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Metagross vs. Spiritomb

Which One?

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Metagross because it has defence and attack


<Never saw in anime
Generally metagross has the upper hand as it can KO many pokemon with its stabbed bullet punch and can be a great tank as well.

But spiritomb has many varieties as well.

I choose metagross, even though I have a shiny spiritomb.


<Never saw in anime
Yeah, but it can usually be koed easier than metagross..


pure 1337ness
I would go with metagross. Not that you cant use spiritomb its just that spiritomb isn't as good of a staller as say dusclops and dusknoir.


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On the one hand, Spiritomb has no super-effective moves on it, but neither is it ez to get or train, as it's stats r not so great compared to Metagross. Metagross is obviously the better choice.


Emperor Coordinator
Metagross. Its a bulky pokemon that can take hits and dish them out, too. Spiritomb may have no weaknesses, but Metagross only has two which you should handle with the team.


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Staff member
Metagross, hands down. It can take (for the most part) a lot of punishment and has better defense than Spritomb.


Expert of Steel Type
Metagross has better HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, and learns better moves. Spiritomb however has absolutely no weaknesses and slightly better Special Defense. I like steel-types more so I am definitely going with Metagross.


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Spiritomb is far overrated when it comes to everything, the typing is the only reason anyone uses it. And even though it has no weaknesses, that doesn't make it a good Pokemon.

Cool Frood

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You know, Spirtomb and Metagross have COMPLETLY different uses....A comparison between Garchomp and Salamance would be more accurate


I'm a nub
Depends on your team... if you lack a defensive Pokemon and already have loads of physical sweepers, go Spiritomb.

Super Shedinja

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Metagross all the way. I'm more of a fan of tanks, but I'd choose Metagross over Spiritomb any day.


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Lol, JesiahTEG is one of the most feared battlers period(he just beat a smogon admin who had a poke that would tear apart his whole team). He says it's better to go with offensive pressure than to stall with defensive chip damage teams. Metagross offensive, Spiritomb defensive. Metagross wins, and that on top of that he's way cooler anyways.