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Metroid Dread (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by Kabutopzilla, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

    This fic has been rated PG-13 for language and violence.

    Metroid Dread

    By Ultimate Ridley

    Chapter One: Gruesome Hunt

    The X Parasite has been terminated. The Metroid population is supposedly zero. All Phazon has been drained from the universe. The Space Pirates are missing from the picture. The most dangerous hunter is under the captivity of the Galactic Federation. However, even after nearly everything has been taken care of, the Federation still had their angry eyes focused on one woman.

    Samus Aran.


    Daiban’s civilians never have heard a word of Samus since the BSL Station imploded a few days ago. The Federation never spoke of her, and as such, the civilians blamed the Space Pirates, typically. But as the people who lived on the bustling mechanical planet gathered around the podium with Chairman Vorgle at the stands, they did not know what he was going to announce. Perhaps that a new threat was discovered? Unlikely. The men and women in the city square were hoping for another golden age of prosperity, one that they had before the Space Pirates interrupted it.

    Chairman Vorgle tapped at the microphone in front of him nervously, testing to see if it worked. Slowly, he spoke into it.

    “Men and women of Daiban, I’ve gathered you here today to announce that we are about to be finished with all of the threats that infect our galaxy. A new golden age of prosperity is imminent. Be patient,” he announced to the extremely large crowd of humans and alienoids that sat in front of him. This was how he would start his speech. And the speech wouldn’t last very long.

    Up in the mechanical buildings above, Galactic Federation elite troopers were standing on the balconies of buildings, patrolling the street for any brave alien or human with the guts to pop out and snipe the Chairman. They were as prepared as they were going to get. But even that wasn’t enough to handle what was coming.

    The biggest prison on Daiban coincidentally was in the same city as the speech was taking place. On the large television screen the police were watching, they saw Vorgle voice his speech about the future of their galaxy. In a nearby cell sat an old nemesis to the Galactic Federation. This creature was listening in on the speech. The prisoner heard words spoken, but in truth, all he heard was lies. The prisoner knew who destroyed the BSL Station, and he knew the Federation was in for it when they went to hunt Samus. Samus was strong, very strong. She could take down a gargantuan lizard for goodness sake, let alone a seventeen foot tall dragon with an army at hand. What made the Federation any stronger than those losers who have tried again and again, and never prevailed? They were weak. They had no power, they had no advantages. They had nothing without Samus. And if Samus is now their enemy, how do they expect to defeat her? The prisoner pondered this for a very long while, until he heard a few words that had angered him.

    “Every prisoner in the GFA prison will be executed, to help decrease the chances of another threat arising – from the dead, or from the dawn.”

    This was unacceptable. And the prisoner would not take it well. The creature jumped up, and slammed the cell forcefield that separated isolation from freedom. He roared as he did so. The officers knew immediately that he was angry at what Chairman Vorgle had just voiced.

    “Tch, calm it, Sylux,” one officer said.

    “I’m kind of glad Vorgle’s doing this, just look at that savage!” another officer added sarcastically, and that remark made the other officers let out a chuckle. Sylux spat at them, and sat back down, pondering what he could do to escape. He hadn’t been imprisoned for long – perhaps five weeks or so. He was caught raiding a lone energy plant on a barren moon, not too far from Daiban. He had since then thought of many ways he could possibly escape.

    Then it came to him. The execution. He could bust out when they were whisking him away from his cell to electricute him. He stood back up, and called out to the officers.

    “Why don’t you just kill me now?” he said through the cell. The officers turned their head slowly towards Sylux’s cell, with that look on their face that expressed ‘do you think I’m stupid?’

    “Can it,” a cop told Sylux. “The Chairman is talking.”

    Sylux hissed at the officers, and punched the forcefield, this time more casually. The cops were mumbling to each other, possibly about Sylux. Sylux did not know how to escape. It would take a miracle.

    As Chairman Vorgle made his speech, many people cheered out at the end of many sentences. He truly was a charismatic being. It was almost as if he were the president of Daiban.

    And the figure waited on a rooftop, camouflaged. He held his weapon pointed directly at Vorgle’s head, and concentrated. The figure waited for a cheer that was loud enough to drown out the noise of his weapon. His weapon would reveal himself, and he would have to run as soon as he shot. And so, he waited.

    Congressman Keaton looked up in the rooftops as he listened to Vorgle’s speech. The crowd was starting to cheer loudly. He jumped when he saw a peculiar change in coloring of the white sky of Daiban, a reddish color. When he saw the figure perform a movement only sentient life was known to do, he cried out.

    “Get down!” he yelled, and pulled Vorgle down. Just then, a red stream of an unknown substance shot across the area, and the Federation elites turned their weapons to the supposed source. Standing on a rooftop was a Kriken soldier, with an Imperialist installed on its arm.

    “Take him out!” the commander of the group yelled. They started shooting at the Kriken with their lasers. The Kriken jumped down onto the street, which was going insane with pandemonium. If the troops shot now, they’d be risking a civilian’s life.

    “Damn,” the commander swore. He looked at his men. “If there is a Kriken here, that means there are more coming. Get ready.”

    The troops singly nodded, and started running down and out into the streets. They called out for the civilians to clear them a path. No response. The people of Daiban were too overwhelmed with fear. The Kriken stood behind a staircase, camouflaged.

    “These people are pathetic,” the Kriken whispered to himself. “I knew this would be an easy planet to invade.”

    Sylux heard the screaming of the people out on the streets through the television in the nearby lounge. The police jumped and ran out, with one left.

    “We have to go,” he said to the prisoners. “Don’t try anything funny.”

    Sylux ignored the man, as he ran out the passage. He heard the man trip on a wire, and then heard him hurry out the door. The forcefield of Sylux’s cell was disabled. Oddly enough, only his was. The man had tripped on the main wire to his cell.

    The other cells weren’t forcefields. They were bars made out of a tough metal that was virtually indestructible. As Sylux just about ran out the passage, he heard someone call out.

    “Hey, you *******, what about us?” a deep voice said. Sylux turned around.

    “Yeah, why should we have to suffer execution when you get away?” a higher-pitched voice squealed. Sylux sighed, and ran back into the lounge. He shoved his arm into the television, causing it to short circuit. He then fired a stream of electricity that busted all of the cells’ security systems, causing the bars to open. All the criminals ran out of their cells, cheering. Sylux shook his head, and walked slowly behind the mob.

    Sylux walked out into the streets, until he bumped into something as he wasn’t paying attention. In front of him, the Kriken took color and became visible. It turned around, and blankly stared at Sylux. Sylux didn’t look very thrilled, either.

    “Sylux?” the Kriken asked. Its eye was getting a darker red, signaling that the Kriken was getting angry.

    “Good gracious, I thought you were dead, Trace,” Sylux replied. He looked around at the screaming crowd of civilians. “Good work.”

    “No thanks to you,” Trace retorted. “What are you doing here?”

    Sylux fixed his gaze back at Trace, and simply said: “Hunting.”


    Samus sat in her ship, all alone. She sighed. Well, she couldn’t stay the good guy for too long. She didn’t mean to force the BSL Station to implode, she didn’t mean to kill many GF troops in the process, and above all, she didn’t mean to reintroduce the Metroids to the galaxy. That was the big secret the Galactic Federation was hiding from the public: the Metroids aren’t gone. Where they are specifically isn’t known, but hopefully far enough to where the Federation can claim that an age of prosperity is imminent. The Space Pirates went missing; Samus was quite relieved that Ridley was trapped in the BSL Station when it imploded, as he was a frozen subject in a cryogenic chamber on the said station.

    But that didn’t stop him from coming back before, Samus thought to herself, reminiscing on the multiple times she managed to put his life to an end, yet he kept coming back – supposedly. Maybe he has a little secret to how he comes back, Samus will never know. What she does know is that with Ridley supposedly dead, and the Space Pirates missing, she was numero uno on the GF’s hitlist. She had to keep running, but for now, she would rest.


    Trace blankly glared at Sylux with his seemingly emotionless eye, and Sylux glared back – with no eyes. They had been trying to fight for a long time now, but years of isolation have done the exact opposite.

    “I’m sure you’re as ****** as me at how the ‘Ultimate Power’ was just a cry for help,” Sylux started. “But at least I didn’t lose everything.”

    “You just walked out of a prison,” Trace replied. “That says something.”

    “Better than being dishonored amongst your race, no?” Sylux said casually. Trace screeched, and swung his arm at Sylux. Sylux pushed the arm to the side with one of his own. “No need to be rude.”

    “There he is!” a voice from the crowd exclaimed. The two hunters turned their heads to look at the crowd, only to see an entire army og GF troops pointing weapons at them. Sylux quickly looked back at Trace.

    “Look, if you want to get out of this pickle, I suggest we work this out. Then, we can fight later,” Sylux suggested. Trace agreed, and they ran the opposite direction, with Trace leading. They would go to his ship. They ran through many alleys, with troops following them. Soon, Trace got to the outskirts of the city, with Sylux close behind. Trace opened the door to his rather small hunter ship, and Sylux came in with. As they were flying off, Sylux kept the door open to show his final gesture towards the Galactic Federation for now: shooting the bird. After he did so, he shut the door, and Trace’s ship blasted out of the atmosphere. The troops sighed.

    “I suppose we could just say they’re dead now,” the commander told his men. “After all, how much damage can two hunters cause?”

    The question was stupid, as Samus was a hunter, and seemed to be capable of taking anything down. Though still…the conflict was not over between Trace and Sylux.

    Sylux stroked the awkward controls of the ship gently. It was then that he grabbed a handlebar, and pushed the airlock button. The door at the back of the ship opened, and sucked Trace out. He swore at Sylux as he flew out of the ship. Sylux responded by waving goodbye tauntingly. Sylux shut the door, grabbed the controls of the ship, and flew off at a high speed. Trace held his breath – or however his race respires – and waited for a rescue. It was then that he was picked up by a Kriken flagship, just before he burst from the lack of an atmosphere. Krikens knew when he was in danger, for they were monitoring him. And if you think that the deed Sylux did was cruel, Trace was no different; he was going to forcibly tie Sylux up and feed him to the Krikis back on Trace’s home planet, if Sylux didn’t do what he did. Nonetheless, he was still alive. And that was all that mattered as for now.


    It was dark in the slaughter room of the Mothership. Space Pirates who could not fulfill their duties correctly were sent there, and were restricted from all decomposers. They had waited. Ridley had waited.

    Weavel walked into the dark room with other Pirates carrying the dead body of their leader, Ridley. Ridley’s soul was still awake, but his body was dead; he could not move a muscle. Weavel made preparations for the revival ritual, where Ridley would be revived. Weavel threw the dead body into the slaughter room, and walked out of the room into another that had a window that allowed Weavel to see the ritual. Weavel lifted a microphone and spoke into it.

    “You are here,” he said. His voice echoed over the intercom in the slaughter room. “Now, you may feast.”

    The lights dimmed more in the room, and Ridley’s dead body released an eerie light. The light formed the shape of an unknown creature, and had a mouth with sharp, jagged teeth. The ghost-like figure started to rip and tear at the flesh of the dead Space Pirate soldiers within the room. It stripped the bodies of flesh until there was nothing but bone. It ate about ten bodies, then finished off by eating its own dead body. It was then that the creature grew dark gray-ish black skin, and a new body. The body had been like Ridley’s others; dark gray and black skin, large wings with orange and red lobes, red eyes, etc. Ridley had been reborn from the ashes. The Space Pirates behind the window clapped, and the lights in the slaughter room brightened. Ridley opened the door, and held his arms out. A few Space Pirates cleaned him and searched him for diseases. With none found, they proceeded into the room to remove the now-useless corpses and leaving behind the ones that still had uneaten flesh on them.

    Ridley walked into the purple halls of the Space Pirate Mothership, and took his new body’s first sigh. Weavel walked out into the hall as well.

    “Good to have you back, sir,” Weavel said.

    “Simply smashing to be back, good man,” Ridley replied. He felt good as new.

    Ridley walked into the control deck of the Mothership as Weavel was telling him the things that had happened since his most recent death.

    “Sylux escaped, sir,” he finished. Ridley stared at Weavel, somewhat proudly.

    “Excellent,” he stated. “And his current status, if you may?”

    “On Trace’s hunter ship. He stole it, and is using it to continue his life of crime,” Weavel replied.

    “As expected,” Ridley said. “I trust Samus is gone?”

    Weavel frowned under his mask. Ridley could see it with his hyper-advanced eyes.

    “Of course,” Ridley said. “No matter. This time, she is not the worst that could happen.”

    “What’s the plan, sir?” Weavel asked. Ridley chuckled.

    “None, yet,” he replied. Weavel looked confused. “On your way, Weavel.”

    “Y-yes sir,” Weavel answered nervously. He walked out of the room, and Ridley sat in his seat. He sighed, then laughed. It was going to work this time – he was sure of it.
  2. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

    Chapter Two: Dead or Alive

    Sylux flew along the glittering constellations of the galaxy, heading for…somewhere. In truth, he had never planned to get this far. Three hours ago, he had done so much. He escaped the clutches of the Galactic Federation, met with Trace, escaped with Trace, and to top it all off, he threw Trace out of his own ship. Of all the cruel things Trace might have done had he not opened that airlock, very few if not none of them could have matched the cruelty of such an evil deed. Sylux sighed.

    Where to now? he wondered. He looked on the radar of Trace’s ship, and checked for anything he could attack and steal from. He found nothing. He looked closer at the radar, and realized that it was not a radar, but a DNA analyzer. Sylux felt stupid. There was no radar on Trace’s ship. How could he possibly find anything without one?


    Samus was sleeping in the peaceful ship she owned, unaware of the nearby vessel. The stream on her radar zipped across an apparently unknown object, and the buzzing sound it made woke Samus. She quickly, yet clumbsily, pushed a button under her radar. A screen appeared, and it showed the unidentified vessel. She took a closer look, and saw it to be a Kriken hunter ship. It was simply drifting in space like her ship was. She commanded the ship to scan for any signs of life on the ship. The ship responded in a robotic and boring tone:







    Samus quickly turned her ship to face the Kriken hunter ship, and readied her ship’s missiles. Whatever this thing was, it was apparently deadly. Samus tried to remember if she had ever come into contact with any Krikens. She pondered the thought. She encountered a few rebellious Krikens when she was on a mission to hunt a typical galactic criminal. They were a very nice bunch, as they believed all of their race’s beliefs were wrong. They even helped Samus.

    She also remembered a few in a criminal meeting she ended up stopping. But how could she forget, the skilled sniper, Trace. The worst of all Krikens. Maybe Trace was in this ship, because he was a hunter. He was one of the six hunters that tried to get the Ultimate Power, which was a lie to get help. He wielded a deadly sniper called the Imperialist, and killed everything he landed a headshot on. She had first met him on Arcterra, when he was trying to snipe Noxus, the Vhozon.

    Samus shot at the ship with her missiles. The homing weapons propelled theirself through the empty blankness that was outer space.

    I have you now, Kriken, she thought.


    Sylux took quick action. He saw the missiles coming straight at him almost immediately, and realized that he must have been tracked down by Trace and the other Krikens. He directed the ship to slide out of the way; however, even an action like this hadn’t saved him. The missiles banged the red metal of the ship he was in with harsh force, causing Sylux to fall over, out of his seat. The ship started blaring sirens and flashing lights, indicating for him to evacuate the ship immediately. He couldn’t. He wasn’t in a planet’s atmosphere. He would have to fight back.

    Sylux quickly regained control of the ship, and pulled a lever. A red beam shot out and smacked the opposing ship with a direct hit. The opposing ship started to smoke. He took a close look at the enemy, and gathered that it was purple. He shot again, just clipping the ship this time. The sirens continuously blared, and eventually, the ship started talking a language he could not understand. Sylux powered his translator, and heard these words:


    He ignored the ship’s demands, and continued to shoot at the bogey. He got hit again with missiles, and the ship exploded. With him in it. Sylux was hit hard with the undying flames of the exploded ship, destroyed by an enemy who was too strong for him. He closed his eyes, and waited to burst.

    Sylux regained sight in a lit up room. He lifted his head up, and quickly scanned the area. There was a tinned window on a wall, and a door on the wall next to it. He was being watched. Sylux tried to get up, but was being held down by tough straps around his wrists and ankles. He was stuck. Breathing heavily, he heard a voice being spoken through an intercom.

    “Calm down. You’re safe now,” the voice said. Sylux started to go insane with rage.

    “Let go of me, you Galactic *******s!” Sylux yelled. He started to try to get the straps off, until he heard a wire extend. He turned his head to try and see his back. He was connected to something. A super-computer? Sylux didn’t know.

    “You’re connected to the main CPU. Data is being downloaded into your memory banks, including pictures of what happened,” the voice spoke. Sylux stopped shaking.

    “What the hell are you doing to me?” he called out. Suddenly, the door opened, and a large, almost black dragon walked in. He leaned over Sylux, and examined him. He then started to speak.

    “We’re doing you a favor,” the creature said. Sylux waited for more. “You were shot down, by Samus. You encountered her on your stolen ship.”

    Sylux glared. “Samus did this?” he asked, looking at his armor. He had just realized that his armor was damaged heavily, leaving many open areas, sparking with electricity.

    “It would appear so, would it not?” the creature replied. It examined Sylux further. “Oh, my. She did bash you up pretty badly, hm? Well, it’s a good thing we’re helping you, isn’t it?”

    “Who are you?” Sylux asked softly. The creature grabbed Sylux’s hand and shook it.

    “The name is Ridley,” it said. Sylux shook off Ridley’s claw and spat at him. Ridley frowned. “As mother always said, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, because it will bite back.”

    Sylux glared at Ridley. “What am I doing here?” he asked, with a hint of anger. Ridley inhaled, and spoke.

    “I want you to see someone you probably remember well,” Ridley said to Sylux. He waved his hand, and Weavel walked into the doorway. “I’m sure you remember Weavel, don’t you?”

    “Oh, hell yes,” Sylux said, getting angrier. “What a drag.”

    “Ahem,” Weavel voiced. “I save your ***, and in return, you simply try to end my life. Hmph. You haven’t changed one bit.”

    “No, I haven’t, and I don’t plan on it either,” Sylux snarled.

    “If you two can’t get along, I will have to feed you both to Kraid,” Ridley interrupted. Sylux gained a somewhat confused look.

    “Kraid? Who is Kraid?”

    “My pet,” Ridley responded simply. There was a loud beeping noise, and Ridley slashed the straps off of Sylux. As expected, Sylux jumped and started to run out the door, up until Ridley gripped his neck. “What’s the rush? Aren’t you going to have dinner with us?” Ridley had a wicked smile on his face. Common sense showed he was being sarcastic. “I might just have to leash this one; he’s a savage,” Ridley added. Sylux struggled to break free of the tight grip that which he was being held. He tried to fire his Shock Coil, however, the weapon had seemingly been removed. He simply relaxed, and Ridley let go of him. “Now, behave.”

    The three of them walked down the halls of the Mothership, Ridley in the front, Weavel in the back, and Sylux in between the two. He was surrounded. His stare met with the eyes of many different Space Pirates, who glared at him.

    “I thought your species was as gone as the Metroids,” Sylux said to Ridley. Ridley snickered.

    “If that’s true, then we are still abundant,” Ridley replied. Sylux looked confused. “What, did you not know that they are still alive?”

    “No. I thought the last one was killed by Mother Brain on Zebes. It was big in the news a few years ago,” Sylux said. Ridley snickered again.

    “Common misconception,” Ridley said simply. He looked behind himself while walking, and gathered that Weavel was also confused. “Weavel, tell me you remember Settlement Zero.”

    “No sir, Settlement Zero is just a myth, isn’t it?” Weavel asked.

    “Incorrect. Who told you such lies?”

    “The entire Space Pirate Empire believe that,” Weavel replied. “It was a rumor, but it soon became a myth.”

    “No, no, no. Good gracious, technology is deteriorating the use of oral communication between generations nowadays, is it not?” Ridley asked rhetorically. “Settlement Zero. The first Space Pirate settlement built outside of Zebes. It is located on the outer rim of the galaxy, on a freezing subzero planet. We built a base there so the Galactic Federation was restricted to reach us, for it was nearly outside the galaxy. We built labs, hm…not as advanced as we do to this day, but we used them to perform tests on the Metroids. It was also the first Metroid testing laboratory.”

    “You tested on Metroids? Are you mad? Did you not get injured?” Sylux asked.

    “Well, of course we did. Why else would we abandon a still-good settlement?” Ridley replied. “They got out of hand. A few screw ups in the testing made some of them mature faster than normal, making Omega Metroids only two weeks after they were born from an egg. We could not handle the situation, so, we decided to risk getting arrested by the Federation and move in closer to the center of the galaxy. Not a smart move, considering I am the reason my enemy exists.”

    “What do you mean?” Sylux wondered.

    “I’m why Samus is such an overpowered hunter. If I hadn’t raided her planet, or killed her mother, she would only know me by the news. She wouldn’t be raised by the Chozo, so she wouldn’t be superhuman. Etcetera, etcetera…”

    “Samus was raised by the Chozo?” Sylux wondered.

    “Oh, yes. She has their blood.”

    “Aren’t they dead?”

    “Well, of course, thanks to me and a little traitor of theirs. The Zebesian Chozos anyway. The Tallonians and such left for other reasons,” Ridley explained.

    The trio walked into a room with pistons and other gears working. The Pirates were apparently doing a few mechanical tests.

    “So, what do you want from me?” Sylux asked Ridley. Ridley stopped, and turned to Sylux.

    “Your help,” Ridley said.

    “With what?” Sylux asked. Ridley poked a button on a nearby machine, and a hologram of the galaxy popped up. He poked a system on the hologram, and it showed Samus flying her ship.

    “I need you to bring me her,” Ridley said. Sylux grew angry.

    “Why?” he asked.

    “Because, if you want the Galactic Federation gone, you will listen to me,” Ridley replied.

    “Do you want her dead, or alive?” Sylux asked.

    “She must be alive. Dead is not acceptable,” Ridley replied. Sylux started to walk out of the room.

    “Where are you going?” Weavel shouted.

    “I won’t do it,” he said. “It’s hard enough to bring her back dead, but this is too much.”

    Ridley flew around Sylux and landed in front of him with a loud thump. He grabbed Sylux by the neck, and pushed him against the wall.

    “You listen to me,” Ridley said, angered. “The Galactic Federation believes the galaxy is nearing another age of peace. This leaves them vulnerable to attack. We left their sight for a reason, and that was to make them believe they were safe. When they reach a state of comfort, they will forget all about us Space Pirates, and that will be our golden chance to attack. They won’t be prepared for us. And I have a plan to stop them. And in order for that plan to work, I need you to get me Samus Aran. Do I make myself clear?”

    Sylux growled. “Why can’t you just do it yourself?” Ridley glared at Sylux, and threw him over. Sylux stared at the angered Ridley.

    “Bring back Samus, and I won’t kill you for what’s left of you,” he said, and stomped off. Weavel lent a hand to get Sylux up, and Sylux stood up.

    “He can sometimes be like that,” Weavel said. “But he isn’t kidding.”

    “Better get me a ship,” Sylux mumbled.

    “Already done,” Weavel said, and escorted him to the dock hangars.


    Order had been returned to Daiban, but their guard was increased. Trace had really stirred up a riot. They had to be prepared for future attacks.

    Keaton spoke into an intercom next to a door, and it replied: “Come in.”

    Keaton walked into the office in the building that stood tall over the capital of Daiban. At the desk was Chairman Vorgle.

    “Telling the civilians that we killed the Kriken worked,” Keaton said.

    “Of course,” Vorgle replied. “They’ll believe anything these days.”

    “That they will,” Keaton replied. Vorgle looked up at Keaton.

    “Have a seat,” he said. Keaton walked over to the desk and sat down.

    “Samus was spotted again, just recently,” the Chairman said. “She was found shooting down a Kriken vessel.”

    “Better a Kriken vessel than one of ours, eh?” Keaton responded. Vorgle stared at Keaton with a serious look.

    “This is serious, congressman. We can’t lie to our planet’s people much longer. We can’t handle everything at once, we—“

    “We need Samus,” Keaton said. Vorgle looked at Keaton with a hint of sorrow in his eyes.

    “Yes, we do,” he replied. “But how can we have Samus do anything else for us if she is the one we’re hunting?”

    “It’s not only her,” Keaton said. “The Krikens are out there, and Sylux escaped his cell. We could be looking at the successor to the Space Pirates here.”

    If the Space Pirates are actually gone,” Vorgle added. “They might just be hiding, waiting to pounce.”

    “That’s entirely possible as well,” Keaton said. “What do you suppose we do?”

    “We need to rid of Samus. If we do that, we will have the biggest threat out of the way,” he replied. “Tell your men to search the galaxy for her. I want her dead. We may need her, but the fact that she betrayed us…considering her power, she needs to be rid of.”

    “Yes, sir,” Keaton nodded in agreement. He stood up, saluted, and walked out the room. He signaled to a squadron of Federation troops to search for her and kill her. They boarded their ship, and took off.


    Trace appeared before the Emporer Kriken. He fell on his knees as he was thrown.

    “You failed again, Trace. That is the third time,” the Emporer said. Trace bowed to the Emporer.

    “I would have got him, had I not met Sylux,” Trace defended.

    “No excuses,” the Emporer replied. “I ought to feed you to the Krikis. It has not had a nice feast in ages. I’m sure you would make a tasty meal.”

    Trace prayed the Emporer would add on.

    “But…I won’t. You have one more chance, understand? One more,” the Emporer said. “Find our colony a nice planet for us to invade, and you will be spared.”

    “Yes, your highness,” Trace replied, and walked out of the area.

    “You’d better not screw up again,” a Kriken guard told Trace. Trace flicked the guard off, and continued walking. The guard looked at the other guards. “What an *******.”

    Trace walked into his new ship that had just been finished, and fired up the engine. He set a path, and took off. Only this time, he’d be following Sylux.
  3. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

    Chapter Three: Crash Landing

    After knocking out the Kriken’s ship, Samus took off in an entirely different direction. She didn’t know where she would go, but she had to go somewhere. She could leave the galaxy. No, she couldn’t do that. After all, she grew up in this galaxy, and then she’d leave the Space Pirates to swallow it whole—if they were still around, she thought. The Galactic Federation may be hunting her as an outlaw now, but she couldn’t let them die a slow and painful death. But then she would just keep running. It was hard to decide. Maybe she could find some way to sort this whole misunderstanding out, but it would take tremendous effort. She waited for a chance. That’s all she needed.


    Ridley walked into the dark room, where very few lights were powered on. Many Space Pirates were culturing bacteria of all kinds, trying to create something. Inside this room was Weavel, who was carefully preparing a cure for Miteralis. Ridley stepped over to him.

    “How is the cure coming along?” Ridley asked. Weavel looked back at Ridley, then went back to culturing.

    “Not even close. More of our soldiers will die of Miteralis,” Weavel replied, concentrating. “There just doesn’t seem to be a way to establish a vaccine.”

    “We quarantine those affected, yet soldiers still catch it. Has anyone learned why?” Ridley asked.

    “I’m not sure. You might have to consult Phantoon on the matter,” Weavel replied.

    “Alright. Carry on,” Ridley said, and walked off. When he was walking down the hall, a screen followed him, and turned on. Ridley turned his head to see who it was. It was Sylux.

    “Ridley, I hope you’re not busy,” Sylux said on the screen.

    “Heavens no. I was just going to speak to Phantoon about Miteralis, but your mission is far more important in the current situation. So, tell me, how is finding Samus coming along?” Ridley asked.

    “Perfect,” Sylux said. “I’m following her now. One problem, though. She has friends.”

    “Friends?” Ridley looked confused, then realized Sylux meant the Galactic Federation had found her as well. “Ah.”

    “Yeah. It’s just a little squadron, though. Samus could finish these guys off in a matter of thirty minutes,” Sylux said.

    “Excellent,” Ridley replied. “Well, I wouldn’t want to hinder you in your efforts. Carry on.”

    Sylux nodded, and the screen turned off. It retreated back into the ceiling. Ridley continued down the hall. He entered a large room, with nothing in it but two torches. Ridley clapped twice.

    “Come on out,” Ridley said. The bulbous, one-eyed creature appeared within the room.

    “What?” Phantoon asked. He could be as rude as he wanted to Ridley, as he was a Space Pirate Hierarch.

    “Weavel told me that you might know why Miteralis is spreading, even though we are putting all soldiers infected in quarantine,” Ridley explained. Phantoon sighed, and rubbed his eye.

    “Ugh..remind me to bash his skull in later,” Phantoon said. Ridley nodded, though he knew Phantoon was being sarcastic. Phantoon went in the back of the room, and retrieved a dusty microchip. He blew the dust off, and put it in the super computer that sat on the wall.

    “I know when you mean something else,” Phantoon said, eyeing Ridley. Ridley smiled, looking at the super computer.

    “Good. It means I have succeeded in my efforts to make you top rank material,” Ridley replied.

    The computer screen played a video of the Galactic Federation advertisement, the advertisement they had used on televisions universally before the Space Pirates formed and caused chaos. Ridley watched it closely. The trailer was very corny, and Ridley was relieved when it ended. After the advertisement, it showed an extra clip that was cut out of the commercial due to violence. The GF originally planned to incorporate it in a paid programming to give people an idea of their struggles, however, early on, it was considered too violent to be shown in the public. Phantoon managed to get his hands on one of them. Soon, a man started to speak on the screen. He was a general of the GF, probably deceased by now.

    “Hello, and thank you for watching our video. I’m here to tell you about the Galactic Federation and their struggles these days. Nearly seven centuries ago, the humans had a problem with terrorism. But that wasn’t their only threat around. Amongst the wars between their own race, they were subsequently attacked by an unknown alien race by the year 2027. The discovery led to a tremendous breakthrough for many scientists. They had discovered that there actually was life out there, and that was all they needed to create space ships capable of flying out of Earth’s orbit. Over time, quite quickly at that, they had established many bases on other planets within their system. What had happened to the unknown race that attacked them remains undefined, but what we do know is that there might still be more. Soon, the humans met with other aliens, who happened to be at constant war as well. They joined forces, and called theirself the Federation Alliance. Over time, that name changed to Galactic Federation. The humans played a major role in the military forces of the Galactic Federation, and the aliens were mainly those in office, governing the Federation. For a time, this organization was unstoppable. They had a nice age of peace, and no crime tried to erupt from nowhere to try and stop it. We had no enemies for a long time, up until the Space Pirates rose. They took the Metroids from our grasp, and they are still amidst the space to this day. They have been establishing many bases across the galaxy, practically any planet. One mistake they made, however, was to create a settlement on Bilium. We had tried our hardest to stop them, and this was one of our first fights. On the planet, we saw that both of our races were being infected with an unknown disease, that made anything the carrier touch die. Eventually, the carrier would have internal bleeding, and overflow with blood. And the only way to cure it was to die. We put the infected in quarantine, and left the Space Pirates twitching on the planet. Whether they were done the same or not is unknown. We…”

    Ridley stopped the video.

    “Of course!” he shouted. Phantoon stared at him, as if he were crazy. “We left a few Pirates there!”

    “So…you abandoned them?” Phantoon asked, confused.

    “No, I couldn’t risk it. A few soldiers must have contracted it and managed to get back here. Maybe we left ships as well…” Ridley replied.

    “Then wouldn’t the disease camp on the ships?” Phantoon suggested. Ridley stared at Phantoon wide-eyed.

    “That’s probably it,” he said, and walked out.

    “A little thank you would be nice!” Phantoon shouted. Ridley flicked Phantoon off as he left the room. “Oho, I see how it is!” Phantoon knew Ridley was joking.


    Sylux had his ship’s invisibility on. Samus could still track him down, but shooting him would be a pain. Sylux liked the Space Pirate hunter ship more than the Kriken one—this was more like a luxury. He couldn’t wait much longer; the Galactic Federation wasn’t too far behind. He fired the turbo of his ship, following Samus close behind. Sylux punched the connector button, and a metal pipe wide enough to send Sylux through safely extended from the bottom of his ship. It connected to Samus’s ship, allowing him to enter.


    Samus heard a crash on her ship, and checked the radar. She had just realized that it was buzzing. She looked up what the bogey was, and saw nothing. Suddenly, the door into her ship opened, and a figure popped through it. She turned around, and gasped.

    “Not you,” she said. Sylux surged electricity through his arm.

    “Yes, me,” he said calmly. “Come quietly, and you won’t be hurt.”

    “Hell no,” Samus replied. “Do you think I’m stupid?”

    “No,” Sylux said. “But if you don’t come, I’ll have to call you stupid.”

    “Why?” Samus asked. Soon, an even louder crash sounded. Sirens started blaring in Samus’s ship. “I’m hit!”

    “Of course you are,” Sylux shouted. “Because you didn’t listen!”

    Underneath her helmet, Samus glared at Sylux.

    “This is some sort of trick, isn’t it?” she asked. “I bet you were sent out to try and get me to come with you so I can fall into a trap. It won’t work.”

    Sylux felt like he had been caught. Ridley never clarified what exactly he wanted to do with Samus, let alone why he didn’t bother to do it himself. But he couldn’t remain on this ship.

    “Would you rather be shot down, or do you want to live?” Sylux asked. Samus shook her head no, and Sylux backed away. He escaped back into his ship, which remained undamaged because of the invisibility camouflage. The connector detached from the smoking ship, and Sylux watched as the Galactic Federation had, as expected, shot continuously at Samus. They caught her off guard. She couldn’t last much longer. And on top of that, she didn’t want to kill the Galactic Federation.

    One final blow bashed into Samus’s ship’s engine, causing it to go out of whack. She soon found herself rocketing downward towards an unknown planet. She had entered its atmosphere. Sylux watched the ship go down, and subsequently followed it. The Galactic Federation followed, unaware of the invisible ship ahead.


    Samus woke on the crashed ship. She had barely survived the impact. She got up, and bashed a window open. A frosty wind blew over her helmet, and ice crystals blocked her vision. She stepped out of her ship, and started walking. Soon, she slipped. She fell on her back, and struggled to stand back up. She cleared the crystals from her helmet, and scanned the area. She was in an icy pit, with a dead tree to the right, and a door on the other side. Looking above, she gathered that she was about twenty feet under the surface. Suddenly, she heard the whooshing sounds of ships zipping above her. She was lucky not to be found.

    She entered the door, and scanned the passage that followed. It was highly mechanical. Rusted, but still functional. She walked down the mechanical path, and entered the next door. Within the next room was a large mechanical base that sat in a snowy valley.

    Phendrana Drifts? she thought. Suddenly, she heard a voice shout “there she is!” and she saw an entire squadron of Federation troops dashing towards her. They started shooting at her, and she started shooting back. She soon noticed that her beams didn’t work. Her missiles caused them to flinch, but nothing more. It was then that a large blue creature busted through a mechanical wall, screeched, and pounced on the far away troops. It started ripping and tearing at their flesh, and killed many of them. A few troops retreated, as Samus had, and the creature stomped off out of the valley.

    Metroids? Here? Samus thought. She had just seen an Omega Metroid rip at a squadron of Federation troops. Behind the mechanical wall was a path of torn and shredded wires. Samus took a run for it, and the Federation troops only clipped her with laser shots if anything. She ran into the passage, and fell down a pit of torn technology. At the end was another hole. She entered, and saw a large hangar room that was entirely mechanical. It had a form of fungus and mold crawling along the walls, and eggs. Lots of eggs. Inside the eggs were little bulbous creatures with fangs. Samus soon knew that she was inside a Metroid’s hive.

    Samus examined the eggs closely with her Scan Visor, and could clearly tell that they were Metroids. But then, large Omega Metroids started to ram at her, smashing her against a wall. They had caught her off guard. She looked around, and saw a Metroid Queen walk slowly towards her. It had its drooling mouth slightly open, ready to feast. Samus eyed a nearby elevator, and took a run for it. She entered it, and was relieved that it still functioned properly. She went up the elevator, and heard a loud smash. An Omega Metroid had smashed the elevator, making it impossible to go down. That meant that she only had one way to go: wherever this elevator took her.


    Sylux ran into the base, and clicked the communicator on. On the screen, Ridley appeared.

    “Hm?” Ridley asked. Sylux backed the camera back, giving Ridley a view of where he was. When Ridley saw, he spat out the sip of a drink he was slurping down. He wiped his mouth, and gasped. “What are you doing at Settlement Zero?!”

    Sylux simply answered: “Hunting.”
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    sigh are you me and Krake the only ones on this forum who like metroid?
    if so thats sad
    but probably not considering theres a BILLION (figuratively) members on this forum
    I just want to say (cause i havent actually posted it anwer yet that your ideas are really cool in this fanfic!
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    Chapter Four: Settlement Zero

    Trace followed Sylux’s ship to the icy planet. He landed right next to the big ship the Pirates assigned Sylux, and shot it with his ship’s Imperialist. He then pressed land, and opened his ship. He set his foot on the icy cold surface of the unknown planet, and gained a feeling that which he knew this planet. Trace pondered which icy planets he has been to. Arcterra? No. Phendrana? Definitely not. Trace scanned the area with his infrared sight, and saw no signs of red, which meant no heat, which, of course, meant no life.

    “I wonder why he came here,” Trace whispered to himself. He jumped off a small cliff, and entered the nearest door. He was in the large valley with the busted hole. Trace opened his scanner, and sought heat signals. His scanner went insane with beeping. He commanded his scanner to identify the organisms, and how long ago they were here.

    Organism A: Homo sapien,” the computer said. “There were about thirty of them. Two hours ago. They were dressed in hyper-advanced suits. All wearing the same suit. Possible explanation: they are of an organization.”

    Trace knew the description well. Those damned Galactic Federation came here as well, likely hunting Sylux. He proceeded the scanner.

    Organism B: Mature life-draining reptilian insectoid,” the computer stated. “Genus unknown. Male. Deceased as of half and hour ago. This creature supposedly belongs to a species once thought to be extinct as of six years ago. Possible explanation: Omega Metroid, killed by increased cold temperatures combined with a genetic mutation forcing the creature to age faster. The creature has eaten two of the homo sapiens mentioned.”

    Trace sighed. So the Metroids aren’t dead, after all. Perhaps. He just follows what the scanner says.

    Organism C: Unknown. Resembles a homo sapien, but also carries the blood of avianis sapien,” the computer explained. “The organism not only carries foreign blood, but is also equipped with a Chozo Varia Suit, or parts of one. It also has Metroid DNA incorporated into its own. Possible explanation: Samus Aran.”

    Trace gasped. Samus Aran? That ***** bounty hunter who screwed his chances of obtaining the Ultimate Power? Perhaps the grudge was merely partial; after all, the Ultimate Power was simply a desperate cry for help. But the hatred Trace held towards Samus still stood sturdy.

    Wonderful, Trace thought. Now I can eradicate Sylux and Samus from existence.


    Samus entered a large corridor with mechanical walls that were partially frozen. No machinery seemed to work within these walls, as most of it was frozen solid. It seemed, however, that a few doors would operate correctly, at the least. The corridor was large, and there was a big hole in the left wall. Icy winds gushed into the room at a constant rate. At least now Samus could understand why the place was frozen, but she couldn’t help but wonder what could have popped the walls open. Couldn’t have been Metroids, could it? After all, Metroids were weak to ice. Then again, Metroids were never known to be bright, either. Whatever caused the large holes, either got frozen solid, or is lurking in the labs now; the creature could have come from the outside. Samus jumped down into the lower floor of the corridor, and entered a door. Beyond the door was a large and long hallway that had some machinery working. There were also stasis tanks, containing dead Metroids, some of them shriveled up. Halfway down the hall, she saw two broken stasis tanks. For a second, Samus panicked, but then remembered that her suit should protect her against Metroid attacks. But that didn’t stop the Omega Metroids and their queen from trying to swallow her. Either way, she had to be careful. She entered another door, and heard voices from above in the next room. She looked up, and saw through a metal grate four Galactic Federation troops hanging around. One of them was communicating with their squadron. Samus soon gained the impression that the Federation scattered their troops around the base. She sneaked below the troops, trying her best not to create noise. Soon, she heard a loud crash in the room. The Federation troops started to shout, and then gunshots were heard. Samus watched the fight from below. She tried to make out what attacked them, and soon saw it to be an Alpha Metroid. Soon, the gunshots and shouting stopped. She broke the grate at the far end of the room, and climbed up. Out of surprise, the Alpha Metroid was dead on the ground. No wounds. Just dead. Samus panicked. The Federation troops won the fight. Now they were going to attack her, since she made a sound. The troops turned around.

    “Take her out!” one troop shouted, and they started to fire at Samus. Samus side-rolled out of the way, and started to run to the nearest door. She opened it, and ran down another mechanical hall, this one with no signs of being frozen. She stopped to take a breather. The troops opened the door, and started to run down the hall. Samus, worried, rolled into Morph Ball and entered a nearby hole that was torn from something as well. The Fed troops passed her without noticing her, and kept running. Samus decided not to follow them, and rather follow this small hole. She rolled down the hole into a large network of operational pistons and saws. She exited Morph Ball and carefully weaved her way around the obstacles, soon to reach another small hole. She entered it, and fell out onto a mechanical floor. She exited Morph Ball again, and saw a large support beam in the middle of the room. The support beam had fluids and other materials flowing through it. Was this, perhaps, the central dynamo? She soon took note that there were eight Fed troops in the room, starting to shoot at her. Samus entered Morph Ball and hid behind a crate. The Feds started searching the room for her. She left Morph Ball and stayed in a crouched position. Then, she heard another large crash, and heard more gunshots and shouting. She stood up, and saw another Omega Metroid attacking the troops after busting another hole through the wall. The troops shot at the Omega Metroid, and all shots did not do any visible damage. The Omega Metroid spat on the troops, causing them to disintegrate. Soon, all troops but one were gone, and the Omega Metroid ended up stepping on it. Samus emerged from behind the crate, and approached it. Oddly enough, the Omega Metroid readied to spit at Samus. Samus quickly rolled to the side to avoid the attack. The large Metroid soon started to walk towards Samus, about looking hungry for more. She started questioning why it would do this to her. Why was any Metroid this aggressive towards her when she was infused with a Metroid’s DNA? Samus decided now was not the time for questions, and started to hit the Metroid with Missiles in the stomach. The Metroid simply pushed the explosives to the side before it impacted. Soon, another Omega Metroid busted a locked door open, leaving another gaping hole in the wall. It started to lunge at the other Metroid. Now Samus was really confused. Why were they fighting? To compete over food? That would be most logical, but it was not the answer. The Omega Metroid that had just busted through the wall avoided a claw swipe from the other, and pushed the other Metroid into the support beam. The corridor shook a little, but the beam held. The Omega Metroid then went in and bit the stunned Metroid on the neck, and started to swallow its energy. The stunned Metroid soon just lay there, with bite marks on its throat. Now Samus had a logical explanation for why the Metroids were attacking her. It wasn’t competition, it wasn’t territory, but rather the Metroids are cannibals.

    She wasn’t done here. The second Omega Metroid sniffed the area, and smelled Samus’s presence. It started to search the room for her, in which caused Samus to dash towards the door without a second thought. Just as she caught onto Speed Booster, the Omega Metroid jumped right in front of her, and roared. Samus took a small jump, and then flew forward with her shoulder pointing out. In shinespark, she caught the Metroid on its belly, and as such, used it to bust the door down. Samus continued to shinespark forward, pushing the now slightly helpless Omega Metroid ahead of her, as if it were a shield. Soon enough, they flew out a wall, bashing into a thick glacier. The glacier cracked. The Metroid fell to the icy ground, with Samus following it. Samus hit the ground with a hearty thud! and struggled to get herself back up. She felt cold, all of a sudden. It was odd. She had the Varia Suit, so she should be protected. But even so, she felt her energy drain. With a sudden jump, she looked around to see if that feeling was being caused by the Omega Metroid that came with her. She stood up completely, and saw the Omega Metroid struggling as well. But after a few seconds, the large Metroid froze right before Samus’s eyes. The cold was too much for it. Samus sighed in relief, until the cold feeling grew stronger. Samus started to shiver, even. Sure, around her, there was a blizzard, but she should be fine. Yet, she wasn’t. She slowly crouched to try and get warmth, until a large reptilian creature stomped past her, and picked the frozen Omega Metroid off the ground. Samus took out her Scan Visor to see what it could be, but her suit’s functions started to freeze. She looked up herself. Samus was astonished. She could have sworn what had picked up the Omega Metroid was another Metroid, only different. Then again, she could be wrong. A large herd of the mysterious reptilians started stampeding through the valley Samus found herself in. Startled, Samus started to run back towards the large mechanical compound she was in previously. Quickly, she shinesparked upward, bashing her skull on a metallic structure. Samus fell, and quickly grabbed a ledge. She lifted herself up, and entered the nearest door. Shortly after, she heard her suit malfunction. The words appeared on her visor.


    Samus did as the computer said. She removed all frozen items as well as Energy Tanks and excessive Missile Expansions. And once again, Samus found herself with only a few items left over. At least it wasn’t as bad as it was before; when the Galactic Federation surgically removed Samus’s Chozo Varia Suit, she had literally lost everything except for her beam. But this was still pretty serious.

    The room she had entered was, as expected, icy. Not as cold as outside, because the Varia Suit could handle this temperature. It was about as large as the first corridor she had went through in this place, only it lacked a hole, and everything was literally frozen solid, no exceptions. Samus examined the area, and saw mechanoids. They were all frozen in their place. Samus scanned them, and gathered that they were worker robots, who unless their creators were frozen here as well, were obviously abandoned. She stepped past them into the next room, which was a very high and wide hall that had busted glass on the dome ceiling. She checked her map, and learned the name of this hall: Combat Drone Hangar. So, it wasn’t a hall. On the side, she saw three frozen mechanoids sitting in a curve in the wall, seemingly dedicated to them. Must have been the hangars. She scanned the first one.

    SP-M #0-70, a.k.a. ‘Protos’. Protos was the first drone built in Project 7, a program only administered within this facility. When the Space Pirates designed it and it turned out successful, they held parties and celebrations, as it was a very useful piece of work. It was built primarily for defense, however it does have an offensive instrument built into its cranial area. The Pirates seemed to have planned to create more of this model, however, they stopped trying when they realized it was useless against cold temperatures. It had frozen within two weeks after completion, and became obsolete. Project 7 was suspended due to the failure of this drone.”

    Samus stared at the box-shaped drone, that which had its arms retracted, and powered off. Icicles hung from its body in all sorts of places. And overall, it was tiny. Samus pondered how the Space Pirates could even think this robot would have been useful in the first place. She even wondered: was she in an old Space Pirate facility? Samus tried not to worry, and reverted her attention to the second drone. She scanned it.

    SP-M #0-71, a.k.a. ‘Pinaclus’. Pinaclus was the second drone built under Project 7, and took years to finalize, as the Pirates tested it privately in every way possible until they were sure it would work. And just like Protos, it did, at first. The drone was originally made for combat, and held AI that commanded it to behave precisely like a Space Pirate. The Pirates developed a wire extension device, which they had installed into the neck of the drone. This extension device revolutionized Space Pirate technology, and enabled larger and more capable drones. In Pinaclus’s case, this device enabled it to be larger than Protos, and even allowed an artificial Space Pirate claw to be installed. The device also regulated heat throughout the drone, making it less susceptible to the freezing temperatures that surrounded Settlement Zero. However, even with this, the drone froze within six months after completion, and, just as Protos, became obsolete. Project 7 was suspended yet again, this time even longer.”

    Samus looked at the drone. It did resemble a Space Pirate, somewhat. Though it seemed that its right claw was improvised heavily, whereas its left was the same old lobster claw Space Pirates had. She continued walking, and scanned the third drone.

    SP-M #0-72, a.k.a. ‘Novap’. Novap was the third drone built under Project 7 after its long time of being suspended. Novap’s name derives from nova, however the ‘p’ at the end of it is an abbreviation of the word ’pirate’, or, more specifically, Space Pirates. The large drone has two wire extension devices installed into its neck, enabling an even more massive body structure and two hyper-advanced Pirate claws to be installed. The drone has also come with a laser that causes concussive impacts installed into its back. With a final cheer, the Pirates were satisfied that the drone was lasting. A second Novap was in the making, when this one became frozen and obsolete within two years after completion. The Pirates, infuriated, destroyed the Novap in the making, and cancelled Project 7 altogether. Since then, even mentioning the failed Project 7 among the Space Pirates could cost you your life.”

    Samus saw the large drone. It resembled an elite Space Pirate, or something of that sort. She ignored what was no more, and walked on. However, as she passed Novap, she heard a buzz. She looked at Novap, and saw that its eyes were glowing. Suddenly, the robot stood up tall, and the icicles on its body melted off. Novap roared at Samus and started shooting at her. Samus quickly side-stepped out of the way.


    Samus freaked. The thing had a backup system? What next? She scanned it quickly for thermal status.

    Thermal Status: Operational. Temperature: 51 degrees Fahrenheit. The wire extension devices are heating Novap enough to last it for a short while.”

    “Damn,” Samus swore. Novap opened its claws, and shot a heated plasma shot the Pirates commonly used. Samus quickly sidestepped, and shot at Novap with a missile. She started to charge a missile, readying the diffusion effect. Novap attempted to stop her by opening the secondary laser that the scanner mentioned. Samus was ready to dodge, however, the laser zipped through the air at a ridiculous rate, and slammed her directly in the stomach. Samus flew back and hit the wall, hoping another Omega Metroid would save her one last time. Novap continued to step closer to Samus, and it readied its concussive laser once more. Just then, a loud crash surged through the room, and Samus was relieved. Yet another Omega Metroid. Only, Samus was wrong. This time, there was the static sound of electricity latching onto Novap. It started to moan mechanically, and fell over. Ahead of the machine, Samus saw her savior. Sylux said nothing, and ran through the other door. Samus stood up.

    Bzzt! Sa..I..you..nee..to..pa..rob..Bzt!” a random transmission occurred. Samus tried to clear out the signal.

    “Grah! Samus! You must act quickly! They are approaching!” the computer continued. “Hurry! Step over Novap and obtain an item crucial to your survival!”

    Samus recognized the voice from anywhere. She was a bit surprised as well.

    “Adam?! Are you okay? I thought you were gone when my ship crash landed!” she said.

    “Negative. While that may be true, remember that my mind continued to exist in the Galactic Federation database. They kept a backup disk for if something happened,” Adam explained.

    “Well, how are you managing to speak to me from here?” Samus asked.

    “Barely. The area you’re in blocks much signal. But otherwise, I came through your Scan Visor, when you were scanning Novap. I did so by hacking into the data files of the database and found you scanning. When you scan something, not only does it come from Chozo intelligence, but some also comes from the Galactic Federation database, respectively. When you scan something, the Galactic Federation can pinpoint your location and track you down, which is why I want you to hurry. They are tracking you as we speak. However, when I found data being extracted, I quickly implanted myself into the transfer and came with Novap’s data. To be accurate, I am now a logbook entry in your suit. And as such, you can now speak to me anytime, even where there is no signal. I was going to inform the Galactic Federation about the SA-X’s deeds and why you stopped their plans of attempting to harness the X for the good of society. But the Federation is a hard bunch to please. I decided I’d rather be here, so I could watch you,” Adam explained. “From my knowledge of how fast the Federation works, I would suggest immediate evacuation of this planet.”

    “But I can’t, Adam,” Samus said. “My ship crash landed, remember? I have no method of transportation!”

    “Hm. I do see. Most unfortunate. All I have to say about this is find civilization as quickly as possible, and see if they can supply you with a ship,” Adam said.

    “I would if I could,” Samus replied. “But the only way to anything outside from here is too cold. Not even my Varia Suit can withstand it!”

    “What? That doesn’t make any sense. Your Varia Suit upgrade was meant entirely to protect you from extreme temperatures,” Adam said. “And last time I reviewed on it, it was made for any temperature.”

    “Which did you look at? The Chozo Varia Suit, or the Federation’s model?” Samus asked.

    “Ah. I see where you are coming from. I’m guessing the Chozo Varia Suit was capable of such, but as expected, the Federation could not mimic the Chozo intelligence,” Adam explained. “The Varia Suit you are equipped with now, apparently, cannot withstand temperatures beyond too extreme.”

    “So what do you suppose I do?” Samus asked, stressed.

    “Simple. Stay around wherever you are, and try to find something that will protect you. That’s all I can say on the matter, unfortunately…” Adam said. “In the meantime, Novap has left something that will help you with ice that obstructs your path. I suggest that you grab it.”

    Samus nodded. This was starting to get a little confusing. But she tried to isolate that thought, and stepped onto Novap’s now-useless structure. Suddenly, she felt her gun upgrade. Her arm felt slightly heated, and she shot it to test. A large stream of plasma shot from her Arm Cannon, and shortly after, her suit notified her.

    --Plasma Beam upgrade acquired. Melt ice and other weak obstructions.--

    So Samus got the Plasma Beam back, very soon. Only it wasn’t the one she was used to. She was used to a powerful beam that could pierce enemies, and when put together with the Wave Beam, made it a deadly equation. The one she had just obtained was the same as the beam she had gotten way back when she visited Tallon IV, and she also obtained it from the robotic bounty hunter Ghor on Elysia. Nevertheless, she felt warmer. At least it was a start. Suddenly, Adam popped up on her visor.

    “Samus, the Federation is starting to infiltrate this section of the settlement. Start running. Now,” Adam said. Samus nodded, and quickly ran through the same door Sylux left through.


    Ridley sat in his large chair, with the usual screens in front of him. He used one to monitor Sylux. But recently, the signal was static-y. When the signal came back online, Ridley pulled open the communicator.

    “Everything fine? The signal blacked out for a while,” Ridley said.

    “Yes, it’s all good. I killed Novap so Samus could get the Plasma Beam,” Sylux replied. “I didn’t say a word, as instructed. Just left. Now, mind me asking the cause of the sudden change in plans?”

    “You aren’t required to understand that aspect at the moment. Be patient,” Ridley responded.

    Sylux nodded, and closed the communicator. He continued to walk through Settlement Zero.

    “He doesn’t know what’s coming,” Weavel said, behind Ridley. “He’s in for a rude awakening.”

    “Correct, Weavel,” Ridley replied to the comment. “Now, prepare for landing. We are approaching the planet as we speak.”

    “Yes sir,” Weavel responded, and left the room silently. Ridley laid back in his chair.

    “Oh, this is working perfectly,” he said to himself. “I doubt even Samus will stand in the way this time around.”
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    Chapter Five: Cure for the Cold

    “Metroid squadron, move out,” Ridley told the Space Pirates as the mothership landed. “And as for the rest of you, stay. We need guards, especially if Samus is here.”

    The other Pirates nodded, and retreated back into the ship. A bunch of sick-looking, greenish Space Pirates trudged out, moaning. They had been infected with a Metroid’s DNA, only difference is that they were infected from the beginning. They have been to Settlement Zero before. But this time, they were actually on duty.

    Weavel walked up to Ridley.

    “Sir, I have news on the ‘once mythological’ Project 7,” he said. Ridley paused, and looked at Weavel.

    “Well then. What is it?” he asked.

    “Protos is frozen solid, and so is Pinaclus…”

    “I know. And Novap was killed by Sylux to help Samus progress. What about the last one?”

    “…Last one, sir?” Weavel replied. Ridley’s heartbeat rose a bit.

    “Er…no. Silly me, eheheh,” Ridley said. “Novap was clearly the last of them. I must have drunk too much…”

    Weavel rolled his eyes.

    “Okay…then how about telling me and everyone else exactly why you let Samus progress?”

    “Not a chance in hell. Just follow your orders,” Ridley barked.

    “Yes, sir…” Weavel mumbled.


    “Samus, you remember me informing you that you must avoid scanning to protect yourself from the Federation?” Adam asked. Samus sighed.

    “Yes…but then how can I understand anything? I have to scan in order to learn what I’m up against,” Samus replied.

    “So true…which is precisely why I have created the Safe Scan program. It will protect you from the Federation. Thus, however, it would also cut off some information entering your logbook…so I have uplinked it to the Pirate’s database. The Space Pirates have plentiful information you may find useful,” Adam said. Samus frowned from within her helmet.

    “So you linked it to the enemy’s database? Smooth, Adam,” she replied.

    “Correct. But if the Pirates track you, would you care? You would kill them anyway, yet you would refrain from hurting a Federation soldier,” Adam responded.

    “Good point,” Samus said. Ahead of her was a door, blocked by crystals. Samus attempted to melt the crystals with the Plasma Beam, but in turn, nothing happened. Confused, Samus scanned the crystals.

    Scans indicate the presence of Vhozon Crystals. None of your weapons will have any effect,” the scanner said. Samus’s eyes widened.

    Vhozon…Crystals? she thought. As soon as she heard the word ‘Vhozon’ she thought of a hunter she first met on planet Arcterra. The hunter went by the name of Noxus. He was found fighting the Kriken hunter, Trace. Noxus utilized a weapon called the Judicator, which was a beam composed of ice and bounced off walls. Samus then realized what planet she must have been on: Vho. Settlement Zero was on Vho, ironically at the outer rim of the galaxy. The Space Pirates must have used this to their advantage to keep the Federation unaware of their plans.

    After she thought for a moment, she turned and entered an alternate door.

    “So where would I download this ‘Safe Scan’ program?” Samus asked Adam.

    “Simple. Locate and find a downloading station, and then look me up in the logbook so I can upload the program from your Scan Visor,” Adam replied. “Until then, try to refrain from scanning.”

    Samus nodded. She would be able to gather data safely this way. Now, where to find a downloading room? Samus then had an idea.

    “Adam, might you possess the skill to hack a map room data file and upload the program then? I’d imagine doing so would allow me to obtain this program instead of getting map data,” Samus asked.

    “I’m sure it could work, but a map could be a big help to you. Map rooms can only be used once. If you recall on your other missions, once you download a map you cannot access the map file a second time. Thus, you could only get one or the other. Perhaps, a missile recharge station?” Adam responded. Samus agreed.

    She walked out into a cavern-like environment that was still connected to the machinery of Settlement Zero, however the walls were lined with Vhozon Crystals, and below was a pit to depths unknown.

    Perhaps I should return when I get a proper item…? she thought to herself. She turned back, only to be welcomed by Galactic Federation soldiers.

    “Samus Aran! We have you surrounded! Surrender or we will arrest you by force!” a Federation marine said. Panicked, Samus quickly charged her missile launcher and blasted the ground. It was her first instinct. There were so many of them, she assumed the diffusion effect of the missile would freeze them so she could escape. But, then she remembered: no Ice Missile upgrade. But the diffusion effect was still intact. When the missile impacted on the rusted metal beneath her, the explosion spread across the room and flew threw the marines. Most fell over dead, while others crouched and started to whimper in pain. As for Samus, the rusted floor beneath her broke open, and she fell through a hole. Little did she know, this hole would lead her somewhere.

    Samus landed on a platform below. She was now in a tall cylinder-shaped corridor, with Vhozon Crystals left and right. The room was a bright purplish blue. At the base was a large frozen pond. With Vhozon Crystals blocking the nearest door, Samus melted the ice at the base, and fell into the water. With Gravity Suit still intact, she didn’t have any problems moving freely in the water. A small path led her to a door, which she entered through. She was now in a corridor larger than any she’s seen on this planet so far. The water didn’t submerge the entire room, but most of it. Samus spotted three odd creatures in the water, so she scanned them, despite that she would be tracked even further.

    A new [Creatures] entry has been entered into your logbook. Morphology: Oculbyss. A one-eyed species that belongs to the Oculus family. These creatures have a long, serpentine tail extending behind them, and two fins that can act as claws. The creature’s mouth is found on its stomach. The Oculbyss is the aquatic derivative of the Oculus. It has adapted to the environment, making it invulnerable to cold. It is much larger than an Oculus, and is confirmed to be carnivorous. As expected, the Oculbyss has one weak point, and that is its eye when it is open.”

    Samus jumped down and shot an uncharged missile into one of the Oculbyss’ eye. The eye exploded, and the Oculbyss went crazy as blood slowly oozed out the wound. Soon, the creature halted, and floated to the top of the water. Samus did the same to the other two Oculbyss. After all of them were killed, an alarm went off.


    Turrets dropped down from the ceiling and started to shoot at Samus. They were turrets, but they weren’t ordinary turrets. They were HUGE compared to the ones Samus fought in Space Pirate establishments in the past. As the shots hit Samus, her energy was depleting dramatically. Without scanning, Samus quickly used a diffusion missile. The machines showed signs of taking damage, but were not completely destroyed by the widespread explosion that followed the missile’s impact. Since Samus was low on missiles now, she charged and fired a Plasma Beam shot at each of the turrets. The turrets exploded, and the metal debris hit the ground. The doors in the room seemed to start working. Samus quickly entered one, and found herself in a water-submerged hall. She moved to the other side, and quickly entered the door. Now, she was in a Recharge Room. With a sigh of relief, she restored her energy and missiles, and then pulled Adam’s file up.

    “Samus, what were you thinking? Yet again, you scanned a creature,” Adam said.

    “Whatever. Look, I’m in a Recharge Room. Now do your magic,” she replied.

    “Fine, fine…” Adam said. Samus opened Scan Visor and locked onto the recharge station. With a quick short circuit, Samus’s Scan Visor cancelled.

    -------------------SAFE SCAN PROGRAM ACQUIRED. SCAN WITHOUT FEDERATION TRACKING. -------------------

    Samus sighed. Now, she could scan safely without being tracked by the Feds. Rather, the Space Pirates would find her instead, but she could care less about them. After a short pause, she turned around and left the room.

    In the hall she was in previously, Samus heard a crash from above. On the other side of the hall, a large chunk of metal blocked the door way. This left an opening in the ceiling. Samus climbed up the debris into a small spherical corridor. On the ground, Samus saw Federation troopers eaten away at by acid, something that must have been done by Metroids. Ironically, two Zeta Metroids were chowing down at the carcass of Federation troops. They saw Samus, but ignored her, as they were busy eating. Samus sneaked past the Zeta Metroids and entered a door on the other side of the room.

    Past this door was a large room the size of a space ship hangar. Samus saw the hangar doors, frozen shut by more Vhozon Crystals. She jumped off a ledge onto the floor below, and started to hear gunshots. More Federation troopers. Samus quickly ran and hid behind some crates, which was useless considering the Feds were watching her as they were shooting. She rolled into a ball. Suddenly, the crates exploded, and a crab-like claw picked Samus up while in Morph Ball form. She then noticed herself being thrown, and then hit something. Samus unmorphed in order to see what she hit. As it turns out, she was thrown and hit a Federation marine in the helmet. Now, the marine was on the ground, likely unconscious. She turned around, and saw a group of Space Pirates roaring. She pointed her weapon at the creatures, but felt herself get shot by a Federation marine.

    “I have you now,” the marine said. “Don’t move.”

    Samus fell onto her knees and felt the marine hold her down and pointing a gun to her head. He signaled for other troops to come and take her away. However, Samus saw the Space Pirates open their claws. Streams of wavy green energy left the claws and hit the Fed trooper holding Samus down in the head. The troop fell over. Samus stood up and started to shoot at the Pirates, however the Pirates dodged and did not shoot back. They shot the other marines.

    “Stay still, you vile monsters!” Samus cried. “I am going to end your plans again, as I always do!”

    When all the Fed marines were dead, the Pirates stopped shooting, and held a claw up to Samus.

    “Understand our role in this plan that which you speak of,” one of the Pirates stated. “We are merely escorts. Come.”

    “Nice try, but I won’t fall for it. I’m not that stupid,” Samus responded. She held her gun up and readied a diffusion missile.

    “Ah. We can easily tell you are not bluffing, however you must understand that we are not here to harm you, but rather to help you. If you accept our help, you will have allies on your side as you fight those who try to kill you. Wouldn’t you rather that than being caught in between us and the Feds, with no safety assured?” the Pirate said back.

    “Samus, don’t do it. You know better,” Adam said.

    “I know, Adam,” she replied. She looked back at the Space Pirates and said acidly: “I don’t need anyone’s help.”

    “Suit yourself,” the Pirate said, with a brief shrug. With a quick signal, the Pirates started shooting at Samus. Samus let her diffusion missile go. As it hit a Pirate, the Pirate whom received the missile went flying, and bashed its head on a hard rail. The others were affected by the shockwave that followed. Some were launched off the surface as well, and others took the hit and continued combat. Samus fired a charged Plasma Beam shot and melted a few of the surviving Pirates. She then started to run. She bashed into the remaining Space Pirate with Speed Booster. However, before Samus stopped, she quickly crouched, and shinesparked upward. She hit the ceiling hard, and then fell onto a metal ledge. She entered the nearest door, and was welcomed warmly by more Federation troopers.

    Don’t they ever give up? Samus thought to herself. She speed boosted past them, as there was a catwalk to start the room off, and crashed through some damaged metal. She continued to run, and the Federation followed as fast as they could. Samus then hit a door, thus halting Speed Booster. She entered the door, and ran down another hall. She entered the door at this hall, and stopped in a dark room with very dim lights blinking on the wall and across wires that covered the ground like kudzu. She took a breather, as it would take the Feds minutes to finally catch up. She then went to the other side of the room, and noticed the door was locked. She turned back and walked forward, only to bump into an unknown object. She assumed it was a pillar, considering how large it was. She then heard thumping nearby at the wall, and a one-eyed creature busted a hole and jumped through. Just then, the blizzard outside started to gush into the area. The Feds came in and started shooting at Samus. She ignored them, and scanned the creature. It was called an Oculand, which was the land-walking derivative of the Oculus. It had two large legs that made it resemble a Sidehopper from Zebes. She quickly shot a diffusion missile into the beast’s eye, causing it to go on a rampage. The Fed troopers started to shoot at the Oculand. The creature busted a power node, and suddenly, the wires that covered the floor started up. They offered power to the room, and the lights turned on. Samus looked at what she thought was a pillar, and pointed a gun at it. It was a tall robot with many mechanical parts attached to the main body. Wires connected to this robot, and soon, its eyes turned yellow, and some organic matter in the right leg and left arm started pulsing. The robot detached the wires from its leg.

    “MULTIPLE THREATS DETECTED. ERADICATE ALL THREATS IMMEDIATELY,” the robot spoke. Suddenly, a large missile launcher emerged from the creature’s back, and then extended outward. Missiles fired out of the launcher and each homed in on a target. The Federation marines got shot, and so did the Oculand. Samus, however, did a sideways flip to dodge, then threw a heated missile. The homing missile followed it and shot it instead. “One threat remaining. Samus Aran, prepare for elimination. You will enjoy it.”

    Samus scanned the robot as quick as she could.

    A new [Creatures] entry has been added to your logbook. Mechanism: SP-M #0-73, a.k.a. ‘Dynamus’. Dynamus is the latest model of Project 7. After Novap’s failure, the Space Pirates went ahead and told the public that Project 7 has been cancelled due to constant failure. What the public did not realize was that Ridley and his top scientists and engineers were privately working on the ultimate machine even after they claimed Project 7 was cancelled. Dynamus was only half-way complete physically when Settlement Zero was abandoned after Project Dread went out of control. However, Dynamus remains better than all three of its predecessors combined. It is armed with a blade that is powered with pure energy; this blade soon became an installment to the cybernetic squadron’s weapon system. It is also armed with heat-seeking missiles that are fired from a top-notch missile launcher that is installed into the mechanism’s back. Dynamus has three wire extension devices. Despite being AI driven, Dynamus is organically enhanced as well, acting as a backup system. The organic matter on Dynamus is made from Metroids, however was injected with the Subzero Serum so the parts would not freeze. If Dynamus’s mechanical system fails, it will then rely on its organic system, which is complete with a diaphragm used for breathing.”

    Samus quickly used Scan Visor to pick apart weak points, but was too busy dodging Dynamus’s attacks.

    “Samus, the creature’s scalp is its central CPU. Perhaps if you impair it, you can then finish off its organic system and win this fight,” Adam said. Samus nodded, and shot a charged missile at Dynamus’s scalp. The robot took the hit, and stepped back. It then opened its missile launcher and started to shoot missiles rapidly at Samus.

    “Fight fire with fire,” Dynamus said. Five missiles came at Samus, and she quickly destroyed all but one before impact. A missile hit her torso hard, and she flew back and hit the wall. She could hear Dynamus laugh. Just then, Samus stood up, and shot a charged Plasma Beam shot into the robot’s scalp. This time, the circuitry started to go haywire (no pun intended) and the robot started to squawk error codes. “Error code: 746583647836. Memory could not be ‘read’ at line 87. Now scanning for viruses…no viruses found. External threat detected, must eradicate Samus Aran, bounty hunter..hshgydhajgduyfajjjj\\CC\hd7tehjsoa\Documents\Aran, Samus\error FILE CORRUPT. WARNING. THE SYSTEM IS NOW WIPING THE C DRIVE TO RID OF ANY DIGITAL AILMENTS. WE ARE SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE…BZZTZT!!!!!!

    Suddenly, Dynamus shut down. Samus then tried to sneak around it and enter the door on the other side, but much to her misfortune, it was still locked. Dynamus’s eyes started to blink, and it then started to speak again.

    “Organic systems online. Backup system rebooting. The following files have been backed up:…”

    Dynamus listed the files that were retained from after the wiping of the c drive. One of the files Samus heard was one that was dedicated to eradicating her.

    “External threat detected. Eradication is required,” Dynamus said. “You’re screwed, Samus.”

    Dynamus lit its blade and swung at Samus, who took the hit. She fell over, and got back up in a flash. Dynamus stopped for a second, and the plating that covered its chest shifted outward, revealing the diaphragm scans were explaining about. Without further ado, Samus lodged three missiles into the diaphragm, causing Dynamus to stop breathing. Dynamus seemed to show signs of suffocation, and fell over. The right leg stopped pulsing as well as the left arm. Dynamus remained on its belly, and started to chase Samus at a slow pace. Samus stepped back and dodged the attempted slash from the energy blade.

    What to do now? I’ve done everything, she thought. Then she saw the blizzard winds gushing into the room and remembered Protos. How did it fail? It froze because it had no wire extension devices.

    “What are you planning?” Adam asked.

    “I’m going to freeze Dynamus over, by destroying its wire extension devices. One of its predecessors failed because it froze due to no wire extension devices. The secondary purpose of said device is to keep the droid warm, and Dynamus has three of them.”

    “And with the blizzard outside, destroying the devices would cause it to freeze over?” Adam wondered.

    “It should work like a charm,” Samus replied. Dynamus opened the missile launcher and shot multiple missiles at Samus. Due to Samus’s short conversation with Adam, all missiles hit Samus hard. She read how much energy she had, and panicked. She only had twenty-one energy left, and her suit was going off trying to warn her of it. Quickly, Samus shot a diffusion missile at Dynamus’s neck, where the extension devices were, and the explosion destroyed all three. Dynamus started squawking more error codes, just when it started to freeze over on the spot. Dynamus then lay on the rusted floor, covered in ice as if he were an ice sculpture. He would not move again, as he is now obsolete. Suddenly, an Energy Tank shot out of Dynamus’s frozen body, likely from its energy reserves Samus would’ve had to deplete if she hadn’t thought of freezing him. Samus grabbed the Energy Tank, and her energy restored fully with one extra tank.

    ---------------ENERGY TANK ACQUIRED. MAXIMUM ENERGY CAPACITY RISES BY 100. ---------------

    Samus then looked at the door, which was now unlocked. She entered the door, and saw a pedestal with an item on it. Out of instinct, Samus grabbed the item. Suddenly, she started to absorb energy, and her suit flashed, ending with a new color. The suit was mainly white with a tinge of gray, and the secondary color was black. Her helmet turned a lighter shade of blue, and her visor turned slightly pink. She then received a notice:


    Samus took a good long look at her new suit, which looked like her Fusion Suit, only what was orange is now white and what was yellow is now black, and her helmet changed colors. To experiment, Samus entered the room with Dynamus in it, and walked outside. This time, she didn’t feel her energy being drained. No, to her, the temperature was comfortable. Now, she could withstand this environment. Now, she can leave this forsaken planet.

    Author's Note: I credit Zyborggian for the Vhozon Crystals/Safe Scan program concepts. Thanks to him, the story avoided two plot holes that would keep bothering those who read this fic.

    http://i36.*******.com/4jrrqf.png - Subzero Suit
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