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Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry! (780)

I really liked Team Rocket's part of the episode. I also like how Colress was so apathetic toward using the Pokemon and Team Plasma without caring what happens. It was cool to see Pignite and Charizard interact, but I wish that it was in different circumstances.


Ash wanting to find Reshiram (for the second time or even the first one) is a weak reason to travel through Unova again since it should be possible to significantly shorten the journey by taking a boat to the closest area to the ruins.


Looking back, the Genosect reference in this episode was reminiscent of how Mewtwo got a few cameos in Kanto as foreshadowing for the first movie, except that the Genosect cameo here felt much less exciting to me.


I call you honey
Pignite's little plot was just something the writers made to kill some time which was stupid. Meowth and Colress had some interaction but in the end it was nothing important at all which sucks too.