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Metalheads? anybody?

aluk todolo is p great krautrock.

also new wintersun is fantastic, really enjoyed it. there is also new kamelot and bison b.c. (probably leaked or something i dunno exactly) which i am looking forward to hearing sometime today.
i haven't heard new Wintersun. as much as i dislike melodeath these days their first album was one of my favourites when i was still into the genre and it's one of the few albums that has stuck with me over time from the genre so maybe i'll like their new one.

Pseudogod's debut is still my aoty, though i'm pretty curious about new Weapon. i dl'd it last night and i might buy it next time i go looking for albums if where i get my stuff has it but i haven't listened to it yet.

70's Pentagram, Inquisition, and Repulsion have made up most of my listening habits lately.

actually, i've mostly been listening to Cranford Nix, but he isn't metal:



Lol, wut?
I dont really like metal but my cousin plays bass for Your Chance to Die which is like a screamo band.


Pokemon Veteran
I love Black Sabbath, (Especially woth Dio in it) Dragonforce, Disturbed, Metallica, mostly Early Metallica up to Enter Sandman though.


Haven't heard new wintersun but I've heard from others that it's not really melodic death metal. Is it really symphonic or is it like described, "kamelot style metal" ??

I watched the new cattle decapitation video yesterday and oh god.. I don't think anyone can watch the entire thing keeping a straight experession.
stuff for evan: konkeror, a death metal band from michigan. doubt you'll like it but w/e.
i kind of liked the beginning but it didn't really go anywhere.

Conqueror are better


also this has been a good year for bm
bumping the thread to mention DreamLongDead's debut this year. it's probably my closest contender with Pseudogod's album for my aoty, and it's for free on their bandcamp too.


it's death/doom, by the way. take Celtic Frost riffing, put it at the speed and to the atmosphere of Cathedral's Forest of Equilibrium, and put LG Petrov of Entombed on vocals.


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As if we've dropped to page 3. Sort this out guys :p

Anyone heard or planning on listening to the new Finsterforst album? I've only heard the promo on youtube but it's sounding fantastic. Proof that folk/viking metal isn't dead yet.