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Memento Mori: Even Gods Must Die

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Niihyl, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Memento Mori

    Even Gods must Die
    PG-13: For mild language and violence, as well as Deicide (God-Killing).



    It was always prophesized, that when Arceus created the world, it was perfect. Only one thing was wrong. Man. Arceus had given Man three things, personified as three beings. Uxie gave higher thought. Mesprit gave deep emotion… And Azelf. Azelf brought free will. Humanity committed the ultimate sin. They disobeyed. They ran from paradise, trying to find freedom where it could be found. And Arceus rested. He had created the world, and now he was weak. He began to slumber, promising to re-create the world back into Eden when he awoke.

    Arceus is about to awake. You meet an old man with kind eyes, but fire in his soul. He comes to you, and tells you the tale. You’ve heard it before, but he highlights one important phrase. Arceus will re-make the world. Everyone is flawed, and will be destroyed. What if you don’t want to be destroyed? What if you love the world, and wouldn’t want it destroyed? Or maybe you just don’t want your friends, family, and yourself to be wiped away. The old man begs you to assist him on his quest to slay the god that would destroy you. To prevent an intolerant conformist theocracy.

    The old man gives you a small note, and bids you farewell, thanking you for your help. The note has instructions. It tells you to go to the mysterious island known as the Entralink, in Unova. When you arrive, you meet many others. All are united with one purpose. To save the world from that which would destroy it. However, you heroes are different. To save the world from a God? You must be determined indeed.

    The old man reveals his name to be Gin. He tells you of your quest. First you must find the Azure Flute. The Azure Flute is in the hands of the Cult of Azure, a group of zealots. Gin explains where the base is. He says that today, no one knows where the Cult of Azure is. But, 50 years ago, the Cult was based at the top of Spear Pillar. Gin says he has a Adamant Orb, that will allow you to travel back fifty years, and obtain the Azure Flute.

    He holds the Adamant Orb, and holds his hand out to you. You take it, and he tells you to close your eyes. You do, and you feel a horrible chill and then sunlight. When you open your eyes, you are in a small Sinnoh Village, at the base of Mt. Coronet, fifty years in the past. When you begin to ask how the Adamant Orb transported you through space as well as time, you realize that Gin is gone. You wonder, but decide to move on with the plan anyway.

    What are Gin’s motives? Are they as pure as they seem? Is slaying the Alpha Pokémon good, even for good reasons? Watch your back. Even your friends may be out to get you.

    Alright, so this is my first RPG! I have a story outline pre-made, but a lot of the time, you players will be able to make many choices. I will try to make an RPG Café post where you can discuss what to do in different situations. Of course, your character can act without the consensus of the group, but that may not turn out well. I will not be an active Player, only the GM, and I will control NPCs, as well as the environment.

    I tried to make an interesting story with a few plot twists. You'll find out about them later. Wish me luck!

    Now, for sign-ups!




    Player Type:
    (Pokémon Trainer, Pokémon Ranger, Pokemon) (See Rules




    Pokémon: (If any)



    Appearance: (As different from a regular member of the species)


    Special: (Nothing too insane. Be reasonable. Humans can have a special too. BE REASONABLE. You can't go Godzilla.)

    Player Type Information:

    Pokémon Trainer:
    A Pokémon Trainer can have up to 3 Pokémon. More would be complex. Each Pokémon will know all non-TM moves. I'm trying to limit the number of moves to what a Pokemon could naturally learn. The weird DVD/CD thing never made sense to me anyway. Assume TMs haven't been invented. Level is indeterminate, and a Pokemon will know all level-up moves and egg moves. They will know all REASONABLE HM moves. For example, Pidgey will not know Fly. They do not have to be written in. ONE additional Pokémon may be caught during the journey. No Legendaries. A Small Legend (Manaphy, Jirachi, Shaymin, etc.) may be allowed if you post a very good, and reasonable description for how this Pokémon came to be your partner.

    Pokémon Ranger:
    A Pokémon Ranger may have ONE partner Pokémon. The Partner should have a detailed SU. A Ranger may temporarily call upon the aid of wild Pokémon, but may not directly attempt to capture any “Boss”, enemy Pokémon you encounter. A description of what kinds of wild Pokémon are in the area will be in every post I make. No Legendaries. A Small Legend (Manaphy, Jirachi, Shaymin, etc.) may be allowed if you post a very good, and reasonable description for how this Pokémon came to be your partner.

    You can actually BE a Pokemon. You must be a final-evo, and have some method of speaking human languages. Whether you learned, like Meowth, or you naturally have that ability, explain. Same rules as other Pokemon apply, but since you are a Pokemon, I'll be more lenient in the "Special:" category. Again, no TMs, and absolutely no Legendaries. Sorry.

    Note: Any ideas on how combat might work would be much appreciated. I’m considering a PASBL style combat system… PM/VM me any other advice you have as well.


    1. Niihyl:Accepted : Lilith Czernobori, Pokemon Trainer

    2. Pokemon Trainer Xande: Pending : Alex Rivera : Pokemon Ranger

    3. lxdarknessxl: Accepted : Musica Lance Symphony, Pokemon ::: Accepted Rose Flores, Pokemon Trainer

    4. Psychic: Accepted : Ironbeak Swiftclaw, Pokemon

    5. guywhoiam: Accepted : Nathaniel "Guy" Philips, Pokemon Trainer

    6. Bronzong#1: Accepted : Marcus Iluss, Pokemon Trainer

    7. Mudkipsareawesome: Accepted : Davis Wintergale, Pokemon Trainer

    8. pokefan0234: reserved

    9. Anonymouss: Accepted : Joseph and Joshua "The Clones" Antonimous, Pokemon Trainers

    10. Manaphy Mare: Accepted : Tensei Hikarizuisho, Pokemon Trainer

    11. Aslynn Pokemon: Accepted : Alisa Ashmina Jamieson, Pokemon Ranger

    12. deltakurumiru4: Accepted : Halt Beta, Pokemon Ranger

    13. Skillfullness: reserved

    We need more Rangers!
    Last edited: May 30, 2011
  2. Pokémon Trainer Xande

    Pokémon Trainer Xande Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist

    First sign-up!
    Name: Alex Rivera

    Gender: Male

    Player Type: Pokémon Ranger

    Appearance: Alex is blond, and his eyes are of a calm green. His main clothes are the uniform from the first Rangers that protected Pokémons: Red open coat, white shirt, jeans shorts and a red tennis. However, he uses a white wristband in his right wrist, and a red headband . He is very tall, and slim too.

    Personality: Alex is temperamental. Try to say anything to him or make a joke and it goes wrong, one day without talking with you. He isn 't very smart, but he never forget about anything he reads, and is able to say exactly what the book said.
    He is quite lonely, and like to have revenge too!

    History: Alex never met his parents. He was found at the Ranger Base of Fall City (land of Fiore). The main Ranger in there, Eugene, got passion for this guy, that when was only 5 years old got away from the base for catching a Pokémon for him. This pokémon was Lupus, his Lucario. When Eugene found them, one was throwing mud at the another one 's face, and they both were laughing. Eugene then started training Alex and Lupus for going out in missions. However, when Alex was going to be promoted as an official Ranger, Eugene disappeared. Then Alex just theft a Ranger outfit and an Capture Styler and got away for searching for Eugene. When he was searching, he found Gin.


    Name: Lupus

    Species: Lucario

    Appearance: Lupus is a regular-looking Male Lucario.

    Personality: Lupus is like Alex. Quite lonely, but powerful. One of his differences is that he, unlike Alex, doesn 't like to break the rules. He only agreed when they left the Ranger Base for searching for Eugene.

    Special: Aura Beam. Lupus get his two hands to the side of his body and charges an Aura Sphere. However, he charges it a little more and launches. The special charging creates a beam, instead of the usual sphere.
  3. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    reserve please! Or as in L337 speak: rsrv pl0x!

    QUESTION: Will we go by the law of the Egg types, or will we be going by the Any-species-with-any-freaking-species rule?

    QUESTION 2: can the humans have a "Special" too? for example, psychics like that gym leader in Kanto? If not, what if you weren't trainer nor ranger? would that be okay?

    QUESTION 3: Can the "Special" be something that involves physical traits? because if so, I would like to bring in Musica again. (A Winged Gallade)
    Last edited: May 9, 2011
  4. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    @Pokemon Trainer Xande

    All right, it looks good. I'd just like a little more detail in a few places.

    First, his hair is blond, but what does it look like? Describe it, or tell me a similar character's hairstyle. Any other details would be nice, but this section isn't that important to me. Oh, and sorry, but I'd like his age too. Forgot to put that up... My bad.

    Second, try and extend his personality. This is much more important. Why does he want revenge? Is it because Eugene is gone? Does he want revenge on Eugene, for leaving? Right now, he can be described in 1 sentence. "Temperamental kid who isn't very smart but has photographic memory." Also, why would he cancel his journey to go with Gin?

    Last, but not least, a little more detail on how he met Lucario would be nice. How did the five year old catch a Lucario? Was he a baby? Did he use a Poke Ball, or did they just become friends? Did Eugene catch him for Alex?

    Overall, I think it's good, just missing that last 10%. Almost there!


    Huh? I don't quite get how the first question applies, but Egg Groups would probably be best. Skitty x Wailord. Yeah... Maybe more reasonable than that.

    Humans can have specials, just less than Pokemon, who already have pretty much magical powers.

    Specials can be anything you can think of. Wings... if you can explain it away with a good enough hand wave, I'll let it go.
    Last edited: May 9, 2011
  5. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    What about something reasonable, but not allowed according to egg types? Example: LucarioXGardevoir

    O...kay? then who to choose... Shadow the black-winged human, or Musica the white-winged Gallade? maybe a total Sephiroth-looking character? naa...

    Okay, would like, a hidden bloodline be fine? similar to how kekkei genkais work in Naruto?
  6. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly Staff Member Moderator

    I'm thinking of reserving a place here, I am interested. While the whole Special thing seems interesting, I hope it doesn't get too far. I'm all for winged characters (I'm a sucker for em, personally), but imo those are for a different kind of RP, not so much one about ordinary trainers. Plus the characters who're forced to be ordinary will be so ordinary next to em. :p

    Anyhow, I'll see how this pans out and start thinking about a Ranger character in the meantime.

    Also, will you provide details about how different the world is 50 years in the past? I'm curious about what it'll be like.

  7. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness


    lol anyways, I decided on Musica, but please get back on my first question... well, more like, fourth.
  8. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Meh, I have no idea who Musica is...

    Lucario x Gardevoir sounds fine. Reasonable is the key word in pretty much everything. Don't go too completely crazy.

    Hidden Bloodline? Sure. As long as it isn't... sigh... God Powers...

    Remember, if you can explain how these powers came to be, in a way that makes sense in the regular Pokemon World, then fine. I mean, if you're a team that's trying to slay a god, there's gotta be some pretty special people in that group.

    @Psychic: Great to have you on board! Rangers are popular.. (Must... resist... temptation... to... use... emoticons! I'll just abuse the ellipse.)
  9. Bronzong#1

    Bronzong#1 Cell Shaded

    2nd sign up

    Name: Marcus Iluss


    Player type: Pokemon Trainer

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Marcus has long black hair that sometimes that gets into his eyes, he has blue-grey eyes. Marcus tends to wear a dark blue pair of jeans, a ice blue belt with a silver ice cube in the center of his belt buckle, a grey and blue V-neck t-shirt, grey shoes with dark blue soles, and a faded green and blue windbreaker with a black hood on it. He is 6, 4", well muscled, and a very pale individual.

    Personality:Marcus tends to be very reserved and he finds it very hard to make friends. Though he has a hard time making friends if you make him one he is very loyal and tries to stick up for thier desicions, even though it may not be the best idea. With this fact in mind Marcus speaks publically very well even though he dreads doing it. He tends to be a leader figure as well even though most of the time he doesnt know it. Marcus is by no means a weak person and he is not someone you want as an enemy, if you have him as one he will try to exploit every weakness you have and use it against you as much as he can. Even though he may sound perfect he can be a braggart and overly cocky when luck is on his side. He tends to make friends with pokemon easier because he feels like an outcast among humans because him getting abandoned at a young age. He is naturally adventurous and is very confused about the whole Arceus thing.

    History: Marcus was abandoned when he was a young child and was set adrift in the seas of Unova in a weak wooden box, by some miracle of chance he landed on a small frozen island in the south sea of Unova called the Isle of Iluss thus that is how he got his last name and since he was very young he still remembered his first name soon he was cold and a large, hairy pokemon took him in as one of his own the pokemon was a Piloswine, after the Piloswine took him to his cave he quickly fell asleep against the pokemon and had struck a friendship. The next day he went back to the box and found 4000 pokemoney and 6 pokeballs and a aspear berry. He quckly flagged down a ship and climbed aboard and the ship took him back to Castelia city for 1000 pokemoney and stayed there with his piloswine and his box until he was 15 and bought clothes 3 sizes too big with the money he had been accumulating. Then he returned to the Isle and built a wooden cabin and trading post and trained,lived and enjoyed buisness for a year, then he heard about Arceus and in this time he had: evolved Piloswine, caught a Snorunt and evolved it, and found a frozen Torkoal and thawed it out with his aspear berry. Marcus was also very close to solving the Riddle of Regice which he is convinced sleeps beneath the isle.

    Special:Marcus can speak with his pokemon and understand him, his pokemon can understand him as well.


    Name: Bladice

    Species: mamoswine


    Appearance: Bladice is slightly larger than most mamoswine.

    Personality: Bladice is friendly, kind and always supportive of Marcus, Bladice tends not to listen to anyone other than Marcus.

    Special: Can freeze his tusks with Ice beam and charge with devestating force, Marcus calls this move Ice Charge.



    Gender: Male

    Appearance:Avonull has red eyes and golden horns

    Personality: Avonull tends to be battle crazy and jumps the gun and overzealous and will attack anybody he cant trust, Avonull will be stubborn and not listen to Marcus if he thinks he is wrong.

    Special: Icy Void, In this move Avonull quickly uses powder snow and rams into the pokemon on all sides in about 10 seconds this has 25 percent chance of freezing and 45 percent of confusion


    Species: Torkoal


    Apppearance:Xanos looks like a normal Torkoal except for the fact he is blue, Xanos got this way because of being exposed to the icy wind and sea of the Isle and a cold wave washing over him and freezing him for over 6 months, resulting in the change of coloration of the skin

    Personality: Xanos is very distrusting and very cautious of people Marcus tries to ally and is very careful around other pokemon

    Special: Heat spin, Xanos pulls all of its limbs and head into it shell and spins wildly all the while shooting out blue fire. 50% chance of burn
    Last edited: May 12, 2011
  10. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    Look three posts above.

    Well, i don't think Wings are THAT overpowered, so yay!

    Oh, and how many characters can we have?
  11. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    @Bronzong #1

    Alright, this looks good. Just try and watch your grammar/spelling. I'll try not to go Grammar Nazi on you though.

    Also... Xanos is... blue? It would be nice if you explained how your Pokemon got so... special. The other two seem fine though.

    Lastly, while your making those edits, can you add some more to the Personality? It's just scraping the acceptance level. Anything to flesh that out would be nice. Your pokemon could use some more too.

    Edit: Alright, I think it's pretty much good enough now. Watch where your spacing things though. ACCEPTED

    You are Pending


    ... Stop Ninja'ing me! Anyway,

    I want to try and limit it to one or two. Two maximum. Keep it to one unless you ABSOLUTELY must. If you really want to, fine.

    Wings aren't overpowered, I just want to make sure it isn't ludicrous. Again, explain how he/she got them, and you can have your wings.

    Yes, wings are cool. I love them too!
    Last edited: May 9, 2011
  12. Pokémon Trainer Xande

    Pokémon Trainer Xande Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist

    First of all, he only has photographic memory for books;

    Second, I thought that since he was a Ranger, it was obvious the pokémon was caught with the Capture Styler;

    Third: He is 13 years old

    Forth: Personality: will be in an edit tomorrow, as I 'm tired and I want to make a good job.

    Fifth: His hair is like the main Ranger in the first Ranger games. but his hair is blond, instead of blue.

    And last but not least: I don 't want to seem rude. I 'm just sleepy :)
  13. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    Name: Musica Lance Symphony

    Age: 16

    Species: Gallade

    Appearance: Musica is a pure-white Gallade WHO IS NOT AN ALBINO, who wears a necklace of silver around his neck, in the form of a cross. This is the symbol of the Symphony family. Most girls of a species that are compatible to him see him and turn into butter at his looks, but Musica isn’t very smart when seeing if a girl likes him or not, and he’s still a traveler, so yeah. However, don’t worry, he keeps a cloak around his body, with a hood over his head. The hood shows his lower face, but shadows over his eyes ,so you can’t really tell how he looks. In fact, if he doesn't take the cloak off, you could mistake him to be a human! However, another strange thing is that he has white wings on his back, from his bloodline. Same for his coloring. On his back, he has a guitar case.

    Personality:Musica, being finally free from his house, is a complete freedom fan who helps anyone who deserves to have freedom but doesn’t achieve freedom. Of course, he is also a big fan of nature, and can easily be found sleeping in a tree. You could say he’s pretty laid-back, and not caring about most things in life. However, in truth, he is always worried about people coming after him, or about something terrible happening.

    He has an unusual talent for music, even as a Soulsong, which is one of his favorite things, as well as one of the many things he does in his rather large amount of leisure time. Another thing that he enjoys doing is helping people. Although he likes peace, when it is necessary, he LOVES to fight. No question about it. Other than that, he goes around helping random people who need something.

    Lastly, and also one of the most important facts about him, is that he absolutely adores cute things, as well as being extremely childish most of the time. Therefore, Musica can easily be distracted, and can be found petting Eve, the newborn Eevee that he thinks of as a baby sister.

    History: Musica Lance Symphony is the only prince of the Soulsong Tribe, a hidden tribe of pokemon who specialized in music, and therefore, he was taught in music from a long age, as well as fighting skills to defend his people. The royal family of the Soulsong Tribe was very peculiar... the heir of the throne was always blessed by being born with white wings, and white color, no matter what species you were.

    During, before, and after this time, the young prince was casually walking about with guards, sparing food to the poor. He was looked up to by many pokemon of all tribes. However, when he became a Kirlia, he detested his looks… especially because he had that natural skirt, and wished to have a dawn stone, ASAP. Almost instantly he got one, and evolved into a Gallade… and went out again as a Gallade. Now, seeing him in his new looks and his renowned fame as a goody-two-shoes, many females lined up to sign up to be his queen… being a fully-evolved Pokémon now, Musica was allowed to be married, and his parents urged him to do so…

    Of course, he ran away from home, and started travelling around... when he saw a trainer attempting to catch an Eevee, by using his Charizard. Furious, Musica made quick work of the trainer's pokemon, and adopted the homeless Eevee, who was not only an orphan, but was a newborn. He named the Eevee "Eve", and travelled with her, making people think that he was a human, and Eve was his pokemon, when in reality, they were both wild pokemon. Eventually, Musica stopped using telepathy to communicate to humans, and learned their language... while members of the Soulsong Tribe are still searching for him. There is also certain trainer who has a grudge against him... and seems to constantly find Musica, challenging him to a battle. The kid NEVER won.

    Special: Strange coloring.

    Special 2: Wings.

    Special 3: Human Speech

    Special 4: Musical Talent
  14. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    @Pokemon Trainer Xande

    Okay, I got it. You can edit tomorrow. And about the Capture Styler, he was 5, and the Capture Styler is usually temporary, so I was just wondering...

    Hmm. Lunick hair. Lunick had the best design for male protagonists in the Ranger series...


    That's an excellent sign-up. I assume Eve will be traveling with you?

    And on the wings, where did the wings come from? Because "They Always Were" seems like a bit of a hand wave, like saying whenever something weird happens, "A wizard did it". Why does the tribe have them? At least put in a legend or a myth, EX: blessed by a Togekiss, or something like that.

    I'll accept you, since everything else is great. Just see my note about the wings.

    Hmm... You remind me of my friend... Heh, Asian pride bro.
    Last edited: May 9, 2011
  15. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    YES! if you meet him, tell him this message: "Herro Ferro Yerro!!!!"

    hahaha now about the acceptance... he left his tribe at a young age, please remember that. XXP no, in reality, the Symphony tribe was blessed by Cresselia, Mew, and a few others.

    (EDIT: P.S. Eve will be an NPC, as well as the trainer in question.)
  16. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Ha, like Homer Simpson.

    Alright. Cresselia, Mew, AND others? What a blessed tribe... :)

    Hmm, NPCs. You'll be in control of the NPCs I assume? I might bunny them slightly, but probably not. You probably won't meet the trainer for a bit, since most of the first quarter of the story will be spent in the past. Be careful, the journey could be dangerous for such a young critter...

    A'ight, I need a few more people at least... Does anyone know if the Sign-Up Yellow Pages thread is still up? Does anyone even check the Yellow Pages?

    Geh... I want to sign up for my own RPG now... It'll be harder, since I know a lot of what'll happen, so not power-playing may be more difficult. Meh, I'll do it anyway. I reserve myself a spot!
    Last edited: May 9, 2011
  17. Guywhoiam

    Guywhoiam Dr. Researcher Man

    Ok, here it is. This character is Myself in every way, including the Pokemon I use in the games. I summed everything up, so if I need to provide any more info, I can. I just didn't want the post to be too long.

    Name: Nathaniel “Guy” Phillips (19)


    Player Type: Pokemon Trainer

    Appearance: A little over 6ft, long dark-brown hair, full beard of same color, Glasses, wears jeans, hiking boots, a t-shirt, and a French highwayman’s coat. Has a weird, metal device on his left arm that looks like an old Snag-machine from back in team Cipher’s day. Whatever it happens to be, it’s apparent that it no longer functions.

    Guy has pledged his life to the code of Chivalry; however, he has perverted the code to what he personally views as “right”. He is sociable, but does not like being around others for extended periods of time. He never talks about himself, because he is modest, but if somebody asks, he will answer truthfully. He does dislike children, and has trouble talking to them since he views them as “Too young to know any better, and too stubborn to listen,” even though he is only 19 himself.
    His goal in life is to leave his mark on the world before he dies. And this may be his chance.

    History: Guy is a veteran Pokemon trainer who started is journey in Johto, with the Pokemon, Totodile.
    After he got all of the badges in Johto, he challenged the league. However, he lost to champion Lance, in the battle’s final moments. After this defeat, he traveled to Kanto where he proceeded in collecting all of the badges there. Once he did, he challenged the league again, and this time won. He, however, turned down the offer of becoming the new champion, seeing as he wished to travel more.

    Next, he headed to Orre. He ended up in Fiore, however, due to the ship he was traveling on being forced off course by a storm. He left almost immediately, because he really wanted to get to Orre, because something was going down and he was curious of it. Once he got there, he discovered that whatever was happening had all ready came to a close. He was disappointed that he missed it, but decided to stay a little longer, and take the Mt. Battle Challenge. This was when he met a fleeing member of Team Cipher. This Cipher member had a snag machine, but gave it to Guy so the authorities did not find it. Once Guy discovered what it was, he almost destroyed it. Almost.

    But before he did, he witnessed a young man beating his Yanma because it was “too weak” or something dumb. So he decided to use the Snag-machine to save the Yanma. His twisted since of justice compelled him, from then on, to snag every Pokemon he met, that he believed to have an abusive trainer. He thought he was helping them.

    Next he traveled to Sinnoh, to challenge its gyms and league. Although he played no direct role in stopping Team Galactic, he did run into them once. A few members of Galactic jumped him, because they wanted the Snag-machine on his arm. During the fighting, the Snag-machine was damaged beyond repair, and became non-functional. He continued his quest, and after obtaining all of the badges, he challenged the league only to lose to Champion Cynthia.

    Down-trodden, he traveled to Unova. And took up the same challenge, but this time he was to defeat Alder, and once again turned down the title of Champion. His next destination was going to be Hoenn, but he met an old man who changed that…

    Name: Monsoon
    Species: Gastrodon (Male) (East Sea Forme, so, Blue.)
    Personality: Monsoon is pretty bold, considering he is a Gastrodon. He is very short tempered, so it is best not to get on his bad side. Things that make him angry include, but are not limited to: Calling him fat, sprinkling salt on him, or belittling him because he is a Gastrodon.
    Special: Monsoon's Hidden Power is Fire type.
    Species: Yanmega (Male)
    Personality: Yanmecha is lax. He doesn’t like to fly much, since it still hurts from back when that trainer was beating it. He will only fly during battles, since it is a necessity. When he does fly, he is almost un-seeable. Because of his injury, whenever he performs well in battle, he is very proud of himself.
    Species: Flygon (Male)
    Personality: Flygon is quiet, and keeps to himself. Guy obtained him in a trade, and has yet to fully bond with him. However, he still obeys Guy's orders to the letter, and fight ferociously when its pride is on the line.
    Name: Sol Dios Orbit
    Species: Claydol
    Personality: Sol Dios's is naughty, and is very mischievous. Sol will play pranks on Guy and his companions. However, Sol is a terror on the battlefield, being toughened up through 50yrs of training by itself. Although technically genderless, Sol Dios will be referred to as a "He".
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2011
  18. MudkipsAreAwesome

    MudkipsAreAwesome I was there.

    There are a few more spots, and my exams are ending in two days, so...

    Name: Davis Wintergale

    Age: 14


    Player Type: Pkmn Trainer

    Appearance: Really messed up mouse brown hair that shoots out of his scalp, like Gary Oak's. He wears a black biker's jacket every time, even in hot weather, in an attempt to look cool. He has striking Emerald eyes, one of a kind, making it easy to spot him, even in a crowd. He says its in his genes. He has an average height for a 14 tear old, and his nonchalant-Ima-Look-Cool-Attitude can annoy the crap out of anyone. He also has a large scar on his back, a childhood injury.

    Personality: Always trying to look cool, he tries his best to come up with witty statements every time he gets a chance to. He acts cool because he thinks that he is cool and has good looks. He has a weakness to girls, stumbling on his words every time he gets near one. He was adopted, and had a row with his foster parents before running away from home, and meeting the old man. He likes Dark type pokemon. Also, although he hates to admit it, he has a HORRIBLE sense of direction. *Heheheh*

    History: When he was young, he rescued a girl from a raging Garchomp, earning himself a large scar over his back. The girl called him cool, and since then, he has been trying to live up to the 'coolness', and although the girl soon left on an adventure, he still remembers her as the girl who he could talk to normally, without him stuttering.. He attended school, and still is, but after running away from home, he travelled in the Hoenn region for a while, catching a Poochyena, which then evolved into a Mightyena, before meeting the old man. He stays with the old man for a bit, before taking up the quest as a repayment. While travelling to Unova by sea, his ship was attacked by Sharpedo, prompting him to catch their leader. Then, while in Unova, he got lost searching for the Entralink, and wounded up in the Relic Castle. There, he met Ghetsis in hiding, challenged him to a battle, and defeated him easily. Ghetsis then gave him his Hydreigon, and told him not to tell the police his whereabouts, which Davis agreed to immediatly. Dark Types were his favorite. Dark and Dragon were a one time only kind of chance. And so, with Ghetsis's instructions, he got himself to the Entralink...

    Special: Pokemon trust him completely, like how they trust N, but that doesn't mean they listen to him.


    Name: Mightyena

    Species: MIGHTYENA

    Appearance: -

    Personality: Exact same as his trainer's. Adamant Nature.

    Special: -


    Name: Sharpedo

    Species: Sharpedo

    Appearance: He has a large scar over his eye, presumely obtained in the battle for leadership in their pack.

    Personality: Defiant. Hates to be told what to do. Only does things if it benefits him as well. Serious Nature.


    Name: Hydreigon

    Species: Hydreigon

    Appearance: Ghetsis's Hydreigon...

    Personality: Uhhh... bent on world domination? Uncontrollable-like, likes to blast stuff with hyperbeam for no apparent reason. In layman terms, Blast first, and doesn't ask questions at all. Erm... Brainless Nature? And he seldom listens to Davis's instructions, only following the Outrage and Hyperbeam command.
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  19. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    @guywhoiam & mudkipsareawesome

    I can't read those now, I have to go to school. They look pretty good, and I'll check them in... 8 hours.

    NVM, I have a little time. Guywhoiam, you got it, accepted.

    Mudkipsareawesome, the personality is a little weak. Why does he act cool? Add some other elements to his personality. It's pretty good, it could be better. Also, you beat Ghetsis, and he... Gave you his Hydreigon? (hate that Hydreigon). Seems a little unlikely, and overpowered...
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  20. Anonymouss

    Anonymouss Member

    Ugh.... three Pokemon limit.... this displeases me.... >.>

    I should be signing up soon, but I have a few questions.

    ONE: May I use twins? Because I always use twins xD

    TWO: May my character(s) not completley agree with Gin's plan? As in, they don't want to kill Arceus, they just want to persuade him out of it by showing him the beauty mankind has created?

    THREE: Is my characters having Hydrokinesis (control over water) acceptable? I mean, Sabrina had Telekinesis, which isn't limited to just controling water, and she was born with it, so would that reasoning be enough?

    FOUR: Why, why, WHY can we only have three Pokemon? It'll be so hard to pick from their usual six each T_T
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