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Metroid Prime Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by TDD, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. TDD

    TDD Move Puppet inc.

    Well, first here are the rules:

    1.-The obvious, Serebiiforum rules apply here (duh?)
    2.- Don't flame people for asking any type of questions (even if it's obvious,useless or whatever, report if necessary)
    3.- If you don't like any Metroid game then don't bother to join.
    4.- Enjoy the clan... I said enjoy the clan!

    Well, that's about it. Will be adding more if needed

    -Post here if you wan't to be added to the list.
    -yOU MUST AT LEAST LIKE (i said like, not love :p) Metroid games.
    -If you have MPH and able to use WiFi then post your friend code to be added (and your MPH SN, rank, etc. Don't worry the rank doesn't matter that much)

    At the moment there will be no ranks on this clan (i find them really useless, will change if the clan has too many members, in that case first members to join the clan will have high ranks, or reliable members). But there will be Wifi ranks (later will be added), so if we can have wars with other clans/Teams/Etc.

    -TDD (Owner)
    -Brock Phillips

    Wifi MPH list:
    -TDD (will be adding code later) (Leader)

    EDIT: will be adding banners by the way
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2006
  2. Tomo

    Tomo Pwn'd...

    Finally! A Metroid Prime club! I'll proudly be the 1st member of this club!:D
    I have all 3 MP games, but I really can't choose which I like best! Sadly, I don't have Wi-Fi (damn you, AOL!), but I'm still a huge MP fan!
  3. Brock Phillips

    Brock Phillips Plain Trainer

    Can I join on behalf of my friend Samantha please? She's the main Metroid fan in our group of friends and in MP2:(D)E, she regularily(Sp?) beats us easily.

    Re-MP:H. She had the cart, but I think she lost it somewhere in the building, so (after Christmas) she said she'll start saving her cash for a new cart.

    As an offering to join, Here's a Role-playing game (D20 system) that she found a while ago. None of us have had the time lately to go to the site.

    The site is


    Brock Phillips.

    BTW, Iv'e played the Metroid games quite often and wev'e got each of them in our building.
  4. TDD

    TDD Move Puppet inc.

    Both have been added, will be adding more cool MPH charcter banners...but only some so favorite MPH character? o.o.. Now lets talk about MP! what do you people think of MPC? I personally think it will rock, i only hope it has Wifi access, that would be really sweet
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2006
  5. Tomo

    Tomo Pwn'd...

    Hmmm...my fave MPH character? I dunno....they're all awesome! I think Weavel's my favourite, though!
    Corruption's already looking really sweet; and an online mode would absolutely pwn! Personally, I'm hoping for more new hunters!:D
  6. omega-Quad-X

    omega-Quad-X Team Magma Fan

    can I join

    I am a mph fan and i have wifi. Im a 4* trace called OMG-Quad-X

    friend code:0730-8232-7426
  7. Groudon's#1fan

    Groudon's#1fan New Member

    May I join? I have 100% on both MP an MP2 Echoes.;383;
  8. ~Dotaitos~

    ~Dotaitos~ Well-Known Member

    Can I join? I own and have completed all 3 Metroid Prime games, although I prefer the gamecube versions over hunters, I don't know why but I've never really got into that game.

    I also have AOL but I managed to enable Wi-fi through a complicated method I found on another site. If I find that site again I will give you a link to it.
  9. POKErUsAm

    POKErUsAm Macho man!

    I want to join:)

    My gamcube was fried in a freakstom when I just starting playing it>:| But I got a Wii and been playing it and it is awesome.

    I also got Metroid Prime Hunters. I had and played it for a while now and is my favorite DS game. No Wi-Fi:(

    My favorite MPH character is either Samus or Trace. Trace because of snipeing and Samus because of the morph ball and guided missels.
  10. Groudon's#1fan

    Groudon's#1fan New Member

    Is anyone going to answer us?:(
  11. omega-Quad-X

    omega-Quad-X Team Magma Fan

    Yeah seriuosly Someone please answer us!!!!!!:mad:
  12. d/pmaster

    d/pmaster Hikari is my girl

    can i join i love metroid i have metriod prike 2 and hunters oh yeah my friend will be coming soon
  13. d/pmaster

    d/pmaster Hikari is my girl

    the hunter trace is cool and weavel and his sword
  14. omega-Quad-X

    omega-Quad-X Team Magma Fan

    hey dp master I just wanted to say that no one has evened asnwered us since january second:( so good luck having some one ansering:rolleyes:
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