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Mew-100's Attack Animations


Future Scriptwriter!
Where to start? Well, I just recently started to make my own attack animations, here are my first examples. (Psychic isnt supposed to go this fast....)


Water Gun


Zap Cannon

Poison Tail

Aerial Ace As requested by pmmets07

Custom Moves

Weed Tangle

Memory Wipe

Darkness Blast

I will accept requests!

EDIT: I have edited Psychic to make it a bit slower.
EDIT2: I have now added Dragonbreath and Zap Cannon to the list!
EDIT3: I have now added Poison Tail and custom move Memory Wipe to the list!
EDIT4: Well, it took a while but i was only able to make 1 new attack today, so I made it a custom! Darkness Blast nearly took an hour to make, since it used 37 Frames! (37 Picutres made!) So please don't comment on it badly. I have a headache now so I will turn of my computer and go to bed.
EDIT5: My first request has been filled in, Aerial Ace is now on the list!
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Mets WS Champs 2008
the darkness blast one is very cool, could you do aerial ace? its my favorite move and would probably be extremely easy to make.


Future Scriptwriter!
Okay, I'll get to work! What Pokémon do you want to use it?



there pretty cool

poor Caterpie


Future Scriptwriter!
Yeah, I feel sorry for him too :p

I will get to work on Ariel Ace!

EDIT: Here is my first request filled in! Aerial Ace is finished! See the first post for it!
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Future Scriptwriter!
That's okayany more requests?


Novice Comic Maker
not to be a critic but it looks like you used paint to make them. They are pretty good but could be a lot smoother. 6/10 rating by me.


Future Scriptwriter!
I use paint to make the image and then animate them using a program.

Since your banned, there no point in making it.


Future Scriptwriter!
I use paint to make the image and then animate them using a program.

Since your banned, there no point in making it.


I'd like to see a Gliscor using X-Scissor, or a Garchomp using Earthquake.


I'd like to see Magnezone using thunder! ^^


They look shottily pant-made, you should make attack sprites next time instead of drawing some lines.

Also, the Darkrai changes colour in his attack, from light blue to white, and it's .jpg quality.


Charizard pwns it!
Could you make Charizard using Poison Tail?
Thanks in advance.


Well-Known Member
These look like they were made in paint, but that's probobly why I like them.
Do a Lucario using Force Palm


Formerly Torterra14
nice animations! i would like to see lucario using aura sphere and
torterra using wood hammer
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