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memoirs of a grunt

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Psycotic with RAGE
this is my first fan fiction and i hope its good so please be kind and i will welcome constructive critisism. i plan on making 20 chapters of medium length if this is not sufficiently long to cover the whole story i will make more here is the prologue

the start:

“Hello my name is Alexander I am going to be you’re master for the next 13 years until you are released to the world”

I still remember that small bunch of words even though it was 6 years ago it was not a nice or gentle voice, but now i don't really think even the most lucky person in the world would have got those niceties here

I was five years old

My name is Ben and I no longer can remember my mother’s face. I live in a detention camp that has been hidden from the world. It is in the badlands between two regions-kanto and houen-on a artificial island made to contain young kids until they where made into savage fighters or turned 18 upon which they where taken to be re-educated at a secret base. Depending on how they did where given ranks in the covert organization team rocket. I narrowly escaped that fate.

This is my story.


p.s.i have not finished the first chapter and will put it up when i'm done
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