IHeartShipping - Luvdisc (Pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    ILikeCerealShipping - Cheese (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends) x Mewluvr200
    ILikeToWearPinkShipping - Mimi (Digimon) x cascade88
    ITrustedYouAllAlongShipping - Severus Snape (Harry Potter) x cascade88
    IWantItAllShipping - Sharpay Evans (High School Musical) x Mewluvr200
    IceAndGrassEvolutionShipping - Glaceon x Leafeon (Pokemon) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    IceBlueShipping - Candice (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    IceCrystalShipping - Glaceon (Pokémon) x ShinyPalkia
    IceFeatherCoolShipping - Sneasel (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    IceGhostFairyShipping - Froslass (Pokemon) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    IceNiceBabyShipping - Lorelei/Kanna (Pokemon) x Medea
    IceShadowShipping - Weavile (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    IceSkatingShipping - Candice (Pokemon) x WGCV23
    IceSnowBearShipping - Tommy (Digimon) x csisps_26
    IcebergChinaShipping - Glaceon x ~NaThziVOIR~
    IcyDragonShipping - Hitsugaya Toshiro (Bleach) x Konata Izumi
    IcyFrostShipping - Glaceon (Pokemon) x cascade88
    IdolizeShipping - Keiichi Maebara (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) x Katsu Koneko
    IdShipping - Leonard McCoy (Star Trek) x Ampris
    IfritShipping - Yoshi (Pokemon Chronicles) x aerisLana
    IgiariShipping - Miles Edgeworth (Phoenix Wright) x Orangen
    IgnoranceShipping - Marley (Pokémon) x Seviper009
    IllegalHunterShipping - Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) x Mr. Joker
    ImagineShipping - May/Haruka (Pokémon) x Cap D. Blue
    ImpatientShipping - Pearl(Pokemon Special) x Phoenix Fire
    ImpersonatorRaceDogShipping - Hatchimon (InuYasha) x csisps_26
    ImpulsiveShipping - Yamanaka Ino (Naruto) x Ruby Moon
    InAmerica!Shipping - Bandit Keith (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Mewluvr200
    InMyDreamsShipping - Howl (Howl's Moving Castle) x HikariTajiri
    IncenseShipping - B'Elanna Torres (Star Trek: Voyager) x Ampris
    IndeterminateShipping - Gardevoir/Sirnight (Pokemon) x plopagon123
    IndignantJusticeShipping - Spada Belforma (Tales of Innocence) x absoluteSoul
    InfirmaryShipping - Nurse Joy's Chansey (Pokemon) x flyboy1308
    InfluenzaShipping - Runningnose (Warriors Series) x Lynnfox
    INJUSTICE!Shipping - Chang Wufei (Gundam Wing) x Delta Major
    InnocenceShipping - Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) x Phantom Gardevoir
    InnocentShipping - Shana (Shakugan no Shana) x Michiyo
    InnocentKidShipping - Oz Bezarius (Pandora Hearts) x csisps_26
    InnovadeShipping - Regene Regetta (Gundam 00) x csisps_26
    InsaneShipping - Asuka (Neon Genesis Evangelion) x Ho-ohRocks201
    InsanePowerShipping - The Winged Dragon of Ra (Yu-Gi-Oh) x Ho-ohRocks201
    InsanityShipping - Alice (Pandora Hearts) x Umbreon-dana
    InsanityForTheBlueShipping - Dr. Drakken (Kim Possible) x csisps_26
    InsecureShipping - Bella Swan (Twilight) x cascade88
    InsinuationShipping - Haruka/May (Pokémon) shadow_shipper
    InsomniaShipping - L (Death Note) x cascade88
    InstantRespectShipping - Lovrina (Pokemon XD) x Vycksta
    InstantlyLoveShipping - Yakumo (Mamotte! Lollipop) x Mimori Kiryu
    IntellectShipping - Tiff/Fumu (Hoshi no Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    IntelligenceShipping - Cheren (Pokemon) x pokefan#493
    IntelligenceQuotientShipping - Rebecca (Pokemon) x Sadistic Blaziken
    IntelligentSarcasticShipping - Bokumon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    InuShipping - Shigure Sohma (Fruits Basket) x Lynnfox
    InuOkamiShipping - Kiba Inuzuka/ Inuzuka Kiba (Naruto) x AuraWolf
    IronTailVoltShipping - Pikachu (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    IslandSpaShipping - Gary/Shigeru (Pokemon) x Espeon 114x
    ITShipping – Izzy Izumi (Digimon) x kawaii-lurve
    ItalianSpiritShipping - Feliciano "Italy" Vargas (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Mewluvr200
    JashinLoversShipping - Hidan (Naruto) x AuraWolf
    JapaneseTaskForceShipping - Touta Matsuda (Death Note) x Kanzo Mogi (Death Note) x Shuichi Aizawa (Death Note) x Hideki Ide (Death Note) x Soichiro Yagami (Death Note) x AuraWolf
    JealousyShipping - Tomoya Okazaki (Clannad) X CeruleanGrace
    JeepShipping - Emmett Cullen (Twilight Saga) x Mewluvr200
    JesterOnABallShipping - Marx (Kirby Super Star Ultra) x Mewluvr200
    JewShipping - Kyle Broflovski (South Park) x BlankAsPaper
    JollyShipping - Squirtle / Zenigame (Pokemon) x Mr. Yoshi
    JustLikeHimShipping - Combusken (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    KaguyaShipping - Kimimaro (Naruto) x AuraWolf
    KamikazeLeadShipping - Electrode (Pokemon) x Goldfan
    KasumiShipping - Misty/Kasumi (Pokemon) x ~Mist~
    KatsuShipping - Katsuya Jounouchi/Joey Wheeler/Katsuya Joey (Yu-Gi-Oh) x Katsu Koneko
    Kawaiishipping - Gary/Shigeru (Pokemon) x ~SkyHigh~
    KawaiiCatCharaShipping - Yoru (Shugo Chara!) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    KawaiiKitsuneShipping - Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog) x *~Aipom Star~*
    KawaiiNoahShipping - Road Kamelot (D.Gray-Man) x AuraWolf
    KawaiiWammyBoyShipping - Near/Nate River (Death Note) x AuraWolf
    KazekageShipping - Gaara (Naruto) x AuraWolf
    KazeShipping - Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist) x Katsu Koneko
    KeepOnWalkingShipping - Allen Walker (D.Gray-Man) x AuraWolf
    KentaShipping - Cyndaquil (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    KeybladeLightshipping-Kairi(Kingdom Hearts)XPearlmasterking
    KickAshShipping - Richie/Hiroshi (Pokemon) x xxBlackyxx
    KickItShipping - Paul/Shinji (Pokemon) x xxBlackyxx
    Kidshipping - Death the Kid (Soul Eater) x blondekid15
    KidTajiriShipping - Bug Catcher (Pokémon R/B/Y) x Ash (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    Kindshipping - Andy (Toy Story 3) X ponyboycurtis
    KindlovedevotionShipping - Solomon Goldsmith (Blood +) x Mimori Kiryu
    KindlyShipping - Cliff Fittir (Star Ocean 3) x taitofan
    KindredShipping - Ken Ichijouji (Digimon) x Xashlei
    KingdomShipping - Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) x AdnRayquazaSilver
    KingdomOfHeartsShipping - Sora (Kingdom of Hearts I) x Sakuri
    KiraVSJusticeShipping - Light Yagami x L Lawliet (Death Note) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    KitchenUtensilShipping - Nnoitora Jiruga (Bleach) x Darth Kitty
    KnightlyHonorShipping - Meta Knight/Metanaito x Sword Knight x Blade Knight (Hoshi No Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    KnockOffSteelShipping - Paul's Gliscor (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    KnowitallShipping - Justin (Wizards of Waverly Place) x Lynnfox
    KoikingNoChikaraShipping - Magikarp (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    KokoroShipping - Rin Kagamine (VOCALOID 2) x BlankAsPaper
    KyuShipping - Nine tailed Fox/Kyuubi (Naruto) x AuraWolf
    KyuubiChanShipping - Kyuubi no Kitsune (Naruto) x Kyuubi-Chan
    L'sBirthdayShipping - L Lawliet/L (Death Note) x Beyond Birthday (Death Note: Another Note) x Konata Izumi
    LTwinBeyondBirthdayShipping - Beyond Birhday (Death Note: Another Note) x AuraWolf
    LabCoatShipping - Gary/Shigeru (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    LacksCommonSenseShipping - Matsuda (Death Note) x ArcanineOod
    LalalaShipping - Light Yagami (Death Note) x riolulu
    LandmasterShipping - Fox McCloud (Star Fox) x Mewluvr200
    LaplaceShipping - Soledad/Saori (Pokemon) x aerisLana
    LastChildShipping - Thor Klein (Jyu-Oh-Sei) x Mimori Kiryu
    LastResortShipping - Brock/Takeshi(Pokemon) x FlyingEevee
    LatimeriaShipping - Relicanth (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    LemonPopsicleShipping - Gengar (Pokemon) x cascade88
    LethargyShipping - Volkner/Denzi (Pokemon) x pokefan#493
    LightShipping - Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) x Pit (Kid Icarus) x M-Aco (Ragnarok) x Xashlei
    LightMeUpShipping - Genjo Sanzo (Saiyuki) x Mimori Kiryu
    LightningHeartShipping - Drew/Shuu (Pokemon) x ~SkyHigh~
    LittleFoxyShipping - Shippo/Shippou (InuYasha) x csisps_26
    LittleOneShipping - Max/Masato (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    LiquoriceShipping - Kankuro (Naruto) x ShinyPalkia
    LoboKendoShipping - Lobomon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    LolwutShipping - Matsuda (Death Note) x Lynnfox
    LoneWolfShipping - Lucario (Pokemon) x Phoenix Fire
    LookBeyondShipping - Luxray (Pokemon) x catzeye
    LoonyShipping - Luna lovegood (Harry Potter) x C.Gholy
    LordCavalryShipping - Cain McDonnell Ruth (Battle B-Daman/B-Daman Fire Spirits) x csisps_26
    LossShipping - Ryutaro Tominaga (Someday's Dreamers: Spellbound) x Mimori Kiryu
    LostFighterShipping - Honey the cat (Sonic the Fighters) x Collin
    LostFriendShipping - Mew (Pokemon) x Shane-san
    LostShipping - Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) x Xashlei
    LostTrainerShipping - Mira/Miru (Pokemon) x Joe The White Knight
    LoveShipping - Gaara (Naruto) x Scenice
    LoveHealsMeShipping - Heather Mason (Silent Hill 3) x cascade88
    LOVEPOWER!Shipping - Riley (Pokemon) x Mizu♪
    LoveTagShipping - Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers) x Orion-Sama
    LoveToCryShipping – May/Haruka (Pokémon) x kawaii-lurve
    LoveToLearnShipping - Flynn Carson (The Librarian) x ArcanineOod
    LovelessSacrificeShipping - Ritsuka Aoiyagi (Loveless) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    LovelyShipping- Marley (Pokemon) x Oraiste
    LoverOfSnowBoardingShipping - HoroHoro/Trey Racer (Shaman King) x AuraWolf
    LovesPuddingShipping - L "Lawliet" (Death Note) x Ruby Moon
    LuckyBatShipping - Fu-fu (Sagwa) x BabyLugia
    LuckyNumberShipping- Thirteen (House, MD) x flyboy1308
    LullabyShipping - Kaito (Vocaloid) x Mimori Kiryu
    LupineLaserShipping - KendoGarurumon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    LuxrayLoverShipping - Volkner/Denji (Pokémon) x csisps_26
    LyokoGoddessShipping - Aelita (Code Lyoko) x AuraWolf
    MadHattershipping - Break Xerxes (Pandora Hearts) x pink skitty
    MadScientistShipping - Tenpou Gensui (Saiyuki) x Mimori Kiryu
    MadnessShipping - C-3PO (Star Wars) x Ampris
    MaelstromShipping - Alex (Golden Sun) x Queen_Lugia
    MagentaShipping - Michelle (Pokemon) x Vycksta
    MagicShipping - Kaitou Kid (Detective Conan) x Merialle
    MaggotShipping - Albel Nox (Star Ocean 3) x taitofan
    MagnaMissilesShipping - MagnaGarurumon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    MagnaSaberShipping - Koji Minamoto (Digimon) x csisps_26
    MagnificentShipping - Mikuri/Wallace (Pokémon) shadow_shipper
    MahouShipping - Ashley (WarioWare) x taitofan
    MajestyShipping - Arzei Bohnleid (Star Ocean 3) x taitofan
    MalletShipping - King Dedede (Hoshi No Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    MangaCutesyShipping - Red (Pokemon Special) x Angelic Pika
    MangaSpikeShipping - Green (Pokemon Special) x Angelic Pika
    MangingWolfShipping - Koga/Kouga (InuYasha) x csisps_26
    MartianShipping - Mars (Pokemon) x ziggystardust
    MarzipanShipping - Mars (Pokémon) x ShinyPalkia
    MasterEmeraldHunterShipping - Rogue (Sonic) x CyberBlastoise
    MasturbationShipping - Paula Polestar (Mother 2/Earthbound) x Oraiste
    May'sHateClubShipping - Harley (Pokemon) x ArcanineOod
    MazokuShipping - Xellos (Slayers) x Skiyomi
    MedicalNinjaShipping - Tsunade (Naruto) x Cyber Cyclone
    MeekShipping - Toris "Lithuania" Lorinaitis (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Mewluvr200
    MelodyShipping- Chimecho (Pokemon) x PurpleMew
    MentallyChallengedCrazyInsaneAnyOtherThingYouCanTh inkOfShipping - Akiza (Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's) x Ho-ohRocks201
    MessedUpShipping - Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto) x Mimori Kiryu
    MeltLavaBurnShipping - Magmar (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    MenInBlackShipping - Gilbert Nightray/Raven (Pandora Hearts) x csisps_26
    MentalPowerShipping - Ino (Naruto) x CyberBlastoise
    MeowShipping - Skitty (Pokémon) x ShinyPalkia
    MercenaryShipping - Ike (Fire Emblem) x Xashlei
    MetalFocusShipping - Kenny (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    MetaphorWithToysShipping - Near/Nate River (Death Note) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    MewtwoShipping - Xion (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days) x Vulpixel
    MickeyMouseShipping - Two-Bit (The Outsiders) x FlyingEevee
    MidnightShipping - Umbreon (Pokemon) x cascade88
    MiiShipping - Rika Furude (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) x Katsu Koneko
    MilkDrinkShipping - Whitney/Akane (Pokemon) x Orion-Sama
    MilkAndOreoShipping - Whitney (Pokemon) x MoonstoneDX
    MillenniumPuzzleShipping - Yami Yugi/Yami no Yuugi x Yugi Moto/Yuugi Mutou (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Mewluvr200
    MillenniumRingShipping - Yami Bakura x Bakura Ryo/Ryou Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Mewluvr200
    MiltankLoveShipping - Whitney (Pokémon) x cascade88
    MindDestructionShipping - Ino Yamanaka (Naruto) x DaveTheFishGuy
    MindLinkShipping - Gardevoir/Saanaito (Pokemon) x Orion-Sama
    MindReadShipping - Sabrina (Pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    MindTranferShipping - Ino (Naruto) x granbull guy
    MisbeliefShipping - Zoey (Pokemon) x Vycksta
    MischievousShipping - George Weasley (Harry Potter Series) x cascade88
    MischievousMonkeyShipping - Aipom/Eipam (Pokemon) x *~Aipom Star~*
    MixApeShipping - Infernape (Pokemon) x bleeding-chocobo
    MixedMatchShipping - Kail/Rin Buruusu (Pokemon) x Nemmeh
    MochiShipping - Shuichi Aizawa (Death Note) x AuraWolf
    ModestShipping - Shannon/Sayo (Umineko no Naku Koro ni) x Katsu Koneko
    MolestShipping - Francis "France" Bonnefoy (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Mewluvr200
    MommyShipping - Kyouya Ootori (Ouran High School Host Club) x csisps_26
    MonchichiShipping - Kanzo Mogi (Death Note) x AuraWolf
    MonkeyBoyShipping - Infernape (Pokemon) x Phoenix Fire
    MonsterShipping - Toxicroak (Pokémon) x ShinyPalkia
    MorningLightShipping - Dawn (Pokemon) x pikablue
    MorningSunShipping - Espeon (Pokemon) x PokemonHero
    MonkGetsSlappedShipping - Miroku (InuYasha) x csisps_26
    MoonlightShipping - Remus Lupin (Harry Potter) x cascade88
    MoonlightDischargeShipping - Umbreon (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    MoontouchedShipping - Absol (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    MuddyShipping - Swampert (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    MugenShipping - Kanda Yu (D.Gray-Man) x AuraWolf
    MultiplePersonalityShipping - Kidd Summers (Pokemon) x Sadistic Blaziken
    MurderousGrudgeShipping - Itachi Uchiha (Naruto) x Sadistic Blaziken
    MurderousteensShipping - Mission Vao (Star Wars: KotOR) x Morpher01
    MusicalShipping - Demyx (Kingdom Hearts II) X Orangen
    MushroomShipping - Toad (Mario Series) X PurpleMew
    MutatedFuryFireShipping - Shego (Kim Possible) x csisps_26
    MyBoyfriend'sDreamComeTrueShipping - Cynthia/Shirona (Pokemon) x cascade88
    MyLifeSuxsShipping - Sasuke Uchiha/Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto) x AuraWolf
    MyNamesFluffyShipping - Newt (Corey in the House) x Lynnfox
    MyNekoNoahShipping - Tyki Mikk x AuraWolf
    MysteriousShipping - Sheik (Legend of Zelda) x cascade88
    MysticShipping - Sheik (Legend of Zelda) x Cierra
    MysticArcherShipping - Kagome (Inuyasha) x CyberBlastoise
    NaiveShipping - Luke Fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss) x Xashlei
    NavieShipping - Sora (Kingdom Hearts) x bleeding-chocobo
    NameSharingShipping - Natalia "Belarus" Alfroskaya (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Mewluvr200
    NatafangasmShipping - Meta Knight/Metanaito x Kirby/Kaabii (Hoshi no Kaabii) x Yami Yugi/Yami no Yuugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Mewluvr200
    NaturalPhilosophyShipping - Ponder Stibbons (Discworld) CheekyJoy23
    NatureShipping - Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown) x Orion-Sama
    NavigatorShipping - Nami (One Piece) x Pikapikapikachu
    Near'sToyboxShipping - Nate River/Near (Death Note) x Konata Izumi
    NeedAHaircutShipping - Tuff/Bun (Hoshi no Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    NeedlePointShipping - Gwendal (Kyou Kara Maoh) X Orangen
    NegativeShipping - Rotom (Pokemon) x Ho-ohRocks201
    NekoShipping - Takuto Kira (Full Moon Wo Sagashite) x Katsu Koneko
    NekoCharaShipping - Ikuto Tsukiyomi (Shugo Chara) x Cierra
    NekomataShipping - Kirara (InuYasha) x AuraWolf
    NeoCyberShipping - Sonya (Megaman Star Force) x CyberBlastoise
    Never#1Shipping - Sho Fuwa (Skip Beat) x Mimori Kiryu
    NewMoonShipping - Li Yin (Key of Heaven) shadow_shipper
    NibiShipping - Nibi Nekomata (Naruto) x AuraWolf
    NicedreamShipping - Ban Midou (Getbackers) x Mimori Kiryu
    NightDayDarkShipping - Honchkrow (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    NightHawkShipping - Gengar (Pokémon) x Sadistic Blaziken
    NightShadeSlashShipping - Paul's Honchkrow (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    NineTailsShipping - Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto) x Inferno
    NinjaShipping - Sakura Haruno (Naruto) x Inferno
    NobelBadBoyShipping – Ichii (Mamotte! Lollipop) x Mimori Kiryu
    NobodieShipping - Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) x WGCV23
    NocturnalShipping - Demyx (Kingdom Hearts II) x Shadowfaith
    NowWhatShipping - L (Death Note) x ShinyPalkia
    NuisanceShipping - Volkner/Denji(Pokemon) x FlyingEevee
    NumberZeroShipping - Zero (Mamotte! Lollipop/Save Me! Lollipop) x riolulu
    NyaShipping - Skitty (Pokemon) x Katsu Koneko
    OMGCuteShipping - Candice (Pokemon) x cascade88
    OMGIt'sJessShipping - Jess Mariano (Gilmore Girls) x cascade88
    OMGPudding!Shipping - Tsuzuki Asato (Yami no Matsuei) x Mimori Kiryu
    OMGYou'reSeriouslyAHologramButYou'reJustSoHotShipp ing - Infi (Pokémon) x Sadistic Blaziken
    OMGZYENShipping - Kakuzu (Naruto) x AuraWolf
    OUBeastShipping - Cynthia/Shirona (Pokemon) x plopagon123
    OBJECTIONShipping - Phoenix Wright (Phoenix Wright) x Ho-ohRocks201
    ObjectionYouN00bShipping - Phoenix Wright (Phoenix Wright) x AuraWolf
    ObliviousShipping - Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club) x csisps_26
    ObserverShipping - Ribbons Almark (Gundam 00) x csisps_26
    ObsessedShipping - Zero (Pokemon) x Sapphire Phoenix
    ObsessedWithTheUnderAppreciatedShipping - Shyguy (Super Mario) x cascade88
    OccasionallyEmoAndBlondeShipping - Matt (Digimon) x cascade88
    OekakiShipping - Kenji/Tracey (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    OeotesShipping - Ulquiorra Schiffer (Bleach) x Vycksta
    OffTrackShipping - Nokoru Imonoyama (CLAMP School Detectives) x Kiseki
    OfficeMmmkayShipping - Craig Tucker (South Park) x BlankAsPaper
    OhHamburgersShipping - Leopold "Butters" Stotch (South Park) x BlankAsPaper
    OiralShipping - L (Death Note) x Kataki
    OldRoseShipping - James/Kojiro (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    OldSchoolShipping - Mai Valentine (Yu-Gi-Oh) x Ho-ohRocks201
    OmNomNomShipping - Munchlax (Pokemon) x Hydroleaf
    OnceUponATimePokeshipperShipping - Melody (Pokémon) x cascade88
    OneVoiceShipping - Ho-Oh (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    OneesanShipping - Jessie (Pokemon) x Meron
    OptimisticShipping - May/Haruka (Pokemon) x Hunter_RuLe
    OrangeShipping - Corey (Pokémon- The First Movie) x HikariTajiri
    OrangeBandShipping - Sid (Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys) x aerisLana
    OrangeFlameBlastShipping - WarGrowlmon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    OrangeFlameBlazeShipping - Growlmon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    OrangeFlameBurnShipping - Guilmon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    OrangeFlameBurstShipping - Gallantmon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    OtakuShipping - Konata Izumi (Lucky Star) x absoluteSoul
    OtherHalfOfMeShipping - Dark Mousy (DNAngel) x Mimori Kiryu
    OtherWorldShipping - Mismagius (Pokemon) x Luigi-the-Breloom
    OutCastShipping - Silver (Pokemon Special) x xxBlackyxx
    OutfitShipping - BurningGreymon (Digimon) x catzeye
    OutGoingShipping - Gold (PokeSpe) x Oceanus119
    OverProtectingBrotherShipping- Komui Lee (D.Gray-Man) x AuraWolf
    OverconfidentShipping - Wing Saber (TF: Cybertron) x Delta Major
    OverlargeCraniumShipping - Cranidos (Pokémon) x Sadistic Blaziken
    OverlookingShipping - Monoko (Yume Nikki) x Oraiste
    OverpowerShipping - Ryuu/Rafe (Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys) x Sadistic Blaziken
    OvershadowedShipping - Flygon (Pokemon) x Blaziken (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    OysterBraShipping - Gorebyss/Sakurabisu (Pokemon) x Orion-Sama
    PKMNShipping - Satoshi/Ash (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    PMSShipping - Akira Kogami (Lucky Star) x Meron
    PacifistShipping - Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!) x pokefan#493
    PainShipping - Jasper Hale (Twilight Saga) x Mewluvr200
    PalkiaShipping - Xigbar (Kingdom Hearts II) x Vulpixel
    PanteraShipping - Grimmjow (Bleach) x AuraWolf
    PassionShipping - May (Pokemon) x yhyiannis
    PassionateShipping - Hikari/Dawn (Pokémon) x shadow_shipper
    PassionFlameshipping-Iris(Pokemon) XPearlmasterking
    PatienceShipping - Ood Sigma (Doctor Who) x ArcanineOod
    PeacefulShipping - L Lawliet (Death Note) x Mimori Kiryu
    PeachyShipping - Princess Peach (Mario) x Mewluvr200
    PearlShipping- Spoink (Pokemon) x PurpleMew
    PepperFlameShipping - Tai Kamiya (Digimon) x csisps_26
    PercentShipping - L Lawliet (Death Note) x Lynnfox
    PerformShipping - Dawn/Hikari (Pokemon) x Pokefan38
    PerishSongShipping - Absol (Pokemon) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    PersianShipping - Xemnas (Kingdom Hearts II) x Vulpixel
    PersuasiveShipping - Ino Yamanaka (Naruto) x shadow_shipper
    PervSquireShipping - Athena (Athena: Full Throttle) x Orion-Sama
    PervertedAndFreakyCosplayerSiblingsShipping - Utau Tsukiyomi x Ikuto Tsukiyomi (Shugo Chara!) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    PervertedTwilightShipping - Urahara (Bleach) x twilightvixen
    PervyShipping - Ryunosuke (Rizelmine) x HikariTajiri
    PeskyGirlShipping - Blue (Pokémon Special) x kawaii-lurve
    PetalDanceMagicShipping - Drew's Roserade (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    PetalDancerShipping - Belossom/Kireihana (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    PetalIronShipping - Drew (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    PetalifeShipping - May (Pokémon) x TurtwigFan1
    PetiteShipping - Waddle Dee (Kirby) x Mewluvr200
    PhanpyShipping - Lexaeus (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) x Vulpixel
    PigShipping - Shizune (Naruto) x DaveTheFishGuy
    PikachuShipping - Larxene (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) x Vulpixel
    PinShipping - Sakuraba Neku (The World Ends With You) x BabyLugia
    PinkShipping - Biyomon (Digimon) x ShinyPalkia
    PinkAuraShipping - Ty Lee (Avatar) x Sonic15
    PinkBootsShipping - Dawn/Hikari (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    PinkBubbleShipping - Mew (Pokemon) x bleeding-chocobo
    PinkCoralShipping - Corsola/Saniigo (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    PinkCutiesShipping - Biyomon (Digimon) x ShinyPalkia
    PinkFeatherShipping - Shaymin/Sheimi (Land Forme) (Pokemon) x BabyLugia
    PinkHairShipping - Szayel Aporro Grantz (Bleach) x Darth Kitty
    PinkMixtureShipping Touko (Pokemon Black & White) x Crimsonash310
    PinkPsychicShipping - Mew/Myuu (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    PinkyAndTheNerdShipping - Megurine Luka (VOCALOID 2) x BlankAsPaper
    PixieManShipping - Tucker (Pokemon) x AuraWolf
    PlaceboShipping - Sidney (Pokemon) x EmberGryphon
    PlanetSchemeShipping - Mars x Saturn (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    PlayfulShipping - Netto/Lan Hikari (Rockman.EXE) x Katsu Koneko
    PlayfulIllusionShipping - Lakoko's Ninetales/Kyukon (Pokemon) x BabyLugia
    POANCHShipping - Captain Falcon's hand (SSB) x MaplePhanpy
    PockyShipping - Shuichi Shindou (Gravitation) x Katsu Koneko
    PockySnackShipping - Senri Shiki (Vampire Knight) x Kiseki
    PoetryShipping - Dawn (Pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    PoisonGroundShipping - Nidoking (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    PoisonousReptileShipping - Jessie's Seviper (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    PokeHatShipping - Leaf (Pokemon) x Mr. Joker
    PounceShipping - Meowth (Pokemon) x EmberGryphon
    PrefersPersianToMeowthShipping - Giovanni (Pokemon) x ArcanineOod
    PrettyBlossomsInMyHairShipping - Wormadam (Pokemon) x cascade88
    PrettyBlueShipping - Wartortle (Pokemon) x cascade88
    PrettyInBlackShipping - Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleach) x Ruby Moon
    PrettyInPinkShipping - Princess Peach (Mario) x cascade88
    PrettyboyShipping - Ruby (Pokemon Special) x Sapphire Phoenix
    PrideShipping - Kenny (Pokemon) x InfernapeIZCool
    PrinceOfNourasiaShipping - Prince Aikka (Oban Star Racers) x AuraWolf
    ProAntiShipping - Shinji/Paul (Pokemon) x Mel-Girl
    ProdigyShipping - Hyuuga Neji (Naruto) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    PromiscuityShipping - Anzu/Janine x Atsumi/Cissy x Asuna/Flannery x Furuura/Melody x Haruka/May x Hikari/Dawn x Ibuki/Clair x Kanna/Lorelei x Kasumi/Misty x Nozomi/Zoey x Saori/Soledad x Shirona/Cynthia (Pokemon) x shadow_shipper
    ProtectDefenseShipping - Conway (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    ProtectMePleaseShipping - Kougaiji (Saiyuki) x Mimori Kiryu
    ProtectiveShipping - Chrono (Chrono Crusade) x Orenji-chan
    PsyBeamFreezingShipping - Butterfree (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    PsyBeamGustShipping - Drew's Butterfree (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    PsychMeOutShipping - Kurosaki Hisoka (Yami no Matsuei) x Mimori Kiryu
    PsychicShipping - Ash/Satoshi (Pokemon) x Espeon 114x
    PsychicQueenShipping - Gardevoir x ~NaThziVOIR~
    PsychoShipping - Mew (Pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    PsystarShipping - Sabrina/Natsume (Pokemon) x ziggystardust
    PudgeShipping - Pokey/Porky Minch (Earthbound/Mother) x taitofan
    PunchKickMegaShipping - Hitmonchan (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    PunchPurpleKickShipping - Tyrogue (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    PuppetShipping - Rue/Lu (Threads of Fate / Dewprism) x Xashlei
    PuppetDollShipping - Tokunaga (Tales of the Abyss) x Delta Major
    PuppetMasterShipping - Anise Tatlin (Tales of the Abyss) x Delta Major
    PupupulandShipping - Meta Knight/Metanaito x Tiff/Fumu (Hoshi no Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    PureInnocenceShipping - Light Yagami (Death Note) x Mimori Kiryu
    PurpleHungryShipping - Reggie's Swalot (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    PurpleLightShipping - Ash/Satoshi (Pokemon) x Oceanus119
    PurpleMajestyShipping - Lucian (Pokemon) x *Jean Grey*
    PurrrfectShipping - Purugly (Pokemon) x cascade88
    PwnageEyesightShipping - Ishida Uryu (Bleach) x Mel-Girl
    PyperShipping - Kotone (Pokémon) x pokefan#493
    PyroShipping - Saturn (Pokemon) x taitofan
    PyroBarrageShipping - BurningGreymon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    PyroDragonsShipping - EmperorGreymon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    PyroSphereShipping - Takato Matsuki (Digimon) x csisps_26
    PyroTornadoShipping - Agunimon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    QueenShipping - Mint (Threads of Fate / Dewprism x Xashlei
    QuicksilverShipping - Gin Ichimaru (Bleach) x The 4th KIRA
    QuidditchShipping - Oliver Wood (Harry Potter) x cascade88
    QuietInTheLibraryShipping - Autor/Aotoa (Princess Tutu) x CheekyJoy23
    QuietShipping - Ivrine (Final Fantasy VIII) x Shygirlfrumfl
    QuietTechShipping - Cody (Digimon) x csisps_26
    QuietlyShipping - Fai D. Flourite (Tsubasa: RESERVior CHRONiCLeS) x Mimori Kiryu
    QuilavaShipping - Axel (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) x Vulpixel
    QuincyPrideShipping - Uryu Ishida (Bleach) x AuraWolf
    QuintessenceShipping - Will Vandom (W.I.T.C.H) x Inferno
    QuirkyShipping - Alice Cullen (Twilight) x cascade88
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2010
  4. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    List of Ships: R - Z

    RabidAndOutgoingShipping - Inuzuka Kiba (Naruto) x Ruby Moon
    RacingThunderBoltShipping - Rick Thunderbolt (Oban Star-Racers) x AuraWolf
    RecklessShipping - Green (Pokemon special) x CeruleanGrace
    RagnarokShipping - Shirona/Cynthia (Pokémon) x shadow_shipper
    RagnellShipping - Ike (Fire Emblem) x Xashlei
    RaiToraShipping - Raikou (Pokemon) x AuraWolf
    RainbowMirrorShipping - Smirror (Kirby Super Star Ultra) x Mewluvr200
    RamenLoveShipping - Naruto (Naruto) x cascade88
    RandomnessShipping - King Dedede (Hoshi No Kaabii) x Escargon (Hoshi No Kaabi) x Purplepassion
    RangerAquaShipping - Jack Walker (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    RawrShipping - Satsuki (Millennium Snow) x Lynnfox
    RazorEnergyShipping - Grotle (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    RazorLeafShipping - Chikorita (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    RazorWindFlashShipping - Drew's Absol (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    RebelShipping - Bart Simpson (The Simpsons) x Hydroleaf
    RectangleShipping - Ferb (Phineas & Ferb) x PurpleMew
    RedBandannaShipping - May (Pokemon) x Glacier99
    RedCascadeShipping - Red (Pokémon) x cascade88
    RedFeatherShipping - Shaymin/Sheimi (Sky Forme) (Pokemon) x BabyLugia
    RedHeartShipping - Ming-Ming (Beyblade G-Revolution) x LightingKimba
    RedMayFlowerShipping - May/Haruka (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    RedRoseShipping - Yuki Nagato (Haruhi Suzumiya) x •Moonbeam•
    RedSunglassesShipping - Cyclops (X-Men) x FlyingEevee
    RedonnaShipping - Red (Pokémon Special) x Donna
    ReliableShipping - Joe Kido (Digimon) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    ReluctantShipping - Richie (Pokemon) x Orenji-chan
    RemnantTrioShipping - Yazoo x Kadaj x Loz (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    RenegadeShipping - Giratina (Origin Forme) (Pokemon) x Sapphire Phoenix
    RepelShipping - Guy Cecil (Tales of the Abyss) x Xashlei
    ResearcherShipping – Sapphire (Pokémon Special) x kawaii-lurve
    RevereShipping - Ken Joshima (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) x taitofan
    RevolverHadesShipping - Akyulas (Battle B-Daman/B-Daman Fire Spirits) x csisps_26
    RidonculouslyAwesomeShipping - Samus Aran (Metroid) x cascade88
    RightsShipping - N (Pokemon) x pokefan#493
    RivalryShipping - Gino (Gaia) x HikariTajiri
    RivetingShipping - Saturn (Pokemon) x xxBlackyxx
    RoboShipping - Optimus Prime (Transformers: Micron Densetsu) X Armorandonomon
    RockGroundDrillShipping - Rhydon (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    RockPuppyShipping - Brock (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    RockYouLikeAHurricaneShipping - Sango (Inuyasha) x Ho-ohRocks201
    RompShipping - Inuzuka Kiba (Naruto) x Mel-Girl
    RookieShipping - Sideswipe (TF: Armada) x Delta Major
    RoseShipping - Drew/Shuu (Pokemon) x Mimori Kiryu
    RosePetalShipping - Gold (Pokemon Special) x Cierra
    RoseThornPetalShipping - Roselia (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    RoseVoltPetalShipping - Roserade (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    RosesShipping - Shiny Roselia (Pokemon) x cascade88
    RougeAndBeautyShipping - Nurse Joy (Pokemon) x Altair_chan
    RoughSkinShipping - Sharpedo (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    RoyalPurpleShipping - Princess Daisy (Mario) x granbull guy
    RubeeShipping - Mimi (Super Paper Mario) x MaplePhanpy
    RubyShipping - Brendan/Yuuki (Pokemon) x Sapphire Phoenix
    RubyHeartShipping - Johan Andersen/Jesse Anderson (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX) x LightingKimba
    RukaShipping - Lucario (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    RunAwayTroubleShipping - Myoga/Myouga (InuYasha) x csisps_26
    RunOverShipping - Pheobe (Hey Arnold) x CyberBlastoise
    RunningIntoYouShipping - Barry/Jun (Pokemon) x cascade88
    RushShipping - Barry/Jun (Pokemon/Pocket Monsters) x Kiseki
    RushAroundShipping - Jun (Pokemon) x Tadashi
    RyuseiryuShipping - Li Yong Fa (Battle B-Daman/B-Daman Fire Spirits) x csisps_26
    S.T.A.B.Shipping - Kai/Shan Buruusu (Pokemon) x Nemmeh
    SabreToothTigerShipping - Ggio Vega (Bleach) x AuraWolf
    SakuFanShipping - Shaoran Li (CCS) x HikariTajiri
    Sakura&NatureShipping - Sakagami Tomoyo (CLANNAD) x raglflagl
    SameNameShipping - Drew/Shuu (Pokemon) x S-Unit
    SandyShipping - Gaara (Naruto) x ShinyPalkia
    SarcasmFansShipping - Paul/Shinji (Pokemon) x catzeye
    SarcasticShipping- Paul/Shinji (Pokémon) x Treecko Girl
    SarcasticEgoShipping - Bloo (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends) x Mewluvr200
    SarcasticSnailShipping - Escargoon/Escargon (Hoshi No Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    SarraceniaShipping - Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) x Skiyomi
    SassyFightingShipping - Great/Kogomi (Pokémon) x Cyber Cyclone
    SatoKasuTajiShipping - Misty (Pokémon) x Ash (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    SatyriasisShipping - Daigo/Steven x Datsura/Noland x Denzi/Volkner x Goyo/Lucian x Harley x Heath/Tucker x Hayato/Falkner x Hazuki/Harisson x Hiroshi/Ritchie x Hyouta/Roark x Jiji/Rudy x Kenji/Tracey x Kojiro/James x Matsuba/Morty x Minaki/Eusine x Mikuri/Wallace x Nando/Naoshi x Shigeru/Gary x Shinji/Paul x Shuu/Drew x Tetsuya/Tyson x Wataru/Lance (Pokemon) x shadow_shipper
    SavageHeartShipping - Mewtwo (Pokemon) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    ScaredyCatShipping – Forte (Mamotte! Lollipop) x Mimori Kiryu
    ScarletBlueShipping - May/Haruka (Pokemon) x Cierra
    ScarletWitchShipping - Cierra (Riviera: The Promised Land) x Cierra
    ScatterShipping - Maria Traydor (Star Ocean 3) x taitofan
    SchoolgirlCrushShipping - Bill (Pokemon Special) x Cerulean Grace
    ScruffyHairedGeniusShipping - L Lawliet (Death Note) x ArcanineOod
    SeaCottageShipping - Bill (Pokemon FRLG) x CheekyJoy23
    SeaSaltIceCreamShipping - Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) x bleeding-chocobo
    SeaStarShipping - Ibuki Fuko (CLANNAD) x raglflagl
    SealedheartShipping - Oyamada Masami (Someday's Dreamers) x Mimori Kiryu
    SecretShipping - Ian (Gaia) x HikariTajiri
    SecretAgentShipping - Pery The Platypuss (Phineas & Ferb) x PurpleMew
    SecretAnimeCrushShipping - Maylene (Pokemon) x cascade88
    SecretiveShipping - Takanari Togu (The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross) x Kiseki
    SecretselfShipping - Athrun Zala (Gundam SEED/Destiny) x Mimori Kiryu
    SecondBananaShipping - Luigi (Mario series) x Mewluvr200
    SecondFiddleShipping - Grovyle (PMD2) x Orangen
    SelfAbsorbedShipping – Gou (Mamotte! Lollipop) x Mimori Kiryu
    SelfishShipping - Hikaru Hitachiin (Ouran High School Host Club) x csisps_26
    SelflessShipping - Reina/Lenna (Final Fantasy V) x Orion-Sama
    SennenRingAndTheifShipping - Yami Bakura x Ryou Bakura x Touzoku-ou Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    SeparatedAtBirthShipping - Harrison (Pokemon) x Sadistic Blaziken
    SeraveeShipping - Tieria Erde (Gundam 00) x csisps_26
    SerenadeShipping - Ruby (Pokemon Special) x Cierra
    SeriousShipping – Crystal (Pokémon Special) x kawaii-lurve
    SeviiScienceShipping - Bill x Celio (Pokemon FRLG) x CheekyJoy23
    SexehShipping - Dawn (Pokemon) x Mr. Joker
    SexyShipping - Pearl (Pokemon Special) x xxBlackyxx
    SexyFlameShipping - Natsume Hyuga (Gakuen Alice) x Mel-Girl
    SexySocksShipping - Candice (Pokemon) x Mr. Joker
    SexySwordsmanShipping - Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin) x Krys
    ShadowBlazeShipping - Chimchar (Pokemon) x Shadow-saur
    ShadowHumanShipping - Midna (Legend of Zelda) x CyberBlastoise
    ShadowRazorThunderShipping - Absol (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    ShamoutiShipping - Lugia/Rugia (Pokemon) x Sapphire Phoenix
    SharedIdentityShipping - Sakura (Naruto) x cascade88
    SharinganShipping - Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto) x Inferno
    ShayminShipping - Marluxia (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) x Vulpixel
    ShellShipping- Koopa (Mario Series) x PurpleMew
    ShieldonShipping - Gary Oak (Pokemon) x aerisLana
    ShikaShipping - Shikamaru Nara/Nara Shikamaru (Naruto) x AuraWolf
    ShinigamiShipping - Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing) x Ryn
    ShinigamiRealmShipping - Ryuk/Ryuuk (Death Note) x Rem (Death Note) x Gelus (Death Note) x Sidoh (Death Note) x Midora (Death Note) x Nu (Death Note) x Armonia Justin Beyondormason (Death Note) x King of Death (Death Note) x AuraWolf
    ShinyHairShipping - Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket) x Lynnfox
    ShinySapphireShipping - May (Pokemon) x SHINYCATCHER
    ShinyShadowShipping - Umbreon (Pokemon) x Hydroleaf
    Shoot'emInTheHeadShipping - Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil) x Mimori Kiryu
    ShortBlondeShipping - Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) x blondekid15
    ShortStuffShipping - Yu Kanda (D.Gray-man) x Mimori Kiryu
    ShortTemperedShipping - Grimmjow (Bleach) x Ruby Moon
    ShortyShipping - Edward Elric(Full Metal Alchemist) x Uzamaki Hinata
    ShotastalkerShipping - Soubi Agatsuma (LOVELESS) x Tempus Fugit
    ShowOffShipping - Tucker (Pokemon) x Vycksta
    ShuckleShipping - Shuckle (Pokemon) x Collin
    ShurikenShipping - Yuffie Kisaragi (Final Fantasy VII) x Caelesti
    ShyShipping - Hinata (Naruto) x CyberBlastoise
    ShyGirlShipping – Yellow (Pokémon Special) x kawaii-lurve
    ShybrushShipping - Miho Azuki (Bakuman) x AEROBLASTER
    ShynessShipping - Hinata (Naruto) x Orion-Sama
    SighShipping - Kyon (The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) x Kyuubi-Chan
    SilentShipping - Matt [Mail Jeevas] (Death Note) x Mimori Kiryu
    SillyShipping - Lavi (D.Gray-man) x Kiseki
    SilverFeatherShipping - Ash's/Satoshi's Swellow/Oosubame (Pokemon) x BabyLugia
    SilverRiverShipping - Alicia Florence (ARIA) x Tempus Fugit
    SilverWindShipping - Drew's/Shuu's Absol/Abusoru x BabyLugia
    SilverWindBubbleShipping - Drew's Masquerain (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    SilverWolfShipping - Milanor (Yggdra Union) x Cierra
    SingToSleepShipping - Jigglypuff/Purin (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    Sippin'40zShipping - Mars (Pokemon) x Yeti
    SisterShipping - Jupiter (Pokémon) x ShinyPalkia
    SkillfulShipping - Light Yagami (Death Note) x ShinyPalkia
    SlayerDaughterShipping - Sango (InuYasha) x csisps_26
    SlouchShipping - L Lawliet (Death Note) x Xashlei
    SlytherinShipping - Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter) x cascade88
    SmartYoungShipping - Max (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    SmellSenseAndCloakedSchemerShipping - Zexion (Kingdom Hearts: CoM (Final Mix)) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    SmileShipping - Itsuki Koizumi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) x Mel-Girl
    SmirkShipping - Ai Haibara (Detective Conan) x Merialle
    SneaselShipping - Vexen (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) x Vulpixel
    SoñarShipping - Brock (Pokemon) x Ampris
    SOSShipping - Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) x Mel-Girl
    SoSmallShipping - Hao Asakura (Shaman King) x AuraWolf
    SolPowerShipping - Midna (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) x Orion-Sama
    SolarVineShipping - Jackson / Vincent (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    SolidAsAShipping - Roark/Hyouta (Pokemon) x xxBlackyxx
    SorryShipping - Luppi (Bleach) x AuraWolf
    SoulShipping - HGSS girl/Kotone (Pokemon) x Pokefan38
    SoulEaterShipping - Soul (SoulEater) x AuraWolf
    SoulKissShipping - Fuuka (Naruto Anime) x shadow_shipper
    SouthernShipping - Gray (Harvest Moon) x xxBlackyxx
    SpaceheaterShipping - Jacob Black (Twilight Saga) x Lynnfox
    SparkShipping - Pikachu (Pokemon) x Merialle
    SparkVoltShipping - Electivire (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    SparkleShipping - Pikachu (Pokemon) x Katsu Koneko
    SparklingStarShipping - Gary/Shigeru (Pokemon) x Oceanus119
    SpazShipping - Gunter (Kyou Kara Maoh) x Orangen
    SpectaclePinkShipping - Kenta (Digimon) x csisps_26
    SpectrobeScientistShipping - Jeena (Spectrobes) x CyberBlastoise
    SpellboundLuminosityShipping - Miyazawa Yukine (CLANNAD) x raglflagl
    SpellcasterShipping - Dark Magician x Dark Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Mewluvr200
    SpeedShipping- Yusei (Yugioh 5D's) x Ho-ohRocks201
    SphereShipping - Luther Lansfeld (Star Ocean 3) x taitofan
    SpikeShipping - Gary/Shigeru (Pokemon) x Angelic Pika
    SpinderzShipping - Spinda / Patchiiru (Pokemon) x Mr. Yoshi
    SpiritArrowShipping - Kagome (Inuyasha) x CyberBlastoise
    SpiritSeeingShipping - Kimihiro Watanuki (xxxHOLiC) x Mimori Kiryu
    SpitefulShipping - Tenebrae (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World) x Delta Major
    SpookyShipping - Nekozawa (Ouran High) x Lynnfox
    SpoonLuversShipping - Nnoitra Jiruga (Bleach) x AuraWolf
    SportyShipping - Kukai (Shugo Chara) x CoordinatingMaster
    SpotEggShipping - Yoshi (Mario) x CyberBlastoise
    SpunkyShipping - Mia (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) x Orion-Sama
    SquintShipping - Dribe (Star Ocean 3) x taitofan
    SquishyShipping - Lickilicky (Pokemon) x Icicle
    StalkerShipping- Paul/Shinji (Pokemon) x Dragonphantom
    StarOfTexasShipping - Clay(Xiaolin Showdown) x FlyingEevee
    StarRacerShipping - Eva (Oban Star Racer) x CyberBlastoise
    StarWarriorShipping - Meta Knight/Metanaito x Kirby/Kaabii (Hoshi No Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    StaraviaShipping - Xaldin (Kingdom Hearts II) x Vulpixel
    StardustShipping - Takao/Tyson Kinomiya (Beyblade) x Katsu Koneko
    StarfishShipping - Fuko Ibuki (Clannad) x Michiyo
    SteelHeartedShipping - Jasmine (Pokemon) x Pikachu Masta
    StockholmShipping - Jirarudan (Pokémon) x Blackjack Gabbiani
    StoneColdShipping - Roark (Pokemon) x kirby8933083
    StorybookShipping - Uruki/Limdo (Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden) x Mimori Kiryu
    StrawberryShipping – Kurosaki Ichigo (BLEACH) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    StrengthCourageshipping-Tokine(Kekkaishi) x Pearlmasterking
    StrongAndSilentVampireShipping - Emmett Cullen (Twilight Sereis) x AuraWolf
    StrongTalentshipping-Dawn/Hikari(Pokemon) x Pearlmasterking
    StrongWillShipping - Jimmy/Kenta (Pokemon/Pocket Monsters) x Kiseki
    StubbornShipping - Ino Yamanaka (Naruto) x Vycksta
    StuckUpShipping - Yoshiya Kiryu (Joshua) (The World Ends With You) x BabyLugia
    StudyShipping - Green(Pokemon Special) x xxBlackyxx
    StuffedBearShipping - Ichinose Kotomi (CLANNAD) x raglflagl
    StupidMonkeyShipping - Son Goku (Saiyuki) x Mimori Kiryu
    StupidSexyShipping - Harley (Pokemon) x Luigi-the-Breloom
    StupidWaterSpriteShipping - Sha Gojyo (Saiyuki) x Mimori Kiryu
    StylerShipping - Keith (Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia) x LadyCharizard
    StylishShipping - Jun (Pokemon) x kirby8933083
    SuccubusShipping - Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho) x EmberGryphon
    SugarShipping- L (Death Note) x Hydroleaf
    SugarSpice&EverythingNiceShipping - Blossom x Bubbles x Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls) x Mewluvr200
    SugarSweetShipping - Juri Katou (Digimon) x Oraiste
    SuicidalShipping - Sync the Tempest (Tales of the Abyss) x Xashlei
    SuicuneShipping - Demyx (Kingdom Hearts II) x Vulpixel
    SuiseiryuShipping - Wen Yong Fa (Battle B-Daman/B-Daman Fire Spirits) x csisps_26
    SunriseShipping - Dawn/Hikari (Pokemon) x pokefan#493
    SunsetShipping - Rika Nonaka/Ruki Makino (Digimon Tamers) x Elrade
    SuperBuffetShipping - Diamond (Pokemon) x xxBlackyxx
    SuperTuffPinkPuffShipping - Kirby/Kaabii (Hoshi No Kaabii) x Mewluvr200
    SupportShipping - Fujisaki Nadeshiko (Shugo Chara!) x raglflagl
    SurpriseShipping - Starmie (Pokemon) x ~Mist~
    SurvivalShipping - Rebecca Chambers (Resident Evil) x cascade88
    SweetShipping - Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Ouran High School Host Club) x csisps_26
    SweetFlowerShipping - Bellossom (Pokemon) x C.Gholy
    SweetScentShipping - Bayleef/Beiriifu (Pokemon) x Mewlvr200
    SweetToothShipping - Xerxes Break (Pandora Hearts) x csisps_26
    SwipeTailShipping - Tyson (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    SwordShipping - Link (Legend of Zelda) x Ho-ohRocks201
    SyrupShipping - Surskit/Ametama (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    TagRapeShipping - Marik Ishtar/Mariku Ishutaru (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Mel-Girl x Mewluvr200
    TaijutsuShipping - Rock Lee (Naruto) x Inferno
    TailFlameShipping - Ninetales/Kyukon (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    TakeDownTackleShipping - Morrison (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    TakeFlightShipping - Falco Lombardi (Star Fox) x Mewluvr200
    TakeTheRiskShipping - Gold(Pokemon Special) x xxBlackyxx
    TalentShipping - Drew/Shuu (Pokemon) x BabyLugia
    TalkalotShipping - Travis (Radio Free Roscoe) x sweetpikachu
    TangerineShipping - Raichu (Pokémon) X Makalov (Fire Emblem 9) X Orangen
    TangerineSparkShipping - Raichu (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    TarotShipping - Morty/Matsuba (Pokemon) x Cierra
    TeacherHatedShipping - Joe (Pokémon: The School Of Hard Knocks) x HikariTajiri
    TeaseShipping- Gary/Shigeru (Pokemon) x Riot6296
    TechieShipping - Zoey/Nozomi (Pokemon) x Avegaille
    TechnoGeekShipping - Nejiki (Pokemon) x CheekyJoy23
    TechnologyShipping - Mail Jeevas / Matt (Death Note) x Xashlei
    TeddybearShipping - Emmett Cullen (Twilight Saga) x Lynnfox
    TeenDetectiveShipping - Nancy Drew (Nancy Drew) x CyberBlastoise
    TellMeWhenI'mSupposedToCareShipping - Paul (Pokémon) x Sadistic Blaziken
    TemperShipping - Misty/Kasumi (Pokemon) x plopagon123
    TemporalShipping - Dialga/Diaruga (Pokemon) x Sapphire Phoenix
    TemporaryAttractionShipping - Edward Cullen (Twilight) x FlyingEevee
    TenderloveShipping - Tenderheart Bear (Care Bears) x Hydroleaf
    TenseigaShipping - Sesshomaru/Sesshoumaru (InuYasha) x csisps_26
    TerrierBigShipping - Rapidmon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    TerrierGrownShipping - Gargomonmon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    TerrierHugeShipping - MegaGargomonmon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    TerrierLittleShipping - Terriermon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    TerrierTornadoShipping - Henry Wong (Digimon) x csisps_26
    TetsusaigaShipping - InuYasha (InuYasha) x csisps_26
    That'sGameShipping - Jaden Yuki (Yu-Gi-Oh GX) x Ho-ohRocks201
    TheCatDrowningInAPuddleShipping - Touta Matsuda (Death Note) x AuraWolf
    TheOriginalFishShipping - Regigigas (Pokemon) x fishyfool
    ThePuppyShipping - Zack Fair (Final Fantasy VII) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    TheShippingThatWillNeverHappenShipping - Hinata Hyuga/Hyuuga Hinata (Naruto) x Aurawolf
    TheTrueShamanKingShipping - Yoh Asakura (Shaman King) x AuraWolf
    TheftShipping - Tracey/Kenji (Pokemon) x Sonic Boom
    ThirdRockFromTheSunShipping - Mars (Pokemon) x flyboy1308
    ThornHugShipping - James' Cacnea (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    ThornyRoseShipping - Drew/Shuu (Pokemon) x Medea
    ThreadMasterShipping - Kazuki Fuchouin (Get Backers) x Mimori Kiryu
    ThroneEinsShipping - Johann Trinity (Gundam 00) x csisps_26
    ThroneZweiShipping - Michael Trinity (Gundam 00) x csisps_26
    ThunderShipping - Pikachu (Pokemon) x Angelic Pika
    ThunderHeartShipping - Volkner (Pokemon) x .misdreavus.
    ThunderLightningPunchShipping - Electabuzz (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    ThunderPunchLightningShipping - Paul's Electabuzz (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    ThunderSolarShipping - Luxray (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    ThunderVoltShipping - Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    TiaraShipping - Belphegor (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) x taitofan
    TimcanpyShipping - Timcanpy (D.Gray-Man) x Konata Izumi
    TimetrickerShipping - Lord Dialga x Blue (Pokemon Special)
    TimidShipping - Daisuke Niwa (D.N.Angel) x Katsu Koneko
    TimidlyShyAndPessimisticViewsShipping - Elk x Tsukasa (.hack//SIGN) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    TinkerShipping - Nate River / Near (Death Note) x Xashlei
    TinyRosePetalShipping - Budew (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    ToTheTopOfMountCoronetShipping - Shaymin (Sky Forme) (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    ToneDeafShipping - James (Pokemon) x Lynnfox
    TooScaredOfWomenShipping - Guy Cecil (Tales of the Abyss) x Delta Major
    TooNiceForOwnGoodShipping - James Wilson (House, MD) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    TotallyCluelessHalfaShipping - Danny Fenton x Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom) x -Unlucky_Wrath-
    ToyShipping - Joshua Kiryu (The World Ends with You) x SilverCloudCatcher02
    TragicComedyShipping - Pearl/Jun (Pokemon Special/Pokemon) x Cierra
    TranceShipping - Riku (Kingdom Hearts) x cascade88
    TrashcanShipping - Tayuya (Naruto) x Vycksta
    TraumaShipping - Silver (Pokémon Special) x Pearl's Perap
    TravelThroughTimeShipping - Saito Hiraga (Zero no Tsukaima) x Mimori Kiryu
    TreasureHunterShipping - Cheryl (Pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    TreasuredShipping - Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet) x Xashlei
    TreeShipping - Treecko (Pokémon) x Treecko Girl
    TriangleShipping - Phineas (Phineas & Ferb) x PurpleMew
    TrickyShipping - Misdreavus/Muuma (Pokemon/Pocket Monsters) x Kiseki
    TroopaShipping - Green Koopa Troopa (Mario) x MaplePhanpy
    TroublesomeShipping - Dawn (Pokémon) x kawaii-lurve
    TrulyCoolShipping - Blaziken (Pokemon) x ~NaThziVOIR~
    TsukiShipping - Umbreon (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    TsundereShipping - Louise Françoise la Blanc de la Valliére (Zero No Tsukaima) x csisps_26
    TwatShipping - Arthur "England" Kirkland (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Mewluvr200
    TwilightShipping - Roxas (Kingdom Hearts II) x BabyLugia
    TwilightDawnShipping - Gin (Bleach) x twilightvixen
    TwilightFoxesShipping - Keaton (Zelda) x twilightvixen
    TwilightGodsShipping - Aizen (Bleach) x twilightvixen
    TwilightMemoriesShipping - Kafei (Zelda) x twilightvixen
    TwinlifeShipping - Dawn (Pokémon) x TurtwigFan1
    TwistedFateShipping - Yuna (Final Fantasy) x cascade88
    TwisterElectricShipping - Wallace (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    UchihaShipping - Sasuke Uchiha/Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto) x Konata Izumi
    UmbreonShipping - Saïx (Kingdom Hearts II) x Vulpixel
    UnbuttonShipping - Sophia Esteed (Star Ocean 3) x taitofan
    UncertainShipping - Ivan (Golden Sun) x Kiseki
    UnderShadowShipping - Koichi Kimura (Digimon) x csisps_26
    UnderratedShipping - Flygon (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    UnderwearGnomesShipping - Tweek Tweak (South Park) x BlankAsPaper
    UndineShipping - Nietzsche (Yggdra Union) x Cierra
    Uninstall'dShipping - Miku Hastune (VOCALOID 2) x BlankAsPaper
    UnlovedShipping - Takeshi/Brock (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    UnpopularShipping - Koga (Pokemon) x Demented Kirlia
    UnstableShipping - 'M (Pokemon) x Collin
    UpbeatShipping - Kukai Souma (Shugo Chara) x Michiyo
    UsagiShipping - Lavi (D.Gray-Man) x AuraWolf
    UselessExorcistShipping - Miranda Lotto (D.Gray-Man) x AuraWolf
    VampireShipping - Edward Cullen (Twilight) x Mewluvr200
    VampireExorcistShipping - Arystar Kroy (D.Gray-Man) x AuraWolf
    VariableKaizerShipping - Enjyu (Battle B-Daman/B-Daman Fire Spirits) x csisps_26
    VengeanceShipping - X Ai Enma (Girl From Hell) x plopagon123
    VenonatShipping - Chaz (Pokemon filler guy) x Krys
    VenusShipping - Milotic (Pokemon) x DaveTheFishGuy
    VeronaShipping - Juliet Capulet (Romeo X Juliet) x ~Mist~
    VerySeriousShipping - Thorton/Nejiki (Pokémon) x csisps_26
    VestShipping - Zoey/Nozomi (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    VicariousShipping - Roger Smith (Big O) x Tempus Fugit
    ViceShipping - Mello (Death Note) x cascade88
    VigilanteShipping - Casey Jones (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) x cascade88
    VindalfrShipping - Julio Cezare (Zero No Tsukaima) x csisps_26
    VineLeafVoltShipping - Bayleef (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    ViolenceFetishShipping - Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist) x pink skitty
    ViolentShipping - Alice (Pandora Hearts) x csisps_26
    VitalRegionShipping - Gilbert "Prussia" Weillschmidt (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Mewluvr200
    VixenandMouseShipping Megumi (Rurouni Kenshin) x Pikachu Masta
    VoiceOfTheForestShipping - Celebi/Serebii (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    VoltJetShipping - Buizel (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    VoltSparkHydroShipping - Blastoise x Raichu (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    VroomShipping - Volkner (Pokemon) x Vycksta
    VulnerableShipping - Courtney/Kagari (Pokemon Special) x Orenji-chan
    VulpineShipping - Mitsune "Kitsune" Kono (Love Hina) shadow_shipper
    WammyHouseShipping - Nate River/Near (Death Note) x Mihael Keehl/Mello (Death Note) x Mail Jeevas/Matt (Death Note) x L Lawleit/L (Death Note) x Beyond Birthday (Death Note: Another Note) x Watari (Death Note) x AuraWolf
    WanderingMindShipping - Osaka/Ayumu Kasuga (Azumanga Daioh) x Mel-Girl
    WandsWaggleShipping - Harry Potter (Harry Potter) x Goldfan
    WanyaShipping - Wanyamon (Digimon) x csisps_26
    WarShipping - Tanya (Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2) x CyberBlastoise
    WarPowerShipping - Lt. Eva (Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2) x CyberBlastoise
    WarmMilkShipping - Aki/Autumn (Pokemon) x LightingKimba
    WaterControlshipping-Misty/Kasumi(Pokemon) XPearlmasterking
    WaterLeopardShipping - Suicune (Pokemon) x AuraWolf
    WaterLoversShipping - Misty (Pokemon) x CyberBlastoise
    WaterPurifierShipping - Suicune/Suikun (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    WaterSteelShipping - Jun (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    WaveGuideShipping - Ash/Satoshi (Pokemon) x ~SkyHigh~
    WavyHairShipping - Lucian/Goyo (Pokemon) x FlyingEevee
    WaywardShipping - Barry (Pokemon) x Lynnfox
    WeAreYourParalyzerzShipping - Pearl (Pokemon Special) x Diamond (Pokemon Special) x Phoenix Fire
    WeaselShipping - Floatzel (Pokémon) x Sadistic Blaziken
    WeirdShipping - Dave (Dave the Barbarian) x Ho-ohRocks201
    WeirdAndTotallyInsaneShipThatNoOneWouldGetShipping - Alexis/Asuka (Yugioh GX) x Ho-ohRocks201
    WeirdGreenShipping - Drew (Pokemon) x ~NaThziVOIR~
    WerewolfShipping - Jacob Black (Twilight Saga) x Mewluvr200
    WestShipping - Silver (Pokémon) x HikariTajiri
    WhatAreAllThoseHeadsShipping - Soldier (Team Fortress 2) x Phantom Bugsy
    WhereTheSunRisesShipping - Kiku "Japan" Honda (Hetalia: Axis Powers) x Mewluvr200
    WhiteRoomShipping - Namine (Kingdom Hearts) x bleeding-chocobo
    Who'sDrivingShipping - Mrs. Puff (Spongebob Squarepants) x flyboy1308
    WhyMeShipping - James (Pokemon) x Meron
    WhyShouldILiveShipping - Satoshi Hiwatari (DNAngel) x Mimori Kiryu
    WildShipping - Sapphire (Pokemon Special) x sweetpikachu
    WilidShipping - Gold (PokeSpe) x Espeon 114x
    WindSorceressShipping - Tabitha (Zero No Tsukaima) x csisps_26
    WingBugShipping - Mothim (Pokemon) x csisps_26
    WingedTortoiseShipping - Paratroopa (Super Mario Bros.) x Collin
    WisdomShipping - Ash/Satoshi (Pokemon) x pokefan#493
    WishALotShipping - Wish Bear (Care Bears) x Hydroleaf
    WitchShipping - Mismagius (Pokemon) x cascade88
    WolfLionShipping - Matt / Yamato (Digimon) x csisps_26
    WolfyShipping – Inuzuka Kiba (Naruto) x~.:Northern Lights:.~
    WoodwindShipping - Furuura/Melody (Pokémon) x shadow_shipper
    WoollyClothesShipping - Dawn(pokemon) x fishyfool
    WyvernShipping - Ibuki/Clair (Pokémon) x shadow_shipper
    YamiHikariShipping - Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Mewluvr200
    YearningShipping - Kasumi/Misty (Pokémon) x shadow_shipper
    YellowShipping - Yellow (Pokemon) x ~Mist~
    You'reNotSomeCatDrowningInAPuddleShipping - Light Yagami/Raito Yagami (Death Note) x AuraWolf
    You'reOneSmexyInanimateObjectShipping - Kevin Levin's car (Ben 10: Alien Force) x cascade88
    You'reTooSlowShipping - Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) x Ho-ohRocks201
    YouCanDoItShipping - Hinata Hyuga (Naruto) x ShinyPalkia
    YouRemindMeOfRedShipping - Yukki (Mirai Nikki) x cascade88
    YoungsterShipping - Chiyo Mihama (Azumanga Daioh) x Mewluvr200
    ZapShipping - Kiyomaro Takamine (Gash bell) x Katsu Koneko
    ZapCannonShipping - Volkner/Denzi (Pokemon) x Mewluvr200
    ZealousShipping - Isaac (Golden Sun) x Kiseki
    ZeroRequiemShipping - Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass) x Mimori Kiryu
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2010
  5. ponyboycurtis

    ponyboycurtis Well-Known Member

    i saw this board and i had to anme up ships between me and my fictional chracter crushes.

    dreamyshipping - ponyboy curts(from the outsiders) X ponyboycurtis

    kindshipping - andy(from toy story 3) X ponyboycurtis
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2010
  6. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Here's my only Ship:

    QuicksilverShipping - Gin Ichimaru (Bleach) x The 4th KIRA
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
  7. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    ponyboycurtis- Please fix up your post. Use the forms. I'm giving you a chance since you're pretty new.
    The 4th KIRA-You're added. ;)
  8. Crimsonlink

    Crimsonlink Crimson Champion

    This looks and sounds fun so why not.

    CrimsonAkatsukiShipping Dawn (Pokemon) x Crimsonash310

    PinkMixtureShipping Touko (Pokemon Black & White) x Crimsonash310

    Thats all for now lol.
  9. ponyboycurtis

    ponyboycurtis Well-Known Member

    i edited my post, did i post the names correctly?
  10. eryyy

    eryyy Ace Trainer

    I have some of my own ;D

    PsychicLightShipping - Ash/Satoshi (Pokemon) x Espeon 114x

    IslandSpaShipping - Gary/Shigeru (Pokemon) x Espeon 114x
  11. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Updated the list! ;)
  12. CoordinatingMaster

    CoordinatingMaster Contestshipper <3

    I have one too. ;)

    GreatAppealShipping - Drew/Shuu (Pokemon) x CoordinatingMaster

    SportyShipping - Kukai (Shugo Chara) x CoordinatingMaster
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
  13. Mayfan

    Mayfan Wh-hoo!

    TimeFanShipping - JB (Found... it's actually a book series) x Mayfan

    Idon'tknowwhattocallthisShipping GreatBattleShipping - Paul (Pokemon) x Mayfan
  14. JetshipperKekkaishi

    JetshipperKekkaishi New Chapter

    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
  15. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Ohoho, glad to see this thread back. ;)

    PowerShipping - Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!) x pokefan#493

    RightsShipping - N (Pokemon) x pokefan#493
  16. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Mayfan and pokefan#493, please use the appropriate forms
    Pearlmasterking, please read the rules and use the proper forms.
    CoordinatingMaster, yours are accepted. ;)
  17. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush Rising Star

    o_O this seems cool.

    LightningHeartShipping - Drew/Shuu (Pokemon) x ~SkyHigh~

    HyrdoVoltTackleShipping - Ash/Satosh (Pokemon)i x ~SkyHigh~
  18. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Oh, lol, I was on my DSi and it didn't show the bold and italics. xD;;;

    Well, here they are again (corrected!):

    PowerShipping - Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!) x pokefan#493

    RightsShipping - N (Pokemon) x pokefan#493
  19. JetshipperKekkaishi

    JetshipperKekkaishi New Chapter


    StrongTalentshipping-Dawn/Hikari(Pokemon) XPearlmasterking
    WaterControlshipping-Misty/Kasumi(Pokemon) XPearlmasterking
    ShieldPowershipping-Orthime(Bleach) XPearlmasterking
    StrengthCourageshipping-Tokine(Kekkaishi) XPearlmasterking
    MasterTalentshipping-May/Haruka(Pokemon) XPearlmasterking
    PassionFlameshipping-Iris(Pokemon) XPearlmasterking
    KeybladeLightShipping-Kairi(Kingdom Hearts) X Pearlmasterking
    Sorry I fix it and add one to the list.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
  20. rioT6296

    rioT6296 a girl who dreams (:

    Oh, this looks fun. :)

    FlawlessShipping- Ash/Satoshi (Pokemon) x Riot6296

    TeaseShipping- Gary/Shigeru (Pokemon) x Riot6296

    FlickShipping- Drew/Shuu (Pokemon) x Riot6296
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