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Member x Favourite Fictional Character Shippings v.3.0

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Neji and Tyki fan
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! It's a lazor! (get's hit by the lazer) ._. ...........ouch
If their was a limit Csisps would of already broken it cause i have counted that she has.....................(drumroll please Tyki san!!!!)...........
OVER 100 SHIPPINGS!!!!!!! (omg)
I only have..................54 ._.
;243;: The
;244;: List
;245;: Has
;250;: Been
Tyki: Updated (As if u didnt realise that Aura updates her list ALL the time)


Fish Trainer

Dave's updated the list! :O

So yeah, everything updated! Much props to my glamerous assistants for keeping everyone in check!

;369;: Make sure you all use the right forms!

Me: >.> what are you doing here?

;369;: <.< not sure... everyone else was doing it.... >.>

Me: <.< okay then....

;369;: Alphabetical order!

Me: >.> {recalls to Poke Ball} <.<

To clear up, no there is no limit on the amount of ships you can have. The more the merrier!

Keep the ships coming!

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Eh I figure it's time to get another ship in

I'dBoneYouSoHardShipping - Jupiter (Pokemon) x Yeti

Here's some more~

OMGYou'reSeriouslyAHologramButYou'reJustSoHotShipping - Infi (Pokémon) x Sadistic Blaziken

BearoShipping - Ursaring (Pokémon) x Sadistic Blaziken

TellMeWhenI'mSupposedToCareShipping - Paul (Pokémon) x Sadistic Blaziken

OverlargeCraniumShipping - Cranidos (Pokémon) x Sadistic Blaziken


Roark <3
;026;: Uses Hyper-Update Beam.

List updated. Dave, I'm pretty sure you're being soggy in sweat. Sorta.

Anyway, again, I'll say LIST UPDATED. More shippings are welcomed to tire Dave out.


Neji and Tyki fan
Updated mah list of amazing thing's and the secret of Tyki's evolution.
Tyki: Say whu?
Me: Suicune please say teh theory to Tyki's evolution
;245; : *coughes* Tyki Kitty>Tyki Mikk>Awakend Tyki>Your Mum
Me: Omg!
Tyki: WTF?
;245; BBQ!!!!
Anyway's..................my list has been updated for the benifit of my social life........and my cat. :p


✮:: Southern Cross
Hmm... Any chance I can get the ship name for RubyXCierra changed? If so...

Old Ship Name:
StarlightShipping - Ruby (Pokemon Special) x Cierra

New Ship Name:
SerenadeShipping - Ruby (Pokemon Special) x Cierra

And just a couple more ships... ><' (man, I love this thread XD)

ScarletBlueShipping - May/Haruka (Pokemon) x Cierra
MysticShipping - Sheik (Legend of Zelda) x Cierra

I had the same idea as cascade88 where Sheik x Cierra would be "MysteriousShipping" XD
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Northern Lights

i lied. im back again.

EmotionallyDoomedShipping - Hitsugaya Toshiro (BLEACH) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~

StrawberryShipping – Kurosaki Ichigo (BLEACH) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~

ProdigyShipping - Hyuuga Neji (Naruto) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~

WolfyShipping – Inuzuka Kiba (Naruto) x~.:Northern Lights:.~

FangShipping – Hatake Kakashi (Naruto) x ~.:Northern Lights:.~
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Neji and Tyki fan
No Mew!!!!!!! You cant neglect this place!!!!

Anyway's my list has been updatded :3 (^.+.^)~ (yep that's a tyki kitty thing)

;245;: Meow?


Fish Trainer
Wow, had to salvage this from the second page! Where are my proffessional bumpers helpers when I need them? :p

Anyway, list updated. All ships added.

;330;: Any additional business?

Me: >.> why do you care?

;330;: Just checkin'.....

Me: well, anyway....

Hmm... Any chance I can get the ship name for RubyXCierra changed? If so...

Old Ship Name:
StarlightShipping - Ruby (Pokemon Special) x Cierra

New Ship Name:
SerenadeShipping - Ruby (Pokemon Special) x Cierra

And just a couple more ships... ><' (man, I love this thread XD)

Amended. You're not the only ones who love this thread... {looks around at crazy Aura, Mew and C26}

<.< >.>;;

I think that's it.... Everyone keep on bringing me your ships! Me and the gang'll keep this thread active in the meantime!

;330;: And don't forget to put your ships in alphabetical order!

Me: >.> {recalls to Poke Ball}




Neji and Tyki fan
Im a professional...........bumper? (._.)
For that comment Dave I worship you with..................MOAR SHIPPINGS

GracefulVampireShipping - Alice Cullen (Twilight Sereis) x AuraWolf
StrongAndSilentVampireShipping - Emmett Cullen (Twilight Sereis) x AuraWolf
WerewolfShipping - Jacob Black (Twilight Sereis) x AuraWolf

Now ya know what i have been reading lately.All in alphabetical order for your enjoyment Dave!

;245;:The list has been updated


Well-Known Member
*comes in doing that insane dance for Under My Skin*

Oeotesshipping - Ulquiorra Schiffer (Bleach) x Vycksta

Nyah! *dances out*
{looks around at crazy Aura, Mew and C26}

But, i'm not crazy! *eye twitches*


Aurawolf, I am disapointed in you. The following ship has already been claimed by me.

WerewolfShipping - Jacob Black (Twilight Sereis) x AuraWolf

You're gonna need a new name for it, hun. Sorry :'(

All others updated. Keep 'em coming! God, I sound like Dave.


PYT. ♥ (:
Well, here's one more:

WildShipping- Sapphire (Pokemon Special) x sweetpikachu

Is that name claimed yet?

EDIT: Okay, I changed the form. Is it okay now?
Last edited:
@ sweetpikachu - No, the name is not claimed, but you did the form incorrectly.

The form is: 'Ship's name - [Character's name (Show)] x [Your Username]

You did: WildShipping - Sapphire (Pokemon Special) and sweetpikachu

Sorry for beng picky, but edit your post, and i'll be happy to add it to the list ^-^

EDIT - Yes, it's good! Updated ~
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mai husbando
Ok, where has this thread been for my whole life at this forum. :/ Oh only if Palmer was in the pokemon anime yet. T_T

StylishShipping - Jun (Pokemon) x kirby8933083


kiss my greens
*looks at post number*


I had to.

I suppose I shall start with a couple of token ships, since others are nameless at the moment.

CluelessShipping - Ash (Pokemon) x Tadashi
HeadstrongShipping - Misty (Pokemon) x Tadashi
RusharoundShipping - Jun (Pokemon) x Tadashi

Hmm, that's it until I can think of more X3
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