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Memories of White **Sign-up**


Fire in the dark...
Memories of White
**Sign-up Open**

Story: ‘The peace of the world is under threat by a man and a woman. They have built up a device that can destroy the world. They must be stopped at all costs.’
This message booms through the speakers as soldiers march out to search for them.
“Over here! She looks like one of them…and so does he!” They capture all people looking like them. They might just have little similarities like same eye colour same hair style or colour. No one is safe as they parade through the soaking streets, crashing down any door that won’t open for them. Children are taken, Elders, parents. More than half the town is taken to the clinic for questioning. The questions were the same for everyone.
“Where do you work?” “What do you do?” “Do you go to school?” “What do you like doing?” “How did you get here?” “Why are you in this town?”
Blankly you stare the officer and doctor into the eyes. You can’t answer. The same thoughts run through your head. ‘My life is going to be ruined’
Outside the clinic is chaos. Mothers screaming for their husband or children to be let free. Children banging against anything, trying to get their parents and friends out of the hell hospital. You can hear them in the distance whilst the men observe you. Next to you someone screams and all you do is start to cry. They come towards you with a needle.
“You need to answer the questions, young one.” A muffled voice comes from behind you. No one is there but you know that someone is there, watching behind you.
“Better listen to the boss otherwise you will have trouble!” Someone runs for you. Just in time you dodge and see the face of the person. His eyes are the colour of the sky but something inside them makes you hate them. His mouth is scarred and pale; his face is as white as snow and his golden hair like a beacon on top of his head, combed neatly but is falling into his eyes.
“Good reactions young one. We might need someone like you, if you weren’t chained up.” He flashes his teeth which are pointed like sharks and look like they can rip the bark off a tree. You run but only get a few steps before you crash to the ground. He jumps on top of you and you scream, trying to shove him off but he shoves the needle in your neck and whispers in your ear
“Goodnight young one.”

*~*~*~*~*~*~Your Role*~*~*~*~*~*~

You can choose between being one that has lost his/her memory or a doctor who looks after them.
Lost memory:
These usually are shyer but can jump up and attack the doctors for no reason other than rage. I will choose a female and male those are the ones who can destroy the world ad PM a short plot twist to them that they can use whenever they want but only once.
They are nice and calm but have a different side, every time a lost memory patient attacks them. All doctors should be different and don’t have to be nice and calm, they can be angry and impatient, always shoving a new needle in your neck.

*~*~*~*~*~*~the World*~*~*~*~*~*~
The world is based off the book ‘Throne of glass’ Map --> Map.jpg.jpg the names of the countries and cities stay the same. You will be on the dead islands just east of Bellhaven. The main city is in Eyllwe , Calaculla.
The Dead Islands are a deserted place that the doctors moved you to after you were put to sleep. No one ever goes there so it’s the ideal hiding spot. If in the RPG you manage it outside you will see that everything is deserted, ashes are everywhere. The Trees look like skeletons and the water is as black as the night.

*~*~*~*~*~Sign-up Form~*~*~*~*~*~

Name: (e.g. Arthur, Alice etc.)
Age: (Anything ranging 10-50)
Gender: (Female/Male)
Type: (Memory Loss/Doctor
Description of looks: (e.g. long, wavy brown hair flowing into a dark red at the bottom. Chesnutt brown kind eyes. Freckles. Tanned skin but later one white due to lack of sun…etc. Must include clothes, accessories, if your character is ‘chubby’, ‘fit’ or ‘muscular’. Any hair colour. Doesn’t need to be natural.)
Personality: (Please describe fully and at what your character can get angry or sad from. If he/she likes people. How he/she behaves around people. Hobbies and interests and finally how your character will act when provoked or blackmailed.
1) Scared of doctors? Y/N
2) Scared of the dark? Y/N
3) Claustrophobic? Y/N
4) Favorite food?
5) Favorite colour?
6) Likes to read? Y/N (If yes what genre?)

DON’T ask if you can be the man/woman who they were originally looking for
DO ask questions if needed
DO suggest a plot twist to me in PM if you want to.
DON’T write for other characters
DO always write your name in front of your post. This makes it easier for us to monitor
(I will update if needed)
Also I would prefer active characters. You don’t have to write everyday but if would be good if you could just read through what you have missed and see if it is appropriate to write

Thanks for reading through and I hope you join