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Mew vs Arceus

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This is a tough, but yet very intresting question. On one hand Arceus has the ability to be any type period! Which would give it an advantage over Mew. Honeslty, Arceus can become any of Mew's weaknesses... so Arceus wins in any battle, though not to count Mew out all together. It can learn any move, though I wish that that was more possible, since Mew is limited to what ever TM is obtainable in that said Gen, which really limits him :(

But with that said, one can become any type and one can learn any move. So a pretty awesome fight will happen :) Though you can't ignore the fact Arceus has a 120 base speed and Mew has 100 base speed... So it's stacked against Mew, but as far as other battles go, the pink cat can be pretty scary opponent O_O

Arceus > Mew Arceus wins every time and is an awesome pokemon, people who say other wise are people who think magikarp is the best pokemon XD

Also Arceus beats Mewtwo as well, real life or game life it doesn't matter people. Mewtwo is good, but not the Best. Not when you can sport a 120 stat across the board and be the creator as well. Also being called creator means you made that said thing, if Arceus is God, then NO ONE MADE HIM!!! He is the creator, and just that. Plus the Mewtwo being the strongest pokemon thing is old, this was done is the first gen, so it's outdated. Plus come on, GOD vs. Human creation? Really everyone? That is the end of my rant.

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If you just look at there stats and abilities its obviously Arceus. Arceus can be any type it pleases, and has significantly better stats.


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Arceus is way better, but Mew has this cute innocence to him.

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The Definition of Arceus: A dog stuck in a henfence colored white claiming to be the almighty god over Pokemon who created it all.

This goes to Mew.


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Personally, I think the idea of Arceus was a bit stupid. They make Mew seem like the head of all Pokémon, seeing as it's the ancestor of all, and then in the fourth generation they decide they want to make a God. I find the concept of a Pokémon God to be stupid enough, but the fact that it wasn't introduced in the first generation is even worse.


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I don't battle competitively , or care for stats evs and **** .

Mew is the dogs bollocks . From the get go . You can not help but love this little critter ,


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Mew ofc

Mew, first of all... before all this bull of other generations pokemons, was the first of all pokemon... now they are telling there was a pokemon zero... bull as i said... but as they made arceus... lets think... mew is not like ditto... he can transform in any pokemon in any time he wants, with all avaiable powers that pokemon has, and learn all tms, hms... so Mew can use any move he wants... as Mew, or as any other pokemon he turns into... the "God" pokemon cant... and mew can become Arceus and be any type as he can... so... lets face it... its not OBVIOUS that Arceus would win... its ovious that Mew would... FIRST GENERATION OF POKEMON WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST IN EVERY WAY


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arceus would become type to conter mew but then mew would get a move to counter acreus then arceus would change types to counter that and so it would go on forever, it would be a complete stalemate
Arceus is 1000000000000000000000x better and anyone who says mew is better are complete utter NOOBS
I think n00bs are the ones who think that stats and etc are all that matters. The point here is that if the trainer sucks, so do ANY of her/his pokemon. It's not just take a Uber pokemon that will make you win any battle. Strategy is the key.

Both Mew and Arceus are good, but I'm pretty sure the majority of Arceus owners are in fact n00bs who only use overpowered pokemon.

Mew has a better look, has pretty great stats AND learn everything. If it doesn't, so it learns almost everything. Thus Mew is more versatile, not to say that it is more original and fun to battle, because you never know how it is going to be.


Mew can learn ever tm hm and move tutor and if it could bred every move in the game. Also it is less likely to get crazed and go into a rage.
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