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Metalheads? anybody?

that song is pretty solid. i'll look into Choir of Horrors sometime.

it reminds me a bit of Massacra actually. who are quite good, anus.com overhyping aside.



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Give me any Nu-metal band and I'm happy. Nightwish and Within Temptation are just a couple of my favorites. I was obsessed with Cradle of Filth through most of my teenage years, but that has kinda cooled off for now, but I still listen to them on occassion.


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I love all kinds of metal, but bands like All Shall Perish and Nightshade are my favorite.
Here's my favorite ASP song.

anyone got top 10s for 2012 prepared? i'm going through and rating as many albums as i can before the year comes to a close.

also new fen is a decent start to 2013. don't think it's as good as epoch but it's quite different.
i'll have a top 10 line up a little after christmas probably. i have probably about 30 albums from this year and need to get maybe 10 or so more.

i don't think anything will top Pseudogod though. Pallbearer and Black Breath come in second and third i think.

as far as 2013 goes there's new Darkthrone and new Suffocation... the new Suffo track sounded like shite though.


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I got my top 10 2012 album list, it was really tough to decide since I had about 50+ 2012 albums(of course metal) to decide from.

1. The Parallax II: Future Sequence - Between The Buried And Me
2. Circus Black - Amberian Dawn
3. Resolution - Lamb of God
4. A War You Cannot Win - All That Remains
5. Fire From The Sky - Shadows Fall
6. Rise of a Digital Nation - Machinae Supremacy
7. Awakened - As I Lay Dying
8. Few Against Many - Firewind
9. Dark Adrenaline - Lacuna Coil
10. Stargazer - Black Majesty
i'm bored, so a rough top 10 list for me would probably be:

Pseudogod - Deathwomb Catechesis (black/death)
Black Breath - Sentenced to Life (death)
Pallbearer - Sorrow and Extinction (doom)
DreamLongDead - MadnessDeadGrave - Invocations Three to the ONES That Lurk at the Threshold (death/doom)
Saint Vitus - Lillie: F-65 (doom)
Nekromantheon - Rise, Vulcan Spectre (thrash)
Lurk - Lurk (sludge)
Asphyx - Deathhammer (death)
Nuclear Death Terror - Blood Fire Chaos Death (black/crust)
Deathhammer - Onward to the Pits (thrash)

the last one is honestly a toss up between a bunch of stuff. but other than that and the top there's no order.

also just mentioning this to possibly make Dion jealous: might see Meshuggah with Animals as Leaders live in a few months even though i like neither one because a friend of mine is going. suck it.
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man i wanna see meshuggah live. **** YOU MAN.

also glad you're digging lurk, finally scored a home run with a rec to you! no mutilation rites in the top 10 though?
Lurk are indeed good. i dunno if i told you to check out that DreamLongDead album but i'd compare to the two to each other a bit, though DreamLongDead is less sludgy. and their debut is up for free on their bandcamp too.

and Mutilation Rites is one of the albums that tied for last place along with Desaster, Aura Noir, Impiety, Ketzer, and probably a few others. there's been too much decent black metal this year so i just gave it to Deathhammer for the sake of convenience, when i go back and listen to everything i'll probably change my mind.


This thread still exists? hot damn.

The new Enslaved album is awesome. That is all.


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Long time no see.

Your comment inspired me to read back over the thread. People who seemed very 'underground' in their tastes suddenly seem quite tame in retrospective. However I cringe to look at how bad my spelling and grammar was back then, not to mention some of my opinions. And the opinions of others too, found a post with someone saying they didn't think Epicus Doomicus Metallicus was very interesting. Utter madness haha.


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Best album of 2012 was either Sabaton's Carolus Rex, which took a long time to grow on me, or Manowar's Lord of Steel. It was a great comeback for Manowar. Just as heavy as ever.


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I've still not decided on a top 10 albums, but my top misc. releases are

1. Cosmic Crusader - The Lost Children Of Babylon Present... CosmiCrusader: CosmiCalculations Part 1
2. Germ - Loss
3. Hesper Payne / Sabazius - Under the Album Shale
4. Lana Del Rey - Paradise
5. Ascended Masters - Reflexions.


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Interesting list. I have to ask though, what is it about the Deaftones that I'm missing? I've tried listening to them, and a friend tried tricking me into liking them by playing them without saying who it was, but I just don't see the appeal. Yet I know a lot of people who think very highly of them.

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A hundred? Wow. Heck of a list, though.

My top five of the year, in no particular order, are currently Storm Corrosion, Weather Systems, Pandora's Pinata, Nine, and Sounds That Can't Be Made, and a reminded that I need to find and listen to that Threshold album and some of the other stuff on Zantera's list. I cannot really, for the life of me, remember all of what I listened to this year. I guess I'll dredge that up later.

Adjusted for newer opinions and on a ten-point scale:

Anathema - Weather Systems - 8.5/10. Well-composed, generally sounds very good... but it's kinda background-ish for me.
Ian Anderson - Thick as a Brick II - 6/10. Did Jethro Tull or Ian Anderson ever do a bad album? The answer, of course, is yes, as anyone who remembers 2/3+ of Under Wraps knows, but this isn't bad. It's just... not great. It doesn't live up to the hype.
Circus Maximus - Nine - 9/10. This is going to vary person-to-person, but I think this is amazingly well-performed and well-arranged album, and while its volume is probably higher than it needs to be, it doesn't ruin the sound! Also, the band doesn't bank all-in on long numbers, something that a lot of prog metal bands do.
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pandora's Piñata - 8.5/10. There aren't a lot of effective ways to really describe this album, but I've just been liking it more and more the more I listen to it. I'd call it a commendable effort even if it weren't any good for being avant-garde yet imminently listenable. As it stands, it's a powerhouse. But to be fair, you might not need this if you own a DSO album already and aren't a big fan in the first place.
Glass Kites - Glass Kites - 7/10. Basically, mini-Weather Systems. My comments apply about the same there. Still worthy of your support, though.
In Mourning - The Weight of Oceans - 7.5/10. A bit repetitive, but it is basically a melodeath-doom hybrid (far as I can understand). A lot more listenable than I was expecting, but this is decidedly not an every-day album.
Killing Joke - MMXII - 4/10. Noise without reason. Ugly as hell, except for "In Cythera," which is probably one of my top tracks of the year.
Lyriel - Leverage - 5.5/10. My comments remain the same: "Nightwish with slightly better songwriting (and less cheesy keyboards) in some places, but a lot of filler. Also the title track is a blatant cash grab."
Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Made - 8/10. Immaculate performance as usual, but I feel like most of the arrangements are just a bit lacking. Then again, the band has been gradually chaining themselves down to a middling sub-Radiohead schtick for a while, and while they're still good at that, it's not terribly interesting. "Power," though, is pretty catchy and would make a much nicer single if the market cared.
Megaherz - Gotterdammerung - 7/10. Pretty good for what it is, but what it is is a bit out of date. Has only a few tunes that are truly forgettable, but also only a few that are actually massively memorable. Also, two pointless remixes.
OSI - Fire Make Thunder - 7/10. My opinion on this fluctuates basically all the time. I cannot pin down an opinion. It's pretty enjoyable most of the time, though, and it's hard to not give at least somewhat high marks as a result.
The Rolling Stones - GRRR! - N/A/10 (8/10 on the new tunes). There is literally no reason for me to go into detail on this, because it's a Rolling Stones compilation. Only a Beatles or Pink Floyd compilation is more useless. However, the two new songs are fairly nice, reminding me a lot more of older Stones material than anything since Voodoo Lounge.
Rush - Clockwork Angels - 8/10. There's no avoiding it -- this sounds bad. But at least it's not like the previous album, which gets thin as the volume rises; this is just BRICKWALLED. The general style of arrangement, though, I still enjoy -- basically just another means to the same end, mind you.
Storm Corrosion - s/t - 9/10. Has a very Pink Floyd feel to it, but otherwise also very similar to Weather Systems; big on atmosphere, though perhaps not always readily memorable because a lot of it, again, feels like very well-done background music.
Tesseract - Perspective - 6.5/10. Acoustic djent; cool in concept, decent in sound. Not sure I entirely like "Eden 2.0," though, but I'll listen to it. Maybe this is what the band will do for a while longer. It'd give me a big reason to listen to them, but it might wear out after a while.
Van Halen - A Different Kind of Truth - 5.5/10. It'd be hard for me to fault the musical talent, but talent alone does not a good record make -- just listen to Wind and Wuthering. Few if any of the tunes are really memorable, but at least it's not Balance or Van Halen III.
ZZ Top - La Futura - 7.5/10. About as close as we'll get to a classic ZZ Top album in this day and age, so that's nice. In my opinion. though, especially with Gibbons leaning a bit more Tom Waitsy with his growl, the band is now firmly in the territory where they do the more bluesy tunes better than the less-bluesy rockers.

To put in notes about:
Orange Goblin - A Eulogy for the Damned

probably some other **** I forgot too

But overall, thus far I'd call this year satisfying. We haven't had a St. Anger or a Metal Machine Music or a Lungs this year that I can identify to this point. Maybe in certain other circles I don't listen to a whole lot, but it'd be hard to expect me to find those, then, wouldn't it?
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Interesting list. I have to ask though, what is it about the Deaftones that I'm missing? I've tried listening to them, and a friend tried tricking me into liking them by playing them without saying who it was, but I just don't see the appeal. Yet I know a lot of people who think very highly of them.

Well I actually discovered Deftones this year, I had known about them before, but this new album was my first album by the band.
There's something about their style that really appeals to me, crushing riffs that can be heavy and "in your face" as hell, but also a lot of great melodies, and more softer/mellow songs. I've only had time to check out two other albums by the band, "Diamond Eyes" the previous album, which is a bit similar to the new one, and "White Pony", considered their best album by most people, which is a bit more experimental.
I really dig all of them tbh.