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Mewmie's Hand-drawn Art Shop!

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Mewmie the shiny Mew, Mar 18, 2007.


How well do you think I draw?

  1. You're the BEST!

  2. Pretty good.

  3. Average.

  4. Not so good.

  5. The WORST!

  1. the blade of light

    the blade of light im really sorry

    i dont draw these they just look like cool pics im not the best at drawing but no big deal

    p.s. mewmie can i have another request?
  2. SacredSwampert

    SacredSwampert Herd u liek Pygola?

    Mongoul, he...he...HE LOOKS AWESOME!
    They all do actually, but I especially love the way you made Mongoul look.
    Hes a beast!
  3. zimzimzims

    zimzimzims shinx goes rawr

    Mewmie is a shiny Mew
    can i get a picture of seth from pkm colloseum sitting by a fire and umbreon standing next to him and espeon sleeping also can u put the one chick in it 2 but have her sleeping like leaning on seth sleeping

    Last edited: Jun 27, 2008
  4. Crystal Hikara

    Crystal Hikara Your Local Art Nab

    I know that Mewmie is a shiny mew and says she has a hard time drawing hoomanz, but...

    Request type- hand-drawn for original trainer
    References: [Here], [here], [here], [here], [here], and [here]. Got more lying around.
    Note: Would prefer hand-drawn and not mouse art, if possible. If scanning, I request a min. 150 dpi with the unshrunken image PMed to me, if possible.

    =X Is it possible?
  5. Eeveelution2008

    Eeveelution2008 Kitz the Cat Demon

    Excuse me, Mewmie. May I have a picture with Eevee and all her evolutions together? If it's too much, then may I have a pic of Umbreon and Espeon?
  6. eeveerose

    eeveerose Well-Known Member

    Mewmie, I will do eeveelution2008's request, your really busy.
    I will either edit this post when done or just make a new post.
  7. Mewmie the shiny Mew

    Mewmie the shiny Mew =Cute+Power+Smart

    Sure, Blade. You can request again.
    Thanks SS, glad you like it!
    The pic'll be comming, and you can do it ER, if you want to.
    I got four more pics. Sorry, I didn't have a Darkrai reference at the time I drew these. I'm doing it now.
    Lapras and pokes (Lapras lookes younger)
    Jirachi and Pika
    Unown F
    I hope you like 'em!

    EDIT: Oh! I forgot to mention. I'm much better at drawing humans now, just not humanoid Pokemon like Machamp.
  8. Keri3

    Keri3 Banned

    Thanks mewmie it looks great!
  9. Eeveelution2008

    Eeveelution2008 Kitz the Cat Demon

    Thank you EeveeRose! I don't mind who does it, I'm sure your a great artist too!
  10. the blade of light

    the blade of light im really sorry

    thanks mewmie can i have a rhyperior arm wresleing a lucario
    and also a bunch of baby pokemon having fun in a pond with like a ninetales or noctowl watching over them so they wont get in trouble
  11. Mewmie the shiny Mew

    Mewmie the shiny Mew =Cute+Power+Smart

    Darkrai will be up soon.
    It'll be comming, too, blade.
    You're welcome Keri3!
    Not much to say.
  12. Pokenicks

    Pokenicks Come at me bro

    Hey is it OK if I could have 2 pictures?

    I would like my first picture to be like this:
    A picture of Swampert lifting a big boulder, with a strong and tough expression. I would like the view to be like this: The 'camera' (if you know what I mean), would be like it's looking up to it. If you're not that sure of what I'm talking about, PM me.

    My second picture:
    I would like a picture of Empoleon, standing on top of an icy hill, looking up into the sky. As a weather, I would like it to be a small Blizzard, but moslty show Empoleon.

    Thanks, hope this isn't too hard. :)
  13. Mewmie the shiny Mew

    Mewmie the shiny Mew =Cute+Power+Smart

    Sorry Darkrai's taking so long...
    They'll be comming Pokenicks!
  14. Mewmie is a shiny Mew

    Do you think I could get a drawing of a Jolteon holding a rose in it's mouth, please?

    Also I was wondering, when you're done would you mind if I coloured it myself as long as I give credit to you for the drawing?

    And thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2008
  15. Mewmie the shiny Mew

    Mewmie the shiny Mew =Cute+Power+Smart

    It'll be comming. And sure you can color it yourself! What would be wrong with that? As long as I get credit for the drawing anything's fine with me. Unless someone goes slandering me.... But I'm not accusing you of that.

    I'm sorry it's all taking so long. I'll upload pis soon. And I'm afraid I'm going to have to close the shop for the first time. I may be going to my mom's and she doesn't hae a computer at the moment. I'll open it as soon as I get access to a way to upload and post pictures. I'll close it now but I WILL upload the currently requested pictures. Again, I'm sorry I have to close. You MAY request from other people like ER or P2 but I won't be able to. I'm really sorry.
  16. eeveerose

    eeveerose Well-Known Member

    eeveelution2008 -

    heres the line art
    The bg
    Finished pic
    I tried to give espeon a small, limber catlike look, and to give umbreon a strong dog-like look.

    Give credit and enjoy ~
    Always happy to draw ~
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2008
  17. Mewmie the shiny Mew

    Mewmie the shiny Mew =Cute+Power+Smart

    Very nice effects ER! What program are you using?
  18. eeveerose

    eeveerose Well-Known Member

    Thanks mewmie, and im using adobe illustrator for the lines, and photoshop cs2 for effects and color.
    Anything else I can help you out with? Im bored and I really dont have any ideas on what to draw.. lol
  19. Eeveelution2008

    Eeveelution2008 Kitz the Cat Demon

    Thax Eeveerose! I love it!!
  20. eeveerose

    eeveerose Well-Known Member

    Your welcome! Does anyone else want to request? Im open!

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