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Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Kutie Pie, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    I've noticed no one's done this yet. Does anyone here support Mewshipping (MewtwoxMew)? Even if you don't do you think they're meant to be together? Or just as...mmm...I don't know. Family? Opinions are welcome!
  2. Lily

    Lily you were the one.

    I don't; as family, they seem fine together, but together as in that content...nope. =X
  3. I always thought of Mew as a girl and Mewtwo as a guy, so yeah, I could see them together.
  4. Mudkipchan

    Mudkipchan Just needs a guitar.

    Mew as a tiny girl toddler's voice in the anime and movies, while Mewtwo has an older guy's voice. So, maybe it could work out. But I'm still having trouble believing how it would happen in minds and such.

    I'll shut up.
  5. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    Mewshipping is actually a favorite of mine which I exploit a lot in my stories and RPGs.

    People yell "OMG! FAMILY!" since Mewtwo is a clone... but well, just look at him. LOOK! I REALLY doubt that his DNA is more than 90-95% similar to Mew's (percentage needed for him to be an actual member of his family, I believe)... which technically means that although he is a clone, he is NOT related to Mew as a family member.

    Paradoxal? That's cloning for you. Cloning is different from the usual "male and female mate. Female gives birth. Yay." method so it must be seen in a different way since moral ways of seeing the natural method does not apply to the cloning process.

    Now that my long justification is done... here is why I'm interested:

    Size difference + personality differences = more possibilities than you could imagine.

    I really should post "Why a Lemon?" (my sole shipping fic... which happens to be a Mewshipping one) someday. In that story, I basically tried to see how the two could possibly fall in love (yep, this is not your instant love usual shipping fic ; if you're looking for romance since the third sentence, look elsewhere. Here, the relationship must be started and developed) and what problems they would face.

    I always seen the two very well together in a semi-funny way ; face it, the thought of the ultra serious Mewtwo hanging with the rather childish Mew is amusing... and I have reasons to believe that Mew is only seemingly immature, not actually immature (when there are issues in the canon, she will actually take the time to resolve the matters at end. She's also far from being dumb despite the appearances). The two philosphies and ways of life clashing could lead to some pretty strange and interesting moments...

    But well, I believe I'm ranting so I'll stop now.

    Anyway, that was to say that I approve the ship.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2006
  6. Mudkipchan

    Mudkipchan Just needs a guitar.

    I'm looking forward to it... but.. the name... it makes me think the fic is going to be a "lemon" fanfiction. If you get what I mean...
  7. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    Actually, the story is not a lemon (you know what I mean). The title is "Why a Lemon?" because that the story begins with Mew being her usual self and Mewtwo ending up being the victim of her latest prank... a very mean prank involing a lemon (the FRUIT, people!).
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2006
  8. Mudkipchan

    Mudkipchan Just needs a guitar.

    Oh, thank goodness! Heh, sounds funny! I like romance fics that have humor in it too.
  9. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    Hmmm... I noticed the lack of activity here...

    Anyway, let's break the silence, shall we?

    To all people supporting Mewshipping (and to those who do not, as well. Your input, as long as it's not flame, is welcome... well, in my opinion), here is a topic!

    "If Mew and Mewtwo were to actually pair up, how would it begin, in your opinion?"

    The two being together is cute, sure... but how should it actually be pulled off in your opinion? In what circumstances? What problems would they face and how will they fix them?

    That's my idea for a topic.
  10. hikari_blaze

    hikari_blaze Well-Known Member

    First of all, I pretty much approve of this ship, don't know why... I just do.

    If Mew and Mewtwo were to actually pair up, how would it begin, in your opinion?

    I guess they meet again (after Mewtwo Returns) and they eventually fall in love, Mewtwo first. =X I'm low on ideas.
  11. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Thanks for the topic, Zerodius! Well, I've written a lot of stories about Mewshipping and the ideas for how they fall in love differs. Here's a big one I did as a fic. (Not posting. Too mushy.)

    I guess it's after Mewtwo Returns. Mew gets lonely, looks to Mewtwo for comfort and then (DUN DUN DUN) they find out they're in love and have their first kiss. Yep. And for some strange reason Giovanni remembers, captures Mewtwo through a Grunt (he orders him to) and Mew is beaten almost to death. Then a girl finds her, nurses her back to health, and goes off in search for Mewtwo and her twin brother (who's a forced Team Rocket grunt). They find Mewtwo, rescues him, later gets engaged, Celebi looks to revenge and kidnaps Mew. (Why kidnapping, I don't know.) Gets rescued by Mewtwo, and gets married and has twins but not before getting captured by evil Domino. (ARGH! KIDNAPPING AGAIN!) Mewtwo teams up with the gang and rescues Mew who goes into labor. (I'm not telling the condition of the twins.) And then the twins are kidnapped (Darn this word.) and...I haven't gotten past the part where they go off to find them. Oh, and the children (a few days old) are abused by evil Rockets. (This is a fic I made up. Four parts. Where that came from, I don't know. But don't expect it on forums.)

    And in other facts, Celebi (who's a boy to me) is abusing Mew and so Mewtwo is the hero and...yeah. In other ways, I think it's just because Mew's anxious to have an eternal mate along with Mewtwo.

    It depends for me. Boy, looks like Zerodius is a big fan. Wonder why pokeplayer isn't here...Anyway, more opinions for Mewshipping and if you do or do not support it how they fall in love? (Please don't flame little me if you despise this ship.)

    ♥Kutie Pie♥ Please be kind to midgets!
  12. cdra1617

    cdra1617 Not a Seadra

    Well... I've been hanging around Zerodius too long. I'm pretty supportive of this ship. 8D MewShipping grows on you. Besides, I never thought of it before. It is pretty cute... :3

    If Mew and Mewtwo were to actually pair up, how would it begin, in your opinion?
    Perhaps after the first movie they sorta liked each other, then after Mewtwo Returns they met again... and the "like" manifested into "love". They'd have to find out that Mewtwo's DNA was different enough somehow, who knows how... o.o; I have no ideas, honestly. It's too late in the night to expect anything from me.
    [/trying to stay away from Zerodius's ideas in my RPGs]

    I like this whole "wanting eternal partner" thing, because Mew would need a partner that would live as long as she would... and Mewtwo has some of her traits (IMO) and will live about the same time as her.
  13. Sophie_Mewtwo_Trainer

    Sophie_Mewtwo_Trainer Mewtwo Fan!

    Oh, I like Mewshipping... I think Mewtwo looks too different to be related to Mew, after all, they only used an eyelash to create Mewtwo. This is my main Pokemon couple I like!

    Oh... erm... I don't know! Mewtwo would get a bit confused at first I guess.
  14. Xiang

    Xiang Well-Known Member

    Well, first of all, there wasn't much romance in their appearances, but if they were to have met up afterwards for a while, Mewtwo would eventually develop a liking for Mew's carefree attitude and playful adorableness, but he won't realize until a lot later. Mew would think of him as a playmate for a while and pull numerous pranks on him until the point where he accidently shows that he enjoys it (chuckling...whatever). :D
  15. ?question?

    ?question? <-Me in real life

    Hmm... I've never really thought about it. But now that I do, it does sound interesting. Mew and Mewtwo...

    In all honesty they really complete each other. They're nearly complete opposites. Ineresting.
  16. SugarFairy

    SugarFairy I love Dara <3

    Oh! I support this ship!!! I've always loved this kind of shipping! Thank-qu for making a thread about it ^_^
    If Mew and Mewtwo were to actually pair up, how would it begin, in your opinion?
    Hmm.. I say after Mewtwo returns, Mewtwo meets up with Mew again and trys to kill her again =( but then becomes somewhat close to Mew because Mew is trying to become his friend. and then they fall in love? I dont know XD Just an idea? ^^;;
  17. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    Alright... now here is my idea of how Mew and Mewtwo could get together.

    It would be after Mewtwo's Return. Mew would eventually get sick of remaining alone and would remember the time she spent with Lucario and wonder if it would be possible to make a new body for him... but before doing so, she would head to Mewtwo's place to play a prank on him, as she would usually do after Mewtwo's Return.

    Since she is intent on pairing up with Lucario after reviving him, she decided that her final prank on Mewtwo should be a big one... but the prank doesn't go as planned as unstead of causing hilarity, it unstead causes Mewtwo to lose patience. That final prank was aimed at his feelings, seeking to make fun of how he supressed his own feelings by making them surface against his will.

    Mew, intrigued by Mewtwo's reaction, would be overcame by her curiosity. So... the male kitty has a heart, after all...

    The two would begin to learn about each others, learning of their differences... and although he denies it at first, Mewtwo is amused by Mew's playful nature. Mew, her, would have her curiosity bring her back to him time and time again. The first hints of a relationship begin to appear...

    Mewtwo's curiosity will eventually emerge, causing him to experiment on Mew and find out about how his DNA is different from Mew's. He would also learn to appreciate Mew more and more, her different point of view allowing to see things he would have never seen before. He would also find out that behind her innocense and childish attitude, Mew has a surprisingly deep and optimistic way of seeing life, having love and care toward all creatures. Mew, too, would benefit from being with Mewtwo, learning about stuff she would have never paid attention to before and also learning that there was beauty in technology as well. Furthermore, their powers would complete each others, Mew's positive powers bringing a balance to Mewtwo's destructive powers.

    But what will cause Mew to actually go to the next level is when she will realize that while she has been seeking for a being who genuinely cared for her, she had ignored the one who had stood for all his life in front of her, caring for her as an actual being and not just as the Legendary Pokemon of Light and Purity. Mewtwo would also realize that if Mew did not care for him, she would have never paid this much attention to him... and slowly, the friendship would mature into love.

    There it is, how I see Mew and Mewtwo getting together.
  18. Lil Brother

    Lil Brother Just kinda there.

    *high-pitched squeal* Man, I've loved this ship since Strikes Back cames out!

    If Mew and Mewtwo were to actually pair up, how would it begin, in your opinion?

    Um... *BRICK*

    Maybe Mewtwo just wants to enjoy the "gift" of children and bangs Mew. *BRICK AGAIN*
  19. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    You are very welcome, SugarFairy! And having Lil Brother being a supporter is a big shocker... And I think you were giving away a plot, Zerodius...

    Here's my other opinion:

    I think Mew fell in love with Mewtwo at once, but because he was like in the "Humans are evil, must kill them all, ha ha ha ha" stage, he didn't notice this. Eventually after his recovery, he started feeling foolish around Mew all of a sudden and eventually learns about love.

    And there's this "Lover's Twang" (made this up, hee hee) that "twangs" in the heart if they found the mate they were looking for. (Note: They both would feel it at the same time.) So Mewtwo learns about this and claims he felt it when he saw her. And I think you know the rest.

    Now, if Mewtwo decided to stay with Giovanni and they captured Mew (oh great, more armor), they'd be enemies at first until Mew's in great pain and Mewtwo comforts her, revealing his true nature. (He hates pain.) And soon they fall in love. (And Mew's true name is revealed. DUN DUN DUN! But it's made up. XD Lila. What was I thinking? I need to stop making up new fics I won't finish.)

    And those are my two new opinions (though I stick with the top one). More opinions are welcome! (And more big shockers.)
  20. ?question?

    ?question? <-Me in real life

    Hey Kutie Pie, you should set up a roster for members of this ship. It seems as if there's enough support for it anyway. If you do, sign me up straight away.

    How about another topic- Who would admit their feelings first? Mew or Mewtwo and why?

    I'd say Mewtwo. It sounds a lot like his unstable-ness would get the better of him in this way. Mew would porbably be too carefree to care.
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