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Metroid Face-Off (2 Hour Cooldown)


Sure, sure. Go for it.

Welcome to the Metroid Face-Off centered around the Metroid series, one of Nintendo's darkest and grittiest series starring everyone's favorite female video game icon, Samus Aran.

Rules/Notes for all face-offs
1) All SPPF rules Apply
2) No essays, no pointless debates.
3) Please check your votes to make sure they tally right

Current Face-Off

Metroid Prime Face-Off - Bounty Hunters
The first face-off of Metroid Prime will center around the Bounty Hunters featured throughout the games.

  • Samus, the Galactic Federation's most valued Bounty Hunter, the main heroine of the Metroid Series
  • Sylux, a ruthless bounty hunter who has a seething vengeful hatred for the Galactic Federation and Samus Aran. He's expected to play a large role in Metroid Prime 4, theorized to be the main antagonist.
  • Noxus, a virtuous bounty hunter who seeks to bring wrong-doers to justice.
  • Spire, the last of his extinct species who is on a journey to discover the fate of his people.
  • Kanden, an experimental super soldier gone wrong. His only desire is the hunt and to get stronger.
  • Trace, A relentless and feared bounty hunter of the Kriken Empire who is scouting for new planets for his people to conquer.
  • Weavil, a Space Pirate whose body was nearly destroyed by Samus. Now relying on cybernetics, he desires revenge on Samus.
  • Rundas, an easygoing prideful bounty hunter who loves to show off.
  • Ghor, a kind and intelligent bounty hunter whose cybernetic body is only 6% of his original body, relying on a mech to combat enemies.
  • Gandrayda, a metamorphic who loves bounty hunting as a sport, desiring to surpass the famous Samus Aran.
Round 1
  • Rundas vs. Spire
  • Samus vs. Gandrayda
  • Weavil vs. Trace
  • Noxus vs Sylux
  • Ghor vs. Kanden
Face-Off Rules
  • 2-hour cool down. 2-Hour cooldowns will reset once a match is over.
  • It will be a Face-Off consisting of matches between two Bounty Hunters
  • Vote +1 to your preferences. The first to reach 12 points wins.
  • Multiple rounds culminating to the finals will be based on RNG.
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Sure, sure. Go for it.
Face-Off - 1st Match

Rundas (Left), Spire (Right)

Bounty Hunters - Rundas, the prideful Bounty Hunter vs. Spire, the last of his kind.
Our first match is a battle of ICE AND DIAMOND! Who will win this? The icy-cool Rundas who loves to show off his cryokinetic skills, manipulating ice at it's most lethal? Or will it be the diamond-hard Spire who wanders endlessly, hoping to find a clue to the fate of his people that mysteriously vanished.

Rundas - 0/12
Spire - 0/12


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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Rundas - 1/12
Spire - 0/12