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hey I've been trying the Original Mew trick but it seems not to work on me...
and I've tried not to battle the trainer with a lvl 17 slowpoke in route 25...
But I have sum troubles in Route 8 is the one that I should use fly is the gambler
named gamer stan cuz he had 2 lvl 22 poliwags and a lvl 22 poliwhirl... And when I tried to stand in front of him (1 step closer) He doesn't attack me~ TT_TT I still need to
go in front of him... And when he face to me he's always 1st in me... TT_TT
and umm... Is he really near in the 2 slopes going down...? Right of the underground path Celadon City - Lavender Town
I already finished him... cuz I think there's no chance x3

I just can't understand the New Mew trick
I dunno who's the 21 pkmn or whatsoever... :p

I'll try to give the a screenie


Legendary Killer
I can only do this in red version~? (red not fire red~? :p)


The "Mew trick" only works in Red, Blue, and Yellow. You can't do it in FireRed or LeafGreen.

Most every glitch in RBY has been fixed in all other Pokemon games.
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