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Memory Reversal 2: Time Loop


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Accepted Players: If you're not on the list, don't post here! Links to each sign-up in case you need to know something you can't remember. Sorry if I ramble a bit in the first post. Just trying to set the scene again and make sure the newbies are off okay. RPG starts right before Dialga uses Roar of Time on a Friday at noon. By the end of everyone's first post, the time is Wednesday at noon.

Newbies: Use the text under the bolded part.
Previous Players: Make something up. You've been through it before and know who this is :)

Remeber, E is for EVERYONE! Last gentle reminder, none will remember who you are besides your Pokemon. Let it begin.

Skillfulness- Marth Kane / Pikachu
Team: Growlithe, Bayleef, Taillow, and Sentret (ya gotta go down a bit to see my SU)

Skeith- Sandra "Sandy" Fielding / Togetic
Team: Luxray, Noctowl, Wynaut, and Infernape

CyberBlastoise- Bill Darius / Rhydon
Team: Blastoise, Empoleon, Pidgeot, and Jolteon

Ysavvryl- Shannon "Shan" Redbird / Claydol
Team: Mismagius, Chimecho, and Makuhita

DVB- Diego Vendrix / Quilava
Team: Pikachu, Dusknoir, and Togekiss

treespyro- Jessica Davis / Umbreon
Team: Gradevoir, Cloyster, Houndoom, and Glameow

themightydoof- Lane Neal / Tauros
Team: Froslass, Cacturne, Feraligatr, and Ninetails

InnerFlame- Izefia "Izzy" Brill / Smeargle
Team: Mankey, Furret, Croconaw, Sneasel, and Acranine

strategiser24- Will Barnes / Dragonite
Team: Feraligatr, Magneton, and Metagross

Accidental- Warren Caulfield / Wooper
Team: Typhlosion, Mime Jr., and Mime Jr.

FallenSanity- Sidus Regis / Armaldo
Team: Shedinja, Ninjask, Snorlax, Pupitar, and Lucario

Musical Mayhem- Allison "Ally" and Elliot Shuster / Plusle and Minun (respectively)
Ally's Team: Noctowl, Prinplup, Pachirisu, and Espeon
Elliot's Team: Infernape, Rampardos, and Leafeon

Marth Kane: Apartment Room B103

Marth drummed her fingers on the desk with a sigh. She stared blankly and the computer screen, head slumped on the desk, waiting for something, anything, to happen. Various links to websites were all trained on news channels and all the news was trained on what would become of Pokémon Battling. The Sinnoh News Network was obviously biased, only showing interviews or sharing information that made Pokemon Battling look better. On the other hand, Johto Instant Access said, “Training Equals Slavery!” through their coverage. To be honest, Marth has never been interested in politics. However, the hot topic was Pokemon Battling, something precious to Marth, so she can’t help but be curious.

“But watching the news is soooo boring!” she cried, pushing back her chair. It rolled across the floor and spun around, facing the window. It looked out on Mahogany Town, barely a mile away, with its majestic Gym and the Lake of Rage looming behind it. Marth sighed sadly as she wished to be out there training. But, with all this debate on how ethical Pokémon Training is, some trainers have been really put down…

With another sigh, Marth rolled back to the computer and began to click around in her documents. Ever since the incident a year back, Marth has been involved with the Reverse World, even if only a little. She records unnatural phenomena for the Legendary Pokémon who need to make sure things stay balanced. Besides that, she’s also digging to see if she can find any information about her parents. She’s still convinced they’re somewhere in the Reverse World. Also, she’s researching to see if there’s a way to negate the affects that go along with Memory Reversal. She misses her friends.

At least I don’t have a family to miss, she thought glumly. Clacking away, she realized how little information she really had. Sitting back, she decided to go back t the news.

“Reports are coming in that Hoenn Representatives have come to a decision and are waiting on the Gym Leaders. At the moment, Hoenn Gym Leaders and meeting with Johto Representatives and Gym Leaders. Most likely, they’re attempting to give one last push to banning-” Marth muted the channel. She was sick of all the drama and sugar-coated media. That was all she had been interested in for the past week and it made her want to train.

“Hey Sear,” she asked her Growlithe. “Do ya think it’d be too risky to go train for an hour or two?” The pup’s ear perked up and she looked to Marth longingly.

“I thought you’d agree,” she said with a smile. Trainer and Pokémon got up and prepared to head out at the wrong moment. A bright flash seemed to consume everything and Marth suddenly found herself frozen in a sea of nothing. But she didn’t panic. She was definitely caught off guard, but she knew exactly what was happening.

Marth, you should understand what is happening. Dialga has used Roar of Time which has activated the Memorial Blast. I hate to drag you into this, but the Legendary Pokémon are weakened. Please find out why and put an end to it. You did a wonderful job last time, I’m sure you can restore balance once more.

You forget, Marth thought into the white, I had help last time.

Yes. But, I do believe there are others you have yet to meet. Good luck, who knows what you all will be up against? With that, the white began to recede. The real world faded back. Marth blinked and took in where she was.

A message to the others, those new to Memory Reversal;

You are unique individuals with a wonderful power. You are immune to our Memorial Blast and so are not remembered by the world. Though this is unfortunate, it opens a new world for you. Now I must ask of you a favor, to discover why we Legendaries have been weakened. There are others like you who can help, marked by light. They will guide you through this new world and help you discover your power.

Marth Kane: Pewter City

“Hey, I’m back in Kanto!” In fact, she was at the heart of Pewter City. Two days ago, she started making her way back to Mahogany Town, where she usually stayed when not doing much. She was in Kanto looking for leads on the debate about Pokémon Battling. She didn’t find anything.

“Now I’m back. So Dialga’s Roar of Time sent me back two days.” Or rather everyone. And there’re some people who are totally lost because they weren’t at the Chap Battles a year back. This is their first experience with the Reverse World. Marth dug around in her back, promptly pulled out her notebook and wrote,

”-find/help others with reversal twins
-save the world… again”

She smiled a bit, and then put the notebook away. Her plan was to visit Cerulean Cave, the one place she knew she could find some information, and friends. Unknown to her, she glowed, but only to be seen by the right people. Marth released her Pokémon, already aware of the situation, and headed north, to Cerulean City.

OOC: Added your Infernape Skieth.
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Diego Vendrix: Kanto Skies- Somewhere between Pewter Town and Cerulean City

High above the clouds of Cerulean City, a lone Trainer stood above the clouds on a flying Pokemon. Closer seen, the pokemon was revealed to be a Togekiss, with her trainer sitting on her, binoculars in one hand and a headset on him.
"Yeah, nothing. He's not here in Cerulean sky. I think I covered most if not all of Kanto skylines. Now, we confirmed he is not in Hoemn or Kanto. I'll fly to Jotho after a vacation, meanwhile, you can check Sinnoh. Also, I heard he isn't the only legendary affected. Don't worry, we'll find him." he said before he hung up.

The sky was silent as the Diego was flying by. His mood shifted into one of sadness and thoughtfulness. No one remembered him. He was confused why this happened until a message was heard in his head little while ago.

You are unique individuals with a wonderful power. You are immune to our Memorial Blast and so are not remembered by the world. Though this is unfortunate, it opens a new world for you. Now I must ask of you a favor, to discover why we Legendaries have been weakened. There are others like you who can help, marked by light. They will guide you through this new world and help you discover your power.

Diego sighed as he saw nothing but clouds and sky. "My brother has never been this frantic. Then again, that Rayquaza is his soul pokemon of sorts. Only trainer I know who managed to befriend and become partners. He isn't the only legendary missing though. I better check Tin Tower in Jotho once we head there. What say you?" he asked to the sleeping pokemon beside him. The Pikachu in the fedora woke up and yawned. He looked around and soon had a look of disappointment. He simply said nodded his head. Diego peered into the distance, remembering the times he and his brother had spent helping to protect people. It was only by luck he found him once more. Although they argued and fougth alot, they still cared for one another. He wondered that because his Pikachu and his brother's Pikachu were brothers that they were able to meet in the first place. He asked Diego to help him search for Rayquaza, because of the rumors. He looked ino the sky and only his Pikachu saw the lone tear that slid down and fell onto the ground. His accomplishments... the people he met... lost...

"Okay, Angel, descend to Cerulean City," Diego said as the Togekiss nodded and they dive-bombed. As they began their descent, Diego noticed someone was glowing, but it was near Mount Moon. "I think we have some investigation to do," he said before Angel nodded and they headed toward Marth.

He lands near a wooden area before recalling back Angel. "Hello, miss?" Diego said while running toward the glowing girl. However, Pikachu also noticed she was glowing and he was on full attention mode. "Um... miss? You're glowing..." he said quietly to her, awaiting her response.
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Pokedex Researcher
-Shan Redbird, Mount Silver

Johto was currently a rough place to be for a Trainer. Some of the most experienced Trainers were here to counter the current push to outlaw Pokemon battling and training. But not Shannon Redbird. No, he was here because one of his students wanted to see the famed Mount Silver. Not only that, but the mountain was a refuge of wilderness and strong Pokemon. It would be a good test of skills, for his students, his own team, and even himself.

But on this whole trip, strange things kept happening. Most of it couldn’t really be seen: the fact that the wild Pokemon were in hiding, odd but distant sounds in the night. And there was also a supernatural feeling of dread that could be felt by psychics. Like the one girl with him. “Sorry, Shan,” she said, getting up from where she had tripped. “But I’m having a really hard time concentrating. There’s this feeling pain, like some Psychic Pokemon is badly injured. But I can’t pin down where it is.”

“I understand,” he said. Perhaps better than she knew. Some strong Pokemon was in pain… but it wasn’t even at Mount Silver. Shan couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, though. Otherwise, he would have gone to see who it was. It had started up early this morning, close to dawn.

“Maybe that’s what scaring everything else off,” one of the boys said. “I mean, it’s cool that we got to come out here, but also a bit of a waste since nothing’s out here that wants to battle.”

“It isn’t all about battling,” Shan said sharply. He was trying to get past that himself to some degree. He hadn’t been as bad as some others, he liked to think, but then he hadn’t given much thought to the Pokemon themselves sometimes.

Then his Chimecho Ching jangled. ‘Incoming transmission!’ he cried out telepathically, then snickered.

And that’s when things seemed to slow down around them. Shan noticed, and Ching, but not even the young psychic girl noticed. Right, a telepathic message came to them. Shan, I know how you feel about this…

Again? He glanced around, but the sender was someplace far away. “I’m still having trouble talking with my kids,” he stated.

Yes. The message did seem genuinely apologetic, if pressed for action. But things have turned worse than we expected and a great many of us are greatly weakened. Dialga has used Roar of Time to set things back in time, to give us a few more days to work things out. We need your assistance once again, that of you and others, some of which were not around during the last conflict.

Not that there was much of a choice in the matter. But if things were bad enough that the gods were invoking such powers, then he ought to do what he could. “Very well,” he stated. “Those that are affected will remember the missing time, then.”

And they will be marked, away from the eyes of others; you will see.

And then the days ticked backwards.

-New Bark Town

The tiny town of New Bark was quiet, as usual. A few people were milling about on their usual chores. At the eastern edge, there was a wide river. Shan found himself there once again, with the three young Trainers he had been working with. Except, since time had been messed with directly, some glitches in reality occurred. Due to the mechanics of the balance of worlds, he ended up with the harsh deal that he could be removed from peoples’ memories when such glitches occurred.

And instead of Ching being out with him, instead his new Makuhita Darius was next to him. The fighting Pokemon looked about, bewildered. “<What in the name of…?>” he said.

“I’ll explain later,” he said quietly to the Pokemon. Then, thinking quickly, he spoke to the three teens while their minds were still figuring out what happened (they couldn’t know the glitch, but it still affected them). “So you’re the kids who were going to borrow Mr. Greene’s boat to head over to Mount Silver?”

“Uh, yeah,” the oldest boy said. He looked to the medium flat-bottomed boat that was sitting on the river edge. Several oars were on board, along with rope and other things they would need. “They expect us to go out there on this?”

“You can take your Pokemon instead if they know Surf,” he suggested. “Well be careful out there. Mount Silver is a dangerous place.”

“We know what we’re doing,” the boy said. “But thanks mister.”

He nodded then headed west. Once they were a decent ways away, Shan said to his Pokemon, “Time has been set backwards, two days it seems. We’ll have to put off training at Mount Silver for a while; there’s something we need to be doing.” He brought out Ching as well as his Mismagius, Ginger. “We’ll have to deal with that added trouble of this anti-training movement, but it seems we need to check in with one of the legendaries. Or perhaps one of the others.” He brought out his cell phone.

‘Marth was looking into the Reverse World, right?’ Ginger asked telepathically. ‘But Bill seems to know about many things too…’ She brought the edges of her gown-like body to her face.

‘There was also that wave of Psychic pain, which I don’t feel anymore
,’ Ching added, flipping his broad colored ribbon tail around. ‘So, who’s the biggest Psychic around?’

Shan paused to think on that. “Lugia, I believe? I’m not quite sure where he is generally located, though.”
Lane Neal, Viridian Forest

You are unique individuals with a wonderful power. You are immune to our Memorial Blast and so are not remembered by the world. Though this is unfortunate, it opens a new world for you. Now I must ask of you a favour, to discover why we Legendaries have been weakened. There are others like you who can help, marked by light. They will guide you through this new world and help you discover your power.

Lane Neal pondered those words as he stood by a beautiful flowing waterfall. The water reflected the beams of sunlight that shone through the trees in a truly spellbinding way. But although Lane's eyes faced in the direction of this natural wonder, he wasn't looking at it. He was too lost in thought to even spare the waterfall a moment's notice. He had been on his way home, to Snowpoint City. Specifically, he'd been on the ferry taking him there that he'd caught from Pallet Town. But then there had been that flash of light, and that voice in his head, talking strange nonsense. And then he'd been back here, in Viridian Forest, where he'd started off from two days ago. It was almost like time had been turned back.

Lane tried thinking over what the voice had said. You are unique individuals with a wonderful power. Lane couldn't think of any kind of power that he possessed, so he left that one for now. More significantly, the use of the word 'individuals' meant that this had happened to other people as well. You are immune to our Memorial Blast and so are not remembered by the world. Though this is unfortunate, it opens a new world for you. Lane had absolutely no idea what a Memorial Blast was, but he assumed that was the name of what had happened. The voice said he was 'immune' to it, but he had certainly been affected by it. So perhaps it was designed to affect him in a different way? Not remembered by the world? The concept was almost inconceivable, not to mention highly dubious seeing as Sleet, Spike, Teeth and Noble all remembered him. And opening a new world for him? He didn't feel like he was in any kind of new world. Now I must ask of you a favour, to discover why we Legendaries have been weakened. Legendaries? Weakened? The idea of Mewtwo being in any way weak amused Lane somewhat, especially as he was being forever beaten by him. But how could he find out what had happened? The idea that Legendaries were asking him for help scared him a little. There are others like you who can help, marked by light. They will guide you through this new world and help you discover your power. How could he find these 'others'? Marked by light, certainly, but he had to see one to know that. There probably weren't very many, so it seemed a little unlikely that he'd just randomly run into one.

So what should he do? If it was relating to Legendaries, he could ask Mewtwo, but that was a last resort. He didn't want to give him any reason act more superior than he already did. The part that really concerned him was being forgotten. So... he would go home to Snowpoint, like he was doing anyway. If his family knew who he was then he could write the whole thing off as a figment of his imagination. But if they didn't... he could work things out from there. He turned to his Pokemon, who had been watching his silent thought with some concern.

"OK, we're going to Snowpoint now. But we're going to need to get there a bit faster than I anticipated. So Noble, I'll have to ride on your back, alright?"

The Ninetales nodded, clearly seeing that something was wrong. He took out three Pokeballs of the four he owned and allowed the light from them to seal away his friends. He hopped onto Noble's back, who immediately began running south, in the direction of Pallet Town.


Sandy Fielding, Canalave Library

Sandy sat in a corner of the library near a window, paying more attention to the Wingul’s caught on the wind than the book in her hands. Her face was reddened and it was clear that she had recently been crying. Behind her, her two of her Pokémon Artemis, a Noctowl, and Dresden, a Inferape, were pawing through books for the answer to what had happened to them just a short while ago. Still without work to distract her it was only a matter of time before Sandy’s mind drifted back to the incident.

Sandy had been out doing fieldwork for Rowan, documenting the Bidoof’s natural behavior and relationship with their environment. She had only recently returned from her studies in Canalave but the behavior of the Pokémon of Route One had changed drastically in the fortnight she had been up there. Bidoof, a common sight on the route and quite a tame creature had suddenly gone into hiding and the few Sandy had found had been nervous, as though a predator had been through the area. The only explanation was a large psychic tension that seemed to be building in the background of the route, filling Sandy with feelings of sadness and dread. The only thing that was near by that could emit such an aura was Mesprit and if that were the case, Rowan would need to know. Sandy rushed back towards the lab but as she did reality seemed to dissolve away into nothingness. Terrified, Sandy tired to speak but found she couldn’t open her mouth, let alone speak. It was as though she had no physical presence in this realm. Then suddenly a loud and dominating voice filled the realm.

You are unique individuals with a wonderful power. You are immune to our Memorial Blast and so are not remembered by the world. Though this is unfortunate, it opens a new world for you. Now I must ask of you a favor, to discover why we Legendaries have been weakened. There are others like you who can help, marked by light. They will guide you through this new world and help you discover your power.

As soon as it finished speaking and powerful gust whipped up around Sandy and when it dissolved she found herself walking behind Rowan back in Canalave. She tired to talk to her professor but when he looked at her it was clear there was no recognition behind those eyes. She recalled the voice informing her that she would not be remembered and refused to believe it were true. Surely her family would remember her and she ran off to call her mother. It would turn out to be one of the worst decisions of her life.

Something settled on her shoulder and Sandy turned to see Artemis sitting there, looking at her with sympathy. Sandy wiped her eyes again.

“Oh Mr.Hoothoot…” She said, triggering a sigh from the owl. Normally he would have been harsher but Sandy had been through a lot today. “Did you find anything?” The owl shook its head sadly. They had been researching to see if there was any record of anything like this happening before but time wraps and forgetfulness led back to the same two sources. Dialga and Uxie. Why both sources had deemed it necessary to erase her and her team from history was beyond Sandy but she wasn’t going to find answers here. The only option available to Sandy was what she and her team had known from the start. She recalled Dresden and walked outside with Artemis who prepared to take flight.

There was only one place they could go. Lake Acuity.


Fire and Ice Combo
Izefia ‘Izzy’ Brill- Johto’s Safari Zone in Cianwood City

Izzy was hiking up a mountainous area until she got to a clearing where there was a little vegetation. Perfect, she got down lower and began slowly creep into it as her eyes looked for a specific pokemon. She finally found it a Larvitar, her eyes locked onto it as she contained her excitement of seeing it. She began to move almost completely silently though she timed her movement will with the blowing wind and the pokemon movement. She was almost in touching distance…

“Ms. Brill your time is up please returned to the entrance,” her badge told her quite loudly and the Larvitar immediately fled. Grunting in frustration she stood up dusted of her skirt and put her cream color shirt and hat back on. She turned on her heels and began heading back.

This place was the Safari Zone where rare pokemon live; Izzy hated it. Poor pokemon fences up unable to go where they pleased. The Warren claim it for their own well being; but then have the nerve to make people pay to get in and capture them. It was so infuriating because some of the same pokemon she met out in the actual wild weren’t so timid that it flees when human comes within ten feet of them and she often tested that theory. If she threw a rock at a Tauros outside of these walls it would try to flatten her while these creatures ran away when food was to be given to them. But what really seem to get her enraged were the Smeargle also trapped here; she had half the mind to start break down barriers and setting the pokemon free. But unfortunately, she doubt they would actually leave they were well fed and even if they did there was nowhere for them to run on this island where they won’t get capture again.

All she wanted was to see a Larvitar… feel it skin, observe it in a natural environment and if she could only go to Mt. Silver she wouldn’t have to deal with this horrid place. They denied her saying she wasn’t a strong enough trainer to go there and this place is the only other place where Larvitar reside in Johto. There were interesting pokemon, but she felt like she was wasting her time; the pokemon wouldn’t let her get anywhere close to them and she wasn’t allowed to use her pokemon. As she began to climb down the mountain, she was frozen in a flash of light and was surrounded by nothingness.

Izzy, you’r-

“Omigosh, voices in my head!” Izzy said with a gasped, she would have done something like cover her eyes and close her eyes if she could move.

It’s me, this happened a year ago remember?

“…Oh right, it so totally did; I always try to ignored random voices in my head tell to do things.” A relieved chuckle came out follow a rather moment of silence. “I’m just kidding. So how are thing going, having fun? You should help me destroy this terrible place and free its prisoners.”

“Izzy this is urgent the Legendaries are weaken and we need you to figure out why.”

“I’ll gladly accept! J.C., Mars, Billy Willy, and Master Shan will be on this journey as well right.”

“Most likely yes there will some other new people as well.”

“Okey-dokey, leave it to me! Izzy to the rescue!” She cheerfully cheered... probably the peppiest responses received all day by everyone else, especially since it was a dire situation for the legendaries.

“Alright… good luck Izzy…”

Olivine City

It didn’t take long after the nothingness turned into something for the girl the realize that she was back in Olivine City that City she was in two day before the long boat ride to go to that horrible place. She reached into her bag and she had her ticket for that destination and her money wasted to go inside the Safari Zone. As wonder what to do next she remember Master Shan telling her about a legendary pokemon that lived in the seas of Johto as pulled out her book a flipped the page until she got to it. Its name was Lugia and even though it was psychic and flying it lived in water, very interesting. Doing some special research herself, she heard it been claimed to be seen around the Whirl Islands… The young adult decides to see if it was there even if it wasn’t she’ll get the chance to check out the pokemon that live at the Whirl Islands. She went to go trade in her ticket.
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Cyber Robert

Shockingly Lovely
Bill Darius - Viridian Forest

Bill had been working pretty hard for the new Treasure Hunts, climbing tall mountains, exploring deep caves, and training physically hard with his pokemon. Silver and he were jumping from one tree to the next, though it was hard for both to keep their balance without grabbing onto another nearby branch or the tree itself. Bill stated after the umpteeth time, "Still can't seem to get it right." Bill felt like he needed to train a long time, mostly because of the recent uprising of Pokemon Battle bans. He did not want to think much about it, as he knew that Treasure Hunting would be amongst the first to go, since it involved great danger to both trainers and their Pokemon, and he did not want to think much about it. His newest addition, Sparky, was providing a little "motivation" for their jumps, a.k.a. she was hurling Thunderbolts at them both, under Bill's command of course. Soon, Silver had landed down, signifying that he was tired and wanted a little rest. Bill decided to press on a little bit more before he went back down. However, he soon jumped on an unstable branch and started to fall, his pokemon unable to reach him when suddenly, he stopped in midair. At first this seemed strange, then he realized something, time itself had stopped. Soon, everything had blanked out, Bill still in his position of falling.

He heard a voice, Bill, please hear me out.

I know that voice! It is you isn't it? thought Bill

Yes...my time is short, as is yours. We legendaries have been weakened by a plague of sorts. We do not know entirely what is going on ourselves, so we have called out for the help of others including you. I am afraid I cannot explain much. Just know that you will be forgotten once more, and that you need the help of those who are also forgotten.

Bill asked, How will I know who is? Last time, it was just dumb luck.

Simple. The others will have a light shine amongst them. This is the key that will help you. One other thing, Dialga will be turning back time to the best of his ability...he most likely will perish with the stress...do not search him out until the time is right... And with that, he heard a loud roar as time itself started to move backwards, until....

Bill Darius - Pallet Town

Bill had been standing at the edge of town. His friend, or rather old friend, a young man clad in a Pokemon Ranger outfit, had been standing next to him as they walked. The young man looked toward Bill and said, "Oh sorry, never noticed you here before."

Bill remembered the effects of the Memorial Blast on him and few others, while he himself remembered certain events, he himself would be forgotten. "Yeah, I get that a lot," he answered. Bill extended his hand as though he were greeting a new person, "I'm Bill. Bill Darius. What about you?"

The friend stated, "Henry Dusk. So, Bill, is it? What brings you about to Pallet Town?"

"I am on my way to Cerulean City," he answered. One of the first legendary Pokemon he knew the locations for was Mewtwo, because of their little 'encounter' last time. Though he knew why Henry was on his way to Pallet Town due to heading to the "Pokemon Battle Debate" that Bill decided to avoid; however, he did not want to sound rude, so he asked, "What about you?"

"Oh, I'm on my way to the debate in Indigo Plateau," he answered, "Need to get some view points of some Pokemon Rangers in the Kanto Region across."

"Ah, well, that's nice," answered Bill as the duo headed north toward Viridian City.
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Musical Mayhem

~Simple and Clean~
OOC: I'm not on the official list yet... but I was accepted! :)

Allison and Elliot Schuster~ Oreburgh City

"Home sweet home!" Ally squealed dramatically, throwing herself onto her red polka dotted bed with relief, "Finally away from that stupid fossil dig," She murmured into her pillow. Rayne looked up from where she was sleeping on the bed, one lilac eye opened just slightly enough to see her trainer. She padded across the soft bedding, purring when she reached Ally, who laid a hand on her Espeon with love.

"Oh stop being so dramatic!" Elliot's voice echoed from down the hall, "I had to sit through your dumb bassoon recital sis!" Elliot appeared in his sister's doorway, glancing down at where she lay, only her blond bob visible from where she'd snuggled into the covers, a tiny black bow adorning her head, "It's not like Kanto was that bad..." The twins had just returned from their trip to Kanto. It was the school's yearly trip, quite a few students were selected to go every year. Allison was, of course, always selected to go play with the university wind ensemble. There were barely any bassoonists in Sinnoh, better yet just at OU. This year, Elliot had been among the few selected to go. They had been overjoyed to see each other at all of their recitals and digs, despite the complaints.

"Well I mean it's not like you were supportive, I caught you snoring in the back row during the University of Olivine's rendition of Oh How a Roserade E'er Blooming," Ally chuckled, taking a moment to unbury herself from the covers to smile at her brother.

"But sis, they were really really..." Elliot trailed off, and Ally smiled, picking up on his last word, "Boring? Yes, I know, I almost fell asleep too. I'm just teasing you silly! C'mere you..." Ally jumped towards her twin, plans of hugging him in her mind, when suddenly Rayne lept off the bed with a hiss. She intertwined herself between her trainer's legs with her ears low, and her eyes alert.

"What's up with your crazy psychic Pokemon?" Elliot asked, glancing with concern at the Espeon wound around Ally's legs.

"Dunno El, she just started acting all funny all of a sudden..." As Ally spoke, a bright flash filled the room, and she reached over to her twin, grasping his hand in fear. Elliot stood there with her, and they were frozen hand in hand as a voice seemed to come to them from nowhere.

You are unique individuals with a wonderful power. You are immune to our Memorial Blast and so are not remembered by the world. Though this is unfortunate, it opens a new world for you. Now I must ask of you a favor, to discover why we Legendaries have been weakened. There are others like you who can help, marked by light. They will guide you through this new world and help you discover your power.

The Twins~Pewter City

The light slowly faded, and Ally and Elliot found themselves standing not in their apartment, but instead in a rather busy looking airport. Rayne was still wrapped between her trainer's legs, hissing violently at anyone who walked by, which was a lot of people. Elliot turned his big baby blues to his sister, who looked up at him with a look of both curiosity and excitement.

"What. The. Hell." They spoke together in unison, Ally's voice floating about an octave above her brother's. A professor from the university stopped to glare at them, and Ally had almost a flash of deja vu.

"Dr. O'Neal!" Ally called out, waving frantically at the man. He gave her a completely blank look, even glancing behind him to see if there was someone else there. Ally's smile slid slowly from her face. "Um. It's me. Ally." Still a blank look, "Elliot's twin sister? He made me take that dreadful, not that your subject is dreadful, Fossils 101 class with him two semesters ago...?"

"You must have me confused with someone else ma'am," The professor said slowly, shaking his head back and forth. Ally's eyes widened, and she turned on her heels without saying anything, darting behind her brother for comfort. The professor shook his head and continued onwards without them.

"I think we've entered an..." Ally started, "Alternate dimension?" Elliot finished, and Ally nodded her head quickly, her blond hair bobbing up and down. Rayne glanced up at her trainer, cocking her feline head with curiosity.

"I just got off the phone with our apartment." Elliot said slowly, "While you were talking to Dr. O'Neal, I called our house to check the date. I got some old Russian man talking about ze old country." He watched as Ally's eyes widened in surprise, then tightened with tears, "Al, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

"Wait." Ally said slowly, and she reached out and grabbed at something around her brother's body. He cocked his head, for once unable to guess at what his twin was doing, "You're glowing dude." Elliot narrowed his blue eyes, squinting at Ally and he gasped.

"So're you!"

"What does that..."

"Mean? No clue" Elliot finished, glancing around the crowded airport once again, "The clock up there says Wednesday at noon. It's Friday today, isn't it?" Elliot said slowly, looking around, "But this is where we were Wednesday. Pewter City Airport. We took a quick transfer flight in from Hearthome Tuesday night and landed here."

"Maybe time's gone backwards?" Ally suggested slowly, shrugging her shoulders, "Let's just get out of this airport, it's creeping me out. I keep waving to people I know from wind ensemble and no one's waved back yet." She said slowly. Elliot grabbed his sist'ers hand, pulling her through the crowd of people. They dodged around easily, and Rayne trailed along, still hissing and spitting at random people fearfully.

The two of them emerged into Pewter City with barely any time to spare. They were almost run over by the Oreburgh University Wind Ensemble, none of whom gave Ally even the slightest glance. Ally's eyes were slowly filling with tears, but she wiped them off as soon as Elliot looked.

"Okay," Elliot said slowly, ready to take charge, "Some random Russian guy lives in our apartment. We ended up back in the airport after some weird out of body experience. You're glowing. Supposedly I'm glowing. Rayne freaked out right before that, but she still knows who we are. The wind ensemble just drove away without you and Professor O'Neil has no clue who I am."

"That about sums it up," His twin said glumly, flopping her butt down on the curb hopelessly. Elliot glanced anxiously at his normally cheerful counterpart. She just seemed droopy now at the idea of being forgotten. Even her bow seemed a little floppy. "Al, your bow is red!"

"Yeah and?" She asked, glancing up at him. "Oh! My bow is red! I was wearing a red bow on Wednesday! But Friday I was in my concert blacks. So it is Wednesday. Weird." After the revelation, the two of them stood there, looking at each other with confusion. "Now what?"

"Well, the weird message said find out why the Legendaries are weak. Closest one to here is in Cerulean Cave, right?" Elliot asked, and Ally nodded cheerfully, "So let's go find Mewtwo I guess?"

"Does this mean we're going on another Pokemon Journey?" Ally whined as her brother pulled her up, and the two of them, Rayne in tow, began the long walk north to Cerulean City.

OOC: I assume they have some form of air transportation in the Pokemon world... or else I have no explanation of how the twins traveled from Sinnoh to Kanto (they're there for a regions-wide University festival of the arts). Oh well.


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Jessica Davis - Goldenrod City

It was a normal day to unwind for the dark blonde tall teenaged girl. Jessica Davis visiting her relatives as per usual at Goldenrod City except for one house she always avoid. "Mother" she spat as she walked past the house to do some shopping from the helpful old shopkeeper that had the best fruit that was ever seen at Johto. She walked into the store and smiled to old lady behind the counter. "My, my Ms. Davis every time I see you, you look more beautiful, so what will it be today?" the old lady asked Jessica. "Oh thank you Mrs. Green, you are too kind, I'll take the blue berries, the best in the world" Jessica smiled as she pointed to what she wanted. "I saw your mother recently, another boyfriend but age hasn't caught up to her yet, she still looks as young as she did in her movies" Jessica smiled turned to annoyance "Well that's mother for you, caring about herself than her daughter and her ex-husband...too many to count, maybe my own birth father would be better, I really wish I can see him again but I don't know where" she got her blue berries, paid and thanked Mrs. Green.

Jessica walked down the streets of Goldenrod. Jessica like most women in Goldenrod were very trendy with their fashion and that fit in best with Jessica as she loved her outfit because it was something that a lot of women desire but was never available or they couldn't carry it like Jessica and most girls. She walked around chatting to people that remember her in Goldenrod, she was famous for her mother but they respected Jessica because she was different. She always hid her inner darkness and coldness to people that she knew she couldn't afford to be herself to. To her though, it as just another day at her home city. Nothing much was happening until she heard something but no one was around her.

You are unique individuals with a wonderful power. You are immune to our Memorial Blast and so are not remembered by the world. Though this is unfortunate, it opens a new world for you. Now I must ask of you a favor, to discover why we Legendaries have been weakened. There are others like you who can help, marked by light. They will guide you through this new world and help you discover your power.

Olivine City
Jessica looked around, no one was there then what was happening to her. It was like time froze but Jessica couldn't tell, she knew that she was frozen in one way. Everything just hit and seemed normal except, no one noticed her. "Right I'll say hello to the local policeman." Jessica then walked to the local policeman. "Hello there" she greeted expecting to be greeted like she would always have been. "Greetings Ms. are you following the law?" he asked cheerfully. "Well I'm fine but you know me" she said a little puzzled. The policeman looked confused "I'm sorry I don't know you, Miss" as Jessica had a look of shock. "Its me, Jessica Davis, remember?" she tried to get the point across to the policeman who looked very confused "I'm sorry Miss, I don't know a Jessica Davis but I do know another Ms. Davis, she lives..." Jessica stopped him "I get it, have a nice day" she said walking away from the confused policeman.

"Wait, the voice said I wouldn't be remembered." Jessica thought as she stood still. "No bother, at least I don't have to see my mother" She walked past a store which had many newspapers that look recent on the ground "Huh that's different" Jessica muttered as she picked up the newspaper, she looked at the date "Wait that's not right" she again muttered. "That is not right at all, that was two days ago but the story is different, there is something to do with this and the voice. "Wait how did I end up at Olivine, I was there two days ago, I am not dreaming this but how?" she thought realizing that she was in Olivine City. "Right Legendary Pokemon" she remembered "That should be Lugia but I need to rent a boat" she muttered as she looked around her to see if anything else was out of the ordinary.


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Will Barnes, Eucryteak City, Jacob's House

"Your move Will," Jacob said.

Will was at his friend's, Jacob, house in Eucryteak City. They sat around his kitchen table and had been playing a game of chess for the last half hour. So far, the board seemed even. Will had taken more pieces, but he had been checked by Jacob more then he could check Jacob. Maybe it was because Will had taken only Jacob's pawns, while Jacob had taken Will's queen, one knight, several pawns, and one castle and bishop. Will moved his knight forward and took Jacob's bishop.

"So why do you think everyone is suddenly becoming paranoid about Pokemon battles?" Jacob said moving his pawn forward.

"Not sure," Will said moving his knight forward again to take Jacobs castle, "Accidents happen. Some people ignore them, Some people never forget them and exaggerate to a level that others somehow still believe."

Suddenly there was a loud crash outside. Will stood up and knocked over some of the chess pieces. Jacob just sat there and looked awkwardly at Will as he stared at the door. "Sounds like someone's breaking in!" Will yelled.

"It's probably just the neighbors messing around again," Jacob said, "Sit down Will and get back to the game."

Will sat down slowly and picked up the pieces. His personality had gone back and forth in just a few moments. Although, at least he is able to control them better then when they first began. He was able to stop his personalities from shifting so suddenly, although they would happen at unexpected times. At least he wasn't attacking statues of the champion in the National Park anymore. So on they played for another fifteen minutes "Checkmate," Will said, moving his castle into position.

"Not really," Jacob said moving his own castle to take Will's castle, "Checkmate."

Will sat up and looked at what just happened. Jacob had stolen Will's checkmate and then won himself. He checked again and again, but it was true, Jacob won and he lost. However, being the gentleman Will was, he reached out his hand to give jacob a handshake, but then the room suddenly began to became brighter. Jacob and his hand disappeared behind the light, and soon Will couldn't even see what was in front of him. He began to hear several voices. All of them seemed to be from different people, but one of them stood out.

You are unique individuals with a wonderful power. You are immune to our Memorial Blast and so are not remembered by the world. Though this is unfortunate, it opens a new world for you. Now I must ask of you a favor, to discover why we Legendaries have been weakened. There are others like you who can help, marked by light. They will guide you through this new world and help you discover your power.

Cianwood City

The voices quickly faded, and the world began to appear again. Will could smell the sea, he quickly knew that he wasn't in Jacob;s house anymore. The world became clearer and clearer, and he looked around. He felt a massive Deja vu come over him. He was in Cianwood city, but he felt like he was here in this exact spot, looking at the same things as he did some other time. Will walked around town and saw a newspaper stand. He looked at the date. It was the date of two days earlier. Will was thinking that he is having a crazy dream, but then he remembered what the voices said to him. Something about a Memorial Blast, but what on Earth does that mean?

But his concentration is broken when he hears two men talking about some sort of giant Pokemon that was seen swimming near the waters of the Whirl Islands. Will remembers how the voices mentioned something about legendaries being weakened. Will decides to find a boat in order to reach the Whirl Islands to find the Pokemon, and hopefully shed some light on what is happening. But Will can’t seem to shake the feeling that he had heard that voice before. The voice of whatever it was that talked to him.


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OOC: Who thinks we need a discussion thread? Yeah it's a bit dull now, but it should get complex in the future. Past players know this ;)

Marth Kane: Pewter City outskirts

Marth made it through the city with only a few dirty looks, surely from those who despised Pokémon Battling. One glare from Sear kept them from causing trouble, thankfully. Before she left the city, she took a moment to send a message to Bill via Pokégear.

”It’s been way too long since I’ve seen you. But, now’s a good a time as any! Eh? So I know you were good friends with Dialga and Celebi, could you perhaps enlighten me a bit on time travel? I’m in Pewter City, heading to Mewtwo’s place if ya wanna meet up. You think Team Malevo could behind this? Ttyl, Marth”

She sent similar messages to Shan, Izzy, and Joshua.

”Hello Shan. I hope you’re fine, with what’s just happened and all. Do you know anything that could possibly cause the Legendaries to be weakened? I know you're the expert in that field. I’m heading to Cerulean Cave, where Mewtwo should be. Hope you’re doing well, Marth.”

”Heya Izzy! Missed you girl! But maybe we’ll see each other again? I was just curious about what your plans were. I’m going to Mewtwo to see if he can tell me anything about what happened. Welp, hope to cya soon, Marth.”

”Joshua! Haven’t heard from you in a while. How ya been? Well, I’m more concerned about the problem at hand, no offence. I was hoping you would know something, anything. We might have another adventure in the Reverse World. Good times… Hope to hear from ya, Marth.”

Marth shook her hands to loosen up her thumbs. She grabbed her Pokéballs, ready to release her team again when they reached the city limits. She also had the burning desire to change to her Reversal Form, but she wouldn’t get the chance. A trainer with his hat-wearing Pikachu ran out from the woods toward her. He looked slightly older than Marth, and also slightly taller. He wore a lot of black.

“Hello, miss?” He said, a bit sheepishly, stopping on the path. Marth stared at him blankly, waiting for him to continue. Sear cast him a wary glance, ready to jump at any sign of action. “Um… miss? You’re glowing…” Marth jumped a bit and looked at herself in surprise. Sear did the same, but they couldn’t see it.

“Wha- Hey! You’re glowing too!” She pointed at him before she could stop herself. While he tried to see himself glow, Marth suddenly got it. This guy’s gotta be another one with a Reversal Twin! That was easier than I thought’d be. She smiled at the stranger and introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Marth and this is Sear. We were just heading to Cerulean Cave so walk with us. What’s your name, and who’s your little friend?” Diego introduced himself and Marth continued, “So Diego, about what happened just now, it’s a pretty long story. Time’s moved backwards and something’s wrong with the Legendary Pokémon. Nobody remembers who you are and people start glowing (trust me, that’s new to me too). But I’ve kinda been through this before, so I guess I should start explaining. How about you throw me your questions? I’m sure I’ll cover everything eventually as, I like to talk about this stuff. Anyway, ask away.”
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Brill, Izzy Brill ~ Olivine City

Apparently boats didn’t go to Whirls Island because it was too dangerous due to whirlpools that often surrounded it. So plan B get the money back for her ticket and rent an individual boat. Izzy was in the docking area at the Rent-A-Boat shop, the guy was an older man with stubbed on his chin area.

“So ya wanta boat, Missy?” he said in a gruff voice. As he stroke the short black hairs as he looked at her up and now at her. “And ya wanta go to the Whirl Islands of all places. Do ya even know howta work a boat?”

“I’ve never drove one before, but I’m quick study!” She said confidentially replied with a big smile on her face. “I need to go to the Whirl Islands, it’s a mission from the legendaries; they need my help.” The boat owner just stared at the nineteen year old with that questioning of her sanity look. The redhead recognized that look she actually got it quite often, but she continued to smile as what she said was the truth. “So when can I get going.”

“Well…” he spoke out wondering if it was a good idea to let this odd lass go on a solo boat ride. “I’ll teach ya the control and lend ya my pal, Winglet. He’s good at gettin’ rid of them pesty whirlpools. Just remembah to bring him back when yar done.” He left his area behind the desk and handed the girl the pokeball containing his pokemon, he couldn’t help but notice the scarred hands. He then began leading her to one of his many boats.

Her pokegear beep in a warning alarm style which made the boat shop owner jump. Reaching into her bag, she removed it and squeal happy very girl like. As she read that the message was from Marth, she immediately opened to read it; she heard the older man grumble something about this generation and their technology.

“Heya Izzy! Missed you girl! But maybe we’ll see each other again? I was just curious about what your plans were. I’m going to Mewtwo to see if he can tell me anything about what happened. Welp, hope to cya soon, Marth.”

Smiling happily she quickly began typing back to her. It was taking her awhile since she didn’t necessarily have much practice. In texting… she didn’t have too many really close friends.

“It’s good to hear from you Mars! Oh tell Mr. Psychic-two I said hello. I’m about to get a lesson on how to drive a boat since I’m going to see if there a legendary at Whirl Islands… Lugia is the name. Before I was about to go to a horrible place... Johto’s Safari Zone... they locked up those poor pokemon..... I gotta go, I’ll send a message real soon!”
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Lane Neal, Viridian City

It hadn't taken long for Lane to arrive at Viridian. 45 minutes to an hour at best. He had been completely ready to just keep going on to Pallet Town when he suddenly noticed something. The airport. He had completely forgotten about it. Lane had never been on a plane before. The very idea of going up in the sky inside a huge metal... thing absolutely terrified him. But this case was different. He had to get to Snowpoint as soon as he possibly could. He needed to know his situation. He'd probably go mad in the time it would take to get there by land and sea. He got off of Noble's back.

"OK, you should rest now," Lane said, returning Noble to her Pokeball in the standard flash of light.

He walked into the airport and was confronted by a bewildering patchwork of desks, screens and lots of bustling people. After a great deal of moving around, waiting and plenty of confusion on Lane's part he ended up on board a plane heading for Snowpoint City. He hated it almost as much as he thought he would. When he looked out of the window he was filled with fear of falling down the incredible expanse of sky he saw below him. However, when he looked away from the window, he was filled with borderline claustrophobia for the small, tightly packed space that he was trapped in. He spent the entire flight trying to work out what he disliked more, and was constantly changing his mind. It definitely wasn't something he would make a habit of.

Snowpoint City

Lane felt a feeling of glorious liberation as stepped out of the plane a couple of hours later. Free from the torment at last! By the time he had got out of the airport, however, his relief had faded and he remembered why he was here. He had to go home and find out if what that voice said was true. You are immune to our Memorial Blast and so are not remembered by the world. Not remembered...

A pit formed in Lane's stomach as he was filled with inescapable dread.


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Howdy folks, SoS here. Anyway, just thought I'd make a clarification. I am following this thread closely, as I MAY be able to join after my January exams, with my old character from MR1 - Joshua. As he has already been mentioned by Skill, I am giving my official permission for him to be used until then as Skill and CB see fit. If either of you need me to post his old SU in the sign-up thread, please let me know. Godspeed to all of you.

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~Allison and Elliot Shuster~ Juuuuust outside Pewter City

"I hate Kanto. It sucks here." Ally whined, trying to hide Bubbles behind her back. She'd released him from his Pokeball, returning Rayne, since Rayne wasn't really enjoying her time out. Whatever had happened to the twins had caused the little psychic feline to become severely distressed, and after she lunged at a hobo for throwing banana peels at the "despicable trainers", Ally had been forced to return her.

Bubbles wasn't fairing much better. The Prinplup was walking down the street with a swag that basically said that he owned the place. Ally kept pushing him behind her thin legs, as if she could hide him from the terrible gazes that were pointed at the twins and the penguin Pokemon. Bubbles waved to a particularly grumpy looking activist, holding a sign that read "Save the Pokemon! Battling is killing!"

Elliot rolled his eyes, "You just hate Kanto because you're angry that there's a Russian guy in our apartment." He knew his sister too well, and he knew that Kanto wasn't the real problem. It was the fact that, since apparently the two of them had never existed, she no longer had a bassoon. Or a wind ensemble. Or friends. "Al, I know..."

"Stop," His sister held up her hand, shaking her blond bob back and forth unhappily, "You don't have to say it." Her arms were crossed tightly across her chest, and occasionally she'd raise one to awkwardly brush her hair behind her ears, despite the fact that it was already there. Her little red bow seemed almost floppy, and Bubbles kept pulling at her plaid shirt almost apologetically.

Elliot sighed, "At least we have each other?" He said quietly, and Ally shuddered. The idea of not having a twin, of not having her Elliot, was just mind boggling. She didn't think she would have been able to live through that. She reached her hand over, and was about to grab Elliot's, when Bubble's flipper slid in the way. He looked up at her with a pair of innocent eyes and gave a sort of throaty chuckle.

"Plup." He stated simply, holding his other flipper out to Elliot. Elliot took it hesitantly, and Bubbles contentedly announced "Prin." They strolled down the street, hand-in-flipper-in-hand. Ally was snuffling a little bit.

"Al, we didn't do anything. So don't take this..." Elliot started, glancing over Bubble's head at his sister.

She glanced up, her big blue eyes watery, "Personally? Easy for you to say, nothing ever bothers you." Ally turned her head back to the street, her eyes focused on the cobblestones she travelled over. That is until she plowed face first into one of the sign people.

"Hey watch where you're going..." The guy stated, glancing around his sign, which simply had a Piplup painted on it with a big red X over its face. Bubbles let go of Elliot's hand, glancing angrily at the sign.

"Plup!" He yelled unhappily, slapping his flipper against the sign.

"What, you don't want to be treated like vermin, is that what you're saying little guy?" Sign man asked, patting Bubbles on the head. Bubbles stuck his tongue out at the man before backing up towards Ally. He glanced at her, then at Elliot, then back at the man.

"I'm pretty sure he's saying that he's hungry," Elliot chuckled nervously, "C'mon Bubbles, let's get out of here and find some berries or something..."

"Aw, your stinky trainer wants you to do what he says," The man sneered slowly, and Elliot slapped his hand against his forehead with a resounding slap. Ally gravitated slowly towards Elliot, trying to pull Bubble's other flipper with her.

"Plup! Prin prin prin Priiiinplup!" Bubbles shrieked unhappily, gesturing towards Elliot. He stuck his tongue out at Elliot, but then his eyes fell upon Ally. She was slowly shaking her head back and forth, pulling on his flipper with both hands. Bubbles glanced back at sign man, then back at Ally. He sighed, then resigned himself to going with Ally.

"Thank you for your time sir," Elliot said sarcastically as the trio turned and headed back the other way. Just as they were gone, a yellow banana peel landed directly on top of Bubbles's head. Bubbles turned around, eyes full of rage. He glared menacingly at the sign, then back at the man. His beak parted and he inhaled slowly before releasing a torrent of bubbles at the man. They hit him with a myriad of little popping noises, and Ally grabbed Bubbles's flipper again.

"Run!" She yelled and the trio took off, Ally and Elliot in the lead with Bubbles waddling behind them. Sign man was shrieking angrily, still clutching his now sopping wet sign. Their sneakered feet hit the ground, and neither twin dared to look back. Ally was clutching Bubbles's flipper as though she was afraid he would disappear. Elliot looked back, and she held her other hand out towards him. He took it, and they finally slowed to a stop near the city limits.

"Did you see that guy's face?!" Ally practically screamed through her exhausted huffing and puffing. Bubbles groaned and flopped down onto his back, lying there and staring up at his trainer. Elliot chuckled, and patted him on the head.

"I thought he was gonna have an anneurism!" Ally exclaimed, twirling in a circle, "You did good Bubbles, you did good," The Prinplup raised his flipper as if to say, 'oh, please,' before flopping it back down on the ground, exhausted. Ally plopped down on the ground next to him, still squealing enthusiastically.

Elliot in the meantime, was glancing at a pair of trainers slightly to their right. One was a boy wearing mostly dark clothes and a Pikachu cap. The other was a girl who looked almost like a younger version of his twin. But what was most stunning about them was the fact that they were...glowing. Elliot glanced back at Ally, examining her glow in order to compare it to the other glows. Sure enough, they were the same.

"Hey Al?" he asked, getting his twin's attention. She clambered up off of the ground. As she brushed the grass off of her butt, Elliot said, "Look." She followed the direction of his point.

"More glowing people! Bubbles!" She turned towards the Prinplup, who sighed unhappily, rolling over onto his stomach before pushing himself up and waddling over, "We're going that way!"

As they approached, they could hear the tail end of what the glowing girl was saying, "...moved backwards and something’s wrong with the Legendary Pokémon. Nobody remembers who you are and people start glowing (trust me, that’s new to me too). But I’ve kinda been through this before, so I guess I should start explaining. How about you throw me your questions? I’m sure I’ll cover everything eventually as, I like to talk about this stuff. Anyway, ask away.”

"Glowing!" The twins said together, exchanging a high five. Bubbles groaned from behind them and Elliot turned to shoosh him as his sister squealed loudly, "Hey! Glow-y people! Wait for us!"
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Will Barnes, Cianwood City

Will knew well enough that the Whirl Islands earned its name from the whirlpools that make them difficult to approach. If he went, it would be no routine boat ride. But for Will, what was happening wasn't exactly routine either. Even for him. So off he went through town to the docks, to the speed boat rentals. "I would like to rent a boat for the day," He said.

The man behind desk looked up at him and said, "Well you've come to the right place. Where do you plan on going or doing with it?"

"The Whirl Islands off to the east," Will said.

The man looked at Will in confusement. "Are you kidding? There's nothing there that anyone would want. And it's dangerous. I wouldn't want you risking my boats.....unless you have a good reason for it."

Will let out a heavy sigh. Will tried to think of some excuse, but couldn't think of something he would believe. "Let's just say the voices told me to go there and find a huge Pokemon that's been seen recently," Will said.

The man let out a loud laugh and held it for several minutes. Will stood there, banging his head aganist a nearby wall. "Sure," he said at last, still laughing, "And the voices are telling me something to; to not loan you a boat."

Will began to walk away, but two strangers blocked him. "Excuse me," One of them said, "Did you say you were looking for tht Pokemone on the Whirl Islands?"

"Yeah," Will responded, "Do I know either of you?"

"I doubt it," The other one said, 'Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mark and this is Johnson. We came here on rumors of the Pokemon being seen near the Whirl Islands, and we couldn't help but overhear your conversation with that boat loaner."

Will looked at them both. There was something strange about them. They were hiding something, but what? "Are you going to make fun of me for how it turned out?" Will said irritably.

"Actually," Johnson said, "We happen to own our own boat. One that's meant for rough seas. We were wondering if you wanted to come along with us on our....expedition."

Will could tell there was something odd about the way he said the last word. Other people wouldn't notice it, but he could tell there was something they weren't saying. But Will decided he was just being paranoid as usual. "I would be glad to join you." Will said, feeling apprehensive.

Sea between Cianwood and Whirl Islands

Will took in a deep breath of the sea air. He hadn't been on a speed boat since his days in the military. It was a welcoming feeling. Will sat back as Mark manuevered the ship through the water.

But Will's dream was cut short by a brief flash. Everything turned black and white, and eight ghosts appeared, sitting on the benches of the boat, holding rifles. One of them spoke to another.

So what exactly are we looking for up in Sinnoh? One of them said.

Something to do with a weird energy or migration pattern. Should be a routine mission. ANother one said back.

Good. I was hoping for something normal for once. Hope this goes as planned. Another dhost said.

There was another flash. Everything returned to normal. Will was still on the boat with Mark and Johnson in the same place. "Uh guys.....I'm seeing things over here." Will said.

Johnson looked over at Will and thought for a moment. "Do the visions last for more then 30 seconds?" He asked.

What kind of question is that? Will thought to himself. "Uh..no, I don't think so," He responded.

"Then you're fine," Mark said with a smile, "Just a little exaustion. It'll pass. It's happens sometimes."

Will looked at Marks face. Something was wrong with the way he said it. Now Will had even more questions in his mind.
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When Diego encountered this girl and told her she was glowing, he was expecting for her to look at him incredibly and call him crazy. That or start dating her before she reveals he has to defeat her seven evil-exes. Surprised that is it wasn't either (and disappointed it wasn't the latter as he found her to be attractive), though when she mentioned the disturbance with the legendaries, the time reversal, the memory wipe and the glowing, his interest does grow a fair amount.

"This guy has been with me through and through all our adventures. This is my partner, Pikachu." Diego said proudly to Marth. Pikachu smiled and said Pika under his little fedora. "I take it because of the Memorial Blast, no one remembers us except our pokemon and that time has been sent back," he said while he began thinking on her other words.

He was also glowing. That means they probably weren't the only ones with this. However, he did have his questions. What were their powers? And what did have to do with the legendaries...

"Speaking of legendaries, I was scouting the area for Rayquaza. The reason is because he is my brother's... soul pokemon if you will. Even if we are no longer... brothers, I have my job to look after him and his pokemon. I also heard that Darkrai and Cresseila have vanished from their islands..." Diego said. However, Pikachu noticed his trainer had a slight blush and smirked. Although he wasn't the joking sort, he knew it was job to help his trainer find his mate, or see what will happen...

"But what are our abilities?" Diego began as he heard the sound of the word glowy people. "It appears we have company... looks like some more new friends," he said.


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Jessica Davis - Olivine City

Jessica sat on a green bench thinking how she would get to Whirl Islands. "I have to think fast, what do I have that these guys want? money or feminine wiles, I will just flirt my way to get there without issues" she remembered that bigger ships and yachts never traveled close to Whirl Islands because of the nature of that area with the rough seas, whirlpools and many other hazards that caused many of ships to be destroyed and many lives taken. Jessica walked up to one of the ships "Excuse me, do you go to Whirl Islands?" she asked the sailor who was middle aged however looked older seeming that he had gone through a lot. "What would a beautiful girl like you be going to Whirl Islands?" he asked Jessica.

"Business, I have business" she coldly remarked "How much?" she then asked for the price. "No prices, girly too dangerous" he bluntly pointed out to Jessica. "Oh really, not even for a beautiful girl like me, I can offer something else" she mentioned to him giving him an idea. "Well I think we can think of something, let me get supplies and we are off" he said to her. The sailor went to get supplies as Jessica waited for him to come back and after 10 minutes he returned tossing a safety jacket to Jessica as she tied her hair to avoid it blowing on her face. "Well Miss..." the sailor was about to talk until Jessica interrupted him "Just drive this boat" she didn't care for what he was saying, she just wanted to get there.

"So Missy tell me about yourself." The sailor asked her while she was staring at the sea. "Miss Davis is my name, rough childhood, traveling to find a purpose in life and that is all there is to know" she didn't have any enthusiastic tone in her voice. The sailor just looked at her and sighed, he knew that this was going nowhere with the girl, so he just did his work to get the boat ready for the trip to Whirl Islands. He started to do a checklist to make sure everything was proper before they left. "Well we should be leaving soon" he said as Jessica nodded slightly. They started to leave the docks are towards their location but it was very slow than she thought it would be.

Jessica looked around until she saw another ship. "Stop" she ordered while the sailor looked at her. "Miss Davis, I don't think this is sensible" he said while she glared at him "There is a boat over there, do you have binoculars?" she asked as the sailor dug them out from the supplies and tossed it to Jessica. "I see a girl on a phone" she said peering from the binoculars "I wonder what she is doing" Jessica wanted to find out about this girl and the business that she had because she was going to the same location as her. "Alright, go towards that boat" she barked at him while he tried to reason with her "But Miss Davis, they haven't even left and we just have, we will be going backwards" Jessica glared at him "Go now" she yelled as he gave up and started steering the boat towards the other boat. "That girl and that boat, something in common and I am going to find out" she muttered as she could see the other boat appearing closer.
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Marth Kane: Route 4-sih

Diego quickly introduced himself and his Pikachu, a partner he’s always had. They walked along the barren path towards Cerulean City. Mount Moon was in their way, but Marth would worry about that once they got there.

“I take it because of the Memorial Blast, no one remembers us except our Pokémon and that time has been sent back," he said. Marth gave a curt nod, glad that he could figure some of this out on his own. "Speaking of legendaries,” he continued, “I was scouting the area for Rayquaza. The reason is because he is my brother's... soul Pokémon if you will. Even if we are no longer... brothers, I have my job to look after him and his Pokémon.”

Marth was pretty surprised at this. She gave a low whistle. “Pretty impressive that your brother’s got a bond with Rayquaza. You’ll have to tell me that story later. On the topic of abilities…” She stopped mid sentence when she thought she heard something. Sear’s ears perked up and she turned around, a low growl sat in her throat.

“Hey! Glow-y people! Wait for us!” Two people, a girl and probably her brother, ran to catch up with Marth and Diego. They both had blonde hair, the girls looking similar to Marth’s. She was dressed nicely and he was in grubby clothes. Both of them glowed.

"It appears we have company... looks like some more new friends," Diego stated. Hopefully, Marth thought. They might have Reversal Twins, but that doesn’t make them friends. Marth and Diego waited from them to catch up so they could make introductions.

“Hey. We were just heading to Cerulean Cave, why don’t you join us?” Marth tried to be casual because she figured they were a bit panicky. “So I’m Marth, this is Sear and,” she motioned to Diego who announced himself. Then the two strangers introduced themselves as Ally and Elliot.

“So you’re twins, huh? That’s cool. Well, I was just about to start explaining what’s going on. Ya see, I’ve been through this before so I know the gist of what’s happening. To start off, there’s this alternate dimension called the Reverse World that balances out everything that happens here, in our world. When things go wrong, the Legendary Pokémon go and patch things up. Usually it’s simple as pie; other times, they use this thing called the Memorial Blast. I think it bends space and time to a degree that it erases whatever happened.

“Last year, I was at the Hoenn champ Battles. I’m sure this would’ve been on the news, but in the middle of the match, Palkia and Dialga burst out of the sky. They were fighting really intensely until everything froze, just like today, or Friday, or whatever. But only for certain people. Everyone else forgot entirely about what happened, as if it hadn’t happened. The Problem is, the Memorial Blast won’t work on us so while we remember what’s happened, or are unaffected by whatever he Legendaries changed, nobody remembers us.

“Yeah, it stinks. A lot. But, the upside is, we have a whole new world open to us! The reason we aren’t remembered is that… this’ll take a while. Each person and Pokémon has an opposite in the Reverse World, to balance everything and all. People like us, and I’m sure there’re Pokémon too, we don’t have that other Pokémon or person to balance us out. Somehow, this messes with how the Legendaries manage both worlds so the Memorial Blast doesn’t work with us. At the same time, we’re merged with our would-be other half. So, like me, I can turn into a Pikachu and look just like Diego’s. Here, I’ll show you!”

Mart stopped in the path, looked up ahead, back and to the left and right. Finding it safe, she closed her eyes, concentrated, and became engulfed in a muted yellow flash. As the flash receded, it was clear Marth was not herself. Instead, a Pikachu, slightly smaller than Diego’s proudly stood in her place. Feels good to be Pokémon again.

“Grow, owlithe.” ((Oh don’t look so happy.)) It wasn’t everyday that Marth could turn into her Pokémon self so she always enjoyed it when she could. Looking up at her astonished new friends, she smiled. The next words came from the mouth of a Pikachu.

“That’s about all I can think of. Well, besides telling you about what happened after the Hoenn Champ Battles. Any question so far?” She wanted a bit of a break from talking. She also realized how much time had gone by. They were nearly to Mount Moon, which shouldn’t be too hard to get around.
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When Diego saw her transform, his eyes widened. Although it was from mainly shock, another reason was because of nostalgia. Before becoming a trainer, he remembered turning into a Pikachu and having his own Rescue Team. He wondered if they were okay and if they would recognize him... Pikachu was also shocked as he looked at her. He leaped away from her to whisper something in Diego's ear. Diego nodded.

"So because our mirror-selves fused with us, we are not remembered by humans and I assume we can hop from here to the Reverse World. However, I did remember the incident happening because I was in Hoemn... In fact, I joined the tournament, but I had left on urgent business to be taken care in another location... I assume since time has been sent back, that is taken care of. " Diego said before his eyes widen.

"I think we were to fight in the next round..." Diego said as he managed to remember. "Anyway, my partner observed how you transformed. Let me give a try..." he said before he looked around the same manner Marth did. However, he found could not transform. "I wonder if you have to be in the Reverse World..." he put out there.
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