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Mending ~*pg-13*~

Lady Myuu

Damsel mostly Stressed.
Behind the story: wanting to write a fanfic but everything ells seeming to fall out and die, I have had success with finishing fanfics that invovle one of my top fav pokemon. deciding to go back I wrote out a plot line for him that really touched me. Something that seemed to break down to the very soul.

This story is going to try and touch feelings and emotions, bring out heartbreak and drama. Though I probably will suck at it very much.

It is rated for violance, drama and dark lonely themes.

I will hopefully update every friday from now on (skipping the first coming friday) if I get no reviews for this first post it wont stop me from posting at least the next two chapters. If I still get nothing then I will probably drop posting it at all. I'm a young writer guys, I need the encourenge ment or at least someone saying they at least read it.

but this story is special to me... I dedicate it to all those fans out there who want more in pokemon then what the makers give us

Thinking up upping the story to R

To be Proof read and fixed Chatpers:

Prologue [Finished|Updated]
Chapter 1 [Finished|Updated]
Chapter 2 [Finished|updated]
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8 [Finished|updated]
Chapter 9 [Finished|updated]

Progress: Chapter 10 [~68%~] Pages: 6 1/2

Written by LadyMyuu Proof read and beta'ed by Renegade​


Alone, so alone, no one understands me, no one cares about me. I am alone. Oh so alone. I had everything taken from me, not that I had much. My soul aches to be loved but not the love of a lover but the love of a family…

I never want to be hurt again.

The soft coo of a bird could be heard in the silent forest. The tall trees traveled as far as the eye could see. The lone mountains forbidden and topped with soul freezing soul, the forest filled with powerful creatures none could capture.

This was his home.

The sun barely touched this place for the sky was always shrouded with clouds. The mountains trapped clouds above so that the sun could not shine.

The roar of the hunt was heard as carnivores chased down there prey. The cry of a bird of prey screeched over head and would send shivers down a weak souls mind.

And oh what a home it was.

The tall mountain standing against the clouded sky was the home of a creature most had forgotten. Most knew nothing about. A powerful monster that just wanted peace and to be left alone, and oh how it was alone, very alone

Standing alone in the empty night looking out from his hollowed out cave, one he had created himself. His powers filled him inside and out; most could no longer stand his presence, feeling weak around him.

A being of power, a god if I may say, I could rule this world and yet I do nothing but hide… hide from those who would find me a threat and I grow weary. The dark lonely soul’s voice said. His violet eyes staring at the forest below, the howls of the hunt and the growls of the hunted could be heard.

This place was no place for humans and so he had claimed it as his own.

His long tail curved around himself, with a strange bulb like growth on the end. His body strange and seeming unnatural to this world. Two large legs much like a kangaroo’s supported his body. His body was soft gray while his belly and tail a dark purple. His arms were longer then normal, if you could call them normal, while the three fingers on each paw like hand were fat and rounded.

Two strange horns came from his head matched the color of his skin, a long snout and a cat like nose made him see almost feline, yet at the same time not. A second neck came from the back of his head connecting to the nape of his neck, just below the primary one.

This was a man made creature. Cloned and shaped to fit the purpose he won’t accept.

A copy, a fake, yet more powerful then anyone could imagine.

His name was mewtwo, the second of a creature called mew. A playful god pokemon who kept the peace in the world… but seemed to be failing as man grew.

Mewtwo had once tried to take this world as his own, finding man a disease on its plains. But then a boy had stopped him, a mere boy had showed him the truth.

And again the boy had shown him the error of his ways, and even went so far as to save his life. Mewtwo hated owing his life to a human but then again, he always owed humans his life.

Tired violet eyes closed as he turned to enter the cave. To hide his shame, his failure and his life but paused as he glanced back.

Something that was not a pokemon had fallen from the heavens into the forest, and somehow he knew at once whatever it was, was a threat.

Chapter one: An even match
My review: This was suppose to be the first chapter but since mewtwo really isn't suppose to come in tell later in the first chapter really I made it even before the first. One of my better writings I must say...
I give it three stars out of 6 (not rating stars, I like to rate my own work XD)
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Brian Random

Okay! Mewtwo in story (Your story) + A Mewtwo fan (Moi)=...

Yes! Another story involving Mewtwo! And I'm a Mewtwo fan!

*Calms down* Good prologue (although it is a bit short), and I liked the way you've described Mewtwo's feelings. I hope the future chapters are as good as this, so keep it up. Well done.

Lady Myuu

Damsel mostly Stressed.
its not friday but I wont have time tomorrow so here is chapter one. it brings up lotsa questions :p

EDIT: warning, there is some nudity but it isn't explained in detial it just mentions that there is no clothing. There isn't any naughty stuff or anything :p oh you'll see.

Chapter 1: An even match.

A small crater lay where a group of trees once grew. The tops of trees behind the crater were snapped as whatever had come down had evidently struck and had broken them them.

Slowly a strange being stood up. Long black wings folded against its body as yellow eyes looked around. But only one of the wings folded right, while the other hung limply behind it.

It had never been to such a place before. It had never seen trees or plants or mountains before. It was frightened. But it was also very naked.

A shiver ran down the creatures back as it wrapped human like hands around its frail body. The yellow eyes were strange, animal like with cat like slits for pupils.

It gasped for breath and showed for any to see the sharp fangs held in its mouth. The body was very human like, almost exactly except for the wings, the creatures’ eyes and its hidden fangs.

The naked form blinked the yellow eyes as it stepped forward but stumbled. Its memory escaped it while it tried to keep its balance.

It gasped out as its right black wing trembled with pain. Falling to its knees tears filled the creatures’ eyes. It pulled back black hair from its face and the hurt yellow eyes stared up into the heavens.

The creature placed its arms to the side while it looked up towards the heavens.

The slender form and graceful legs showed it was a female. A very thin female with a body covered in strange scars.

They were jagged and some looked like she had been tied far too long.

Suddenly the creatures’ yellow eyes narrowed as ‘she’ spun around and glared at the newcomer. The wounded human like creature tried to spread her wings to show she wasn’t going to let anything take her down but winced again as the pain ached her.

Violet eyes narrowed as the psychic aura flared showing that he was not going to back down either. The gray and purple clone bared his fangs knowing it was a warning. But then he paused, this creature, this naked being before him wasn’t a pokemon but was it human? It… no she looked human. The small female form and bare skin, black hair that went to her shoulders and possible thumbs… this thing, whatever it was, was indeed very human like.

But then again there was the fact that she had large black wings, though one seemed to be injured, and as the female whatever it was bared her fangs in response to his warning he knew very well…

This thing was not a pokemon nor was it human.

But then… what is it?

Mewtwo raised his rounded fingered hands, trying to show he wasn’t about to harm the female but she didn’t understand. She was in pain and he had come on her without any warning.

She let out a growl as she pushed off the ground and lunged for the clone taking the first chance to attack. Although surprised, Mewtwo easily dodged the sudden attack as the strange winged woman landed on the side of a tree trunk. She stayed there hunched over, her hands gripping so hard they were tearing the bark. Her knees bent as she supported herself with her toes.

Stop this foolishness, came mewtwo’s deep voice as he lifted his hand, a purple light shown around his finger showing his psychic powers.

The purple light took hold of the winged creature and she couldn’t help but let out a loud screech.

Mewtwo flinched because of it. It was a cry he had never heard before. It caused his ears to ache and his powers to withdraw dropping the woman to the ground. With a thud she let out a whimper of pain showing she was hiding it all along.

Mewtwo cocked an eyebrow as he eyed the creature lying in a heap of feathers and whimpers in front of him. Was… was she crying?

A strange feeling overcame the clone as he felt rather guilty inside. He hadn’t meant to cause her harm, whatever she was. He sensed fear and anger… lost inside her.

He stepped forward leaning his face down to get a better look at the form on the forest floor. The forest had grown quiet as the pokemon within knew a fight between two equals had started and they did not want to get in the way.

Do not cr-, Mewtwo was cut off as the creature snapped her face up, looking right up at him. A sly grin appeared on her face, revealing her sharp fangs. The clone had fallen for her trap as she leaped forward, managing to wrap her legs around his chest before sinking her fangs into his side.

Mewtwo let out a startled and pain filled cry, not a psychic cry but a real cry, with his true voice, which was horse and deep. It escaped him in a roar that caused a flock of fearow to take to the sky from fear and shock. Mewtwo felt his psychic power flare up as the winged woman was thrown from him her back slamming into a tree.

She, knowing she could not fool this creature twice, got to her feet. Her right wing was limp behind her once again as her normal one folded neatly against her back.

Mewtwo would have found it hard to handle a human like creature who was naked but the rage boiling inside him made him forget it.

He growled in his psychic voice as he touched his shoulder, he withdrew his hand and stared at the strange liquid that was his blood. She had bitten him… not only that it was an attack. She had used bite.

The clone had, had enough of this! He wanted answers and he wanted them now!

With that he flung his hand forward, his power gripping the woman by surprise. She let out a startled cry as she was flung away from the pokemon and into another tree.

She struggled to break free of mewtwo’s hold. While Mewtwo strained to keep her from escaping his psychic grasp. She is both weary and afraid… that was the only reason she couldn’t break free.

Mewtwo lifted his hand up into the air causing the winged woman to rise up also. She let out a strange inhuman cry upon seeing that she was high from the ground and her wings were useless.

Mewtwo couldn’t help but smirk, he had to admit. Even though it was wrong there is some joy in having control over something.

“Ssssstttooppp” a horse whisper came from out of the winged beings mouth. Mewtwo froze.

She could speak? Then why hadn’t she spoken before? Why was she attacking him when he had shown he was no threat before? If this creature‘s intelligent enough to speak in the human’s language... then why?

But mewtwo had taken to much time to think as the creature seemed to be growing more and more afraid and weary and without warning, her head dropped. Looking up Mewtwo noticed that his hold on her had taken his toll and she had passed out.

Then sleep whatever you are… I will find my answers from you later. Mewtwo spoke as he lowered her to the ground. Gently he lifted her again with his powers.

But first we should get you some clothing… he added, Mewtwo felt a little embarrassed seeing such a human creature in the nude but he didn’t think she even understood much of herself or this world.

It only took a few minutes to return to his little home, the deep cave he had created within the tall mountain. He lowered the woman onto his bed, which was made of grass and other plants for his comfort.

He stared down at her as she lay limply on his bed. Her breaths were deep and seeming to still not get enough air into her body.

Her broken wing lay rather un-natural as her other seemed to fold out trying to keep the woman warm. She didn’t look very old, twenty maybe.

Mewtwo tilted his head to the side slightly as he examined the strange creature that had come to him. She seemed to be even more lost then he was when he first awoken.

Was she some kind of experiment like he? Or was she some kind of creature lost to man and pokemon kind? Maybe she was a form of legendry… like mew.

He paused as a strange thought entered his mind.

Maybe she was a fallen angel. Mewtwo couldn’t help but shake his head at this thought, an angel. Of all strange things to happen that would be the last.

He paused as the un-named woman stirred in her slumber, her body regenerating after the hard fall and fight.

He needed to way to bind her; no doubt she would attack him again if given the chance. But he had no way of keeping her here and from her attacking him. Plus she needed clothing.

He stood to his full height and walked slowly to the mouth of the cave. He looked out over the gray sky knowing that this forest may be dangerous but there were some humans. On the very edge of the forest was a watch tower, rangers stayed there keeping trainers and poachers from touching this powerful and endangered place.

No doubt they would have something to cloth this woman with, or at least a blanket. She had no fur to keep her warm at night and with an injured wing she would have a hard time flying for warmer places.

And who knows how long it would take for him to get her to speak to him again and for him to keep her under control.

He knew what he should do, turn her lose let her leave and do as she pleases. But… her voice, when he spoke to her showed how afraid she was, how lost and alone. And he knew how she felt.

He didn’t want her making the same mistakes he had.

With that the clone vanished in a psychic puff as he left to fetch clothing and other things to tend to his find.

Mewtwo at this moment decided to make it his purpose to make sure this creature never faces what he has faced.

Nothing deserved that.

Chapter two: Tied to hate

I wish it was longer :p but they will get longer deeper into the plot. tell next friday!
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Ororo Munroe

Don't make it longer, it's good short like that. Anyways, it's good so far. A few errors but well written. Nice job, Myuu! ^_^

Brian Random

The length is fine the way it is, Myuu.

It was good, but I spotted some spelling and grammar mistakes and I found this chapter a bit odd but in a good way.

And I have a prediction that something 'friendly' is gonna come between those two characters... or something hateful.

*Turns to Ed* Ed, what do you think?

Ed: *groans dyingly* uuuhhh hhhuuuuhhh...

So you agree with me? Cool.
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you were the one.
Oookay interesting...wouldn't have expected Mewtwo to act like that.

Like, the only problems I found were the small spelling errors appearing in various places, little tinyyyy grammar mistakes as well as...sentence fragments. Although they too can be a part of the story, sometimes it just won't fit...hm.

Other than that, interesting, the way you made...(now this is the part that freaked me out)..Mewtwo blush in front of a woman. That just...gave me thoughts. Seriously. o_O;

But still, originality is something to credit for, as well as the new introduction of the strange character. Something definitely eye pleasing; keep it up with the second chapter! I don't know why, but Mewtwo is hawt here. ^_~ XD


Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Hmm really interesting.. haven't come along with this sort of fic before, um yeah what LP said, little grammer mistakes and all, but still good, can't wait to see what happens next

Lady Myuu

Damsel mostly Stressed.
I really should proof read my chapters, I would catch those things then but sadly, I write it late at night and so by time I get done its one o'clock and I'm passing out XD

the fragments are like... aaahhhh go away! and I try to fix them or re-word them as best I can but somtimes I just can't do a thing.

Lily: Mewtwo is always hot. And he was raised around humans and is use to human standerds when it comes to clothing. So when he sees a naked one @.@ yeah blush.

Chapter two: tied to hate.

A cold wind blew as the clouds overhead swirled, unable to past the mountain tops to continue there path.

They were heavy with rain.

Wait no worse.

It wasn’t rain. It was Snow.

Mewtwo growled in his throat as he flouted above the building that belonged to the rangers.

The humans who were trying to hard to protect this place were able to get there country to put this land under protection. Now it was a wild life reserve for pokemon, but it was more like forbidden land and it should be.

The pokemon here were very strong, they could stand against Mewtwo, even if it was for a bit.

The tower was built high above the ground, to keep unwanted guests out and to be able to see those who would harm this place coming from a mile away.

He was hoping they would have some kind of shack or shed or something. Something to store things in emergency but no they didn’t have anything like that.

He would have to go inside, and in there were humans. The last thing he needed was a mess like that.

The clone flouted down slowly landing on the outside of the tower. There was a boardwalk around the outside so the rangers could walk around and look at the forest below.

He could see inside through some windows and the clone had to duck down a few times. There were only two inside, two rangers. A male and female, the male was napping and the female was making something. Some sort of drink.

Mewtwo saw this as he glanced through a window. He then saw that there was a lower level below this watch tower. Probably a living area, where those who wanted to rest could go.

Mewtwo guessed that’s where the things he would need would be.

Mewtwo vanished as he teleported inside the building. Not sure where he would land, or what on, he found himself falling onto a bed. Well more like a cot.

Mewtwo lay there a second, it was an odd sight to see such a large powerful creature lying on a cot but it didn’t last long as Mewtwo got to his feet quickly and shrugged a little trying to relax.

He was the most powerful pokemon in the world, then why did he find it so nerve racking to be inside a humans den?

Mewtwo didn’t like the scent of humans all over the place and just seeing this kind of stuff brought back memories of his hard past.

I must get this over with... he grumbled as he moved over to a coat rack. He eyed the large coat that belonged to one of the rangers, probably used it in the winter when it got very cold.

Deciding that if anything it’s what the woman would need. He took it down and laid it over his arm. He then turned to what looked like some kind of clothing holder… drawers was open and he could see human clothing inside. Mewtwo had never needed or seen a dresser unless you counted the times he had read a human’s mind. He lifted his hand out and pulled the drawer out farther eyeing the contents inside.

He wasn’t sure if these where the right things for the woman but then again he wouldn’t know. He put his hand inside and dug around wondering if he should find something different.

He pulled out what looked like a long pair of pants. Unknown to the clone was that they were gray jogging pants. Adding this to his newly found coat Mewtwo dug around deeper pulling out what looked like a female human shirt. It was black and thin, the sleeves were short but they were there.

He added this as well before deciding to look at a different drawer. Mewtwo’s eyebrow rose as he lifted up a very thin small piece of cloth. He didn’t know what it was for but who knew what humans wore.

He placed it on top of the pile and then paused as he pulled out a strange device. Two straps hooked to what looked like two cups yet they were made out of cloth. There were two lose straps in the back that seemed to hook together.

Not even this wise creature figure out what this was for. He turned it around looking at it oddly with curiosity like a kitten.

The clone froze in his examination and glanced up as he saw a light coming from the stairs across the room and someone descending the steps.

It was a young female human, looked like she was a tad older then the strange creature he had found. Though they were around the same size and height, yet this human had light blonde hair and green eyes. Wearing the brown jacket and pants of a forest ranger, the young lady glanced up feeling she wasn’t alone and Mewtwo’s and the girl’s eyes met.

“W-w-what are you doing with my bra?” She stuttered out and focused her eyes. “What in the world are you?”

Being a ranger she had to be prepared for anything strange. She almost thought it was some insane poacher who was dressed up in some costume.

Mewtwo knowing he had out lasted his stay, swiftly moved over to the cot and snatched up the blanket.

He laid it on his clothing pile and lifted his hand up to the girl.

Forget was all that the clone said as a glazed look came over the woman’s face. By time she snapped out of it Mewtwo was gone.

Appearing in a flash Mewtwo found himself at the mouth of his cave. He glanced in feeling a little on edge. He didn’t know if the woman was awake or not, or if she had tried to leave the cave.

He didn’t see anything strange on the dirt below him. Just his own footprints and a few twigs.

He put his other arm under the pile of clothing. He heard a jingle sound come from the coats pocket the clone lifted the coat away from the pile as he held it in one hand and the pile in the other.

He shook it and the jingle sound was heard once again. The clone raised an eyebrow at the strange sound coming from the coat. Deciding he could investigate inside the cave and noticing the snow starting to fall he headed inside where it was a tad warmer.

He saw that his strange find was still sleeping on his bed. Her body curled into a ball and her bad wing still lying limply from her back. Her body shivered from the cold and her face looked like she was in some great pain.

Deciding to do one thing first he placed the clothing on the ground and picked up the blanket. He unfolded it and tossed it out laying it over the woman’s body.

She let out a whimper at feeling something touch her but remained in her state.

Mewtwo eyed her for a second, wondering how he was going to handle that broken wing when he remembered the jingle from the pocket.

He turned back to the pile of clothing. Bending down and picking the pile back up and went a little farther in his home-made cave.

He placed the clothing once again down but this time onto a flat top boulder. He rummaged through the clothing until he pulled out the coat. Sticking his hand into the pocket he felt cold metal rub against his fingers.

He withdrew his hand at once clutching the strange metal object in his hand.

Something clicked in his mind from a memory he had read.

Handcuffs? He asked himself as he found the key within the pocket as well. This must have been used in case the rangers did catch anyone who was not supposed to be on the property.


He turned to look at the woman’s sleeping form. He wasn’t sure if these man made objects could hold a creature such as her but then again. He would have to try if she would not be calm.

With that he started folding the clothing and once he was done, with the clothing called a ‘bra’ and the small other piece on top placed them beside the woman.

Mewtwo went to the mouth of the cave realizing the heavy snow fall coming down. He didn’t really notice the cold to much, he guess he was made to withstand it.

He turned his gaze back to the shivering soul on his bed. The clone turned his body around and looked at the ‘angel’ that had come into his possession.

Mewtwo bent down looking at her closer, he placed his hands on his over size rounded knees as he eyed her.

Her eyes under her eyelids moved quickly underneath. Back and forth, back and forth, she was dreaming.

Mewtwo was intrigued at this; he wanted to know what she was dreaming.

He slowly reached out a hand, knowing that she wasn’t pokemon nor human it might be odd for him to scan her mind. But the curiosity of knowing got to him. His hand brushed her black hair as his hand touched her forehead.

Mewtwo focused his eyes, the started to glow a bright light purple as his mind mixed with this winged woman.

Dark, the darkness… so much… never ending… pain… loneliness… anger… rage…

Mewtwo froze, this wasn’t her thoughts… these were… his.

He could feel her mind fill his own. Her anger and rage at him for trying to probe her mind. There minds fought back and forth, this was there true strength. What lay behind there flesh was there thoughts… the minds.

And they were fully equal.

Mewtwo let out a gasp as his eyes snapped open. He looked down seeing the face of the woman looking at him.

He knew she had tried to look at his mind when he tried to look at hers and in the end… they had learned nothing of each other.

The yellow eyes narrowed at him as the woman tried to get to her feet but faltered. Her body still recovering from the shock of the time earlier, her body fell back onto the bed the blanket draped over her wings.

A cry of pain echoed through the cave as she felt the pain race up her wing.

Mewtwo was gasping for breath and barely noticed as the woman tried to stand again and again failed.

He was to busy trying to calm himself and his aching mind down.

After a moment his gaze turned to the woman as she struggled under the blanket, her form huddled some as she felt weak and defenseless against this monster.

He stood to his full height showering he was dominant over her. Her eyes watched him, showing she knew he had control over her and that she was at his mercy.

Mewtwo pointed his hands at the clothing. His rounded fingers lifting up the first things, the woman’s underclothing, not that he knew what it was for but he hoped she would.

Put these on then the rest, it will keep you warm. He spoke coldly to her. Showing he was not going to let her win over him.

Her gaze stared at him and slowly looked at the clothes. Mewtwo lowered his hand laying the clothing beside her.

She snapped her gaze back to Mewtwo as she slowly picked up the two small pieces of woman’s under clothing. She looked at them a moment wondering how to use them. After a moment of staring she tossed them aside deciding they were not important enough. Mewtwo wanted to growl at her but when she picked up the shirt and seemed to understand what it was he decided to just watch.

She held the shirt in front of her, eyeing it a moment before looking at Mewtwo. She gave him a hiss which caused him to glare. It took a moment before she slip the shirt over her head and it was on. She hisses as she realized the shirt wasn’t made for wings and quickly pulled it off. She looked at the back of it and did something un-expecting, she ripped it, well more like tore a big gapping hole in the middle of the back of it. It was just bellow the neckline and was a tad jagged hole but at least it didn’t totally ruin the shirt.

She pulled it on over her head again and was able to squeeze her good wing through the hole. Mewtwo couldn’t help but wince in pain as she cried out as she reached her arms back to pull her broken wing through.

Mewtwo was half tempted to try and aid her as she dressed but as he tried to take a step forward a low hiss came from her showing that he may keep her prisoner here but she would never allow him near her.

She now had the shirt on and it was a tad big for her but then again she was a scrawny little thing. She gripped the jogging pants and eyed them like she did the other things.

Deciding that if the shirt went on top then these went on the bottom she lifted her legs up out from under the blanket.

Mewtwo felt warm around his face and couldn’t help but turn his gaze away. He was uncomfortable with a half naked woman in his presence. He was raised around humans after all.

He heard a half cough half growl, like she wanted to get his attention but didn’t want to be polite about it.

Mewtwo turned his gaze back and saw that she sat there on her knees. Now dressed in a black shirt and gray jogging pants, she left the coat alone for now.

The blanket lay around her like a nest as she tilted her head to the side. At least she was calm. But Mewtwo hadn’t forgotten her fake tears when she lunged at him and he kept his distance.

Mewtwo walked to his boulder again, the one he had left the handcuffs behind. He sat down on it his tail curling around his leg. Crossing his arms and raised an eyebrow as the young woman watched him.

Her eyes filled with loath for the clone yet she no longer snarled or growled.

Let’s start this out easy. My name is Mewtwo and you are...?

No answer came from the black winged woman. Mewtwo let out a sigh.

Fine, then. Are you hungry? He asked her another question.

And still nothing came. She just watched him, like she was expecting him to attack and kill her.

I know you can speak… Mewtwo grumbled. And I don’t want to force you but you’re not exactly normal.

She turned her gaze away from him. Mewtwo was shocked at this; she had no reason to do this, this time. She wasn’t getting dressed and didn’t she think he was some kind of threat?

But her eyes were staring at the mouth of the cave. Looking out at the falling snow, she placed her hands on the ground and watched the snow fall. Almost like she had never seen anything like it…

That is snow, its like rain just uh colder. Mewtwo realized that not being able to zap the information into her mind made him a very rotten teacher.

She looked back at him then back at the snow. She pulled the blanket up over her shoulders.

Are you cold? Should I make a fire? He offered. She turned to him her eyes wide in horror. She shook her head in a no; he could see the deep fears in her eyes.

Mewtwo got to his feet in alarm. The winged woman let out a screech in horror and huddled in a ball on the nest.

Alright, no fire then. He said, don’t be afraid… don’t be… your not faking are you?

The woman lifted her head, he could see with the look that she indeed was faking but… there was still fear there. Yes she was afraid of fire, he knew that now.

He felt a little annoyed and angry at the way she was acting.

You know, I’m not letting you win so you might as well tell me your name. The clone growled as he stepped towards her. She gave him a hateful glare before looking back out the cave.

“Crow” she whispered, her voice horse showing it had not been used much.

Crow? Very well then… Crow. You are now my guest and until you are well and give me the information I seek. You are going to remain my guest for a very long time.

She snapped her gaze back at him. Her eyes boiled with the hatred she had for this creature. Mewtwo fully knew she understood him now.

Mewtwo glared back showing that no matter all the hateful looks she gave him.

She was staying.

Chapter 3: Bird cage
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Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Very good once again, nice elnght, i like lenght, the longer it is the more chancwe i will read it and the more chance of a story been finished.. anyway good job, i wonde rif Mewtwo knows that Handcuffs are just used for bad guys....
I didn't know Rangers even had Handcuffs but good i can't wait for the next chappie

Ororo Munroe

Interesting chapter. I like how you made it so Mewtwo didn't automatically know what a bra and underwear are. There were a few typos. You had "their" as "there". Anyways, nice job.

Lady Myuu

Damsel mostly Stressed.
Chapter 3: Bird cage

And that is how it was for the next several days. Mewtwo and ‘Crow’ facing off, showing to each other that neither of them planned to back down anytime soon, Crow had tried to make at least two full escapes when Mewtwo was getting food but could never get past the mouth of the cave.

The ground was covered in snow; she was freezing as soon as her bare foot stepped into the white fluff. Her wing was not healing and would not unless it was mended with a sling.

Of course Mewtwo didn’t know how to go about this and was running out of ideas. The woman would not allow him close to her. She would give him a warning hiss saying that if he dared even tried to touch her she would bite a finger off.

Mewtwo knew she was fully capable of this, she wasn’t a dark type (since she wasn’t a pokemon) but she seemed to be able to adapt to some of the attacks used for his weakness. He was sure glad she wasn’t at full strength; he knew that he would have to either kill her or chain her then.

For now she just sat there, on his bed. Which he was missing greatly. Her yellow eyes sent a shiver down the clone’s spine as she watched him walk from one side of the cave to the other.

Mewtwo spun around as he heard movement. But Crow was just ‘nesting down’ as she prepared to sleep.

Pulling the blanket over her whole body, she looked like a lump on the bed if it wasn’t for her limp wing sticking out.

Mewtwo really needed to do something about that.

But he didn’t know how to mend it, yes he remembered stuff from the nurse Joy’s memory but… she wasn’t experienced in this field and so he wasn’t.

Can’t believe I am doing this Mewtwo thought aloud to him as he vanished once again using teleport.

Peeking out from under the blanket yellow eyes looked out seeing that Mewtwo was gone. An amused smirk crossed Crow’s face.


Doctor Jekyll was a young doctor, just starting his career in the medical field and he is all ready very sick of the mister hid jokes.

The young doctor had hair cut just above his ears and chocolate brown eyes. Standing a little taller then six feet he sometimes had problems with doorways.

Wearing a dress maroon shirt and nice kaki pants with a white scientist like jacket underneath, though it wasn’t as long as the normal ones and came a little below his waist, a pair a thin latest style glasses on the tip of his nose. The good doctor sat behind is desk. Being in experienced and fresh out of college didn’t help him get clients.
He wanted to go through a tad more training but this town small town just beyond a forest was in great need of his assistants. There older and well known doctor had passed on and he was here to take his place.

The town’s people didn’t like it and he was having a hard time being accepted.

The bored doctor on a slow day sighed leaning his head back and looking at the plain ceiling.

“I should have stayed in school longer” he grumbled.

The young man sighed again as he pulled himself from his seat and turned to the windows behind his desk.

The office was small, a small desk chair and two large windows half the wall long behind. A few old pictures hung on the walls and a plant on a stand in the corner.

The old computer sat off on the desk. The doctor finding it to slow for his taste and hoping his new one will come soon.

This had been the last doctor’s old room and the shoes he felt he had to fit were too large. He was nervous worried and pretty much drained of energy just from that.

The door to the office opened slowly. Green eye’s peered inside followed by a head of blond hair tied up into a pony tail. Two small strands of bangs hung down from her forehead.

Timothy Jekyll looked over to see his ness; she was barely twelve years old, a bright face covered in soft freckles and a rather large pair of glasses on her nose.

Her clothes were a white t-shirt covered with a pair of green overall shorts. Her backpack was a gray color and was being held up with one strap.

“Hi Uncle Tim” she greeted with a happy smile as she sat her bag down. “Still no one? Not even an emergency?”

The doctor sighed, “Nothing. They just go to the hospital an hour away or bear with it. It is a small town, not much happens” he said as he sat down again. “It seems that I am un-welcomed.” He paused a moment as he saw the young girl frown.

“How was your day?” he asked trying to change the subject. “Boring, lonely… no one would talk to me again, like I was some kind of monster or something… though I do like my classes.” She grinned.

“You’re fitting in better then me at least, Rachael” Timothy smiled. “Maybe you will be able to earn there trust first and then me. I mean, this town is based off superstitions of the forest… strangers seem to be apart of that”

The girl known as Rachael didn’t reply as she turned away. “I’m going to go to one of the storage room; I need some of the stuff there for a project. You mind?” she asked her uncle as she turned the door knob.

“No go on ahead. Oh… wait. Your mother called” the young uncle just remembered. Rachael spun around quickly a surprise and happy grin on her face.

“Oh? What did she say? Why didn’t she call when I was out of school?” she asked rushing up to the desk startling her uncle.

Timothy surprised a chuckle at her sudden energy boost.
But as he remembered the news his face fell some.

“Well… its going to be another few months… maybe two” he sighed, “Your mom is working hard you know, trying to finish school so she can take care of you properly”

A sigh came from the young girl. She turned as tears filled her eyes.

She had all ready been with her uncle six months. He was the youngest brother of her mother’s siblings and the only one who would take care of her. She had been with him for almost six months now.

She loved him a lot and he was like a father to her but… she missed her mom. Living in another country was hard enough but with out even hearing from her weekly was tougher.

“Rachael? Are you alright” asked the concerned uncle as he tried to comfort her but she was all ready walking away.

A sniffle was heard as she went to the door and slammed it behind her. Her uncle sighed and placed his chin on his hand.

“…I hope I get some patients soon… or I won’t be able to take care of you…and who knows where you would go”


The teary eyed Rachael rushed down the halls. Her eyes nearly overflowing with tears but none fell.

She came to the storage room door and paused leaning against the wall beside it. She whipped her teary eyes as her mind wondered.
Her mother… she loved her mother, a young woman at the age of twenty nine. Getting pregnant at the age of sixteen and not able to finish high school was hard on her. The father was an older man she had been ‘dating’ and just had vanished out of the blue. Not that Rachael cared, she didn’t see him as her father and though being twelve was much more mature then she appeared.

Her mother scrounging around to raise a child and trying to keep her head above the water was able to return to school and earned her high school diploma. Now moving on to college she was a busy woman working a part time job and trying to keep up with her studies.

That is when Rachael went to live with her uncle, her other siblings not wanting a child who has no father thinking of there sister as a black ship.

But Timothy wasn’t like that, and when his older sister came on hands and knees bagging him for help and seeing the young girl dressed in clothing to small and glasses to old and fixed with tape.

He couldn’t turn her down and was glad of it now.

But now… her uncle unable to get the money he needs and there savings going fast.

Rachael feared the worst, she even gave up the chance of becoming a pokemon watcher just to help him and support him.

Her eyes looked down at the thought of having to leave her uncle and not being able to return to her mother when a loud thud was heard. Her eyes peered up and turned to the door beside her.

A soft growl was heard from the door was something move inside. The girl blinked wondering if one of the two nurses were having trouble within.

Her hand reached out slowly and opened the door, peering in the girl bite her lip so she would not scream.

A large gray creature with a purple tail and horns seemed to be digging through there supplies. What it was looking for she did not know, why it was looking she did not know.

But by looking at its features she made a guess that it wasn’t normal, not any she had seen before and she knew at least three hundred different species including legends about the legendry pokemon.

That’s when something crossed her mind. Her last birthday, just a few weeks ago her mother had sent her some money, not a lot mind you but with some she got from her uncle and friend’s from her old school she had bought a digital camera.

She slid her hand into her back pack, she was glad she grabbed it before she left the office. Pulling out the device she turned off the flash and hoped the sound wasn’t too loud.

With a fast snap the picture was taken, and was glad that digital camera’s didn’t make much noise.

Mewtwo didn’t even notice; do busy trying to get his fingers free from some bandages.

The clone was startled as the door shut and turned and eyed it. He could have sworn it was closed. Shrugging it off he grabbed the rest of the supplies, hoping he could at least set the wing with what he had gathered and vanished with a flash.

He had no idea a twelve year old girl rushed down the halls holding a rare picture of him.


A flash and a poof and setting himself down was the most powerful pokemon in the world. Mewtwo’s purple tail swung back and forth as he dropped the supplies down. He probably should have gotten some foot for Crow and himself and thought about going to fetch something.

The clone turned around and started to speak when he noticed an empty bed. A blanket lay there on the ground and was cold from the lack of being lade with.

Crow was gone.

Mewtwo flipped around back to the cave mouth and peered out into the snowy forest. A soft snowfall fell now and it was growing colder.

She would freeze to death, he knew it.

But how could he find someone like Crow? Her mind was so different then a pokemon or humans… how could he trace her?

He pondered this a moment before eyeing the ground. A trail of human bare feet led from the cave mouth down the mountain and into the forest.

…I think to hard. Mewtwo thought, not use to using such simple and primitive way of tracking.

Mewtwo walked out of the cave and down the path. It was odd not to fly but decided it would be easier this way.

His two fit hit the ground silently, the cat like padding kept him from making a sound.

The tail was fresh and very easy to follow. He knew she wasn’t used to walking like him. She wasn’t use to snow either so it would add to the ease of finding her… if a pokemon or cold didn’t get to her first.

This thought troubled him more as he journeyed deeper into the forest. Knowing that the farther he went the more likely she was going to find trouble with the hungry houndoom pack that roamed this part of the forest.

He glanced up at the clouded sky and for once he missed the sun and the moon. He hadn’t seemed them since winter hit so hard…. And Mewtwo wasn’t one for the sun.

The psychic clone froze as he noticed the footprints were gone. His eyes scanned back seeing where they stopped. He could see his two toed prints walking beside the ones made by Crow.

He looked around in a circle, his mind spinning on where she could be.

…did a fearow get her?
He asked himself as he looked up. He blinked as he noticed a black feather falling down onto the tip of his nose.

He flared his psychic power a tad as he flouted up into the air. Peering around a tree trunk sitting on a tree branch as a shivering form, Crow’s eyes her closed as her arms were wrapped around her body. Her broken wing laid limp and looking worse then before. Slowly her yellow eyes opened, her breath shown in the air as the air grew cooler by the second. Her strange eyes looked at Mew two but she didn’t show in struggle at the sight of him.

She let out a sneeze and closed her eyes again biting her lower lip.

“I hate snow….” She whispered.

I thought you hated fire? He asked but made no notion of touching her.

“I do…” she whispered.


“My scars… they are burns.” She replied. She turned her head away looking away from him. “Go away; I think this is a good place to die”

You think so? Well it’ll be a while before you die from the cold but a pokemon will probably get you first. The houndoom are known to be good at jumping and you’re not that high off the ground. You would be torn apart slowly as one would hold you down. If it was summer they would kill you quick but in winter… that like the warmth of the kill to last as long as possible...

Mewtwo said as he crossed his rounded fingers across his arms. His gaze eyeing the woman as she kept her yellow eyes away from his

“I hate you” she whispered.

I know. But I am helping you anyway.

“…. I hate the cold more…”

Then come back to the cave.

“What if I say no?”

Then you die a slow and painful death.

“Either way it will be painful”

A hurt pride or a dead body, it’s up to you.

“….I really hate you”

She hung her head in defeat as Mewtwo lifted his arms out and gripped around her holding her bridal style.

Mewtwo realized this left his neck open for a deadly bite from Crow but when she just curled up feeling his warmth he sighed and floated back to the cave.

Crow would escape some day, and then he would pay for keeping her prisoner.

End Chapter.

Chapter 4: Hurt

if you saw any typos like like: Mew Two or Hoodoo my spellcheck screwed up @.@ I hope I caught it all :p though I read through it really fast and didn't proof read. Sorry for missing last update.


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Sorry for the late review heh. ^_^; Meant to review way earlier but . . . yeah.

Anyways . . . A very nice fic Myuu! I love Mewtwo's personality in this (especially when he was getting Crow's clothes for some reason lol) and the plot itself. Though I'm not too sure where this is going plotwise, I do like how its going now (that doesn't make sense but meh).

A few grammatical errors and spelling typos here and there but nothing too major for me to point out.

There were a few sentence fragments in chapter 2 though which I'm not sure if you did on purpose or not . . . Some sentences like that had impact while the others just sounded awkward. But overall, your good in this department as well. Yay. Good variety as well.

I do love how you describe things though. ^_^ Always keeps me in and never goes vague on details and such.

Character development . . . like I said, I love Mewtwo's personality in this fic. Its a nice change from having him flustered at seeing Crow half-naked but it still keeps him IC as well. Crow is an interesting character as well much like Mewtwo. Me still wonders where she came from . . .

And what that picture Racheal took has to do with the plot . . .

And a whole bunch of other things . . . But that's a good thing, me like the foreshadowing. ^^

Anyways, a very nice fic like I said before. I'm going to honestly try and read on in this fic because I'm really interested in seeing where this is going . . . which is pretty rare lol.

LaTeR dAyZ!


Not too shabby. It's original and quite different from your average Pokemon fic.. It is nice to see something without the word Journey or Shipping in the title for once. Yeah like you said the chapters are a bit short but they end at good enough places where there doesn't really need to be anymore. Some punctuation and speling errors but oh well; only human. There seems to be oddly enough description but not that much, it is qeird. There is enough to get a picture in the mind, but then again.. i dunno. It seems to fit the story though, as it is obviously more about feeling than environment and such. I've enver really read too many fics centered around emotion and the feelings of the characters, so yeah. The overall mood seems a bit depressing and gloomy, but that's the way I like things.

Peace and Nightmares.

Brian Random

Great use of descriptions and length, a few spelling and grammar mistakes here and there though.

Overall: Very original, One of the most interesting stories I've ever read.

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Very origional story. I loove Mewtwo's personality, and Crow is also quite interesting. There were a few grammar errors, but not too many. Also, I couldn't help but crack up when Mewtwo was getting Crow's clothes^^;;
Overall, a great fic. I'll keep reading, I'm a huge Mewtwo fan!


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Yay a update! go me :D sorry kinda lost my writing groove. but for some reason it came back :O

Chapter 4: Hurt

Mewtwo winced as a hacking echoed through out the cave. Huddled under the thin blanket Crow coughed. She wasn’t doing to well, being barefoot in the snow and in not so warm clothing. Mewtwo had to convince her to put the coat on but it still wasn’t working.

He had gotten her home and she conked out as soon as he sat her on his old bed. He was in the means of making himself a new one.

Though the clone wouldn’t admit it, he was at a lost on what to do. He had tried to repair the wing but having no clue how wings work ended up making it worse with a bite to his arm from Crow.

She had returned to making sure he didn’t come near her anymore. Huddling under the blanket for warmth, Mewtwo could see her shiver under the blanket and wished to do more for her.

Slowly he walked over beside the bed, the hours grew late and with it the coldest part of the night came.

Bending down a tad and resting his arms on his knees he looked at the shaking form. He was tempted to speak to her but knew he would only get a snappy comment back or a growl.

He wished he could probe her mind again, see what she has seen and know what she knows. He figured she wasn’t to knowledgeable about the world and either come from a lab or, well not many other choices now.

He needed for find out more but was unsure on how to go about it.

Crow? Asked the kangaroo/cat like clone.

He heard her growl before a small cough came. She didn’t respond any other way.

Do not make me come after you under there growled the clone as he tapped his fingers against his thigh.

Yellow eyes peered out from under the blanket as Crow kept the rest of her face hidden in the shadow of the fabric. She looked like an angry dragon peering out from its cave home as it sneered at an intruder who might be after its gold.

You’re sick. Mewtwo stated rather bluntly.

“No duh” growled the horse voice as she pulled the blanket over her head. “No thanks to you” Crow added.

Mewtwo grumbled as he stood up and walked deeper into the cave, deciding to try and deal with it in the morning.

The morning came all too soon for Mewtwo as he was finding it harder to sleep on cold stone floors. He opened a violet eye and gave an angry glare at the filtered sunlight. It was yet another cloudy day but then again at least the sun wasn’t too bright for Mewtwo’s morning eyes.

Rubbing his eyes like a child just waking up on a Sunday morning the mew clone got to his kangaroo like feet. His muscles annoyed him screaming at him they were not ready to walk but he ignored them as he stretched his arms and let out a cat like yawn showing off a nice set of feline fangs.

Mewtwo’s violet eyes fell on the huddle of blanket as a soft wheezing sound came from it as it slowly rose then fall.

The psychic pokemon walked over to the nest of dried grass and leaves. Bending down sitting on the ball of his knees his two fingered (and one thumbed) hand touched the edge of the blanket. Mewtwo hid a wince as he was expecting Crow to snap at him. She had a six sense about her and always seemed to know when Mewtwo was about to get to close.

But nothing came just the soft wheezing of her sleep. Mewtwo noticed it had gotten worst through the night and gently pulled back the blanket.

This time he really did wince as he saw her broken wing laying in a horrible way beside the shivering body. Her usually dark tanned face was white and clammy while her lips had lost the dark red color.

She slept on her stomach as her back was where her broken wing was attached to. The wheezing sound was coming harder now that the blanket did not muffle it and her eyes were darting underneath her eyelids.

She was dreaming…

Mewtwo’s gaze looked at the fallen angel as he some what thought of her… more like fallen demon.

His eyes narrowed as he lifted the blanket higher and realized she wasn’t wearing her coat. Probably wasn’t something easy to sleep in. He reached out his other hand and grazed her forehead and he paused, clamping his hand down on her head he felt the hot warmth of a body overheating as it fought the dangers that were affecting her.

The clone looked at his hand and wondered if it was really as bad as it felt. He wasn’t a doctor, he didn’t know much about how to tell if someone was sick or dieing unless they were all ready dead. He may be the most powerful being on this planet but he had never felt as useless as he did now.

Mewtwo stood and crossed his arms and shut his eyes. This was one of his ways of thinking. Blocking out all distracting sound he thought about his options. He soon realized there was only two and one of those he dare not do.

With a scoop of his arms he bent down and picked up Crow. Her body still wrapped in the blanket and her head underneath. She mumbled but did not awaken as her broken wing found its way free of the blanket and hung over Mewtwo’s arm.

And with a blink of an eye both of them were gone.


Rachael sat alone in her uncle’s office, some homework sitting in front of her as she stared at the computer screen. On it was a picture of a strange unknown pokemon, something she had been doing research on in her spar time.

Seems that this pokemon was called ‘Mewtwo’ and was believed to be a myth made up by some weirdoes and freaks… anyone could find websites about it but never pictures just rumors and sightings. Though no one ever took it seriously or even knew where it had come from. Most thought that it was made up just for people to believe like many other fake pokemon.

But Rachael had seen it… she had seen it in this very building! She had proof! She looked at her camera and then pulled out one of dozens of copies she had made of the pokemon. She had gotten an ok picture, she had forgotten to zoom out so she couldn’t get a full body shot and just got the upper profile.

Every time she looked at the photo thoughts of what to do with it raced through her mind. Maybe she could sell it and get enough money for her to go home.

Or maybe she could start her own website or find a professor to look at it. She even wondered if the news would be interested.

All these thoughts were pushed into the back of her mind as she heard the door to the office click as her uncle was returning. Quickly she stuffed the picture back into her pocket, she closed the cheesy website and grabbed her pencil and acted as if she was doing her home work.

The tired doctor entered the room with no idea what his niece had been doing as he dropped his suitcase on the floor and plopped down in the chair in front of the desk.

Rachael looked up through her glasses and blinked at her uncle in some confusion.

“What’s wrong?” she asked as she put her pencil down. Dr. Jekyll sighed once again and rubbed his forehead.

“Someone came in today” he mumbled. Rachael gave him an odd look.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” she replied looking very puzzled.

“Only reason the woman came in was to get a ‘check up’ and then complain about how I was doing everything wrong and that I am nothing like there old doctor. Not like it’s gonna bring the old man back” he slightly growled as his fist tightened.

Rachael got up and walked over to her uncle and to his side putting a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s going to be alright” she whispered, “I’m gonna go get something to eat want anything?” she offered.

“Coffee” was all her uncle replied. She nodded and headed out the door and down the hallways of the doctor’s office.

Today the blond young girl was wearing warmer clothes, a green long sleeve shirt with a normal pair of jeans. Her hair was put into one ponytail instead of pigtails.

She came into the small lounge, empty as always but it didn’t bother her really. The only other person here was the nurse; she was an old woman who kept to herself unless she needed to talk to Tim. It seemed she was one of the few who trusted the new people in town but being old and not much for talking she didn’t help them get patients.

The twelve year old walked over to the small table with a pot of coffee and some store bought cookies for the ‘guests’ that came.

She poured a cup of black coffee the way her uncle liked it and grabbed some cookies for her. She paused a second and set the drink and snacks back down as she pulled out the picture again.

She eyed the pokemon again as she pondered what to do with the picture. She had to tell somebody but having no friends kind of made that hard. She was tempted to tell her uncle but… she didn’t know. He probably would freak out or something…

She sighed and put the picture back into her pocket and headed back to the office. She took her time on the way back trying not to spill any of the hot coffee. She stuck the cookies in her mouth holding them there so she could use her other hand to open the door.

“Umple I gats coofee” she muffled through her teeth as she opened the door and froze. Her uncle was up against the wall wide eyed, lying on the floor was something wrapped in a blanket but what shocked Rachael was the being pinning Timothy to the wall.

“Mewtwo!” she gasped and froze as she realized she just yelped his name. The clone let go of the man and looked at the child his eyes narrowing.

How do you know my name, girl? He growled in slight confusion and anger.

“I… I…” she stumbled trying to figure out what to say in her terror. The sites said nothing about it being able to talk.

“Leave her alone!” The doctor cried and Mewtwo turned his gaze back to the human.

That better not be a threat he growled. I will figure it out later as of now I need your help with this one. He said pointing at the blankets as they moved a little. Rachael stared in shock as she noticed a wing coming out from the blanket.

Timothy Jekyll got to his feet and made his way over to the blanket, he gulped feeling the creature’s gaze on him and he reached out pulling back some of the blanket and gasped.

“What… is... she?” he asked but shook his head and put his hand on her forehead. “… We gotta get her body to cool down. Right now.” Standing up and taking charge he pointed at Rachael, “Tell nurse gray to stay at the front desk.” He looked back at Mewtwo “You carry her and follow me”

Mewtwo grunted not liking to be ordered around, but this was Crow’s life on the line so as Rachael dashed away he picked up Crow again. The doctor left the office followed by the all powerful pokemon.

All this time Crow was awake, unable to speak and to weak to open her eyes she just listened to what was going on around her, she didn’t like where things were going and she wanted to flee.

She felt herself being lay down and the blanket removed from her. She felt something sharp go into her side and something could touch her other. She tried to speak but found that her body was demanding her to rest. She couldn’t though, sleep was not an option. She heard the doctor saying strange words… she wondered what he was going to do to her. Why wasn’t Mewtwo helping her?

Mewtwo though could not help and stood back watching the doctor work on Crow. The clone hid a worry face behind a glare as he tried not to think about what could happen to Crow. He knew so little about her; it would be a shame if she died now.

But as this was going on Rachael was sealing an envelope and putting it in the mailbox. This was just too good to be true and maybe… maybe she would get to go home sooner.

End chapter

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I do really like this fic, though you better go over your chapters and carefully reread them, there a few spelling mistakes, a bit short I must say, keep up the good work though ^^ I always was a fan of clones and gentic mutants with mewtwo like stories, what about his other clones though? Woudn't he have a bit of touch with mew? I mean, he was created from him/her

------ ;250;

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As of now I am just writing chapters and ending them where I feel tells what I want it to tell. actrauly I have gone back and read some in my file on my comp and fixed the grammer on there but changing it on here is something I really don't feel like doing.

Mew eh? she isn't really part of the plot, mew has a job to do ya know. the whole 'protector of the world' thing.

The other clones were set free remember? they are off enjoying normal pokemon lives.

I think chapters will get longer later on into the plot, gotta get this side plot out of the way first :p

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It's kinda hard to see Mew being the protector of the world.... meh, I don't remeber the clones being set free though... oh and another thing, didn't mewtwo only erase the rocket's mind? I don't think he wiped the computor's memory of him...., wonder what Rachel is gonna do with the pic (note I am slow) can't wait for the next chapter ^^ *hands you a cookie* cookie?

------ ;250;

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Great chap Lady Myuu!^^ There were a few spelling mistakes but not too many. This really is a great story...Keep writing, I can't wait to see what will happen to Crow.