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Metalheads? anybody?


Son of Wōden
Yeah, this is the UK Wolfthorn, though the other didn't have an album out this year, so I assumed it was the UK one.

I've had a copy of that album ages now (possibly before it came out depending when he sent it to me), but I've still not listened to it.
you and i tend to disagree a lot in terms of black metal but it's not really black metal in any way except for some melodies. i'd put it way closer to Iron Maiden than any kind of black metal. it was mostly a nostalgia like for me, it was like listening to Number of the Beast for the first time again, just in a modern context.


No life till leather
Anyone else hear the new Manowar album? It's actually pretty good. Reminds me a lot of Louder Than Hell. Lots of hate against the final version vs the hammer version. I like them both personally. Thoughts?


New ghost single came out yesterday? Thought it was nice although not over the top! Love their use of organs

SHOULD I BE CONCERNED??? --- I listened to a full black veil brides album today and it wasn't as bad as I thought - they're obviously not good but they're not horrible either.


Lol thought so.

also, here's the new stratovarius (because I feel like I gotta contribute something...)
it's very straightforward but enjoyable! Simple, poppy power metal with little neo-classical metal now that tokki left the band and I know johanssan's had enough of it so..


Son of Wōden
re: the Ghost song, I don't mind it. I can't say I like waltz like motif going on on the keys, just ventures a bit too far into novelty there. It doesn't seem as memorable as a song either. There's no real big chorus as such, and that was one of the big appeals of the first album. I don't hate it, but it's not wowing me. It's just kind of there.

A new band I came across, or should I say old band doing new things? Rattenfänger is basically Drukdh/Old Silver Key doing Death Metal.

Really liking the Hate Forest style vocals. I've always thought they'd translate well to death metal.


Son of Wōden
Of course it is, Roman Saenko and Thurios are gods. haha

Well were gods, 2001-2006 they released 7 of my favourite black metal albums across 3 bands, but they have been treading water of late, with Hate Forest ending, Astrofaes going quiet, Blood of Kingu just being ok, Drudkh dipping in quality and Old Silver Key being a damp squib. I'm hoping all this was because they were focusing on making this Rattenfänger really good.
speaking of new death metal, it was nice having an Asphyx album earlier this year, but now we've got Grand Supreme Blood Court (stupid name) for even more Van Drunen goodness:


hopefully a new Hail of Bullets full length next year. i'm the biggest Van Drunen fanboy there ever will be.


Son of Wōden
I feel kind of indifferent to it. I feel it's missing an elusive quality that elevates stuff from good to great.

Are you a fan of Messiah? My mate gave me his original copy of Choir of Horrors the other day. (Though I did buy it for him, so really I bought it myself 4 years ago :p )
i've heard Hymns to Abramelin and Extremely Cold Weather. i dig the first one, rather apathetic towards the second.

Choir of Horrors and Hymns to Abramelin have decent album covers but the rest of their output has some of the weirdest decisions for death metal album covers ever, seriously:


Rotten Perish and Underground are just as bad, maybe even worse.


Son of Wōden
Haha It may seem laughable at first glance, but when you think about it, what's more awesome than a bear? A bear who lives in snow and doesn't give one.

I still need to get that album, but for now I'm more than Satisfied with Choir. This is one of my favourite tracks from it at the moment.