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Memories of Serebii.net (18 years celebration)

Discussion in 'Serebii.net Discussion' started by KingMinun, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. KingMinun

    KingMinun Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!

    As Joe mentioned in his recent tweets, we'll be reaching 18 years (wow...incredible) of Serebii.net, so let's share some of your memories or thoughts of Serebii.net, do you have any specific memories of the website, or has it inspired you in some way?

    For me, I've got a bundle, Serebii.net is one of the first things I look at when I wake up and check my phone, first Facebook, Timehop, Serebii and then Twitter/Instagram. Its been pretty influential to me.

    My earliest memory of the website was in the 3rd gen era. I remember always knowing of Serebii but the earliest memory in my head is around the time of Pokemon Chronicles and seeing 'Next in UK' we had 'Showdown at the Oak Corral' which had a picture of Bulbasaur, I remember seeking for it on the internet and watching it because of Serebii. I also remember using it to find pictures of Pokemon Heroes the movie, and being saddened that it was Misty's last movie. But also being really surprised that it was set in Johto and had Latios and Latias in it.
    I remember using the website a lot during FRLG and Colosseum days.

    My favourite time of the website though was during 4th gen, the lead up to it and also the generation as a whole. I remember when Diamond and Pearl had released in Japan and America and being devastated that I had to wait 3 months to play them, they looked so cool, I had checked the Serebii.net Pokedex millions of times, looking at the new starter pokemon and thinking Turtwig was one of the coolest pokemon there is. I remember being sat in an ICT lesson in school with 2 of my friends, and all of us were sat there on the website checking out the 4th gen pokemon and planning our teams, then minimising it everytime the teacher checked on us and making it look like we were doing our work on Microsoft Excel. The 3 of us used Serebii.net so much in the run up the games because of all the amazing content.

    The 4th gen era was also when I signed up to the forums, I think it was just after the announcement of HGSS, or perhaps a little bit before that, perhaps when Ash's Turtwig evolved into Grotle. But I heavily remember the DP era on these forums and look back at them with fond fond memories. I also remember coming home ill from school on day, I came home after an hour of being at school and jumped straight onto Serebii.net to see huge amount of coverage that had leaked from Corocoro that morning about HGSS. Think it also revealed a Jirachi event for Japan too on the games.

    The run up to 5th gen games was also another great time, we were getting so many leaks on here, its when I started learning about Corocoro releasing on the 15th of the month and it could leak a couple days before. I remember learning about our first female rival, and professor. I even remember taking my laptop on holiday to Greece with me, much to my mothers disapproval because it was around the time of the 15th which meant we could get leaks and sure enough we did, we had leaks of Swanna and musicals as well of Iris and Cilan for the anime.

    What amazes me now is that I'm a teacher, and the fact that the website is so successful and useful, I always find myself recommending it to my pupils to use, in fact, we watched the reveal of the Alola starters together in class because I had told them we'd be getting new info that day for SM and then they asked if they could watch it when it is revealed.

    I love that I used the website as a boy, and now as a grown man I'm telling my students to use it, at the very age I was when I first discovered the website.

    Happy 18 years Serebii, heres to many more!

    Please share your thoughts and discussions/memories of Serebii!!
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  2. MetalSonic

    MetalSonic Orderan' Defendan'

    I remember when there was a whole buncha competition in the forums amongst clans. There still is, but not so much anymore simply due to the low number of clans and I suppose, a smaller influx of new members. ^^;


    Being on xats and chattin with people is always a blast, but it certainly was somethin special doin it with all sorts when there was 2 pages worth of clans. Of course, we can still chat with our clans, but all the competition, tours, and different perspectives on competitive was always so interesting with how often it happened and what people thought on the gens' meta way back when. I think my fave memories was just chattin about in those competitive chats and watchin battles, discussin metas like gen 5 weather wars and gen 6 Talonflame, and just playin around with a whole buncha randos over the years.

    The trade forum was cool to, especially in Gen 5. All those RNG abusers were like wizards, hehe. I could only do that stuff a little.

    Being taken to Serebii Court cause I traded an unknowingly hacked Celebi was also an experience. I didn't know, I was even willing to trade that Snorunt back immediately but that dude was out for blood. >.<

    Of course, a special shout out to my own clan to! I do have a buncha fun discussin Pokemon competitive and seein you guys bounce off of each other. It always feels nice seeing you guys havin fun talkin to each other and battlin.
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