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Mending ~*pg-13*~

Lady Myuu

Damsel mostly Stressed.
... IT IS DONE! ;; sorry guys this chapter just seemed to plain I had to keep rewriting, not 100% happy as it seems just to be a stalling chapter but please read and review for the love of um, monkeys!! Thanks Ren for the proof reading :D

Chapter 8: Before
Written by LadyMyuu Beta'd be Renagade

I hear whispers in my dreams.

They tell me of things to come.

Horrible things…

Things neither man nor beast should know.

But I know.

And I know now, I do not belong here.

And I am frightened.

Greyish colored clouds still hung low in the air over the small town. The forests around it were still covered in a pure blanket of snow. It was still very cold out and the children had yet to return to school because of this.

Smoke rose from many chimneys atop rooftops as families stayed tucked away indoors. The warmth offered by the flames in the harth or their blanket covered beds kept them busy with thoughts of staying warm instead of venturing outside.

Even though the weather was anything but inviting, a straggler could be spotted here or there, making their way to work, or from it. The roads were much to slick from ice and snow to drive on safely, and the only thing possible for now was the option of walking. And even that was hard enough thanks to such weather. Many were glad it was a small town and everything was in a reasonable walking distance.

A light was on in one of the windows in the doctor’s office, the glass was steamed up but a figure could be seen peering out. Blond hair was down now and the girl wore a green long sleeve shirt and green sweat pants.

Rachael was quiet, a week had gone by with barely a word and Mewtwo had only showed up once. The girl wasn’t really sure what was going on before. Crow had broken down so many times, her mood swings were horrible, one second she was ready to bite anyone’s head off the next she was a sobbing mess of well… winged woman.

Rachael had only been around Crow a few more times, it was hard to be around her when saying one wrong thing caused any sort of odd objects to get thrown at you at random times.

Sitting at the desk behind the twelve year old was Timothy. His head resting on his right hand while his other wrote down some things on paper work.

“You know, I think Crow is our first ever real patient.” He commented while only giving part of his attention to Rachael as she stayed by the window.

“What do you think will happen when she is well again?” Rachael asked as she peered out of the window seeing a small snowfall starting.

“I think Mewtwo will take her or let her go or something. He doesn’t seem too attached to her, he just knew she would die with out some help,” the uncle replied as he leaned back in his chair, “she is very odd, I wish I knew what she was”

“No you don’t. You don’t want to know what she is,” the words slipped through the girl’s lips before she could stop herself. The uncle sat up higher in his chair while turnin to look and stare a little at his niece from her words.

“What do you mean by that? You sure have been saying odd things like that all week.” he commented as he looked on with both concern and curiosity.

Rachael smiles at her uncle, the smile masking her real feelings and fears as she just shrugs a fraction, “Not really sure if I understand it myself.” With that she turned, walking towards the door, her snow boots still on, Rachael opened the door and left with a thud as it closed.

Timothy leaned back in his chair and ran his hand through his semi long hair. “That girl is hiding something. I can’t wait tell get this mess is over with”


The woman known as Crow, stood at the now unblocked window of her ‘bedroom’ ,the floor was a mess with wrappers and torn clothing among other things as she just stared out of the window. She was clothed in sweat pants and was wearing a gray tank top that took a few tries to slide on and get around her wings.

Over her wings and shoulders, Crow wore a blanket almost to the likes of a cape. She didn’t want to bother her wings to much with a coat or any other warmer clothing so she just relied on the blanket for helping keep her warm.

The woman ran a hand through her tangled black hair while her yellow eyes looked out at the sky above. With a sigh she turned away and faced the door,

“How long will I wait here in his prison,” she mumbled to herself. “I could probably sneak away now… they have dropped their guard again,” she looked back at the window. “But… oh dear I’m talking to myself”

Crow grumbled rather angrily at herself. She blamed this on that child, that stupid girl. For some reason that child could get her to open up, she and Rachael had spoken for awhile, Crow answering the questions the girl had asked best she could and the girl answering questions she had.

It also seems, Crow, may have some dark type pokemon abilities. Though after a blood test it was found she didn’t have any pokemon DNA at all. But that didn't make her exactly human either.

It was all very frightening to Crow, she just wanted to explain to everyone that she wasn’t human or pokemon or really anything at all but it confused her. She was solid, she bled and she felt… what was she? She had to be something...

Crow leaned closer to the window; her hot breath caused it to fog up as she rested her forehead against it. She closed her eyes tightly and let out a muffled moan of annoyance.


Crow pretended to not hear the query as she continued to keep her forehead against the cool glass and steam up the window with her warm breath.

“Are you ok?” Rachael peeped out as she stepped into the dark room. Crow would have rolled her eyes if she hadn’t had them closed.

She was tired of this, Rachael was a smart girl but really, Crow didn’t need her nor did she want to talk to her. She just wanted to be left alone for now.

“What?” Crow snaps out as she glances over at the girl at last. “I don’t feel like speaking to a child right now.”

Rachael seemed to ignore this as she looked down “I’m scared,” she mumbled out as she kicked the ground a little.

“Oh? What am I? Your mother?” Crow replied as she walked over past Rachael and looked out into the hall. “Is that beast out there, wanting you to get more information about me? I told you Rachael, I don’t know anything more then what I have said.” The annoyance in Crow’s voice was growing and Rachael knew she would soon lose her temper.

Rachael sighed as she looked up at the ceiling, “All you told me was that, you were not a being from the earth, you’re not an alien either, you’re something more and greater and yet you aren’t anything at all. You have the abilities of dark type pokemon and by our tests you aren’t a pokemon and not even human. You act as if the world is coming to an end and then bite off people’s heads. You are confusing me.”

“I am nothing now; I am not where I belong. I don’t want to go back to where I belong either as I know it wasn’t a good place. I don’t remember much other then…”

“Mewtwo said you are some kind of… death bringer..?” Rachael mumbled as she now looked straight at the winged woman. Crow was silent now; she didn’t look at Rachael as she tried to stare out the window.

“I… don’t know why I said that. I wasn’t really… myself. Maybe I am, maybe I am the death of you all”. Crow replied as she finally turned looking at Rachael, “Its starting to snow”

Rachael was staring wide eyed and slightly afraid. She looked at the window as she relaxed her muscles and let out a deep breath, “Do you want to go outside? We can go outback where no one can see us really.”

Crow was taken back by the question. She was silent a moment before she responded with a simple “Sure.”

They journeyed out of the room and down the hallways of the clinic. Soon they came to a door that above glowed the bright letters of ‘exit’ .

Crow was silent as she huddled under her blanket, though Rachael had made her slip her coat on. Rachael looked back with a comforting smile before she slowly pushed the door open. The back yard was an empty parking lot where paid staff would park, it lead into a small woods and had a small road to the side of where the ‘staff’ would drive up from.

Not that there was any staff.

Rachael rubbed her gloved hands together before pulling her hood up over hear head. The girl’s breath could be seen in the air as she looked over at Crow.

'Crow stepped barefoot into the snow, shivering, she looked at Rachael and down at the girl’s boots. “Oh… I forgot we don’t have shoes for you,” Rachael sighed “Guess we can go back inside”

“No… it has been so long and that beast or that uncle of yours isn’t here to stop us.” Crow took a few more steps into the snow and looked up letting the drifting flakes fall onto her black haired head.

Letting her blanket fall a little she stretched her good wing and Rachael gasped. She looked so … unearthly, a winged woman standing in the snow. Her yellow eyes glowing slightly as Crow let out a deep breath.

“Yes, this is nice.” Crow said a small smirk coming across her face.


Mewtwo growled a little in the back of his throat, not often did he use his vocal cords, but when he was this frustrated… it was hard not too. The large boulder, at least the size of a duplex house was lifted just above the tree line. A gentle glow about it showing a psychic hold was on it as the clone practiced.

He was feeling just very off today. Like he couldn’t grip the boulder with all his power, almost like the laws of nature had taken a simple shift and his powers didn’t adapt.

He moved his hands upward, the three fingers giving off the same glow as well as the clones violet eyes. The boulder moved up a little, just slightly before trembling. An angry growl and it was sent flying into some trees as the frustrated Mewtwo clinched his fists.

Something is not right, he growled, it is as if I no longer hold the power I once had.

Rubbing his forehead he glanced the way he new the town was, then looked up at the soft falling of snow. He thought a moment, knowing it had been awhile since he had checked on Crow. He trusted the humans enough to keep her a secret; they knew his power and his wrath.

The purple tail swished as the most powerful pokemon nodded mentally to himself. Time to check up on his little ‘fallen angel’.

The pokemon vanished as he used his teleportation ability.


“Yeah this is nice,” Rachael commented from their new seating arrangement. Getting on the roof of the old medical center wasn’t hard. There was a tree beside it that was just like walking up steps. It leaned towards the wall of the building and was just like a simple step ladder.

The two sat on the roof, the snow still falling and they had cleaned a small area of the snow away so they could sit. The roof only arched a little bit and had a flat outing on it as well. The two sat on a clear spot now as Crow looked up at the sky.

“Isn’t it lovely? Many say that when the snow is gentle like that it means the goddess Articuno is near giving her blessings.” Rachael told as she leaned back on her gloved hands.

Crow sat forward a little, her hands wrapped around her knees and her blanket still over her shoulders.

“I learned that it’s just what happens when it’s to cold for rain.” Crow commented getting an odd look from the twelve-year-old. “What?” the woman asked but the girl just shook her head deciding not to ask where she learned that. She knew it was true in some ways and not in others in this world.

The two fell silent as they watched the snow fall; it grew a tad thicker now. The winged woman and the child seemed to be very content in this silence, still neither fully understanding each other but yet knowing that they both had troubled pasts. They may end up going there separate ways but in the end they would have the memory of meeting each other.

Sometimes, life gives those who need it a little something, a friend, an answer, a wish coming true. Something that just tells that person that no matter how cruel life gets somewhere out there, there is someone going through something just as hard or worse and they need a friend just as much as that person does.

And when life finds a way to bring those two together, the support and hope each other may bring can get them through anything…



“…The sky!”

Crow blinked as she saw the change as well. Rachael had been the one to voice it first as the two stared in surprise at the sudden change. It was as if the gray cloudiness has melted away, the snow was thin and was almost stopped as the sky just seemed to be drenched in a bright color. No it was still changing, the color became darker and more looming, it looked as if the sky was no longer a sky at all.

But a deep endless pool of blood, oozing with swirling dooming clouds and looked as if it was ready to devour the innocent town.

Crow’s eyes flashed with the strange red that had come over her once before. She gasped next as she turned and shielded Rachael with her wing.

“LOOK OUT!” she screamed as something came falling out of the sky, slamming into the ground and causing a loud uproar as flames burned at the snow and forest. Fire began to burn as if the snow was nothing more the cotton candy. Everything it touched caught on fire instantly, as if the laws of the world did not apply to it.

Rachael peered around the wing and let out a short scream as she clung to the woman. Crow hissed as she got to her feet pulling the child with her.

“We must leave.”

End chapter
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Lady Myuu

Damsel mostly Stressed.
This chapter was a load of fun to write, which means its a fun read... I think.

kinda dark though....

Chapter 9: The Storm

It rained fire, falling from the sky like a waterfall. It came crashing down on me yet I felt no pain. I could hear the screams of the people around me as they ran in terror or died horrible deaths…

Then I wake up... I always wake up… why… this time… why…

Why haven’t I woken up yet?

The bloody sky seemed to just release the red fire from its very self, falling like burning thunder onto the ground and engulfing everything and anything near it in flames. It even caught the snow on fire, which was a horrible and almost un-believable sight to watch.

The young girl clung to the winged woman’s form, eyes closed and a scream of terror building inside her, wanting to escape her mouth again but Crow kept her just calm enough to not release it.

The woman’s eyes swirled between gold and ruby as they took on an orange color now. She winced a little as a blast landed on a nearby building and again as screams escaped it before the building was in swamped by an inferno and no more cries came.

“W-what… what is happening?” Rachael squeaked out.

Crow's attenion was now on the snow as it melted and seemed to just vanish by the fires touch, trees burned like dried firewood in the far distance.

“Nature… it’s … been broken.” Crow whispered.

The winged woman gasped and sprang forward right off the roof, Rachael screamed as Crow spread her one good wing and flapped it madly as if she could catch flight with it alone. But the law of flight still applied and she fell quick and hard.

Not even waisting anymore time, Crow changed her grip on Rachael; Her arm moved down and supported the girl’s legs while another was wrapped around her back. Mewtwo had carried her like this once.

She would have slammed into the ground if she hadn’t brought her legs upright and let them take the inpact, and ended up in quite a crouch and wobbled some but nothing broke, luckily enough. Crow was stronger now, as if the wrongness now in the world gave her strength.

She hissed a little under her breath, the girl in her arms clinging to her tightly now as she cried some from the fear of the jump.

Suddenly a loud explosion followed by a gust of searing wind caused Crow to close her eyes and cover the girl with her one good wing. She didn’t want the child to look, to know the building in which she knew so well, in which her uncle resided in and wanted to help people in, was up in flames.

Rachael noticed the sudden heat and how she was being covered by a sky of feathers. Slowly the girl opened her eyes and gasped before looking up at Crow. Tears leaked from the girl’s eyes as she tried to look around the woman, trying to see where it had come from.

“Close those eyes and the nightmare will pass.” Crow whispers to her.

Rachael looked up at the woman again, the mystery that had plagued her and her uncle’s lives for the past two and a half weeks. She at first wanted to obey Crow, instincts telling her, Crow knew best and that she would die unless she listened.

But the heat around her was nearly unbearable. The sky was raining fire and all logic just seemed to cease to exist. Rachael stared at Crow, seeing the orange eyes slowly start to darken from the orange and closer to a redish color. A different fear was creeping up inside the girl, Crow was being affected by this, and it was causing something bad to happen.

Was it Rachael being quicker then the woman or Crow slowly losing her care for the child it was unknown but the girl was able to look over the winged woman’s shoulder and stare in utter horror at the sight behind her.

The scream from before bubbled up inside her, it burned in her mind before it finally escaped her lips and echoed out into the burning world around her. Crow’s eyes clinched shut as the scream jumped around her mind like an alarm screaming for her to ignore the feeling of dropping the girl and fleeing into the fires. An instinct took over, something that mammal women seemed to have forgotten.

….Motherly instinct.

Crow was off, quickly away from the burning building and into the scorched forest. The flames would dance at her feet before backing off as if she was the leader of the oceans, her touch would cool them almost and send them swirling away before capturing the path behind her again in its mad rage.

Rachael had almost fainted; she clung tightly to Crow as she cried tears of sorrow and loss. She didn’t know what she would do now, her uncle, her loving uncle was in that building. She wanted to go back, wanted to try and save him but at the same time, fear overtook her at the thought of the all consuming flames that held the building in their firey grip. She didn’t note how it seemed to not touch Crow, as if it was alive and feared her.

What is going on? Mewtwo mused as his form flew uneasily in the sky. He had to focus all his might on flying. And the fact that balls of fire seemed to fly past him at great speeds was not helping. He felt drained, tired and extremely weak.

His kangaroo like form was slowly descending closer to the ground before he had to make a quick spin out of a fire balls path. The flames scorched him just by the heat and he was sent spinning away. He gasped in pain and did the only thing he could, pull of an uneasy teleport.

He hoped to appear indoors of the doctor’s office and in fact he did. The clone appeared inside and gasped at the burning halls and the hot floor. If he had not been hovering he would have roasted his toes from the heat. Mewtwo reached out with his mind, searching for any signs of life remaining. Something told him Crow would be fine; something that tugged on him told him she had to be fine. He would not be responsible for allowing more pain.

His mind didn’t find any trace of Crow, though he wasn’t sure if it was because she wasn’t something easily sensed or the fact his powers seemed to be as weak as an abra.

Mewtwo slowly started to float forward. He felt a trace of something, conscious and panicked. Mewtwo began to move faster, his instincts telling him if he did not get to the scared source soon that it would no longer be there to be saved. He came to the office of Timothy Jekyll and saw that the door was closed but scorched. He reached his hands out and touched it, feeling the warmth within. He knew what may happen if he opened the door.

His mind raced as he searched every inch of his body, drawing his powers out as if waking them from a trance. He could feel that his powers were there, just withheld, dormant, he focused them, pulling them away from that sleepiness they had fallen into.

The fire around him was slowly cooking him alive, while he did his best to now allow himself to be touched the shear heat was enough to kill a mortal man.

Mewtwo vanished and appeared in the coolest place in the room, the lack of oxygen and the smoke made Mewtwo wheeze. He focused his eyes and pushed the smoke away, the fire was everywhere almost, only behind the desk had it not burned to a crisp yet. Focusing his mind her spoke telepathically to the only other being in the room.

Human, come now and we will leave this hell.

A wheezing cough was heard as the young doctor pulled himself out, a look of relief mixed with a little fear came across the young man’s face at the sight of Mewtwo and he stepped forward towards the clone.

The fire continued to burn, even if there was little to no oxygen left, as if though the fire fed off it, it did not need it for survival. This fire was unnatural. Mewtwo held out his three fingered hand and before the doctor could reach it a beam from the ceiling fell lose, covered in flames it fell. Timothy yelled trying to jump back. Mewtwo focused his eyes and tried to capture the beam, but as if the fire around it was a shield to block his powers it still fell. The doctor had pull back fast enough to spare his body but his arm was not so lucky.

Timothy let out a scream of fear as his hand had caught on fire, it burned worst than anything the man had felt before. It did not burn, it ate, it chewed, gnawed and shook his hand or so it felt to the man. Not only was this pain great, watching his hand turn to dust and begin to blow away was another thing. It didn’t char it, it destroyed it, cremated it. It begins to seep up the arm at great speed.

Mewtwo could only think of one thing to do. Summing up all his power he lifted his hand. A crack was heard then followed by a bloody scream of pain.


Crow had gone to the only place she could think to go, though she was unsure how to have found it and how quickly she got there. Her mind had blanked out after walking for what seemed forever. But she was there, back in the cave, back where Mewtwo had kept her prisoner. Back where he had tried to read her mind and tried to heal her wing.

Rachael was huddled on the very nest she had stayed on, though it was more dried out and crunchy then before. Seemed Mewtwo had not the means to replace it with more comfortable means since she left. The child was huddled under Crow’s coat. The woman had taken it off as the heat from the fire was enough to not allow the cold to affect her much. She stood at the mouth of the cave, keeping the flames from reaching within. The flames swarmed the mouth of the cave, but Crow’s now orange colored eyes glared and as if obeying a master they withdrew quickly and continued their route of roasting everything but the cave.

The woman turned her eyes towards the heavens now, watching the red sky rain the fires, they fell almost evenly sometimes before being a tad more random or sparce. It reminded her of some things... As if she had seen this before, but not from this view, not from bellow. No… she had seen the fires placed on deadly arrows and watched as they were shot down towards the earth, seen them devour like wolves to their kill.

She had seen it from heavens view and enjoyed it. Her gaze was changed now to something that did not belong to the fires. It moved towards her slowly as if being careful not to allow himself to be touched.

The grayish purple form stopped something in its arms. The stop was as if it was focusing on something. Crow narrowed her eyes and soon realized who it was out there but before she could respond those who were out there were now in the cave.

Mewtwo stood, looking tired and almost angry. He had worn himself out just by trying to reach his powers which seemed to almost have fully withdrawn inside of himself for some reason.

In his arms were the unconscious form of Timothy, he was shirtless, the shirt had been torn and ripped and then wrapped around the stump on the side of his shoulder. Rachael was peering out from the coat and gasped in horror at the sight of her uncle.

“His… his arm!” she cried seeing his left arm had been completely removed and was nothing more then a bloody mess. Mewtwo had done his best to slow the blood flow as ripping an arm off with psychic powers was still a very messy thing.

His arm caught on fire; I could not put it out. It would have turned to dust. It is all I could do child Mewtwo spoke calmly and slowly, hoping the twelve year old could understand. He placed the young man beside her and she nearly sobbed as she ran a hand over his brown hair.

“Look,” Crow whispered and Mewtwo turned his gaze, darting for the cave, as if seeing the only chance they had was a young woman and her partner a slightly older man. They wore the brown outfits of the rangers, they were the rangers.

Mewtwo went to the mouth of the cave and lifted his hand as if to flout the humans inside, but found his powers were to weak… no withdrawn for it. As if they had given up on everything and just went into a slumber.

Quickly! I can not aid you! Mewtwo called as the two humans dashed like mad, doing there best to find the best routes around the flames. A scream echoed in the trees as the fire seemed to just swarm, it had caught the man’s pant leg on fire and just like it had started to do to Timothy was eating him alive.

The woman stopped and screamed for her friend, he yelled at her, telling her to go before he was covered in flames, his screamed of pain echoed until he was fully ash and nothing more. Mewtwo called to the terrified woman and she began to move once again towards the group, running as fast as she could but the fire seemed to sense her fear and now nipped at her heels.

Closer she came and Crow began to reach out, caught up in the moment of this human’s drive for life, wanting to aid her ignoring the part of her that enjoyed the fear in her eyes.

The woman reached her hands out, welcoming the thought of being pulled out of the flames grasp, only a few feet away, so close yet…

Crow gasped as flames danced up the woman and caught her whole body on fire faster then the man’s as if it knew if it did not devour her now she may be saved. Mewtwo turned his gaze away as Rachael covered her eyes.

Crow stared on, watching the ash blow away in the smoky wind. That woman and that man had given it their all, and it was not enough. Mewtwo reached out as if to touch Crow, almost as if to comfort her, but he stopped as he saw Crow’s face.

Her eyes were swirling between red and orange now as she whimpered. Tears wanted to leak out and yet a playful smile danced around her face.

“The pain… is unbearable.” Though she said this with bitter and sadness the smile on her face seemed to enhance a cruel look about her.

Explain to me, why?

“Because the end of the story has come.”

End chapter.
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Yami Ryu

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Anyways, since I already beta'd the chapters, dun have to say much other than what I know already Xp

It's good Myuu, original and very, very good. The character development overall has been very tastefully done, but then again, you always manage to do that it seems. I also like how dark this chapter was, and how dark the story is getting. And to all the fools that don't review, or read; THEIR LOSS SO THERE.


Anyways you better keep up with this story Xp


Really and truly
I only had time to read chapter 8, so I'll have to read 9 tomorrow.

It was pretty good, bit short for my taste, but at least it wasn't painstakingly long.
Saw nothing wrong with description or characters, as they were well-portrayed. And stuff. Jah. My compliments.

Though I saw a good few mistakes.
Such as swtiching to present tense. Twice.
And saying 'you' when ya shouldn't be breaking down the forth wall of writing. Or whatever the hell they call it.

The other mistakes I could actually point out:
“I… don’t know why I said that. I wasn’t really… myself. Maybe I am, maybe I am the death of you all”. Crow replied now as she finally turned looking at Rachael, “Its starting to snow”
Period before end of speech. Jah.
'Crow replied now' oh look, present tense! (I think. Something's wrong with that part, at least.)
'Its' should be 'it's'

Crow took a barefoot step into the snow and shivered,
I think that whole thing ought to be changed. Something more along the lines of
'Crow stepped barefoot into the snow, shivering,'

Rachael commented from there new seating arrangement.
Shouldn't it be 'their'?

They may end up going there separate ways but in the end they would have the memory of meeting each other.
I think 'may' should be 'might', but that's a matter of opinion and what sounds right to you. :p

Ok, not a lot of mistakes. Blah.

Oy, and can't wait to read 9! I shouldn't have waited so long to read 8.
But the plot's coming along nicely. And...jah, exciting.



Lady Myuu

Damsel mostly Stressed.
woot I made the changes o.o I don't tend to go back and do it but I decided to go and learn instead and do it. Go me.

I only didn't go back and change like two things cuz I was to lazy to hunt them down. ^.^ oh and thank Ren, she caught most of the mistakes before the chapter was even posted. Oh question for my readers! All two of you!

Should I up my rating to R? I think it may get that dark. Don't reply with your answer just think about it. Unless your a closet reader and want to reply. GO ONE AHEAD :D
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Really and truly
Ah. Ok. Wow. Scary.

This chapter made me sit on the edge of my seat-it was very well-written and put together nicely.

Once again, good job with description, characters were portrayed perfectly and there was the proper mood I felt that went along with the chapter.
And the plot is reaching its climax! The suspense builds, and I become very excited, very involved in the story. I fell like I’m right there in the story, watching as fire rains down from the skies…

Sadly, I found a good bunch of mistakes. :( Here we go:

vanish by the fires touch
Should be fire’s.

Not even waisting anymore time
This should be reworded, because it’s rather repetitive.
‘Not wasting any more time’ would be more appropriate. And ‘wasting’ has no I and I think anymore is two words.

“Close those eyes and the nightmare will pass.” Crow whispers to her.
Ah-HA! There, present tense! I found it, I found it! *runs around in circles*

Was it Rachael being quicker then the woman or Crow slowly losing her care for the child it was unknown but the girl was able to look over the winged woman’s shoulder and stare in utter horror at the sight behind her.
‘Was it’ should be replaced by ‘whether’ and take out ‘it’. And this sentence should probably be broken up into two.

His kangaroo like form was slowly descending closer to the ground before he had to make a quick spin out of a fire balls path.
Should be ‘kangaroo-like’ with the dash, methinks.
You don’t have to say ‘descending’ and then ‘closer’. Just say ‘nearing/approaching the ground’.
And the word ‘form’ was just used in the paragraph before it, making it repetitive. But ‘form’ is a crappy word to use anyways. When you said ‘Mewtwo mused as his form flew uneasily in the sky.’ You could just replace ‘his form’ with ‘he’. And specify what you mean by ‘uneasily’.
‘Fire ball’s’ should replace ‘fire balls’. Should be 'the path of a fire ball', actually.

pull of an uneasy teleport.
It should be ‘off’ with two f’s.

he wasn’t sure if it was because she wasn’t something easily sensed or the fact his powers seemed to be as weak as an abra.
The end should just be ‘or his powers were as weak as that of an Abra.’ And capitalize ‘Abra’.

The grayish purple form stopped something in its arms.
Should be a comma after ‘stopped’.

In his arms were the unconscious form of Timothy, he was shirtless,
The comma after ‘Timothy’ should be a semi-colon.

“His… his arm!” she cried seeing his left arm had been completely removed
Comma needed after ‘cried’.

It would have turned to dust. It is all I could do child
Specify what would have turned to dust.
Should be ‘It WAS all I could do, child.’

Well, they were nothing big, at least.

Anyways, with chapter was amazing, and I’m really anxious to read more. I really want to find out what happens next…

Oh, and could you please R&R ‘the Mutations’? I know you started reading it, but you haven’t read my latest chapters. So would you mind taking a look?
Please and thank you!

Eagerly anticipating the next chapter,

Brian Random

Checked out two of your latest chapters...

Chapter 8:
Okay, spotted a ‘couple’ of grammar and spelling mistakes here, starting from the top.
Harth = hearth
‘bedroom’ ,the = ‘bedroom’, the
to much = too much
“Its starting to snow” = “It’s starting to snow.”
step ladder. = Stepladder

Although I have enjoyed it, it’s not the best chapter you’ve done so far but you placed a moment of suspense at the end of that chapter.

Chapter 9:
Dramatic and I liked it a lot. The most shocking part was when a person gets caught by this sort of fire, they’d instantly be turned into ash… not your ordinary fire, I can tell. The descriptions were great as well as the length. You also added in a suspense part, which makes me look forward to the next chapter, another plus.

Spotted a couple or errors though.
attenion = attention
waisting = wasting
inpact = Impact
Crow whispers to her = Crow WHISPERED to her. (Tense error)

Overall score: 4/5
Advice: Always check for errors before placing each chap

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I read all of this just this moening, meaning that it might have been alittle short.But I like the plot.That last chapter really was a plot twist, if you think about it.How many chapters are left?I would like to know because it seems like it's almost over now.Also, else isn't spelled ells.I'm not really one for long reviews, so it's time for me to wrap this up.*closet reads the rest of the story*

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I always get my else spelt as ells, its a nasty habbit I have been working on. I do sometimes read through my chapters but I more often shove them off to a proof reader.

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Chaos Absol: I'd swat you in rl for being a closet reader, you do know us aurthors survive off reviews? We die with out them!

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I am hoping to plan end this story at chapter 20 then with an ending thing I forgot what its called.

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edit: Oooh also note that as I write this I do know the beginning and the end but I don't know the middle stuff to well. I am getting to thinking of very dark things. I fear my rating may have to go up, do you think I should allow it to go up?
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Great so far, Crows probably my favourite character so far, though those typos are a bit irritating.
You know, what usually turns me off of most Mewtwo fics is that authors often underestimate his powers, I mean why would he be afraid of a bullet when a barrier whipped up in mere moments could simply repel it. It kind of disgusts me you know? At least yours has a reason for his deminishing powers. And don't forget to make use of his Recover, that's often overlooked as well.

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Thanks for hte review.

Mewtwo does not know recover, I have not seen him use it in the movies and this is base off the movie one not the game. If I had based it off the way I see the game mewtwo, well mewtwo's personality would be waaay different. Since in the game he was born from mew, not cloned.


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Here I am! ^^

Anyhoo, like I said, this is an amazing fic so far, Lady Myuu. =) I really love it. You portray Mewtwo's character in such a unique way that I've never seen before. Crow is also a very original character. (To me at least. =P I don't often read fics like this. Might be unoriginal in an RP, but here, I like it.)

I really love your plot, and how nothing is as it seems. I'm hoping to encounter a lot of exciting plot twists in this one. =)

Really, really great so far, despite the number of mistakes in your first chapters. =P Well, okay, there are still some, but it's much better now. And even before it didn't distract me too much. The story was just that gripping. ^^ All the better.

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Ok this chapter has not been proof read but is in teh means of being so. So take this as the unproof read version you all can critic your little hearts out of :D I've read though it once though so it shouldn't be that bad.

I also need to know if you all think I should up the rating to R as I fear it may get alot darker then it all ready has o_O

Chapter 10: Turning tides

The voices have changed again… from soft warnings to harsh tones, calling me back, telling me to leave. That all lives now are a last cause... No reason for me to remain… that I must go home.

Then I remember the burning, not the fire that fell from the sky, the fire that consumes the damned.

And I fear that is where I belong.

An innocent child lay upon her uncle, her head resting on his chest as she listened to each beat of his heart in her uneasy slumber. Her mind calmed thankfully by just hearing the heart and so her dreams held no nightmares of the raining fire.

The woman still stood there, gazing out onto the charred world. Neither a tree nor a building in the distance stood. No sign of life, as far as the eye could see it was nothing but wasteland, a cold wasteland with a bloody sky.

The fires were spread out now, slowly dying out as if they were starving. They had devoured all they could in the valley and could not spread any further. Slowly there flames flickered out until only a few could be seen.

In the back of the cave, watching the humans and the winged woman, the only surviving pokemon in the valley, and it being only a copy of a pokemon, stood in the back of the cave, his violet eyes flaring prepared to deal with Crow if she made any movement but she hadn’t, not all night, not in a long while. She just stood there, watching the fire burn. Watching as it slowly dissolved into nothing. The dying light danced across the walls and Crow’s skin, her eyes shimmering with the orange color they had taken on as of late.

Finally Mewtwo could no longer stand the silence, he approached the woman. Care to explain?

She turned eyeing the pokemon, as he invaded a little closer then she wanted at this moment. She slowly turned her gaze back to the dying fires. The same fire that had taken so many lives with it was about to die itself.

“Don’t you understand? I am death, we are death.”

We? Mewtwo was taken back by this, was there more?

“I am not alone. I am separated but not alone.” She mused as if she was just realizing this herself. Mewtwo’s eyes narrowed, she was playing tricks again. And this time he held little amusement for them.

You wanted this to happen. You wanted everyone to die. You are…

“A monster? Funny, from what I gathered from you, you are a monster as well.” Crow chuckled now as her good wing fluffed a little showing she was slightly nervous now. “Are you going to threaten me now? Order me to tell you how to fix this?” she said more harshly now, her tone changing a little as she faced the clone.

Mewtwo found himself stepping back a little, she had drawn closer to him and it was making him almost… nervous. He had no powers almost, he was weak, and he was nothing now.

Crow suddenly gave a devilish smile. “Look at you now, backing away from little old me. Almost as if… you are afraid.” She almost giggled. “The great Mewtwo” she reached out suddenly and grabbed one of his horns before he could respond. It took all his efforts not to jerk away or allow his eyes to grow wide. He didn’t want to admit it, but with out his powers, with out his god like abilities, he was weak, he was nothing more then a mere very ugly human.

Crow could kill him. He was partly afraid of her, another felt that if he was to die, he was glad it was her to do it, because she was an equal in power. But he would never allow her to hear him say that she was. Slowly his eyes became a glare as he glared back at her. She just smiled.

“I could snap your neck” she chuckled, “Then I could just leave those two humans to die.” She had a wicked grin on her face, but it faded with a tad bit of concern that wasn’t often seen. “But I all ready spent my time saving there necks once; I kept the flames of blackness at bay. Why should I allow some giant RAT make me give up those who actually helped me? Who didn’t make things worse like you? I don’t care for them, but I do owe them more then I owe you.”

Mewtwo wasn’t listening, his instincts were demanding her get away from Crow, that he could not take her in his weaken state, that she would kill him. That he was about too die. He jerked a little and kicked a hind leg at her wanting release. The woman smiled but let Mewtwo go and he recoiled to a few feet back out of grabbing range.

I am not one to be pushed around. He stated sharply as he stood at his full height just towering over Crow. The winged woman turned away and seemed to chuckle under her breath.

“Oh but you will be” she glanced back at him “Because otherwise you will die. You need me. You all need me for survival…”

He stared at her, for the longest time, trying to read her, to understand. He glared through his violet eyes at this woman, this woman who had come to him from the sky. With a crippled wing and a naked form, with no will to speak but to fight. He thought he had gotten past her roughness, she had shown mercy to the child and to them when the flames were too much. She had acted as if she cared.

She didn’t.

They were nothing but an obligation.

Mewtwo felt hate.

He hated her for not allowing them to be more then just a tool, for allowing the humans to start and care about her… for him to care about her well being.
But a part of him admired her, for not allowing her to grow attached. To not allow herself to be weakened by their presence or kindness….He had once been so cruel, so powerful; he could have ruled the world. Though he knew very well that was not the way. That there was better ways to handle life, because there was more to it then just power or revenge. Life is beautiful, it should not be wasted.

Then again, a part of him still craved that power, because to him, power was also beautiful.

Mewtwo decided to leave Crow be for a moment as he walked over and bent down beside the humans checking the adult male’s wound. He wasn’t sure if he would survive, unable to treat it properly Mewtwo thought he would probably die from blood lose. The clone blinked as he eyed the wound, the cloth bandages covering it were a dark red, dried, and no more blood came from the injury. Staring at it a moment Mewtwo glanced around before slowly moving the child’s head off the doctor’s chest. Rachael grumbled in her sleep but otherwise was still resting and did not wake.

Once the girl was away Mewtwo began to undo the bandage to get a better look. He wasn’t very good at showing emotion but the look of shock was plain to see. The wound had healed. Fresh skin had grown over the stump and looked as if it had been that way for years, a little scaring but nothing drastic. Mewtwo’s eyes glanced up at the sleeping Timothy before over at Rachael as she snoozed uneasily as well.

Mewtwo was overwhelmed, he couldn’t figure out why he had healed so quickly, as if he had been this way for years. He glanced away now at Crow as she still stared out into the once great forest. She was silent and seemed to be lost or lonely as she stared on.

Crow. Mewtwo called though bitter hung in his psychic voice.

“Hmm?” the woman hummed and glanced back, her eyes shinning a yellowy-orange color at him. “Are you going to threaten me again?”

Mewtwo ignored this. [ie human male, he is no longer injured.[/i] He told as he glanced back down at Timothy. Crow blinked tilting her head before slowly making her way over, still keeping some distance between her and the clone.

She eyed the doctor a moment before smiling coldly at him, “Amusing. While the fire consumes all in its path… once it fades the broken laws of nature keep this man alive.”

What does that mean? What are you babbling about?

Crow looked up at Mewtwo “When we die, it will not be by the ways of this world, but by another. The laws of this world are broken and gone, we will not be allowed to leave it unless by unnatural means, by the means of my kind.”

Mewtwo blinked, trying to understand her strange use of words. Well not really strange just, didn’t seem possible to him.

We can’t die? He asked astonished.

“I never said that. I said we can’t die naturally. Or be killed by any ways other then… let’s say that fire could kill us… or something unnatural to this world.” She tried to explain seeming to be trying to understand it herself. Crow’s pondering face changed though, to another of her rather cruel grins.

But Mewtwo wasn’t paying attention anymore, he was to busy thinking about this strange information himself. He had turned his gaze back to the humans as they slept still unbothered by those speaking around them.

That’s when it dawned on Mewtwo, he snapped his gaze back at Crow, who once again had her back to him and was reaching her hands back furiously at her bandage around her wing.

Then… your threats were empty. Mewtwo growled out as he stood up at his full height once again, trying to establish his power back. She couldn’t snap his neck, she couldn’t kill him. Crow brought her hands back to her side.

“At the time I gave them, I really thought I could do it. And even if you wouldn’t die… it would be rather painful.” she glared back at him, “But I am keeping you all alive, you do need me for survival. That was a truth I still know to be true.” she replied before turning back and began messing with her wing again.

Mewtwo suppressed a sigh as his large tail swung side to side. He pondered this as well, all this information now, all these impossible things happening. They were almost immortal now… almost. But his thinking was cut short as Crow let out a rather rude word at the fact her bandage seemed to not want to come off.

The pokemon glanced over with a questioning look as Crow growled deeply now looking very frustrated. She was trying to get the bandage of her wing, trying to set it free from what has kept her from flight for so long.

Mewtwo watched a moment longer before slowly making his way over trying to not let Crow notice him at first. He stood behind her as she still grumbled and struggled before he spoke.

Here he said simply as he reached up his three fingered hands and slowly began to undo the splint. Crow growled deeply with her animal like nature before falling silent. Not exactly saying no for the help but not being very thankful as well, she did not want to accept the fact she needed aid in such a simple task.

As Mewtwo unwrapped, the black wing could be seen more and more, it shinned a little in the strange light coming from outside and though didn’t seem quite as healthy looking as the other, it looked very good. Soon the wrappings fell to the ground and the clone stepped back.

Crow gasped a little and winced as she stretched her wing, it was sore and hurt a little, she would need to stretch it out a bit before she could fly. Mewtwo felt a smirk dance across his face; it just looked natural and normal to him to see her spread both wings. As if she was now a completed puzzle. Though he still held some distaste for her attitude towards him and the humans.

She was silent now, stepping forward and stood once again in the mouth of the cave looking out. Mewtwo watched her carefully as she glanced over her shoulder, her eyes watching him closely.

“Thanks” she snapped before glancing back out into the wasteland. Mewtwo smirked. She wasn’t all bad at least. The pokemon watched Crow a bit longer, he never felt bored of doing so, watching her was never boring. She being so unique and different then anything he had ever seen… other then himself. He wanted to ask her more questions, get some answers. She seemed to understand now what was going on but he just, felt if he asked her she wouldn’t answer him. He could try to force it but, while she couldn’t really kill him. She still had her powers. He did not. He was not afraid of her, just cautious.

“M-mewtwo?” Hearing his name he turned his gaze back now. Sitting up in the bed and glasses in her lap so she can rub her eyes was the child, Rachael.

You should continue to rest. Mewtwo replied. Little tone in his voice just a statement. She placed one of her arms down beside the glasses in her lap still using the other to rub one of her eyes.

“I can’t anymore…” she mumbled before glancing over at her uncle and noticed his healed shoulder. She blinked in surprise bringing the other hand down before looking at Mewtwo. “How...”

Because it is meant to be. Was all the clone replied as he turned his back to her and walked to the mouth of the cave standing beside Crow. The woman glanced over her shoulder at Rachael but said nothing. Turning back she eyed the pokemon beside her but was still silent.

And to where should we go from here? Mewtwo asked, not really wanting to know what Crow would reply with. But they couldn’t stay here, they had to find out more about what exactly was happening or at least find food or water. He paused, remembering what Crow had said earlier.

We don’t need to eat do we? He asked another question before Crow could respond to the first.

She shook her head at that one “We won’t feel hunger or thirst but maybe ill or tiredness. I am unsure, do you feel hungry or thirsty?” she asked a question in return.
Mewtwo thought a moment, trying to really see but gave a small shake of his head as his response. Come to think of it, he had not felt either ever since his powers began to weaken.

“And to answer the first question…” she lowered her gaze now a tad “I do not know. I know what I have told you, from what I can really remember.” She brought her gaze back to the skies at these words. “What is happening? Damnation for the wicked and a quick death to the pure. Who is causing it?” she looked at Mewtwo “The soldiers of the damned themselves”

Mewtwo was taken back once again, he didn’t understand. Crow had claimed to be some kind of death bringer. She had claimed that there were others of her kind? More death bringers…What was this? Armageddon?

Soldiers? Damned? The fire…

“Are the weapons of my people…well, my fellow damned souls” she sighed now as she crossed her arms her wings folded neatly against her back.

Mewtwo wanted to be angry at her, why didn’t she tell him these… impossible… unbelievable things… he stopped, it was a simple answer. He wouldn’t have believed her. He would have thought her insane.

Then you remember everything?

“I remember what I am. I remember who the others are though I can not see the faces. I know what I and they can do. I do not know why I came here before everyone. I do not know why your world is being attacked, it does not seem like it is ready for the end.” She once again looked at Mewtwo “All I know is that my kind are here to destroy all life on this world. Anyone who found a way to escape it will be hunted down and brought to ‘justice’ another way. I felt the calling to kill we all feel it before it is time to act, to want to destroy all, anything unlike us… but I…. could stop myself from listening..”

Mewtwo found himself stepping back a little more, this impossible truth hitting home with him. He was going to die? And not a hero’s death, he was going to be slaughtered as a weak child.

You… can resist? He mused out now, trying to understand all her words.

“I can”

The two fell silent, Crow looking out of the cave while Mewtwo at her with wide eyes, while Mewtwo has felt fear before, or loneliness or rejection… he felt true horror sitting in.

This was the end.

Almost as if Crow could sense Mewtwo’s thoughts she turned and gave an oddly charming smile. “Are you afraid? You should be, only fools do not fear. Only idiots laugh at what they do not understand… But remember, you have one card left in the deck before you lose this game.” She looked past Mewtwo and at the confused Rachael; she could only hear Crow’s side of the conversation as Mewtwo spoke into Crow’s mind alone.

With that Crow finished her words…



After Crow’s little speech, she fell silent and would not answer anymore questions. In the back of the cave Mewtwo leaned against the back wall. Just resting somewhat but still would not allow him to sleep.

Rachael hadn’t moved very far, just running a hand over her uncle’s still unconscious body. But out of all the beings in this cave Crow is the only one that as vanished from it for a bit. Mewtwo wasn’t worried, well he was but he just didn’t feel as if she would leave forever. She wanted to walk out a bit, he would probably check to see if he can spot her soon.

Beyond the cave and lower closer to the valley, the woman walks, her wings folded against her back while her arms lose at her side. Her messy black hair covers her orange eyes which sometimes reflect the red sky. She walked slowly testing the ground. She could see some of the fires in the distance still burning, though failing. Crow took in a deep breath trying to relax now after everything that seems to be happening. Crossing her arms she looked up into the sky once again, the calling of home echoing in her ears.

“I do not wish to return” she whispered. “You will have to drag my corpse back to the damned itself” her voice growled out as if the sky was listening to her.

“That can be arranged”

Crow gasped, did the sky answer her? she wasn’t prepared for an answer… but no it was not what she thought. Turning around instincts kicked in making her bare her animal like fangs.

An insane giggle was heard as standing on top of a scorched boulder was a womanly form, or so it seemed. She had some of the same characteristics as Crow, though instead of yellow eyes or orange they were the color of rubies, her wings were slightly smaller then Crow’s, tightly built together and could beat very fast like a humming birds. Though they had longer feathers and though the woman was beating her wings some as she kept herself balanced on the boulder but still prepared to take off they beat silently, not a sound they made. They were also just as black as Crow’s wings.

But where they were the same they were also different, the woman was smaller then Crow, probably a little over five feet tall. Her hair was silvery gray color with a hint of blue on the tips. Her body was thin, too thin; she looked almost like a twig, her chest and waist greatly smaller then Crow’s.

The pale skin made her look almost like a skeleton, a flying skeleton. But what made her intimidating was what she held. A bow with a quiver full of red feathered arrows, she had all ready drawn an arrow and cocked her bow with it. The tip automatically lit aflame with the deadly fire.

Crow stumbled back in surprise her wings flaring now as well trying to seem larger and stronger then her attacker. Her eyes filled with recognition.

“I…. know you” she spoke with a whisper as she was filled with slight horror and fear at the arrow being aimed at her.

“Sure you do. I was the one that sent you here.” Giggled the girl, she was almost child like. With that, the woman released her arrow and it shot straight for Crow.

End chapter


Binky-boo! <3
Hm, interesting... I like this gradual development. You're revealing things bit by bit, and each new piece of information we learn seems to turn the whole story around. And still you withhold just enough knowledge to leave us wanting more. For example, who's this new character? I suppose we shall find out soon.

Anyway, as this hasn't been proofread yet, there are a number of mistakes. The only one I shall point out is that you switched from past to present tense a few times, making it confusing to read. Other than that, the problems weren't too noticeable.

Lady Myuu

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Care to outline where I made the mistakes for the tences? I would like to get those fixed before it is proof read. Thanks for the review <3


Binky-boo! <3
Beyond the cave and lower closer to the valley, the woman walks, her wings folded against her back while her arms lose at her side. Her messy black hair covers her orange eyes which sometimes reflect the red sky.
I think there was another small bit earlier... But I can't find it right now. =P

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new chapter not proof read XD if anyone wants to beta it you can and then send it to me and I can give credit :D

Chapter 11: Birds of a feather

Marked with the eyes of decaying hope, carriers of the wings of death, we are what are coming when time runs out. We are the ones hunting you in your dreams…

The hour glass has emptied.
The time is now.
There is no hope.
There will be nothing.
We are here...

And no one is ready.

A child mumbled in her slumber catching a psychic pokemon’s attention.
Mewtwo turned his gaze towards the girl as she rolled a bit in her sleep. She had only fallen back into a light snooze only moments after Crow had left.

Rachael woke, her eyes snapping wide as she bolted up from her resting place and let out a short gasp as she clutched her hands.

“CROW!” she screamed now getting to her feet. Mewtwo darted over quickly and grabbed the girl’s shoulder.

What is wrong? He asked quickly as he squeezed her shoulder. Rachael wiped the tears the nightmare had given her from her eyes as she looked up at Mewtwo.

“C-Crow… she’s hurt. Or is going to be hurt. We got to help her” the young girl whimpered. Mewtwo released her as he turned towards the cave mouth and quickly left with a fast

Stay here. To Rachael before he was gone. The girl blinked running a hand over her head as her teary eyes turned to her uncle. She gasped again as she realized he was awake but hadn’t said a word.

Now that Mewtwo was gone Timothy sighed as he sat up and glanced at his missing arm before back at her.

“… What is going on?”


The winged woman let out an inhuman snarl as she flung her arms and wings in front of her as the arrow raced towards her. The fire touched weapon came swiftly towards the woman and gently grazed her wing; the feathers it touched turned to dust and fell at once.

Crow blinked from hiding behind her wings and arms before slowly starting to lower them and faced the strange smiling woman as she was still perched happily on her boulder.

“Now, now I don’t want to kill you yet. We are family.” She grinned ear from ear “Now tell me, where are those who are still living? We can’t let stupid mortals escape. It breaks the rules of this game”

Crow’s eyes narrowed, she didn’t understand why this woman would be after the others. She folded her wings against her back and crossed her arms glaring.

“I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about” she snapped out as she gave the woman a ‘like I’d tell you anyway’ look.

“Oh but you do, you see, the whole army rained the fire. This whole world is nothing but a black ball. We took the elements and misplaced them and nature herself is raped of her powers” the woman hopped down from the boulder. Her wings still buzzed quickly and silently unstopping for even a moment.

Crow backed away, glaring just as harshly as before. She felt an old swirling of hate boil up in her. She hated this woman; it wasn’t known… she had always hated this woman.

“Natasha” growled Crow; the woman gave a bitter smile at the name.

“Oh darling you remember me! I know your name too you know…” she grinned “Your real name”

Crow felt a twinge of fear, she didn’t understand what that meant exactly, but it made her fear. Why would her real name give her fear?

“Oh right you don’t remember much.” Natasha smiles “You forgot how valuable your name was.” The woman lifted her bow and arrow once again.
”Now tell me where the living ones are-“the woman was sent to the ground as a large purple tail slammed into her side. Mewtwo gave a deep growl as the woman gasped in surprise at the sudden attack and dropped her arrow.

Crow, go. Mewtwo growled as he placed a foot on the small winged woman’s back. I will deal with- Mewtwo yelped a little as he was sent through the air and landed against the boulder. It seemed with out his psychic powers he was nothing more then a weak kitten.

“Don’t mess with me, you living fool” Natasha growled as she pulled herself to her feet and drew another arrow. “I will deal with you first then find the last two. Then this world can be taken”

Mewtwo growled gripping his side, slowly the pain began to numb away as the bruising healed quickly. But Mewtwo knew that flaming arrow would destroy him, just like the others.

“You will cease at once” Growled Crow, while Mewtwo and the woman known as Natasha had fought. Crow had gotten a hold of the dropped arrow and was placing the point at the back of the smaller woman’s head. As if on cue the arrow tip caught on fire showing what would happen if it was stabbed into Natasha.

“I will kill him.”

“Do you think I care?” Crow growled “I will kill you.”

Poor Mewtwo could do nothing; he was powerless, weak, and defenseless. And he had to rely on this bitter woman to protect him.

He was doomed. He knew that, he was going to die here today and that would be it. He really wished he had done more with his life at this moment before that flaming arrow would be shot.

But it was not shot. The small winged woman slowly lowered her weapon. Her wings had finally stopped beating and lay against her back as Crow held her at arrow point. Natasha closed her eyes as she remained perfectly still.

“Now… gray creature. You go back. I will deal with her.” Crow smirked “Since it seems you are too weak to handle her.”

Mewtwo gave Crow a vile glare as he moved out of target range but did not leave. He paused, he had never been called creature before, and why did Crow call him that? She had used his name before.

Crow, what will you do wi- he paused as the woman he was speaking to stabbed forward with the flaming arrow at Natasha’s skull. But the smaller winged woman seemed to expect it as she had swung her head aside and reached up grabbing the hand that holds it.

“We shall continue this later, cousin” She beat her wings quickly as she released Crow and took to the air, with a quick wink at Mewtwo the woman shot into the red sky and vanished. Both being stared after her for a moment and Crow suddenly took into a run and jumped, flapping her wings she began to take flight.

But she wasn’t getting any higher, there was extra weight. Glancing down she growled in anger.

“What are you doing?” she snapped.
[/i]You need to come back with me and explain. Mewtwo growled I want to know who she was.[/i]

“Release me and we will see!” Crow growled beating her wings quickly. Mewtwo was forced to release the woman and she glided forward before landing softly on the ground. Spinning around the first thing that came out of Crow’s lips was a warning.

“Do not give her your real name.” She snapped quickly.


Back at the cave that the small band had used as shelter sat the only two humans left in the world. They sat there staring out into the charred plains of there old homes.

It was a horrible feeling, realizing they were alone. Just them. No one else would ever come to find them. No one else knew they were alive… no one else was alive to know.

It was such a loneliness to feel, only two others out there. A none-human and a copy of a pokemon, which was it. And they did not truly care for these two.
All the humans in the world… the one two left were one another and while that was terrifying it was completely comforting as well.

For there was no one in the world more important to each other then well, each other. They knew each other the best; they were family, blood, love. They needed no one else to survive… no one.

“I want my mom.” Cried Rachael as she sobbed onto her uncle’s bare chest, He ran his only hand over her head as the shock from it all was having an odd effect on him. While he knew what was going on his mind would continue to wander, his hope was dying fast and… and if it wasn’t for Rachael he would have gone mad.

“Its ok, everything is going to be ok.” Comforted Timothy as he patted her back, she glanced up at him; the tears streaked her face as her green eyes looked up at him with hope and faith.

“How… How is it going to be ok? Everything we know… everything we once understood… it’s all gone.” She whimpered clinging to him tightly now. The man gave the girl a one armed hug and kissed the top of her head.

“Because we are not alone” He replied simply now as his one arm embrace seemed to sooth the girl a little. Rachael sighed as she glanced back up at her loving uncle.

“I’m still scared” she told him, as if he didn’t know.

“I know. So am I.”

Neither of them noticed two forms slinking into the cave.


Both Mewtwo and Crow were silent as they made there way back to the cave; it was a good five minute walk at least before they would arrive. The pokemon had never been so annoyed at the lack of powers. Well he never had been lacking powers before. Mewtwo wasn’t very pleased.

Crow, I am getting tired of this. Mewtwo grumbled as he crossed his arms. The woman glanced at him but oddly enough she was smiling a little.

“Poor, poor Mewtwo, your pride has been hurt hasn’t it? Got beaten up by a little girl” she pointed out as she walked a tad faster causing Mewtwo to give a deadly scowl at her. Deciding to just ignore the ignorant woman, he moved on.

Now, what is this about not giving that… woman… my name?

“Not just that woman, any of us, anything that has wings on there back like us. Anything with red eyes…” she glanced at him “Your no longer in a living world, the rules have changed.”

And exactly what is that suppose to mean?

Crow stopped walking and turned facing the clone and spread her wings a little, her orange eyes swirled as they now settled on a deep almost red color.
“This world is dead. The name of this world is forgotten. The lives on this world are forgotten.” She smirked now her arms out in front of her “We who are neither alive nor dead hold power over both life and death. The threads of existence are in our hands.”

“Well… not my hands”

She paused now as Mewtwo gave her an awkward look that told her he didn’t have a clue where she was heading. She took a deep breath and continued.

“What gives you, your individuality?” she gave a mocking smile. “What is it that helps determine who you are? What is given to you at the moment you open your eyes” she told him as she now folded her wings against her back once more, her eyes holding such amusement it made Mewtwo want to shudder.

Mewtwo blinked realizing he was meant to answer this and he knew the answer right away.

A name.

“Not just any name, your name. It makes you, you. It binds to your very soul the moment you decide it is yours and no one else’s, some may have your name but in truth it only sounds like yours. For no voice is the same and now tongue speaks alike, in the end each name is meant for you and your soul…” she continued to give her devilish smile. “And now in this new world, that is passing between life and death… names mean everything to those who know how to use them.”

… I don’t understand.

“To learn ones true name is to have power over them. But you must know how to use that power to obtain it” she tilted her head with a playful smile now. “You are lucky I do not remember how to use your name, Mewtwo.”

Mewtwo stared in surprise, he understood now. If someone who knew how to use this new ‘power’ found his name or any of the others… it would be very bad.

Your name isn’t Crow, is it? Mewtwo growled out stepping forward towards the woman.

“It is the name I chose for you to know. This world a use there true names so foolishly, they have no idea how they expose themselves.” She turned around her back towards Mewtwo and began to walk. The clone started to follow still many questions popping into his head.

So you took a false name. Yet you didn’t bother to tell us about this danger until now?/ He asked a sharp glare crossing his violet eyes.

“I did not remember until now.” She replied simply not bothering to look at Mewtwo.

[ifind you a nuisance

“I find you annoying”

I loath you.

“Sure you do.”

The two fell silent once again, Mewtwo walking a step behind Crow as the winged woman walked with a prideful stride. The silence remained as they came to the cave. Crow rolled her eyes at Mewtwo as she entered and the clone growled deeply before freezing right beside her.

Standing on a charred pile of charred leaves and grass stood what looked like a man. He was tall, very tall, around seven feet. He wore no shirt and his muscling body was fine and tuned which was very intimidating. He wore baggy pants that were loose until they came to the ankles where they wrapped around tightly much like an Arabic man would wear. Over this was a long loin cloth, it was red in coloring and hanged down past the knees.

Mewtwo looked up at his face now; two scarlet eyes held madness as they stared back. Large wings were folded against his back, they were sleeker and graceful looking almost likes an eagles.

But his face, it held such a cruel menacing look. He had such white skin and his eyes… Mewtwo wanted to look away. But still he could not, for the man still was so unusual and his stare captivating, a single horn sprouted from his forehead and was sent upward peeking the top of his red spiked hair, the fanged smile graced his face as in his arms he held the blue faced form of Rachael. She took in raspy breathes as his strong arm pinned her neck against him, her feet not even touching the ground.

“Check, your move” the man laughed, his voice deem and crackly. Crow glared now stepping forward as she clinched her fists.

“Release the girl” she growled. “Or deal with me.”

“Threat, threat she likes to threat. Stupid little girl is no use to the dead” his arm grew tighter around the child’s throat and Mewtwo knew her neck would snap soon.

The child is of no threat, deal with us alone. Mewtwo calmly said his arms now at his sides and his tail swinging back and forth. The man give a light chuckle as he now wrapped an arm around the girl’s waist.

“Useless child, no use, no use! Burn her, yes?” his wicked smile made Crow shudder a little.

“No, burn her no.” Crow growled holding her arms out “Give her to me.”

“No. Natasha told me not to. I listen. I am good listener” he nodded as if talking to himself. Rachael took in another ragged breath as tears seeped from her eyes.

Crow gave him a dry look; she could not believe what she was hearing. This tall man was an idiot. Not only had that but had the mental capacity of a four year old. Thinking quickly the woman stepped forward.

“I’m with Natasha, she told me to take the girl. I will kill her myself” She gave him a comforting smile. The man glared a moment before his eyes softened. Seemed he had a weak spot for pretty girls.

“Natasha tells you this? Really?” he asked his grip loosening on the girl a little. Rachael took in a deep breath now able to breathe again and began to weep loudly in fear for her life.

“Really, really” Crow replied as she continued to hold out her arms. Slowly the stupid man released the girl and Rachael slipped away but she did not go to Crow’s arms but instead went to Mewtwo.

The poor clone was not expecting the attachment and found the girl clinging to his side and crying. Crow was alright with this, now she could handle the fool with out an attachment. The man looked from the girl to Crow to Mewtwo and then scowled, seemed he just figured out he had been tricked.

“You’re not with Natasha! You tricked me! I burn you!” he held out his arms, with a deep breath each finger began to catch aflame. The flame did not harm the man in any way as if it did not burn him. The flames were not red at all but a blue color showing how hot they truly were.

Mewtwo found himself stumbling back away from the man, as the cave had grown unbearably hot for him and the girl and soon had stepped outside of the cave scooping up the girl moved away from the opening just in time as a black winged figure took to the sky followed by a long burst of blue flame.

Once the flame cleared along with the smoke the tall man exited the cave and spread his long sleek wings. With a few flaps he was air born. His hands still aflame he flapped quickly growing higher into the sky as he gave chase to Crow.

Crow twisted and turned as she flew, he right on her tail as he could fly faster then she was. Crow was growing nervous as she twisted herself out of the way just in time as a blast of flame came flying past her and fell for the ground landing with a poof sound.

She growled as she spun around and snarled at the man chasing her; he slowed now flapping in place as he held up his burning hands.

“Burn” he growled as the flames swirled and shot forward towards Crow. She gasped as she was engulfed in the painful burning. She wrapped her wings around her and with out there aid began to fall towards the ground as a blue burning ball of flame.

Mewtwo and Rachael watched in horror as there only defense against these soldiers of the damned vanished from view behind some boulders. Mewtwo’s instinct caused him to cry out for Crow at the same time he turned Rachael away from the scene. The young girl did not complain as she sobbed against the large mew clone.

The man in the sky grinned as the flaming arms began to fade.
“Play with me and you will get burned!” he laughed now loud and clear, it was almost childlike if it had not been filled with cruelty.

“Is it my turn yet?” called out a voice from the ‘grave’ below. The man stopped laughing just in time to look down and see a large gray object come flying his way. The object soared through the sky and he recognized it as a boulder just in time for it to slam into his form and send him and it still flying upward before it began to make its decent back down to earth.

“Whoopsie I guess rocks aren’t meant to fly”

Mewtwo glanced over his shoulder, he heard her, his ears were stronger then a normal humans.

Crow?!? He called out in surprise.

“I’m alive” she called as she pulled herself on top of another boulder as the first one she had thrown upward slammed into the ground. She turned and waved to Mewtwo and Rachael from the boulder.

Crow, I don’t think he is dead. Mewtwo told her; thankful his telepathic powers were not limited from range. Crow rolled her eyes not believing him.

But she was wrong, she felt a sting of pain as flames scorched her back and sent her falling to the ground. Her back was charred but soon healed over quickly as if she was never harmed at all.

“You can’t kill me with that trick” she growled “It’s not strong enough” her wings spread out as she stood from the dirt she had fallen onto. The man glared down from the boulder she had once stood on. He was covered in ash from being slammed into the ground earlier.

“I will burn you!” he declared sending more flames pouring down onto the woman, but with a quick flap of her wings she pulled out of the way just in time. As the foolish man continued to attack the same spot, the smoke making it hard for him to see where Crow had gone she grabbed a smaller boulder this time, large enough that she had to use both arms to hold it but small enough she didn’t have to lift it above her head.

Crow gave a whistle then a playful smile graced her lips. The man stopped his attack and blinked in surprise before looking over at Crow.

“Uh oh” he said before he was knocked right in the head with the smaller boulder. He yelped as he was sent sprawling to the ground and slammed himself into another rock. While he wasn’t dead he couldn’t think very clearly and his vision was cloudy.

Crow rubbed her hands together letting the ash fall away from them before she walked towards the man. He rubbed his eyes trying to gain his vision back. Opening them now and smiled as he once could see again the smile quickly faded.

“Hi there” Crow waved before she slammed her fist into his all ready bruised face. The man cried out now hiding his face behind his hands as his wings came forward to try and protect his body. Crow ignored this as she swung her leg forward and kicked him in the side knocking the man to the ground.

“Stop! Stop! Yukio surrender!” he cried in fear as he let out a loud whimper. Seemed he couldn’t stand pain as well as he thought. Crow rolled her eyes as she grabbed his red hair and pulled his face up to hers.

“Tell that Natasha wench that, if she comes near me or my two little living beings I will rip her wings off and beat her with them.” She warned as she brought her face even closer to the one known as Yukio. “Also, Yukio, you need to learn how to use your toys. You are a terrible fighter and need to get some anger management” she released him “Leave my sight, you worm”

The man pushed himself away from Crow, his lower lip quivering before he slowly pulled himself to his feet. He turned to go, spreading his wings. But his face no longer showed fear but amusement, his hands caught on fire once again and spinning around he fired another wave of flames at the woman.

If Crow had been there, but no she had all ready taken to the sky.

“You idiot” she smiled “You are of a lower class then me, you are nothing but a weak beta!” she came crashing down on top of him. Her feet first into his skull as the two came towards the ground. A short cry of pain ended as Crow easily crushed his skull in.

“I wasn’t going to kill you” she growled as she stamped down harm getting her foot covered in the red liquid known as blood. “But you are annoying me.”

She sighed as she stepped aside the now dead body of the man, she bent down and grabbed the loin cloth using it to wipe the blood off her feet.
“Don’t worry, you will probably just be sent back to the lowest level of damnation.”

She turned and smiled brightly up at the red sky. “You want us? You have to get through me first you fools!” with that she turned and began to make her way back towards Mewtwo and Rachael.


A short time later, Crow sat upon a boulder sitting as if she owned the world. Feeling very happy with herself and how she had just kicked butt with little effort.

Mewtwo was the first to comment.

You know, I think you were supposed to kill him.

“What?” Crow growled glaring.

He was a fool, stupid and from what I could see, far lower leveled then you. You killed him with ease as it was nothing. You were supposing to. This … was some kind of test. That woman knew how strong you were. The only logical answer is that she was testing to see if you knew you were that strong. He replied.

“…. Care to run that by me again?” she snapped crossing her arms. But fell silent as Rachael pulled on Mewtwo’s arm.

What is it? Mewtwo asked.

“That woman, the one you spoke about… she took my uncle”

End Chapter