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Mewmie's Hand-drawn Art Shop!

How well do you think I draw?

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Rawr hahahaha my rare appearance like once a year but neverthelesss wazzup


The Snarkmeister
"Mewmie is a shiny Mew."

Hey! I'm so glad to be back on the forums! I missed my friends. ;_;

Anyways! *Clears throat* Could I possibly get a pic of my Team Guardians? Two members, a Charizard (Kisa) and a Sceptile (Aramus). If you could draw Kisa noogying her partner? Thanks, bud! ^_^


Deity of Space
i've been impressed with these art shops, and i was wondering if you can do hand-drawn chibi-like pokemon trainers. it doesn't necessarily have to be colored, just drawn in this style:http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/n...le/715jz9w.jpg or http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c3...mon/img006.jpg

can you do gold for me please, preferrably the one from the pokespecial manga, whole body please, in any cool pose. i would be truly grateful if you did my request. i'm just so bummed out to see a lot of shops only focusing on sprites, banners, and avatars. won't you please help me?

EDIT: mewmie is a shiny mew
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burning it down
Mewmie is a Shiny Mew

Can someone, anyone, draw me a picture of Chibi Ash and May, holding hands. I want Ash to be blushing and May with hearts in her eyes please. They should also be wearing their AG outfits. Preferably coloured too. Thanks to anyone who does this.