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Metronome Recent Happenings Thread

Arena Tycoon Slaking

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Mods Sorry if theres a Thread on this if there is you can close this thread

Welcome this is the thread where you can talk about about what you've been doing with Metronome.

I'll start off with my Togepi he just used Ice Beam, Superpower and Fly
EDIT: lol it just used Eruption and fainted a Wurmple :p
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Hakura May

Xin Nian Dao!
XD Eruption?!?!

Poor Wurmple. :p

My level 5 Togepi fainted a level 50 Pokemon. O______o;;; I think she used Overheat. =D


I remember the time that my Clefairy used Blast Burn.XDAnd once my Togetic used Explosion.



Actually,Togetic used Explosion in Fire Red and Clefairy also used Explosin in Emerald.:D



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Last time i was training a Togepi it used Self-Destruct against a geodude.

Before that it used Horndrill against Bugsy's Syther and accally hit. it kinda annoyed me cause the syther was already nearly dead and it had been a hard battle and i coudn't help but ask... Why did you not do that FIRST!!!??

lol oh well

Golden Latios

Plushie Latios
My Togepi just used Sacred Fire. 0.o


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My Blissey used....

Doom Desire
Luster Purge
Water Spout

Nothing Much.
I was training my Togepi in the wild on Route 101 and I Blast Burned a Wurmple. :p

Silver Dragonair

OMG internetz
My latest one was when Kadabra used its metronome and it used psychic when it already knew it

Made me feel like an total and complete ass