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Metalheads? anybody?


Son of Wōden
it has its highs and lows, but with highs like the title track, pressure, temporary peace and release it's hard for me to rank it lower

the reason i didn't include Hindsight is because the only song on that i think is an improvement over the original version is Are You There? love the acoustic version of that
I like a good few on Hindsight, and don't think any are better per se, just different and capture a different mood. I think the album's success is when you listen to it as a whole, there's a really sorrowful but quite light and easy listening atmosphere throughout, and I think when your in that mood, it works wonderfully well.
the faster we can forget about Avantasia the better this thread can get.

Avantasia are a great guilty pleasure. I couldnt get into The Metal Opera but the Wicked Trilogy was great and ive got Mystery of Time on pre order. New Wormed will probably be arriving at the same time haha. Couldnt be further from Avantasia. This is going to be a good year for metal.


Son of Wōden
Lost in Space by any chance? I do like that song. Seeing Avantasia live in August

No, Shelter from the Rain was the track I was thinking of. Just struck me as a throwback to the best days of cheesy euro power metal that most of the forerunners of that scene seemed to have moved away from by the time The Scarecrow came out.
to Hammerheart who asked me about why i chose cassettes:

the Swallowed one was a demo that is only on cassette, the Midnight release just got reissued on only cassette, the Nunslaughter album sounds better with the analog sound instead of the cd version (or so i've heard), and the Witch Cross one because the cassette was five dollars and the cd was twelve.


Son of Wōden
I can't believe I got a warning for double posting and bumping a thread over 30 days. Absolutely stupid rule. I wouldn't mind but Moot's a mod and he/she used the thread, and and presumably saw the context of the thread and realised those petty rules didn't really matter.

Anyway, that's fair enough. Ihad wondered if your car might have been a slightly older one with a tape deck, I know a few people who still buy tapes for that reason. I got my copy of The Night and the Fog II on cassette as it was £3.50 compared to £15.99, I did buy a tape demo from a band called Wode who only released it on tape, until re-releasing it on CD a year later that is.


nothin' at all
the only cassettes i'd buy:



I have a lot of old cassettes that could be considered pretty rare thanks to my parents. Not exactly metal related, but still a whole lot of old rock/hard rock. Don't even get me started on my vinyls, my mother and father's collection alone is probably a gold mine. Entire discography of the Beetles, Led Zeppelin, 2-3 of the original sabbath, and god knows what else. Haven't gone through all of them, but I am sure I can find some new material for me to listen to...


nothin' at all
ok Opeth played their first Australian show last night and this setlist has me SO fucking pumped

1 - The Devil's Orchard
2 - Ghost of Perdition
3 - White Cluster
4 - Hope Leaves
5 - Atonement
6 - Deliverance
7 - Hessian Peel
8 - Häxprocess
9 - Demon of the Fall (Acoustic)
10 - Reverie/Harlequin Forest
11 - Blackwater Park


Son of Wōden
I saw My Bloody Valentine live on Sunday, they were very good.
It might sound odd, but this was the highlight of the show for me

To put it into context, one of the guys in the comment said the dB meter on their phone recorded it at 115dB, we aren't allowed over 92dB in the venue at uni as it disturbs the people in the building next door, and Decebels are logarithmic, with 10dB being a Bel, and a Bel being a doubling in perceived loudness, so from 92 to 102 the sound has doubled in perceived loudness, and doubled again at 112.


nothin' at all
i just got home from the Opeth concert, was so good. picked up Heritage on clear vinyl \o/


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Currently with Opeth I only have Still Life, Deliverance and Damnation on Vinyl. Blackwater Park and My Arms Your Hearse would be cool to have on vinyl as well, but honestly I don't think I would care about the others. I mean sure, if someone gave me Heritage for example as a gift, I would like it. But so much to spend money on, it's not really a priority. Oh yeah, if Ghost Reveries is ever released on vinyl, I would love it.