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Memento Mori: Even Gods Must Die

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Niihyl, May 12, 2011.

  1. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Memento Mori: Even Gods Must Die

    Rated PG-13 for language, violence, and deicide.

    Sign-up: http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=517791

    Discussion Thread: http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=519443

    Alright, the RPG begins! First, let's get down some ground rules. READ THEM

    1. Painfully obvious, but regular rules.

    2. Specifically, all posts must be minimum length. If you post very short posts, I will warn you about it, and if it happens too often, your character will be killed off. Don't worry, it'll forward the plot somehow.

    3. Inactivity will not be punished. If it goes on too long, (several weeks) you'll become an NPC.

    4. Late sign-ups will be accepted. I will make a note of when you can join (to maintain plot continuity. I want to avoid retconning.)

    5. All your posts should have your name, and general location. Sorry, forgot to add this earlier.

    Alright, so this is how it'll work.

    Each of my GM posts will contain these things:

    1: Description of what happened due to all of your actions after the previous post. This may also include some other information.

    2: Description of your environment, including what wild Pokemon are around. You can add to this in your posts, as long as you don't directly contradict anything I say, or someone else has already said. You cannot add wild Pokemon that I haven't listed.

    3: New scenario/situation, or continuation of a previous scenario. This will often include a few different choices, for example, steal an item, or get it through diplomacy, etc. What to do will be discussed in the Discussion Thread. Of course, your character may ignore the group, but hopefully, that won't happen too often.

    I chose this method, because it both gives a steady plot, (so the RPG doesn't stagnate and turn to wildly spread out mush), and also some freedom, so I'm not railroading you.

    Alright, so for your first post, I'd like you all to describe how you got to the Entralink, how you met Gin, and an overview of how you got to the Entralink. I'll make my first GM post from there.

    Have fun!


    1. lxdarknessxl : Musica Lance Symphony

    2. lxdarknessxl : Rose Flores

    3. Niihyl : Lilith Czernobori

    4. Psychic : Ironbeak Swiftclaw

    5. guywhoiam : (COMPUTER FIXED!) Nathaniel "Guy" Philips

    6. Bronzong#1 : Marcus Iluss

    7. Mudkipsareawesome : Davis Wintergale

    8. Anonymouss : Joseph Antonimous

    9. Anonymouss : Joshua Antonimous

    10. Manaphy Mare : Tensei Hikarizuisho

    11. Aslynn Pokemon : Alisa Ashmina Jamieson

    12. deltakurumiru4 : Halt Beta

    13. treespyro : Mariana Perez

    14. BlueRose : Haru Aquaroad

    15. pokefan0234 : Daniel Clowes "Ecabe"
    Last edited: May 16, 2011
  2. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    (my first post! XD If anyone wants to ship their character, tell me. I'm okay with pokemonXpokemon and humanXhuman, but try to refrain from pokemonXhuman.)

    ((DISCLAIMER: I will be using real songs in here and say that Musica wrote them, but that's only in the RP. Those songs are written by the people who wrote them, unless I specifically say that the song is written by me. Thank you, good day.))

    Musica Lance Symphony/Rose Flores

    Musica's POV... sort of

    "No." Musica answered calmly, as the girl in front of him frowned.

    "What? Why not?" she asked, looking confused and angry at the same time. "Don't you want your Eevee to get stronger?"

    "Who, Eve? She's just a newborn kit! I'm protecting HER, not the other way around." Musica said, as he growled at her. The girl reached for one of her pokeballs to force him into a battle, but Musica let out one of his blades. Thanks to the cloak he wore, it looked like he was holding onto the sword. "DON'T. EVEN. TRY IT. I don't want to hurt anyone, but if you try to harm my sister, I won't hesitate. Understood?!"

    The girl recoiled in fear, dropping the pokeball. Sighing, Musica let the blade back in, and he pulled off his hood, showing that he was a Gallade, and a pure-white one at that. "I am a Pokemon myself, I do not approve of people like you. Long ago, I have learned of your laws. If you harm me or Eve, then it is Pokemon Abuse, and I can easily get you arrested, pretending to be a human, as I had. However, if I harm you... in this forest, with me being able to use teleport... who is to find out...?"

    The girl took the threat, and looked like she was about to cry, when Musica began to laugh as he put his hood back on. The girl seemed shocked, confused, and scared at the same time, and even more so when Musica, who was still laughing, (actually, LMAOing, but you get the point. I can't really put that in here because text talk and swear words aren't allowed...) put on of his hands on her shoulders. "Calm down. I'm not a murderer... I won't hurt you, as long as you don't try to hurt me or my friends. Don't try to force anyone into doing anything they don't want to do, so on. Freedom is the most important thing of all, no? Freedom to have friendship, freedom to love, freedom to live, freedom to talk, so on. Everyone deserves freedom, I only walked into your sight to teach you that... You'll make it far as a trainer if you know that."

    This wasn't true, but Musica wanted to teach her that anyway, so yea. Now, to clean up the mess he caused... "By the way, don't answer me, because you're kind of talking to yourself, then. I don't even exist."

    At this, Musica began to fade away. Little known fact: if you hold back your psychic powers when you teleport, you fade away instead of disappearing. Better known fact: holding back your psychic powers was harder then letting it flow.

    Soon, Musica appeared somewhere away from where she was, and he sensed her fear, confusedness, understanding, then relief. This amused Musica... humans were always like this... most of the time.

    "Vee?" asked Eve, and Musica took her into his arms, and began to stroke her, making her purr in delight.

    "Don't worry, Eve. I'll be sure to protect you. Trust your big bro." Musica chuckled, when he sensed an emotion coming at him. He took out his blade, and turned around as he put Eve back on his head, inside his hood. "Who's there?!"

    "Don't worry, I am not a threat." came a voice, and an old human walked towards him. He had kind eyes, but his soul was blazing. Similar to Musica, actually. "Would you like to hear a story?"

    "A story? Can I listen too?" came a feminine voice, and Musica facepalmed as a familiar-looking human girl walked towards them. "OH! Free!"

    Free was the fake name he used when he went around, to hide his true identity. The girl's name was Rose... Rose Flores. A pokemon trainer, who he had thought was stalking him, but apparently, she wasn't. "Hello, Rose."

    "Well, I was going to find you and tell you as well, so why not." Musica felt her confusion, but neither of them questioned the man. He began to tell the tale that they both knew, and both understood... This was going to be long, so Musica took Eve out of his hood and began to stroke her again.

    ~~Time Skip due to the story being too long to type~~

    "...and so, Arceus will destroy the world, and create it anew, as I have said before." the man finished, and I raised an eyebrow at him, making him smile. "Well now, what if you DON'T wan't to be destroyed? What if you love THIS world? What about your family, friends, and yourself?"

    "Then I would fight to the death for what I love." Musica calmly answered, and Eve mewed in glee. Then, the emotionless face disappeared, and Musica smiled. "Besides, just letting myself die is too boring of a death, no? If I'm going out, I'm going out my way."

    "Well said, Free." Rose sighed in admiration, and Musica rolled his eyes. Nobody other than himself knew he did that, but still. The girl had developed an admiration for Musica a long time ago... It wasn't love, but it was admiration.

    "Well then... please, help me slay Arceus!" the man begged, and Rose opened her mouth to talk.

    "No." Everyone looked at Musica, who frowned at the old man. "I refuse to kill anyone or anything, but I am willing to aid you in hopes of stopping Arceus. If death is the only way, then let our hands be bloodied for the sake of others."

    "Once again, well said." Rose smiled, and the old man nodded as he pulled out a slip of paper.

    "Thank you, kind sir and lady." the old man said, handing the paper, which turned out to be two seperate ones, to both me and Rose. We got it, and it turned out to be instructions on what to do.

    "The... Entralink? How do we get there?" Rose asked, and Musica swirled a finger, showing psychic power. "You can teleport us there, can't you?"

    Musica nodded.

    "You've been there before, haven't you?"

    Musica nodded.

    "You got lost again, didn't you?"

    Musica nodded.

    "You are lying... right?"

    Musica shook his head.

    "Fine, let's go..." Rose sighed, and Musica used Teleport. It was true, Musica was randomly teleporting all around the region once, and accidentally got stuck on the island for a while before.

    When they got there, Musica was very tired, but not about to show it. Rose wasn't fazed at all, if not a bit dizzy from the teleportation... Rose sat down on a rock, seeing as how they were alone for now, Musica jumped right onto a tree and began to play his guitar, as Rose sat down on a rock.
  3. Bronzong#1

    Bronzong#1 Cell Shaded

    (OCC: Italics represent my character's thoughts.

    Marcus Iluss:
    On the Isle
    A strange old man walks in, Marcus responds "Hey, my name is Marcus is their anything I can get for you?" The old man known as Gin says
    "No, no BUT I have a proposition for you." Marcus naturally intrigued asked "What is it?" Gin getting a hazy, dazed look in his eyes says "Arceus is coming to destroy the world and create anew,would you fight for yourself your loved ones and your pokemon?" Marcus then sets down the ice spear he was fiddling with in his hand and then stabs it in the hard wood 6 inches in, "I cant let him do that, this is horrible!" Gin dumbfounded by his reaction asks "Would you kill the god?" Wh-wh-what?! Killing a god is that even possible?Marcus having his shocked look and jaw on the ground, is paralyzed at the thought. Gin says calmly "Once you are done thinking this over, if you decide to join us, we will be at the small island at the center of Unova." We! so theirare others? Intriguing. I might as well go, I will meet some cool people there I bet, better bring my jacket. Marcus then hears the whistle of the ferry, "I better go!"

    Time skip:journey was boring


    "Well that journey was fairly boring, I didn't now city life was so.......normal. Alright now I just take a left here through the forest,and I should be in the Entralink." Wow this place is so un-urbanized it feels so cool to see an actual forest besides a city and frozen wasteland. Marcus sees two people in the entralink, a teenage girl slightly younger then him, and appearantly a tall wiry man.I better talk to the man first, since I am quite bad at talking to girls. Marcus strides up to the man confidently, "Hello my name is Marcus, whats yours." Marcus then looks and sees an Eevee near him and then looks and can see that he is wearing a hooded cloak and has all white hair,What a peliculiar individual this one is, I wonder if he would be a good team mate. I wonder where he got his Eevee. Marcus then feels a bulging from his belt , "Uh-oh."Avonull shiny horns gleaming and eyes furious comes out , "GLAILLEE!"
    Avonull then lets loose a blizzard to the sky, "For Arceus's sake stay in your pokeball. Return! I am so sorry about that, Avonull can be so tempermental."I hope they dont think any less of me!
    Last edited: May 12, 2011
  4. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    Musica Lance Symphony (A.K.A. Free) and Rose Flores

    "It's fine. Also, please don't be worried that I would think any less of you, because I don't. I actually like trainers who either can't control their pokemon, or they let their pokemon do as they wish... Think about it. If they don't listen to you, then they might have tried to get rid of you already. If they did, you are a good person for letting them stay with you. If they didn't, you are a good person for they have faith in you, even though they are rebellious." Musica chuckled, as he continued to play his guitar. Seems he wasn't the only one with a hood on... Still he seemed to be a good person, and a reserved one at that. "Please, call me 'Free', and don't think of me as some old man, for I am around the same age as you... I am only sixteen, but I hope to be able to get along with you."

    "Oh, that's right! I should be letting my pokemon out!" Rose said, and instantly, she let out Raki the Gardevoir, Ember the shiny Charizard, as well as Bunny the Lopunny. Immediately Bunny leaped to hug Musica, but he stopped her movement with a single, pure-white finger. For normal humans, it would have sprained their finger at the least, but Musica was a Pokemon, and a fighting type at that, so he stopped the tackle easily. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, Free!"

    "No problem." Free replied, smiling, as he put a finger on Bunny's forehead. "Be calm, my friend."

    Free sent out his emotion of calmness to Bunny, and she calmed down instantly. This was an old trick of the Ralts evolution line... Raki began to apologize. "Gardevoir..." (Sorry about that...)

    "As I said before, it is fine."

    "Charizard char arizard, zard charizard... Char arizard char?" (I apologize for bothering you, but I smell something delicious... may I have some?)

    At this, Musica's eyes widened, but was still hidden. "Certainly. I remember you like poffins... what did you like again? Sour or Sweet?"

    "Zard. Charizard." (Sweet. Thank you.)

    "No problem." Musica said as he pulled out a pink poffin. He had made quite a few for the wild pokemon who did not want to be captured, but loved poffins... there were quite a few in Sinnoh. He handed it to Blaze, and she began to eat it appreciatively.

    "H-how did you know what she wanted? I mean, I knew you could sense emotions, but that shouldn't be able to tell you what she wanted, or what her favorite plavor was!" Rose asked with wide eyes, confused and interested.

    "Oh, I never told you? I can speak to both humans and Pokemon." Musica laughed, as he pulled out another poffin, and broke a small piece of it off. He fed it to Eve, who was sitting in his lap rather comfortably.

    "Wow... you are so close to pokemon. I'm jealous." Rose noted, as she looked at him in admiration... then, she got confused about one thing. "Hang on, why don't you let your pokemon out?"

    "They're already out. They stay far away until I ask them to help me." Musica noted, and it was true, since "his pokemon" are WILD pokemon. That included himself, but he wasn't out to show that just yet. "Anyway, as you know that I am great with Pokemon-"

    "and battles too. You command my own pokemon better than me." Rose noted.

    "Yes, yes. That's because I get into first-hand training sessions with them. In other words, I battled pokemon using my own body while I protected Eve." Musica said, smiling. Then, he began to play a song on his guitar, and began to sing.

    "Standing on top of the edge it feels like it's going down
    Everything stays in my mind feeling in a daze on the ground
    Feels like it's gonna give life's too hard to live anymore
    I think I've had enough things too tough
    I'm out the door

    All in all it's just another day now
    You're falling down
    What you gonna do
    Standing on top of the world tonight
    No one's looking back at you

    Stand tall
    It's going on
    It's going on
    It's gonna be just fine
    You're holding on
    Holding on today

    Things don't stop and the others announced they're moving on
    Salt & tears in the minds in the mouths of a bad decision
    Too late for another mistake it's bringing me down
    With all your faults it isn't your fault
    What's going on

    All in all it's just another day now
    You're falling down
    What you gonna do
    Standing on top of the world tonight
    No one's looking back at you

    Stand tall
    It's going on
    It's going on
    It's gonna be just fine
    You're holding on
    Holding on today

    So you lost yourself
    So you lost your way
    Found life through someone else
    But you threw it all away

    All in all it's just another day now
    You're falling down
    What you gonna do
    Standing on top of the world tonight
    No ones looking back at you

    Stand tall
    It's going on
    It's going on
    It's gonna be just fine
    You're holding on
    Holding on today

    Times rolling on
    Rolling on today
    It's going on
    Going on today"

    (All in All by Lifehouse)

    "Your music is great to listen to, no matter what song you choose. I don't understand why you don't just get your songs and get famous with them." Rose sighed, and Musica pointed at his hood. "Oh, you're shy?"

    "Something like that. Not shy, but I need my hood on. I don't want anyone figuring out who I am. Mysteries make a person unique, no?" Musica chuckled.
  5. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    (OOC) I spent quite a while editing out most of the swearing... Nice posts all! Keep it up! I had no idea what else to add in so... Voila.

    Note: 6 Up is slang for "There are cops hidden nearby."

    Gah, had to send VMs to everyone. I might have missed some people. Sorry...

    Lilith Czernobori
    Black City

    The lights flashed, neon, blacklight, in rapid bursts that would probably kill an epileptic. The music thudded in a steady beat, and hundreds of bodies pressed against each other in the crowded dark. A voice cut through the music;

    “6 Up, all!”

    Lilith laughed, and began running for the back door. She snatched up Hollow by the ear and ran outside. The party was quickly shut down by the cops. Luckily, she had gotten out, and avoided the slap on the wrist. Her parents wouldn’t do anything. They never did.

    “A’ight, let’s go Hollow,” Lilith said, pulling her bike from its hiding place behind a trio of trees. And by bike, she meant motor-bike. She lovingly ran a finger down the polished chrome. Hollow the Umbreon hopped onto her shoulder and she revved the engine, and sped down the road.

    A dark figure stepped in front of her, and she skidded to a stop, nearly killing herself and the figure. The shadow stepped into her lights, and there was an old man standing there. He smiled and raised a hand.

    “What. The. Hell? Old man, I should’ve run you over! God, are you some drunk hobo? Get the hell outta my way!” Lilith was furious.

    “I think you’d like to hear what I’d like to say.”

    Lilith turned her bike and began to leave.

    “How would you like to kill a God?” the old man said.

    Lilith turned her head, and looked him right in the eye. “Lay off the booze old man. Seriously.”

    The old man grew angry for a moment, “listen, you foolish girl!” His eyes flared with a blazing glow. Lilith was quiet for a moment, sighed, and leaned her foot down.

    “Fine… what do you want?”

    The old man stood straighter, clutching his staff. Does he think he’s Gandalf or something? Lilith thought. He began to tell his story.

    Lilith glared at Gin. She took a breath, and decided. “Heh, I believe you. You got fire old man. Kick a God’s a**? Hell yes!”

    Gin smiled, his eyes twinkling. He handed Lilith a small sheet of paper. She looked it over. The Entralink… she mused. Always wanted to go there anyway.

    Lilith looked up, and Gin was gone. Vanished into the night. Lilith was quiet for a moment, and then she got on her bike and rode off into the blackness, towards the Entralink. She wondered what all of this was about. Either way, it sounded fun. But as she thought, she realized she was afraid. Arceus was a God. How… could she even contemplate its death? She buried the thought, and sighed. Being impossibly annoying was difficult sometimes.

    Lilith finally arrived at the Entralink, crossing one of the many bridges that seemed to fade and reappear over time. The island was small, and yet incredibly vast. It seemed to hold an aura of infinite possibilities, as if many worlds joined in this small island. She saw a boy wearing a cloak and playing the guitar. There was also a tall black-haired boy, and an annoying looking little girl. She rode in, and hopped off her bike.

    “Yo! You all God-killers too?” Lilith smirked. She leaned against a tree and looked over at the other three. The cloaked guy had a nice voice.

    The cloaked guy looked over at Lilith. He had a hood on, that cast dark shadows over his face. All she could make out was white hair. “So, what’re your names? You can call me Lilith. Lil, for short.”
    Last edited: May 12, 2011
  6. MudkipsAreAwesome

    MudkipsAreAwesome I was there.


    Davis Wintergale: Somewhere... (He's lost)


    “Argh!!!” Davis yelled in anger. “WHY WON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME?”
    Davis stared in pure helplessness as the Hydreigon, which Ghetsis had given him three days ago, leveled a shop house with a Hyper Beam attack. Quite suddenly, three orange orbs started to form around all three of Hydreigon’s mouths. “No. Freaking. Way.” Davis stated dumbly as Hydreigon readied the triple Hyper Beam. “Return!”

    He raised Hydreigon’s Pokeball in a hurry, and a beam of red light shot from the center of it, towards the rampaging Hydreigon. “I have a disobedient Hydreigon, a horrible sense of direction, and a knack for getting myself into trouble. What could be worse…” Davis mumbled sarcastically to himself, before slinging his haversack and looking around. “Hey!” He shouted towards a nearby passerby, who stared at Davis like he was going to send out his Hydreigon again at any moment.

    “Where’s the Entralink?” Davis popped up the question before the man had a chance to escape.

    “Right there.” The man pointed towards the left.

    “Thanks!” Davis said happily as he promptly turned towards the right and ran off.

    “Hey! Where are you going? It’s right there! To YOUR LEFT!” The man shouted, but Davis was already gone.

    … Somewhere to the right…

    Davis skipped happily, humming a bubbly melody. “I’m going to get there soon. I can just feel it!” He told his PokeBalls. They contained a Mightyena, Sharpedo, and Hydreigon. The problem was, only Mightyena listened to his orders.

    “Well, Hydreigon does as well, but, only to the Hyper Beam and Outrage commands.” Davis added. “Now… where am I? This sure doesn’t look like the Entralink.”

    …Few days later…

    Davis stumbled, half dead, into the clearing. He had finally reached the Entralink. Right? “I’d better confirm.” He told himself. A cloaked figure was strumming a guitar at a corner, and a muscled, but pale boy was standing next to a rock, where a cute girl with flowing long hair was sitting down.

    “It’s a girl.” Davis whispered to himself. “If I talk to the boy, I’m bound to talk to the girl. No way in (the underworld) will I do that and embarrass myself in front of them. Cloaky is its then! Just hope he's not a female...” Making up his mind, Davis walked towards the cloaked figure, who stopped playing the guitar and looked up at the approaching Davis.
    Last edited: May 12, 2011
  7. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly Staff Member Moderator

    As a general note, lxdarknessxl, can you please not randomly switch to first person PoV, it’s really confusing, and Bronzong#1, can you please start a new paragraph every time somebody speaks? Your blocky paragraphs are hard to read. :S Thanks!

    Ironbeak Swiftclaw
    Mt Silver Mountain Range

    He was a curious man, indeed.

    Ironbeak noted his fearlessness in approaching her. His tender eyes, unfit for a fighter. His gentle, encouraging manner. His devotion to a fairy tale she had heard as a chick. His conviction that she cared that humanity had, once again, wrecked its own future. His expectation that she had things in this world besides herself she had any interest in saving.

    But then, his offer was to pit herself against a deity. Either way, her life was at risk, really. But this would be far less boring than her exile.

    And if this little crusade stands no chance against the Creator, then it’s a simple matter of changing allegiance, she thought, still under the gaze of those tender eyes, watching her reaction expectantly. No, that wouldn’t be a problem.

    “Kraww, I accept your offer. I will fight your battle,” she croaked through her beak, spreading her razor-like wings wide, staring the main dead in the eyes. Best not to make him wary. Still, if the old human knew enough the former warlord to seek her out, sure he had some idea of her reputation. He would be a fool to think that would change merely because the world was in danger.

    “Thank you, your help will prove invaluable,” the man said with a courteous bow, then presented the Skarmory with a slip of paper, placing it on the ground carefully. “This has everything you need to know. Farewell.”

    With sharp eyes, Ironbeak stabbed a claw into the paper to keep it from blowing away, examining the inscriptions as the man took his leave. Wisely enough, he did not use the human language markings she could never make heads not tails of, but left simple marks in clear shapes that clearly outlined where to go and when. It would require a lot of flying, she mused, and she should probably avoid flying near other Pokemon if she didn’t want to get mauled by another Charizard as punishment for breaking her exile.

    Then again, I am on a mission for a god. Or against a god. That should be reason enough to let me go. Hm, perhaps this undertaking might not be so terrible after all…

    It was not, in fact, terrible in the least. Ironbeak finally got to stretch her wings and explore more than the silent mountain range she had called home for so very many years. The world had changed since she had last seen it, but the people and Pokémon were all the same. She noted that if she had wanted, she could have easily coaxed some of the passing bird Pokémon to join her, just as she once had, and likely arrive at the Entralink with a small flock. Indeed, it was a difficult temptation to resist.

    She had been immediately sobered up when she chanced upon a Ninetales in a cave she was going to roost by for the night. A Ninetales who, as it turned out, was as ancient as the Skarmory, and remembered her reign well. It was lucky she had kept the old human’s note and was still as good a talker as she ever was, or she might not have made it out of the cave in one piece. Needless to say, she put as much distance between herself and the fire-breather as possible.

    In any case, she made it to the Entralink just fine, first lazily circling the meeting spot from high above. With the vision of a bird of prey she could easily make out those who had already arrived.

    One human, two humans, three humans, she counted languidly, Oh, but not quite four. Whatever that cloaked figure was, it certainly wasn’t human, although it acted like one. A nice effort, perhaps, but only enough to fool a human. No, you’re just a young Pokémon. Don’t try fooling your seniors, boy. Ironbeak snorted to herself.

    The next thing she heard was “Yo! You all god-killers, too?” and decided that now would be a good time to make her descent and get a better view of the scene. Metallic coat glinting in the sunlight, she came down to land on a high tree branch where she would hopefully have some time to observe the scene before her presence was noted. For now, she would see what of the others chosen for the mission.
    Last edited: May 12, 2011
  8. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    (sorry for the short post)
    ((Lol!!! Everyone favors the Prince! XD))

    Musica Lance Symphony/Rose Flores

    Musica began to chuckle as he got up. Everyone was thinking about talking to him! Being a runaway, he shouldn't be this popular... His entire body was still hidden, but now that he wasn't looking down, everyone could see his pure-white skin as well as his mouth, which was now in a smile. Raki began to tell him some things, so he thanked her. He faced Lil. "Miss Lilith, you may call me Free. Raki tells me you're feeling some sort of appreciation... I assume it's about my singing. Whatever it may be, thank you."

    Musica turned to Davis, and spoke again, but this time, frowning. "I am NOT a female, sir. I apologize, but I do not take kindly when people think I am a girl... especially not after a certain memory of a few years ago."

    He was talking about when he was a Kirlia... but still, that WAS terrible. Lastly, he walked over to the Skarmory, and began to whisper. "Raki tells me you know my secret, and like me, you are... different... please do not tell the others about my secret, if you will."

    "Anyway, how about we talk about ourselves for now? There may be others coming, and if so, I think it may be a good idea to introduce ourselves." he spoke to the entire group, as he turned back around... when he, along with Raki, noticed something, making Raki giggle, and Musica chuckle. "Well, lookie here. Looks like fangirl's got some fanboys!"

    Rose blushed. "Why do you always call me that?"

    "Let's see. I save your life once, and for some reason we keep bumping into eachother, and every time we meet you follow me around for hours asking more and more questions." Musica noted, and Rose rolled her eyes. "Yea, I know it's a coincidence, especially since I'm a wanderer who has no idea where he goes next."

    "Yea, and every time you DO set a goal, you get lost on the way there." Rose mumbled, putting on a pouty face. This made her look even cuter, but Rose didn't know about it, and Musica had no effect on it. "Well, if you want for us to get to know eachother, you start."

    "Fine then, I shall start. Those of you with painful pasts, you may hide that part, or your entire past altogether if you wish. As you all know, obviously, I am Free, a traveller. My friend in my arms is Eve, an orphaned Eevee who I have adopted as a sister. I believe pokemons and humans should be equals." Musica answered calmly.

    "Fine. I might as well go next, then." Rose sighed, and began to speak. "My name is Rose Flores, of a family of Pokemon Breeders. I have an older brother named Kenshin Flores, and Raki was my first pokemon, and I got her from an egg. Free seems to find me every two towns that I go to. Anyone want to go next?"
  9. Alliance

    Alliance Re-Arrival


    Alisa Ashmina Jamieson
    Sinnoh someplace

    Alisa sat quietly at the foot of the weeping willow, it's long drooping branches enclosing her in her own secret world, one of pure nature and harmony. Whenever she was in a place like this, she felt like the world brightened, and any problem could be turned upside down to her advantage. It was just her way, a way given to her by the Rangers. They had given her new purpose, new life, adventure. Everything she felt when she sat at the base of the tree.

    The pure and peaceful tranquillity was smashed in an instant, when an old man walked slowly into the small space. He gazed at her, eyes compelling, and serious. Alisa knew, or rather she felt, that whatever buisness this man had with her, it wasn't going to be a simple passerby conversation.

    "You." He said, pointing a finger. "How would you like to kill a God?"

    Alisa's companion, Skye, walked over to Alisa before leaping into her lap, and stared at the old man. "Why we need kill a God?" She asked, in broken English. Despite being clearly nervous, Skye crossed her arms. "Human needs Gods. They keep world safe. Most the time."

    Alisa stroked Skye's head and gazed at the old man. "Exactly." She said softly. "Answer Skye's question."

    The old man smiled slightly, and told his story. With the wind rippling the delicate branches and leaves behind him, like a shimmering wall, he seemed more than an innocent old man. He meant buisness, that much was clear. His voice was calm, yet portrayed emotions. A strange effect.

    When he had finsihed, Skye was the first to break the silence. "So. We kill Arceus to save world." She said. "That reasonable. Sorta." She un-folded her arms.

    "Arceus created the world." She said, making the effort to speak completely. "And he said he will destory the world for it's sins against god. Him." Skye frowned. "So you want us to destroy him, eliminate him, prevent him from destroying the world." She tilted her head, her small attenae flopping to the side to nearly touch the ground. "But Arceus God." She said. "Destroy him, you destroy world. Right?"

    Alisa patted Skye's head soothingly, and stared at the old man. "As Skye said; We destroy Arceus. We destroy the world. But that rumour was never proven." She glanced down at Skye for a moment. "However, destroying Arceus may keep our world safe."

    She made eye contact with the man, whos eyes seemed to soften as he realised the meaning behind her words. "So you will help?" He asked. Without waiting for an answer, he handed her a sheet of paper, and swept away, disapearing between the silvery leaves of the great weeping willow.

    Alisa read the sheet, and pocketed it. "Hey Skye." She said cheerfully. "We're going to Unova." Her voice wavered slightly. "Back home." She whispered, a tear forming at the corner of her eye. She dashed it away, and scooped Skye into her arms. "Let's go!"

    (OOC: Next post I'll interact with you all. Woot)
  10. MudkipsAreAwesome

    MudkipsAreAwesome I was there.


    (Flash Back, to Davis and the Old Man, Gin)

    "Would you like to kill a god?" Gin popped the question to Davis.

    "Go on." Davis stated. He knew there was more. Gin smiled, then told Davis about what was happening. "Arceus wants to destroy the world because of humanities' sin. Am I right?"

    Gin nodded, and Davis continued, "So to keep on living, we have to kill Arceus."

    Gin nodded again. "Yes."

    "But, if we kill Arceus, aren't we commiting an even greater sin?" Davis finally asked the question he leading up to.

    This time, Gin fell silent. "I thought so." Davis said. "But no matter. I will embark on your so-called quest. But I will try to convince Arceus to give us one more chance at life."

    Gin looked Davis in the eye, before stating, "It's impossible."

    "Heh." Davis smiled mysteriously. "What makes you so sure?"

    ...(Back to present)...

    "I'll go." Davis chipped in. A girl alone, and a girl in a group, that was a different thing altogether. "My name is Davis, I'm from the Hoenn region. I had an arguement with my foster parents, so I ran away from home. I have..."
    Davis's face transformed into a large grin. "A Mightyena, a Sharpedo, and a Hydreigon!" Davis conveniently forgot to mention the fact that only Mightyena listens to him. Expecting praises, he stopped talking for a while, then hearing silence, he continued abet in a more dejected tone, "Yea, so I met this old man who gave me a piece of paper. Oh who was the one who said something about God-Slayers? I like that term." His face broke into a grin again, and Davis looked around for the voice. No one answered, and Davis found himself in an awkward situation.

    “So uhh… Pokemon…”He continued slowly, not sure if he should share his secret with anyone. Pokemon trusted him completely, whether it the way he talked, or his looks, they would trust him with their life. Humans… Not so much. “They trust me completely. I’m not sure why, but anyone of them would lay down their life for me. Even Pokemon who are not good with people… uh… trust me.”

    His gaze fell on Free, who fidgeted uncomfortably on the spot. Davis started walking up to Free, whose heart started pounding. “Pass me the Eevee.” Davis held up his hand.

    Heaving a sigh of relief, Free passed Eve over to Davis, before he realised that he had passed Eve over without any doubt. Eve, in Davis’s hand, raised her head and smiled to Davis, before licking his hand. “See?” Davis returned Eve, before looking around.

    “Now,” Davis’s face lit up into another cheeky grin. “Who’s next?”
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  11. Manaphy Mare

    Manaphy Mare 1000 Words

    ~*~Tensei Hikarizuisho/ Trainer V~*~


    A teenage boy with ash-blond hair was walking around outside a newly constructed Realgam Tower, the bright Orre sun glinting off the silvery lenses of his bright-scarlet goggles. He scanned the crowds as he walked, keeping an eye out for any form of suspicious activity. He had gone there as a favor for the Orre Police to investigate rumors of suspicious activity, but things seemed to be fairly ordinary so far. The teen was too preoccupied with his current mission to notice someone coming up behind him.

    "Trainer V, I'll give you a lead if you listen to a story..." came a voice behind the teen.

    Trainer V turned around to look for the source only to see an elderly man. Part of him wanted to decline, but the man said he had a lead. He thought for a second before he said, "Sure, I guess I have nothing to lose. Why don't we find a place to sit down."

    With that the two found a nearby bench and the man began to tell the story of Arceus' creation of the world and man's betrayal of Arceus; however the old man seemed to emphasize it differently than his mother did. When he was finished he said, "Now about that lead. I started that rumor because I would like to ask a favor. Arceus is soon to awaken and destroy this world to recreate it. Will you help me kill Arceus and save this world?"

    Trainer V pulled a pokeball off his belt and looked at it as he thought about the old man's request. He didn't like the thought of ending a life, especially if there was another way. After several minutes of deliberating he looked the man in the eyes and said, "I'll help you save the world, but I won't help kill Arceus if there is another way. I have a pokemon that may be able to help convince Him that this world is worth saving." He was referring to his shadow pokemon, Phione. His heart was close to opening, but he wasn't quite there yet. Hopefully he would be there before they confronted Arceus. He smirked and spread his middle and index fingers apart in a v-for-victory sign before saying, "Trainer V is on the case!"

    "Then take this." Said the old man as he handed him a piece of paper before leaving. Trainer V looked and saw that it mentioned meeting on Extralink in the Unova region.

    Trainer V pulled out his P*DA and began to compose a message saying, "This is Trainer V reporting back in regards to the rumors. They seem to be just that: rumors. I have thoroughly searched the area and found no suspicious actions; however I have received a lead on activity that may threaten all of Orre. I will be following this trail and report back when I have more information."
    End flashback

    Trainer V's ears perked up as he heard a voice say, "Anyway, how about we talk about ourselves for now? There may be others coming, and if so, I think it may be a good idea to introduce ourselves." He looked around to find the source. His eyes soon fell upon a cloaked figure who seemed human at first, but he noticed something odd. The cloaked figure had the aura of... A pokemon? It was unmistakeable, the cloaked figure was a pokemon. "...since I'm a wanderer who has no idea where he goes next."

    The girl near him seemed to mumble something before saying, "Well, if you want for us to get to know eachother, you start."

    "Fine then, I shall start. Those of you with painful pasts, you may hide that part, or your entire past altogether if you wish. As you all know, obviously, I am Free, a traveller. My friend in my arms is Eve, an orphaned Eevee who I have adopted as a sister. I believe pokemons and humans should be equals." Calmly stated the cloaked figure. Trainer V could tell he was hiding something, but he could tell from his aura that he had good reason to hide what he was hiding.

    "Fine. I might as well go next, then." The girl sighed, and began to speak. "My name is Rose Flores, of a family of Pokemon Breeders. I have an older brother named Kenshin Flores, and Raki was my first pokemon, and I got her from an egg. Free seems to find me every two towns that I go to. Anyone want to go next?"

    "My name is Davis, I'm from the Hoenn region. I had an arguement with my foster parents, so I ran away from home. I have..."
    Davis's face transformed into a large grin. "A Mightyena, a Sharpedo, and a Hydreigon!" He stopped talking for a while, then hearing silence, he continued abet in a more dejected tone, "Yea, so I met this old man who gave me a piece of paper. Oh who was the one who said something about God-Slayers? I like that term." His face broke into a grin again. “So uhh… Pokemon…”He continued slowly “They trust me completely. I’m not sure why, but anyone of them would lay down their life for me. Even Pokemon who are not good with people… uh… trust me.”

    His gaze fell on Free, who fidgeted uncomfortably on the spot. Davis started walking up to Free, whose heart started pounding. “Pass me the Eevee.” Davis held up his hand.

    Heaving a sigh of relief, Free passed Eve over to Davis, before he realised that he had passed Eve over without any doubt. Eve, in Davis’s hand, raised her head and smiled to Davis, before licking his hand. “See?” Davis returned Eve, before looking around.

    “Now,” Davis’s face lit up into another cheeky grin. “Who’s next?”

    "I'm the champion of love and beauty, Trainer V, and I was born in the Sevii Islands, but I moved to the Orre region when I was little. I actually have the ability to, among other things, see the aura's of pokemon. Which partially brings me to why I came." He reached for one of his pokeballs and released the pokemon inside to reveal a Phione with a pink jewel and star-shaped markings. The more notable features however were it's deep violet aura, though only Trainer V and those with similar gifts were able to notice, and the sheer chill in his stare. Trainer V scooped up the pokemon in his arms and continued, "This Phione here had his heart closed by sinister means and I have been working to open it ever since I recieved him. I'm sure that if I can open his heart before we get to Arceus, then we might have a chance at convincing Him that this world has decent people."

    Phione's mind was elsewhere, however, as he eyed the nearby Skarmory and thought, 'Something about that Skarmory doesn't seem right... I had better keep an eye on her, otherwise she might try something with space-cadet.' Phione locked eyes with the skarmory long enough to make it clear that if she tried to harm his trainer, she would learn the true power of a shadow pokemon.
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  12. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH


    Halt Beta and Chrona the Celebii

    "Capture...on!" shouted Halt from his position in the tree near the HIGHLY angered Aggron that was smashing it's way through the forest. The Capture Disc flew out of the Stlyer and started to loop around the Aggron too many times to count. The blue circle then closed around the Aggron, and it's eyes became less wild. Calming down, the pokemon bowed to Halt before turning around and clomping off back to the mountain cave near Mistraltron City. "Bii Bii!" came the cheerful sounds of Halt's partner Chrona the Celebii. Attaching the Capture Disc back to the Stlyer, Halt struck off his Ranger Pose, which was his first two fingers on his right hand slicing in the air from his left soulder down to his right hip, spining to the right in another slice from left hip to right soulder, and ending with a backflip while Chrona played a few soft tunes on her ocarina. "Well done." spoke an old man from the shadows of the trees. Whiriling around, Halt instictively put his arm in front of Chrona, since people would do anything to get their hands on her. "Relax, i am here to tell you a tale" spoke the old man again, this time Halt noticed a friece fire burning within his eyes.

    One Story Time Lap Later

    "Let me get this straight: You want me to go to Entralink, and once there, you want us to KILL Arceus?! Fine, as long as the forest remains untouched." spoke Halt confidently. With Chrona flying behind him, he ran off to the docks, where the rangers personal method over wather could be found. A Wailmer was floating near the docks, as usual, and Halt spoke to it in a calm voice "Hey buddy! Can you get me and Chrona to Entralink quickly?" The Wailmer nodded, and Halt and Chrona where quickly on their way to Entralink, thanks to the speed of the wailmer. Apon reaching the island, Chrona flew into some bushes to empty her lunch while Halt tossed a Oran berry into the Wailmer's mouth as payment. "Sorry Chrona, i forgot you get sea sick easily." laughed Halt as he sat on a rock towards the middle of the island, where he could see several other people converging. Chrona, looking better, sat next to the rock and played a few notes on her ocarina softly.
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  13. Anonymouss

    Anonymouss Member

    Joseph and Joshua "The Clones" Antonimous

    “So, to summarize what you’re saying, Arceus is about to awaken and kill us all?” Josh asked slowly, looking at the man he and Joe were sat across from. They were sitting in a private booth, acquired with some ease by Joe and Josh when Gin had approached them and said he had a serious mission.

    “Precisely.” Gin replied, looking relived that they had grasped it so quickly.

    “And… where do you need us to go?” inquired Joe, drawing on the table with a pencil, but not looking up from his sketch.

    “Entralink.” said Gin, but then hurried on. “Are you willing to take on the task? To assist me in slaying our creator before he does the same to us?”

    Joe finally looked up from his graffiti and shared a glance with Josh. He knew they were both thinking the same thing; if they could persuade Arceus to let the humans live, and not destroy them, then they wouldn’t have to kill him. Yes, that would do.

    They nodded. “We’re in.” they said simultaneously.

    “Excellent.” Gin replied, as Joe returned to his drawing and Joe looked out of the window. “I will see you soon, no doubt.” And, as they looked back to say goodbye, he had gone.

    Several hours later, after collecting supplies, Joe and Josh stood in a sheltered alcove in Snowpoint, their Espeon and Shiny Umbreon standing with them. Joe and Josh crouched down and wrapped their arms around the Pokemon, and whispered “Do it.” before they vanished with a pop.

    Over at Entralink, the sun radiated warmth and light from above, the shadows cast by those objects blocking it's rays began to shimmer. They rippled and moved, then began to converge on each other, moving around the floor like black sheets and stopping at a spot in the centre of the group of people.

    Then, the gathering of shadows sprang upwards, and fierce winds began to be blown out of the thing at all directions. Suddenly, with a sound that resembled a clap of thunder, two twin, black-haired, teenage boys emerged, crouching, their arms around an Espeon and Shiny Umbreon, the gales whipping their hair and the Pokemon;’s fur about.

    The boys stayed crouched and with their eyes closed to protect from the winds and, as the shadows returned to where they had been summoned, they rose slowly and opened their bright, turquoise eyes.
  14. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    (OOC) Nice posts guys. When Anonymouss and treespyro post, the real thing will begin… I wonder if my request for a discussion thread has been accepted yet… Until then, just interact and let your characters get to know each other.

    I gave you all annoying nicknames! Hoorah! Thanks to lxdarknessxl for some of them.

    EDIT: Ninja'd. Anonymouss posted. Soon... After I get back from school, I'll compose a GM post. It'll be headed with GM... Yeah...

    Lilith Czernobori
    The Entralink

    Several more people entered the Entralink. There was quite the motley crew gathered on the small island. Lilith looked around at everyone. The cloaked boy began talking. She looked at him, the boy whose name was Free.

    “Free… it’s a good name. But I’ll call you… Prince.”

    The boy turned his head towards her quizzically. She looked at him seriously. “I grew up around preppy kids, and rich kids. You have that air around you. It’s not that pronounced, but if ya grow up royalty, you can’t miss the signs.”

    Lilith looked at the rest of the group. She looked at the black-haired boy struggling with a Poke-ball. “Yo, Shy Guy.” He looked up at her. She smirked and turned towards the rest of the crowd. Rose, Davis, Tensei, Alisa, and Halt became “Fangirl, Lost Boy, …Champion of Love and Beauty? Too wordy. You can be Bishie Boy. Curly, and… Link.”

    Everyone looked at her incredulously. That WTF look was exactly what I was going for, she thought. She grinned again. Then she turned toward the Skarmory. “I don’t think I should give you a nickname. There’s a line between annoying and stupid, one that I won’t cross.”

    The ancient bird looked down at her and narrowed its eyes. Lilith turned away and went back to her tree. Everyone had begun telling their life’s stories. She sat back and listened. It was better to know a bit about the people she’d be questing with. Another boy, a Ranger, flew in on a Wailmer. With a Celebi of all things. Looked like Manaphy and Phione would be joining them too. But… there was something wrong about the Phione…

    Then, two twins teleported in. "Yo, Clones!" She called over to them.

    Lilith laughed. This would be fun.
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  15. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Mariana Perez
    Location: Just off Accumula Town

    Mariana was walking in a nice chilly day with her Pokemon, Dario the Arcanine. The wind blew, the trees were swaying. It was a normal day for Mariana with missions that she had to complete. "Diego, see if you can find any scent" she ordered her Pokemon. One thing you will notice when Mariana speaks is her Spanish accent which is quite strong but not hard to understand. Dario the Arcanine, started to sniff around for any scent. The day was surprisingly quiet though because Mariana could hear anything except for the wind howling and that was very odd to her. "Dario, you found something?" she asked when her Pokemon came back to her. Dario shook his head which surprised Mariana even more. "That is very strange, something must be up" she said to her Pokemon. "Alright lets head back" she told her Pokemon as she started to walk towards Accumula Town.

    Mariana and Dario made their way back until she bumped into an old man. "Sorry elder" Mariana apologized to the old man. "Not to worry, young lady" he said to her. "How would you like to do a mission?" he asked Mariana and her Pokemon. "We do missions. What is it?" she asked. "Well I will ask you this, how would you like to be the cause of the downfall of a god?" he explained in a low tone. "Que?" Mariana was confused. "Hmm....maybe I should tell you the story of a tale that includes the god Arceus" he started to explain to story to Mariana and her Pokemon. Eventually after he finished, he asked the same question. "Well" Mariana wasn't sure at all. "It sounds like a challenge and I would like to help because this land is beautiful and I don't want it to perish" she answered making her accent sounding more intrusive. "Great these are the directions to your location and call me Gin not elder next time" and with that he just disappeared while Mariana was reading the directions. "So we are headed to the Entralink. This should take a while better tell mother and father where I am going for a mission" and with that Mariana left her hometown and started to make her way to the Entralink where a new mission began.

    Mariana after a long voyage with her Pokemon, finally made it to the Entralink. It was a small Island that gave the impression that it was quite big. It was a very long journey but nothing different for the athletic Mariana. "Now what is up with this place" she thought to herself. She just started to look around and she could see from a distance, people. Where there is people, there has to be information and with that mind, Mariana wandered there with her Pokemon in its Pokeball. Mariana looked at the people, a girl and a guy together who had a guitar, a male with a hood over his head, a short blonde girl with a torn white jacket, another male with brown spiky hair, a short girl with freckles and dark blue-black hair, another male with white v-neck with a navy sailor collar, a ranger which was obvious due to the outfit and scary enough two twins that looked the same. They were all chatting with each other, so Mariana was at disadvantage here. Mariana Perez, she looked different to them all. She had long black hair, olive green eyes and was actually taller than the other girls. She wore a black jacket over a white top with a light brown scarf covering her neck. Along with blue denim jeans and dark brown fashion boots. She looked pretty with her make-up and lipstick, but mostly plain and normal out of all of them. She decided to make her presence felt by introducing herself out loud. "Hola, my name is Mariana and I'm here for the same reason as you all are, correct?" she hoped that her Spanish accent didn't put anyone off and she also wondered if any boys liked the look of her.
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  16. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    (Mudkip!!! I was okay with the GM bunnying my character slightly on the first post, but Mudkip? No! Not only did you bunny my character, you broke him out of character. Musica would NEVER give Eve to Davis for even a SECOND. The moment he reached for her, he would have swacked the hand away. You broke him out of character, but since others already posted about it, I will allow THIS one, and THIS ONE ONLY. In the future, DON'T bunny my character. I am not in a good mood today to begin with. Musica wouldn't trust ANY trainer so far, and he isn't going to start doing so for a while. Not even mythical powers can stop a Gallade's loyalty, and besides, the psychic powers should contradict that. Even if he DID trust Davis, he wouldn't allow something like this. EVER.)

    Musica Lance Symphony/ Rose Flores

    "Eve trusts anyone who doesn't smell like blood, so I'm afraid you proved nothing there." Rose noted, as Eve jumped back into Musica's arms. Musica was chuckling at Lilith's nicknames, however. Why? Musica WAS a prince. Ironic, no? On the other hand, Rose looked at Musica's hood, which was attatched to his cloak. "Um.. could you please take your hood off? Your hood is different from Davis's... we can't see your face..."

    "Good." Musica answered calmly, making Rose confused. "I am trying to hide my face. I will show it to you if the time comes, but if it never does, you shall never see it."

    Musica crossed his arms, and out of curiosity, Ember tried to take his hood off, when a pure-white sword emerged from the cloak, pointed towards Ember. However, neither his arms nor his hands showed up. "I'm warning you. Don't try anything."

    Ember moved back, and Musica seemed rather uncomfortable. "By the way, can you get Bunny off me? It's kind of uncomfortable when the weight on your legs suddenly get different."

    At once, Rose blushed as Blaze peeled the Lopunny off of Musica's back. "Sorry, Free..."

    "It's fine. Anyway, I'll introduce Rose's pokemon instead of her, I guess. Raki is her starter who is like the big boss of the group, the shiny Charizard is Blaze, the curious fight-loving one, and of course, Bunny, the flirty Lopunny." Musica said, as Bunny giggled, and the other two rolled their eyes. Ember suddenly began to roar. Musica's eyes widened, and he looked over at Rose. "Hey, Rose? Ember says your team wants to battle me. You up for a battle?"

    "Sure, what Pokemon do you want to use?" Rose asked, happy that she would be able to battle Musica for the first time.

    "Pokemon? Whatever could you mean? Ember said she wants to battle ME, not my Pokemon." Musica scoffed, and Rose's eyes widened. Before she could say anything, all three pokemon charged at Musica, who smiled. "So, three on one, good choice. However, this way, this is only a simple Free For All!"

    "No, wait, get back here! You can't-" began Rose, but Ember used Dragon Claw, Raki used Shadow Ball, and Bunny used Dizzy Punch. Musica, laughing, jumped over the punch easily, slid under Ember's legs, and used her wings to hide himself from the Shadow Ball. Ember screeched, then flew up into the air with Musica... until he grabbed her wings, and threw her towards the ground. He then smiled as he grabbed his hood, and spun like a drill towards the ground. Bunny rushed under for a Dizzy Punch uppercut, but Musica grabbed the ear on its sides, used it to move his body slightly, and when he touched the ground, he threw Bunny into Raki.

    "I don't want to harm them that badly, so I'm just using Judo and other Martial Arts." pointed out Musica, as he jumped over a Shadow Ball. At this, Musica whistled. "That was one strong Shadow Ball, Raki. You've imrpoved since we last met. However... let's see if your psychic powers can defeat my strategies!"

    Raki shot another Shadow Ball, and then a Charge Beam to follow, in case he dodged. Laughing, Musica's eyes moved to his right, and the electricity turned to hit the ground just between Ember's legs. As for the Shadow Ball, Musica began one of his own, and Raki's attack disappeared inside it, but it seemed exactly as if Musica caught it. Smiling, Musica threw it at Raki... who winced when the Shadow Ball was right in front of her face. However, when she noticed no pain, she opened her eyes, to see Musica smiling down at her. He had punched the Shadow Ball to disperse it. "Good try, you three, but you've still got ways to go. You don't work as a team just yet... if you had, you would have taken me down within seconds. However, like this, I can easily make it so I make you hurt eachother instead of me."

    Rose looked at Musica with open eyes. "So, THIS is what you meant when you said YOU were protecting the POKEMON... and how did you catch the Shadow Ball?"

    "Easy, Shadow Balls are simply orbs of dark energy. Learn to stop it by countering it with similar emotioned energies, and it may happen." Musica laughed, as he pulled out some items to heal the pokemon. "Instead of training, you should be teaching them to get along, for now. Raki is your powerhouse, but she cannot use much close-range attack, nor are her attacks very fast. Bunny's attacks are swift, but has way to much openings, and her long-ranges are too weak to be of any help. Ember gets too caught up in flashy moves that she does not notice easy ways to trap the enemy. For example, she could have caught me with her wings instead of flying up. Your pokemon are strong physically, but not very much emotionally. If the three work together, their weaknesses are hidden."

    Musica sat down and began to eat an apple, as he smiled. After gulping down what was in his mouth, he spoke. "In videogame terms, it would be as if they were having a free-for-all war game, and they were picking off all the enemies who are of similar strength, and ignoring the strongest one. No, what you should have done, is form an alliance, to defeat the big boss, and not go after himself one by one."

    Eve trotted towards Musica, who happily shared his apple with her as she climbed up his arm to get inside his hood, on his head. "Vee!"

    "...by the way, Eve is a kit, as I told you, so I can't understand her. It sounds exactly like it does to the average human. Right, Raki?" asked Musica, and she nodded, as Musica tossed her an apple. Rose's pokemon gathered around Musica, as he rolled his eyes and handed them apples. "Just so you know, you three, I'm rolling my eyes right now."
  17. Bronzong#1

    Bronzong#1 Cell Shaded

    Entralink: There is so much diversity here, twins, rangers, and a trainer with dark types. Shy Guy that has a nice sound to it but it sounds familiar like a videogame character, oh well. " I guess I am next, hello all, my name is Marcus Iluss, I am from the isle of Iluss, which is located in the south sea of Unova. No human lives there, but a lot of ice type pokemon there so it is not entirely lonely. I lived there for quite a while and found and caught all my pokemon there. My pokemon are a Mamoswine, a Glaile with golden horns and red eyes, and a blue Torkoal. I hope to work with you all to take down the deity known as Arceus. Who's next?"

    Sheesh that was so bad, I wonder if anyone noticed my discomfort. Better observe the people, see if I can get on thier good side. Xanos needs some air. Marcus pulls out a Nest Ball, "Alright lets go Xanos." Marcus then throws the Nest Ball and after the intial flash a blue torkoal comes out snorting out fire and white smoke billowing form its shell.Lets see their reaction. I wonder if anyone will challenge me to a battle, we will find out soon enough now won't we?

    Xanos nervous about the pokemon retreats into his shell, "Tork Tor Torkoal?"(Do I have to come out)

    Unknown to many people Marcus can understand his Pokemon, and in turn can understand him." Yes you have to."

    Xanos reluctant "Tor tor tor torkoal....."(Fine, I will, I guess.)

    "Alright then Xanos, Observe!" Xanos then comes out of his shell and starts observing the pokemon.
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  18. Anonymouss

    Anonymouss Member

    OCC: I'm not even comfortable with the GM to control my characters tbh.... apologies, but if you plan to do this regularly, Niihyl, I'm afraid I must step down.
  19. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    I apologize for bunnying. I'm used to writing fanfics and novels, etc., where I control
    Everything... I won't control your characters...

    Again, sorry... I'm pretty new, and I'm learning as I go.


    Note: GM posts will be written very generally in 2nd person POV. Like the prologue. This is pretty short (since nothing has happened yet).

    You have all arrived at the Entralink. You have gotten to know each other somewhat, and have gathered at the request of Gin, the mysterious old man.

    Gin walks out of the Entree Forest. His eyes twinkle merrily, and he smiles at you all. He walks with the aid of an old gray staff. He looks around at all of you, and begins to speak;

    “I am glad to see you all again. All of you, from all over the world have come to help me do what is right. You have all come to save the world. However, we cannot go to Arceus’ domain, because the way is blocked to us. We must find an item that will bring down the stairway. We must find the Azure Flute.” Gin takes a breath, and sighs. “The Azure Flute is in the hands of the Cult of Azure, a Cult of zealots that worship Arceus, so deluded are they by his power. Unfortunately, the Cult of Azure disappeared mysteriously about fifty years ago. That is where we will go.”

    “Perhaps you are wondering. How can we go fifty years into the past? With this,” Gin says, pulling out a glowing diamond the size of a man’s head. It seemed to vibrate with power. “This is the Adamant Orb. It has power over Time. We can use it to travel fifty years into the past.”

    Gin carries the orb towards a tall, mighty tree with a blue hexagon inscribed on its trunk. He beckons for you to come to him. He touches the Orb to the tree, and it flares with light. Power seems to flow from the Earth itself and fill the sphere. He holds it out to you, and tells you to take hold of it.

    When you do, you feel a horrible sensation of vertigo. Existence itself seems to collapse, as you are torn from the world into another. Darkness surrounds you, and you cannot breathe. You cannot see. Every atom in your body is forcibly broken apart and reconstituted. And then, all of a sudden, it stops.

    The sun shines brightly, but you are in a shady glen. The small stream burbles happily, and the trees wave gently in the wind. Small Pokémon flit through the plant life. Zigzagoon, Rattata, Sentret, and Skitty are visible in the woods. There are Starly in the trees, and Surskit and Remoraid in the stream. If you look out past the trees, you can see a small village, which seems to be celebrating. The village is surrounded by a sea of verdant green grass, and the buildings all have thatched roofs. The villagers are all wearing blue, and they are tossing Starly into the sky, Starly that are flying to the top of a nearby mountain.

    The mountain is Mt. Coronet. You are in Sinnoh’s past. What will you do? Stay in the woods? Enter the village? But you realize, when looking around, that Gin is nowhere to be seen…
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  20. lxdarknessxl

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    (I undestand, I write fanfics myself... well, I'm new, so I'm still making my first one, but still. XD)

    Musica looked over the Torkoal, and scoffed. "Torkoal: Fire type, Coal pokemon, has many powerful moves at its dispoasal, but is more of a Defencive pokemon rather than a fighter. Fortunately, it has the move Shell Smash, which will reverse that fact, allowing it to be a major pain to fight in combat. Moves to watch out for: Inferno, Protect, Shell Smash, Toxic, Solarbeam/Sunny day combo, Gyro Ball, Eruption, and Rollout. Due to its Solarbeam, it's supereffective types are not reccomended, but rather, a Dragon type without a flying type sub-type, with the move Water Pulse. It's possible abilities may either cause it so opponents may not deliver a strike on a weak point, or as trainers call it, 'critical hit', or it may cause it's stats to be unable to go down. Best choice would be a speedy dragon type, while the worst choice would be a slow grass type. If water types are to be used, using Taunt to block the Sunny Day from happening is reccomended."

    Rose looked at Musica at his words, since it closely resembled a Pokedex... but Musica frowned. "Not worth battling. A simple combo of Rock Tomb, Rain Dance, Psychic, and Rock Slide can take it down easily, Even more so if Bulk Up, Taunt, and Stored Power is used, and if you somehow are about to lose, Destiny Bond can handle it easily... besides, even if you do defeat it, it won't help much with training."

    "...well, thanks for the info. I was going to battle it, but seems it isn't needed." Rose mentioned, and Musica smiled to her, but it was just a look saying "your welcome". Eve yawned from inside of Musica's hood, and Musica chuckled, as the Eevee fell asleep on top of his head. However, there was something Rose wanted to ask. "Um... sorry for asking, but why is your skin and hair white?"

    "Both are naturally like this, for whatever reason." Musica laughed, when Eve made a small sound. "어? 무슨 문제가 잋니, 이브?"

    When he noticed that he said that in Korean, he blushed, which was showing from the open part of his hood, and he spoke again. "S-sorry... I s-sometimes forget that I'm supposed to be speaking english..."

    "...So, we have a pokemon-speaking, pokedex-like, tough-softy, pure-white Korean who has super strength and hides his looks... Epic." Rose giggled, and Musica spoke.

    "I'm rolling my eyes." Musica stated calmly, and he looked at Bunny.

    "Pun?" she asked, and Musica smiled as he pulled out another apple and gave it to her. Musica then pulled out another apple for himself.

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