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Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Kutie Pie, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Kana

    Kana kisses

    I like angst/tragedy (I think it's more interesting than happy endings), so I think Mew would be extremely sad at first, attempt to get Mewtwo back, fail, and then slowly start to forget about him . . .

    Then in the end, the other female dumps Mewtwo, and Mewtwo wants Mew back. The kitties meet up again, but Mew has lost her trust in Mewtwo. So then before Mewtwo can talk, Mew disappears.

    Cliched, but I like it. :D
  2. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    An announcement of sorts...

    I'm finally posting the mewshipping fic, "Why a Lemon?", on this board!

    To view it, click here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=115438

    Reviews, comments, and suggestions are all welcome. Do not hesitate! I appreciate input!

    Now... I think it's time to revive this (relatively) dead thread by posting a new topic!

    "If Mewtwo actually destroyed the world, may it be by mistake or not, and that Mew and himself were the sole survivors, what would be their respective reactions?"

    Heeheehee... and this topic has a second part!

    "Mewtwo destroyed the world by mistake (or not, your choice) and himself and Mew are the sole survivors. The two then decide to recreate the world together. What do you think this new world will look like?"

    As usual, I will post my own answers later.
  3. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    AUGH! I'm supposedly killing off this thread! I'm so lazy! AUUGHHH! *crashes into wall*

    Now... TOPIC! WHOOP! (Loved your answer to my topic Kana. You're slipping in between siblings and lovers there, but oh well. *hugs*)

    If Mewtwo actually destroyed the world, may it be by mistake or not, and that Mew and himself were the sole survivors, what would their respective reactions be?

    Mewtwo destroyed the world by mistake (or not, your choice) and himself and Mew are the sole survivors. The two then decide to recreate the world together. What do you think this new world will look like?

    *dies laughing* These are funny topics Zerodius and I idolize you for that. *hugs*

    Now... time for some really corny stage shows! The first is about the first part.

    Mewtwo: *in secret lab*
    Mew: Uh... Mewtwo? What're you doing?
    Mewtwo: Trying to pull apart this radioactive uranium atom.
    Mew: You'll destroy a fourth of the planet!
    Mewtwo: Good thing my raygun isn't connected to destroy the world if this happens.
    Mew: -_- Maybe I should get some experts.
    Mewtwo: Nope! I got it!
    *lab blows up*
    Mewtwo: Uh... Mew? Did you turn on the raygun?
    Mew: No...
    Mewtwo: 0o;; Oops...
    *world explodes*
    Ash & friends: WHHEEEE! *dies*
    Mew & Mewtwo: :eek:;
    Mewtwo: Whoops. Forgot to carry the three.
    Mew: *faints*

    Aaaand the second part. It'll again end at where the world explodes.

    *world explodes*
    Ash & friends: AAAUUUGHHH! *dies*
    Mew & Mewtwo: :eek:;
    Mewtwo: Whoops.
    Mew: Mewtwo! Look what you done!
    Mewtwo: I forgot to carry the three!
    Mew: -.-; Obviously you forgot that doing so wouldn't cause the world to explode, thus killing everyone except us.
    Mewtwo: *thinks* Hey! Let's create a new world! A place free from evil!
    Mew: ^^ Good idea. But let's not be worshiped or anything, okay?
    Mewtwo: -_- Darn. Er, I mean, yes! ^^;
    *creates new world*
    Random human: La dee da! I'm so gay (NOT THE INSULTING WORD, THE OTHER MEANING), I'm going to spread more sunshine!
    Random Pokémon: Me too! *spreads happiness*
    Mew: Everything's perfect!
    Mewtwo: Muah ha ha ha! *works on equations*
    Mew: -_-; Almost everything...


    Well, I just about said all I needed in the stage show. (And yes, the thread is sort of dead due to my laziness.)

    Okay... The only news is that the fan art contest ends next Sunday! (CURSE THIS PHOTOBUCKET ACCOUNT WE HAVE TO HAVE!) Are more contestants going to step up and show off their creation?

    Well, anyway, thanks for reviving this thread Zerodius! *hugs*

    ♥Kutie Pie♥ Please be kind to midgets!
  4. ?question?

    ?question? <-Me in real life

    I think I'll post this avatar for the contest. You can't use it here but any member of the club can use it somewhere else. I think it's kinda cute!

  5. Lil Brother

    Lil Brother Just kinda there.

    If Mewtwo actually destroyed the world, may it be by mistake or not, and that Mew and himself were the sole survivors, what would be their respective reactions?

    Mew? Mew would be P!SSED.

    Since Mew are supposebly the first species and the common ancestor of all Pokémon (and life?), I think Mew would be very ticked off. However, she would realize the only way to continue on would be some no-no business with Mewtwo. ^^

    Unfortunately, Mewtwo, being the traditional emo-character (until Deoxys and then Lucario came along!), would be very upset of what he's done. Upset over the values of all the lost lives and such, blah, blah, blah. So he's likely shun Mew entierly. Until he realized that he was hurting Mew by not granting her wish of life to continue. Then the naughtiness would begin, bringing me to the second topic!

    Mewtwo destroyed the world by mistake (or not, your choice) and himself and Mew are the sole survivors. The two then decide to recreate the world together. What do you think this new world will look like?

    Covered woith lots of purple and pink bubbles! ^^ At the very center would be the water source, with the "perfect" water from Mewtwo Returns. After all, life began in water. I think much of the world would be covered in water. Maybe all life would continue to stay in water! Manaphy would be so happy! :D
  6. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Loved that last one. PURPLE AND PINK BUBBLES! YAY! But then they'll pop.

    And Lil Brother (and for the rest of you, I forgot to mention it in the first post, dang it), please don't cuss on this thread. (I'm easily offended by them. Seriously.) I'll let you off this time, but next time I'll... THROW BALLOONS FILLED WITH PAINT AT YOU! No... uh... slaps. Yeah, that's it.

    Squee! ?question?, that avatar's so cuuuute! *big hugs* Now... how do you use it as an avatar... It's not in the choices... Innocence and guilt... aw... AND THE SCORES ARE TIED WITH LIL BROTHER AND ?QUESTION?! *applauds*

    Next Sunday's the last day for pictures (Avatars and banners welcome. Hey! You didn't say anything about avatars in the rules ?question?!)! And... that's it. (NO! THE SPECIAL IS RUINED WITH NEW VOICE ACTORS! Too bad they don't do any ships in the show. Hee hee... Mewshipping in the special! Wish it could happen...)

    Sorry, I had to do that for some reason... ^^; Heh. And I have no new topics yet. Can't think of one...

    News flash: Sometime soon, I'm planning on posting a one-shot in the shipping fics that I made last night! (Stayed up until FOUR making the one-shot.) It's a MewxMewtwo ship one-shot, but I don't know when I'll post it. It's nine pages long and so thats... A BUNCH OF HAND-WRITTEN PAGES! I NEED A LAPTOP! ARGH!

    *slaps self* Okay. Anyway, just to let you all know, I might post it soon. It's called When There Was Me and You. The song from High School Muscial inspired me to write it in the middle of the night. And it's a one-shot again. (Don't beg me to turn it into a short story cause I will NOT.) I'll put the link in the thread when it's ready. ^^ See you later!

    ♥Kutie Pie♥ Please be kind to midgets!
  7. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    The special? Ruined by voice actors? You wish!

    As long as the LINES are good, who cares who say them?... well, maybe not but you get my point.

    ... and the anime is like every Pokemon canon: bad... so I have no high hopes for the special.

    OK, I lied here. Mewtwo's appearances never disappointed yet (maybe Mewtwo's Return did a little bit... but it's still not too bad)... and I expect usual Mewtwo goodness from this!

    I sincerely hope to see the stranger revealing itself to be Mewtwo. Mewtwo, as the official ultimate Pokemon villain, deserve to appear in the anime as what he truly is: a big, bad, clever evil mastermind... and besides, face it! Clones? World domination? Stranger that is angered by Mew intervening? It just screams "HEY! I'M MEWTWO! FEAR ME!"

    ... and if it it the case... then I'm saying: FINALLY!

    First, Mewtwo appearing in the actual anime, not the movies, as a villain! Second, Mewtwo finally understood that to conquer the world, little Pikachu clones won't cut it... but bad *** uber clones of himself are fitting for the job!

    Also, considering Mew's appearance in the eight movie, I can only look foward to her new appearance! Face it, Mew is as funny as she is cute!... and I expect the final battle to be something like Mew sending a mirage version of herself to face Mewtwo's evil mirage. Of course, with Ash's help, the mirage Mewtwo is destroyed and Mewtwo (in the flesh) is fulminating. He erases everyone's memories and run off to make more evil plans.

    I look foward at this episode... but I'm also afraid. I'm afraid of Mewtwo not appearing (in the flesh), of a stupid new villain appearing (Iron Mask was bad enough. I'm afraid of what horrible villain the stranger could be...), and of course, I'm afraid of seeing the story being dumbed down to an amazingly stupid level (no, the dub is not to blame ; the anime writers are, like the games' designers, masters at the game of "making crap stories using golden potential").

    But well, here ends my rant.

    I look foward to your fic, Kutie Pie... although I will say it here and now: I hope that it's more based on the plot than on the song because that song fics are, frankly, not my cup of tea.

    But well, enough about that! I do have pictures for the contest... but considering their low quality and the blatent mature references (like Mew being in heat and threatening Mewtwo of turning his face into raw hamburger if he does not do "something" to her...), I won't post them here.

    Now now... I think I'm done with my comments and stuff so I'll reply to my own topic and post a new one!

    First, my answer!

    "If Mewtwo actually destroyed the world, may it be by mistake or not, and that Mew and himself were the sole survivors, what would their respective reactions be?"

    Mewtwo: Behold! I have created this cool machine, which will unite our powers and channel it into the planet, forming a massive shield that will equalize the feelings of people and supress evil tendencies within them!
    Mew: Errr... that's not a good idea... Mixing Light and Dark Power usually has explosive results...
    Mewtwo: Non-sense! Isn't that what you want? A perfect world? This is my gift to you... and the fulfillment of my destiny!


    Mew: Oooooh! Pretty lights...
    Mewtwo: YES! It's working!


    Mewtwo: ... huh? What the... That's not right!
    Mew: Ooooh! More pretty lights! Red, this time!... WAIT A SECOND! Your machine is malfunctionning! Stop it!
    Mewtwo: Wait... wait... ha! There! No worries. See? The alarm was deactivated. Everything is under con...


    Mewtwo: ...trol...

    *Both Mew and Mewtwo float in space, both looking like they are well-done and crispy, the entire world reduced to space dust*

    Mewtwo: Errr... just... a little... miscalculation...
    Mew: You call THAT a "slight" miscalculation? You, my good sir, is sooo dead.
    Mewtwo: ... why? Why do my plans always end in failure, even when I'm not being evil?

    *Mewtwo throws a fit while Mew's claws become visible as she prepare to pounce on his face... and no, she's NOT going to give him a hug*


    "Mewtwo destroyed the world by mistake (or not, your choice) and himself and Mew are the sole survivors. The two then decide to recreate the world together. What do you think this new world will look like?"

    -Serious version-

    Mew: You are horrible! *cries loudly*
    Mewtwo: I... I... well... please don't cry... you're... you're...

    *Mew flies away. Mewtwo is thinking...*

    Mewtwo: Well... we're the last creatures... Is it our fates? To remain alone, forever, in deep space, with only us and our powers? Is that my punishment for wanting to play god?... *crosses his arms* I can't remain like that.

    *Mewtwo thinks some more. Mew is on another planet, one devoid of life, and is sobbing while Mewtwo remains close to the Pokemon World's debris*

    Mewtwo: Mew... I made her sad. I still can't believe I really nuked the world... but then, my dream was to create a perfect world... and in the past, I thought that the only way to first remove the old one... well, maybe I should not feel guilty. Guilt won't bring back those who died today... but I can still do something.

    *Time passes and Mewtwo finds Mew on that planet*

    Mewtwo: Look... I am sorry... I only wanted to correct the world's flaws... and besides... I have a gift for you.

    *Mewtwo shows Mew a flower*

    Mew: Huh? A flower?
    Mewtwo: Yes... a flower... a life-form.
    Mew: You'll have to give me better than this if you wish to... *realizes something* WAIT A MINUTE! A flower? Where did you found it? You nuked the world!

    *Mewtwo grins and point out to the place where the Pokemon World used to be. There is a planet with a dark-red atmosphere there*

    Mew: Huh? The... the Pokemon World?
    Mewtwo: I recreated it... or rather, I created a world of Darkness. I need your help Mew. Please fill the Darkness with your Light... with your kindness and love...
    Mew: Mewtwo... I...
    Mewtwo: There is nothing to say. Let us create our own world... let us restart anew. Let us create this world... together.

    *Mew smiles and get over her sadness. Mewtwo thought he could see Mew blushing for a second... but quickly realized it was only her imagination. Mew, her, felt herself shrugging but took ahold of herself quickly. What was she thinking? Heeheehee... silly kitty.*

    *The two go the dark world created by Mewtwo, undo it... and then, together, create a world where Light and Darkness exist in perfect balance and harmony. With a total lack of any kind of disbalance, this new Pokemon World usher into a new golden age*

    Mewtwo: Look at those mortals who look to us as gods. They would be disappointed if they met us...
    Mew: Well... technically... we ARE their gods!
    Mewtwo: Maybe... maybe not. *closes his eyes, thinks, then opens his eyes and smile* Those mortals are funny, aren't they? Just because we created the world together, they think that they we form a couple of sorts...
    Mew: *blushing* Well... that could maybe become true...

    *Mewtwo turn to Mew, raising an eyebrow. Mew stops blushing. Both look away and blush*

    Mewtwo: Errr... that was awkward.

    *Mew giggles*

    End of scene.

    -Not serious-

    Mew: So... the world is gone. Congratulations, idiot.
    Mewtwo: Don't remind me.
    Mew: Now... what do we do?
    Mewtwo: Well... we could always recreate the world and this time, make it perfect.
    Mew: Yes... or we could just have fun til' the end of time!

    *Mewtwo turns to Mew, weirded out*

    Mewtwo: What? *look down* Hmmm... I always knew you were female... but for some reason, I'm sure that those weren't visible before...
    Mew: WOOHOO! Let's have some REAL fun!

    *Mew pounces on Mewtwo. He struggles for a while... but after Mew begun to touch and stroke him in some "special" ways, he quickly stopped and played along. A few billion years passed and the two still aren't sick of doing... well... "that"*

    Mew: *giggles* Oh my little cute squishy Mewtwo!
    Mewtwo: I can't believe I was so oblivious when the world still existed, not noticing I had such a pretty and wonderful female close by...
    Mew: *blushes* Oh you big romantic kitty...

    *Mewtwo blushes as well... but both kitties stop when they suddenly thought that they had seen a strange light passing by*

    Mewtwo: Hmm... that is one of your pranks, right?
    Mew: What are you talking about? I didn't do it this time, I swear it!

    *Another light passes by. They notice that it's purple, unlike the first, which was pink*

    Mew: Okay... this is just too weird.

    *Mewtwo turns to face the place where the Pokemon World's debris should be... but his eyes widen and his jaw drop instead*

    Mew: What is it? Why are you pointing at the debris like that? It looks like as if you had seen a ghost...

    *Mew turns around and her eyes widen as well*


    *There is a planet entirely made of oceans in front of them... a planet inhabited by tons and tons of purple and pink bubbles containing little Mews and Mewtwos. Mewtwo turns to Mew, raising an eyebrow*

    Mewtwo: Where the heck did they came from?!? Why do they all look like us?!?
    Mew: Well... err... I... I may have an idea... *nervous laugh*
    Mewtwo: *raises an eyebrow* What is it?
    Mew: Well... remember when I told you that I had to leave every nine months to make some serious exercices and eliminate that fat? Well... it... it was not fat, actually...
    Mewtwo: *eyes widen* Go... go on...
    Mew: Well... actually... I got pregnant everytime... and... well... you're now the proud father of about eight billions little Mews and Mewtwos.
    Mewtwo: *looking awfully pale and like he will faint any second* Wh... WHAT?!? Eight BILLIONS?!?
    Mew: Actually... this is just one out of fifty planets. We have about fifty thousands of billions babies, I believe...

    *Mewtwo faints*

    End of scene.

    -Grudge version-

    Mew: You... YOU NUKED THE WORLD!!!
    Mewtwo: I'm so very sorry...
    Mew: I hate you forever! You're a monster!

    *Mew flies away, crying. Mewtwo feels sad*

    Mewtwo: What did I do? I... I destroyed so many lives... *pauses and thinks* Well... I cannot bring back what I destroyed... but I can repair my mistake by reviving the world.

    *Mewtwo uses his powers and tries to recreate the Pokemon World... but since he is the Legendary Pokemon of Darkness, he can only create a world of Darkness*

    Mewtwo: Well... I can't do anything more without Mew's power. This should be enough to convince her to forgive me... I hope.

    *Mewtwo head in deep space to find Mew... and finds her hovering above a world entirely made of Light, devoid of any Darkness*

    Mewtwo: Oh? You recreated the world too?
    Mew: What do you mean, "too"? Darkness cannot create!
    Mewtwo: Well... I created a world of my own in hopes that you would forgi...
    Mew: WHAT?!? Let me check!

    *Mew heads out to Mewtwo's world. Mewtwo show his world to Mew, hoping that she will like it...*

    Mewtwo: ... and that's the last of the continents! So... will you he...
    Mew: What an awful, awful world! A world of Darkness, a world of despair, destruction, and hatred! A world of evil! This... is not the Pokemon World reborn... IT'S AN ABOMINATION!

    *Mew flies away, crying again. Mewtwo look down, beginning to feel despair and wondering if he can ever be forgiven. He remains on his world, trying to think of a way to convince Mew to give him a chance... when he hears a loud explosion. Mewtwo heads out outside to see the denizens of the Light world outside. It's an invasion! Looks like Mew did more than not forgive him... she now decided that she would spend eternity trying to destroy him and his creations!*

    Thus... Light and Darkness got stuck in an eternal, bloody war.

    End of scene.


    Well, that's all for my own answers. Since they are, like, EXTREMELY long, I will not post the new topic right now since my post is huge enough as it is...
  8. Kana

    Kana kisses

    I am? lol, well, since it's a shipping thread, I might as well post lover stuff (since you all support Mew x Mewtwo as . . . lovers). -hugs back- :D

    Lil Brother: Deoxys is emo?

    For the world recreation topic: The new world would be like a natural environment-ish place, without humans and buildings and factories and so forth. There'd be lots of water, but forests and some deserts as well. Then all the Pokemon could live happily ever after without Team Aqua and Team Magma and Team Rocket (and other criminal organizations). ^_^

    Zerodius: First version: "Cool machine!" xDD Love it~ Second version: Uberly cheesy. o_O -dies- Third version: . . . Fourth version: -no comment-
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2006
  9. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Kana: Heh. If you wish, you can continue to go back to the sibling relationship. Otherwise, I might add you to the roster. (I'll need your permission though.)

    Zerodius: Whoop! This was great! (Seriously, voice actors changed in the special! Mewtwo behind the mask... WHOO! Though I think it's Dr. Yung himself. Otherwise it's the Phantom of the Opera. Ha ha ha not likely...)

    You can post the pictures here as long as it's no a mating scene or anything gross. If she's just throwing a fit, it's okay. But... as long as nothing bad is "showing", it's okay.

    Now, for your stage shows. (Ha ha, they rubbed off of me to you!)

    First one: Thought it funny how Mew liked the "pretty lights", where Mewtwo throws a fit and Mew's about to attack him.

    Second: Loved it. Serious and romantic. *secretly puts A+ on scene* The best one I've seen. Sad and loveable.

    Third: *dies laughing head off* That wasn't just not serious... IT WAS RANDOMLY, CHEESY NON-SERIOUS! WHOOP! Number eight billion rocks my world! Whoop! Ha ha... I can just imagine Mewtwo fainting there. "My cute squishy Mewtwo" part was just... *dies* XD Gah! Loved it! [SPOIL]I thought you only thought there can be only one Mew like in Rejected.[/SPOIL]

    Fourth: o_0; O-O-Okay... No comment for this one...

    NEW TOPIC! SQUEE! (Though it sucks. Zerodius, don't get mad if I stole a good machine from you. I just thought this up after watching Freaky Friday. But no, they do NOT go into a Chinese restuarant and get fortune cookies that are so totally fake *duh* and aren't magical.)

    Mewtwo's new machine that switches minds malfuctions and unfortunately himself and Mew were the first victims. Now trapped in each other's bodies, they have to return back to normal within a week. Otherwise, Mew (in Mewtwo's body) will freak out everytime Mewtwo (in her body) goes in front of a mirror and starts "doing things". So how do they solve the problem? (BTW, they'll still have the same voices in the regular bodies. So Mew'll have a deep voice since she's in Mewtwo's body, heh heh.)

    Stage show coming up. (And it's my long version. No stealing! And I know it's long, but obviously, I had a really good idea to it thanks to Freaky Friday. You can have yours short or long if you wish. In fact... the longer it is, the more fun we have reading it!)

    Mewtwo: Behold! My new invention!
    Mew: What's it called?
    Mewtwo: The Switcharoo Mind Machine!
    Mew: --; ... No comment...
    Mewtwo: The purpose of this is so that people can walk in each other's shoes (or skin) for a day! Then they return back to normal! It'll help restore peace or cause wars again.
    Mew: Peace for me.
    Mewtwo: I haven't tested it out yet so... Can you be my assisstant?
    Mew: Fine.
    *gets in machine*
    Mewtwo: *presses button* Any minute now...
    Mew: GAH! Is it supposed to spark like this?!
    Mewtwo: What? I can't see you!
    Mew: *holding head* AAAUUUGGHHH!
    Mewtwo: Uh... Mew? What's going on?
    *machine switches minds and malfunctions*
    Mew (for now, in Mewtwo's body): Mew? You okay?
    Mewtwo (in Mew's body for now): *holding head* AAAUUUGHHH! Hey! My arms are short! What happened!
    Mew: Whoa! How can you walk?!
    *both get out*
    Mew: Happy now?
    Mewtwo: I'M SHORT! NOOO!!
    Mew: Hey! When did my fur get dirty?!
    Mewtwo: Excuse me, but I have good hygine.
    Mewtwo: *looks in mirror* Oh. Hey! I had no idea your eyes with that blue!
    Mew: -_-; How observant. We've been engaged for a few months, yet known each other for several years.
    Mewtwo: This ring's too tight!
    Mew: I'm going home.
    Mewtwo: Fine. I have to fix this. *gets tools* ACK! The wrench is too big!
    Mew: *teleports away*

    *few minutes later*

    Mew: Finally! I'm back home! *bangs aganist door-way* OW!
    Wigglytuff neighbor: *walking and spies Mew* AAIIIEEE! BURGLAR!
    Mew: Wigglytuff! My friend! Help calm me down! I'm stuck in my fiancé's body! Help!
    Wigglytuff: *disgusted* You gays are digusting! Take that! *does kung fu*
    Mew: HEY! HELP!
    Arcanine: What seems to be the trouble?
    Wigglytuff: He's trying to break into Mew's house and he's gay!
    Mew: WHAT?!
    Arcanine: You sir, are under arrest.


    Mewtwo: Curse these stubby arms! I can't hold any of my tools!
    Celebi: *appears (He's male here.)* Mewtwo! Quickly! I need some help! Oh hi Mew! What're you doing here?
    Mewtwo: What're you talking about, I'm Mewtwo! My Switcharoo Mind Machine malfunctioned as I was testing it out and I'm permanently stuck in Mew's body until I can get it fixed!
    Celebi: Stop flirting with me Mew! You're engaged!
    Mewtwo: I'm not Mew!
    Celebi: What're you doing with Mewtwo's power tools?
    Mewtwo: Fixing the machine!
    Celebi: But you don't have the blue-prints!
    Mewtwo: I have it in my MIND!
    Celebi: You built this yourself? Dang Mew, I didn't know you could build machines. I thought Mewtwo did.
    Celebi: If you see Mewtwo, Mew, tell him Pikatwo needs help preparing his wedding.
    Mewtwo: Fine. The machine can be fixed later.
    Celebi: It's guys only Mew. You can't keep secrets very well.
    Mewtwo: AARRRGGHH!

    *meanwhile with Mew*

    Mew: Curse these psychic-repellent shackles.
    Prisoner #1: So dude, what're you in here for?
    Mew: Dang it, I'm a girl!
    Prisoner #1: MENTAL!
    Guard: He's in here for attempted burgarly and for being gay.
    Prisoners: *gasp* THAT'S JUST WRONG!
    Mew: AARRGHHH! *bangs head against wall* I. Want. My. Body. Back.

    *meanwhile with Mewtwo*

    Pikatwo: Mew! You shouldn't have come!
    Mewtwo: I'M MEWTWO! GOSH!
    Meowtwo: You okay Mew?
    Mewtwo: No.
    Celebi: Now... Mew! We need the streamers!
    Mewtwo: I can MAKE streamers within seconds.
    Celebi: They're over there! Gosh Mew, use your head for once! *knocks on head* Hello! ANYONE THERE?!
    Mewtwo: Ouch! Stop that or I'll unleash my Dark Supernova on you!
    Celebi: You don't have a move like that. Now get the streamers.
    Mewtwo: You.
    Celebi: Wanna fight Mew?
    Mewtwo: MEWTWO!
    Lucario: Stop it you two. And Mew... I need to talk to you.
    Mewtwo: Ew... no. *gets streamers*
    Mewtwo: I PROPOSED TO HER!
    Deoxys: Gee, Mew, you sure gone mental.
    Mewtwo: AAAUUUGGHH! *flies away*
    Groudon: What's eating her?
    Rayquaza: HUMAN INTRUDER ALERT! *eats human*
    Lucario: Uh... Rayquaza? He was a fake.

    *with Mew*

    Mew: *still banging head against wall*
    Guard: Stop that! You're giving me a head-ache!
    Mew: Good.
    Mewtwo: *appears suddenly* Whoops. I remember this place...
    Mew: MEWTWO! HELP!
    Mewtwo: Why're you in jail? You've never gotten in trouble before.
    Guard: Arrested for attempted burgarly and for being gay.
    Mewtwo: I'M NOT GAY!
    Guard: *stares* I was talking about that guy. *points to Mew*
    Mew: I'M A GIRL!
    Prisoners: MENTAL!
    Mewtwo: That's it! *destroys shackles*
    Guard: Want to get arrested Mew?
    Mew: YAY! I'M FREE! *teleports with Mewtwo*

    *at the lab*

    Mew: How do you work these tools?
    Mewtwo: Watch me then.
    Mew: You can barely hold them in my body!
    Mewtwo: I gotten used to it.
    Mew: You haven't done anything to my precious self, have you.
    Mewtwo: No.
    Mew: Me neither. Except I got a headache.
    Mewtwo: Done! Now quickly, back into the machine!
    Mew: This better work.
    Mewtwo: *presses button* Whoop! It's working again!
    *machine switches minds and explodes*
    Mewtwo (back to normal): Yes! I did it!
    Mew (back to normal): AAAAUUUUUGGHHH! Huh? YAY! WE'RE ALIVE!
    Mewtwo: Alive and back in black! *strikes pose*
    Mew: o0;; Literally... Good thing we didn't turn into ashes.
    Mewtwo: Police still after you?
    Mew: I don't think so.
    Mewtwo: What a headache I have...
    Mew: Whoops. *hugs*
    Celebi: Mew! Why'd you go running off all of a sudden?
    Mew: Huh?
    Lucario: You sure you're not mental?
    Police: *outside* We have the place surrounded! Come out with your bony hands up you gay person!
    Mewtwo: o0;;; Gay?!
    Mew: -.-; *sighs* Not again...

    *And so Mewtwo was arrested for a few days, Mew had a heated arguement with her Legendary friends and after Mewtwo came back, the male Legendaries started to gain up on Mew for no reason at all. To make a long story short... Mewtwo rebuilt the machine and switched everyone's minds except for his and Mew's. And this explains why Ho-oh's been strangely obsessed with taking over the world.*

    Giovanni *in Ho-oh's body*: I'M THE SUPREME ONE! I SHALL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

    Ho-oh *in Giovanni's body*: *goofy grin* I shall now plant beautiful, eye-blinding flowers!

    Team Rocket member: Boss! Something wrong?

    Ho-oh: Nothing's wrong! Now go and spread sunshine young one! Or you shall suffer from my Sacred Fire!

    Team Rocket member: *to himself* He's mental...

    *And so Mewtwo and Mew lived a happy life together with a litter of kids, unaware Ho-oh (Giovanni in this case) was trying to brain-wash other infected Legendaries. But that's another story.*

    And so ends my long stage show I created within ten minutes ever. Well, since mine was pretty interesting to read (probably), let's see how everyone responds to this topic... See you later!

    ♥Kutie Pie♥ Please be kind to midgets!
  10. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    Actually, that new topic is not bad... and well, judging by the lenght and quality of your latest answer to your own topic, I just had to comment on it.

    I will be blunt: I point and laugh for this thing was VERRRY funny. I'll quote the best parts...

    He created a machine for the purpose of restoring peace!... and also for the purpose of filling the world with war! Decide yourself, little kitty!

    In typical male fashion, Mewtwo has forgot that the eyes are located on a female's face. But then... I wonder how could Mew get engaged with a male that look at her "goods" when he's saying "Your eyes are beautiful!".

    Hope no homosexual people are reading this! Homophobia is bad for your mental health... but the scene is still funny because of how pathetic "Mewtwo"'s "crime" is.

    Ew! I can only imagine Rayquaza's face when he realized he ate a doll...

    More insanity.

    Ho-oh, human bodies can't use Pokemon moves... and I don't think that Team Rocket is very well-known for spreading sunshine and planting eye-blinding flowers!

    All in all, liked it! Now for my own answer(s)...

    "Mewtwo's new machine that switches minds malfuctions and unfortunately himself and Mew were the first victims. Now trapped in each other's bodies, they have to return back to normal within a week. Otherwise, Mew (in Mewtwo's body) will freak out everytime Mewtwo (in her body) goes in front of a mirror and starts "doing things". So how do they solve the problem? (BTW, they'll still have the same voices in the regular bodies. So Mew'll have a deep voice since she's in Mewtwo's body, heh heh.)"


    Mew: This won't work.
    Mewtwo: Yes it will.
    Mew: This won't work.
    Mewtwo: Yes it will.
    Mew: No.
    Mewtwo: Yes.
    Mew: No.
    Mewtwo: Yes.
    Mew: No.
    Mewtwo: Yes.
    Mew: No.
    Mewtwo: Yes.
    Mew: No.
    Mewtwo: Yes.
    Mew: Yes.
    Mewtwo: No.
    Mew: GOT YOU! *giggles*
    Mewtwo: CHEATER!
    Mew: Anyway, this is a bad idea... and why did you built that stuff in the first place?
    Mewtwo: Well, you see... according to my calculations, my body, unlike yours, actually ages. Thus... I have created a new body for me and this machine will transfer my mind into the new body!
    Mew: This won't work... and why don't you just modify your DNA?
    Mewtwo: Now, let's test the machine!
    Mew: I still say that modifying your DNA to remove the aging process DNA is better.

    *Mewtwo gets in machine*

    Mewtwo: Now, I need a test subject.
    Mew: *Mew sigh loudly* Well... I guess that I'd better be the test subject. This way, if you screw up... and you will, I will be able to correct what you did wrong.

    *Mewtwo activate the machine. The machine switches them around... but malfunction and explode afterward*

    Mewtwo (in Mew's body): Errr...
    Mew (in Mewtwo's body): Ugh...
    Mewtwo: ... I... I feel suddenly... HAPPY! *giggles*
    Mew: How... how can you stand that... that depressing Dark Power... *cries*
    Mewtwo: Huh? Oh... please don't cry...

    *Mewtwo attempts to hug Mew but his(her) new body has arms that are too short and he(she) feels so weird...*

    Mewtwo: This is... so awkward.
    Mew: Having arms with working fingers feels... weird... and that tail! UGH! How can you live with a non-articulated tail like that?... and man! I never realized how HUGE you are!
    Mewtwo: ...thank you for reminding me how much this body's arms are, well, non-existent and how short you are... but that tail is nice!... although the fact that your body is so sensitive doesn't feel nice... and how can you walk around with such humongous feet?

    *Mew stares at Mewtwo. Her gaze is rather... terrifying*

    Mewtwo: *shrugging* Brrr! I never realized I was THIS scary!
    Mew: Who did you call short, foolish male?!?
    Mewtwo: Err... oops... I mean... Look, I'm sorry. I'm just not accustomed to this body and... well... maybe we should repair the machine and set things right...

    *Mew nods in agreement. The two, using their powers to carry the tools, repair the machine and then get to fix it. Then, they return to their former bodies...*

    Mewtwo (in his own body): Ha! This feels good!
    Mew (in her own body): YAY! This feels great!
    Mewtwo: You know... When I think about it, my machine needs more work... and well...
    Mew: Oh no, you don't! Modify your own DNA!

    *Mewtwo stares at Mew and raise an eyebrow. Mew's face is red and her claws are visible*


    *Mewtwo thinks for a good while... and finally, his slow mind get it!*

    Mewtwo: HA! Yes! I shall can the idea and simply modify my DNA! *turns to Mew* Mew... why didn't you told me earlier?
    Mewtwo: Ouch. No yelling please.

    End of Scene.

    -Not serious-

    Mewtwo: I created an all-new machine that swap the minds of others! Why? For fun, of course! Now, I shall test it on both of us for absolutely no reason other than because I can!
    Mew: WHEEEE!... what did you say?
    Mewtwo: Look. Put this cute little metal hat on your head. It will be fun, you will see.
    Mew: WHEEEE! I like fun! *put mind-swapping device on head*

    *Mewtwo activate the machine. Mew's and Mewtwo's minds are swapped and then the machine malfunction and explodes*

    Mewtwo (in Mew's body): The machine... exploded...
    Mew (in Mewtwo's body): Err... fun?
    Mewtwo: Huh? *watches himself... or rather, herself* AUUUUUGH! I'M SHORT, PINK, HAVE SHORT ARMS, AND IS CUTE!
    Mew: Huh? Mewtwo? Why did you shrunk and became all identical to me?... and why do I sound so manly?
    Mewtwo: We switched bodies! This is a disaster!
    Mew: You are right! We must react!
    Mewtwo: On the count of three...
    Mew: One... two... three!

    *both starts to cry loudly... and then, after a few minutes, they stop, exhausted*

    Mewtwo: My life sucks.
    Mew: So do mine.
    Mewtwo: Well, I'm bored. I should probably fix the machine... but since your playful instincts are now harassing my body, I shall waste time abusing your body for my own, perverse pleasure.
    Mew: And I shall now stand there and spend my time pondering those events for absolutely no reason.

    *Mewtwo leaves the room while Mew starts to ponder the situation. Once inside the bathroom, Mewtwo stares at Mew's body*

    Mewtwo: Wow! I never realized how fine of a female Mew is! Truly... truly... cute... and also... "desirable"... *smiles sweetly*

    *Mewtwo look to the right and to the left, a suspicious look on "his" face... and then, he grins evilly*

    Mewtwo: Well... why not? *starts to abuse Mew's body in very perverted ways, like the big pervert he is*

    *After a few hours, Mew enter the room to find Mewtwo abusing her own body*

    Mew: MEWTWO!!!
    Mewtwo: YIKES!!! *turns "his" back to Mew, blushing and trying to hide "his" exposed private parts*
    Mewtwo: MEWTWO! If I were in my original body, I would FREAKIN' KILL YOU FOR THIS! *"her" face soften and "she" smile sweetly* But... your male instincts kick in and are totally overwhelming my rage, making me want to join in...
    Mew: WOOHOO! Do me Mew!... err... or rather... *thinks of what the right terms are... and give up after about one second* Who cares?

    *Mewtwo and Mew pounces on each others and start to copulate in an extremely intense and spectacular manner worthy of the most infamous adult movies*

    End scene.

    -Happy Happy!-

    Mewtwo: Let us swap bodies using this machine so that we may understand each others better.
    Mew: Really? WHEEEE!

    *Mewtwo activate the machine and the two swap bodies. Then, the machine malfunction and explode*

    Mewtwo: *smiles* Oh no! I'm stuck into the body of Mew!
    Mew: AUUUGH! I'm into Mewtwo's body!

    *Some time passes*

    Mew (in Mewtwo's body): Aren't you going to, you know, repair the machine and restore us to our former bodies?
    Mewtwo (in Mew's body): Are you INSANE?!? Finally, I'm no longer a clone! I am a cute, beautiful, sexy Mew! Full-blooded and natural! You can keep my old body.
    Mew: Really? WOOHOO! I get to be a cool-looking uber male!... and I got hands with opposable thumbs! Thumbs rock! I can now hold my glass of milk and drink it without spilling it everywhere!

    *Both kitties stand there, staring at each others...*

    Mew: So Mewtwo... how can I ever thank you for giving me such a cool form?

    *Mewtwo smiles in a naughty way and take a suggestive pose*

    Mewtwo: Well... a little exercise to get used to our new bodies wouldn't hurt...
    Mew: Oh you naughty kitty... So, you really are a pervert! It was not just the hormones!
    Mewtwo: *pounces on Mew, giggling* Oh you my cute little male... You know females... they just wanna be loved...

    *The two hug, kiss, and... well, I'll let you guess what they do after that*

    End scene.

    -Errr... no comment-

    Mewtwo: Now, I have created this machine, which should swap our bodies and allow us to understands each others better!
    Mew: YAY!

    *Mewtwo and Mew activate the machine to swap their bodies. Mew's mind finds itself into Mewtwo's body. Mewtwo's mind is sucked into Mew's body. Then, the machine malfunction, turn Mew's body into Mario's body, and explode!*

    Mewtwo (in Mario's body): IT'S THE SUPER MARIO SUPER SHOW! *spontaneously combusts*
    Mew: WTF?!?

    End scene.
  11. Lil Brother

    Lil Brother Just kinda there.


    Please stop saying that. Mewtwo is not a villian. Giovanni is a villian. Mewtwo is not. Mewtwo is a sympathetic character who was misguided until Ash and Mew convinced him that all life is equal. You must have missed the last 30 minutes of Strikes Back, all of Mewtwo Returns, and the Birth of Mewtwo special to think Mewtwo is a villian. He was willing to sacrafice himself to Giovanni to save the clone Pokemon from Team Rocket. He giggled with a little girl and cried when her "time was up" while he was held in suspension before his "birth". As for the "I'll flood the world and kill you all" thing, he was lied into slavery and was told his existance was to be a slave and that his birth was otherwise meaningless. You'd be bent on world destruction too if everything good in your life was lost and forgotten and all you knew was that you were used. Please do not call Mewtwo "the ultimate villian of Pokemon" or anything, because, if anything, he was meant to be a tragic figure with more humanity than any other character we've ever seen in this series.

    Uh, I guess. He held the green gem (lover!) to his chest and cried out in the opening scene to his movie. Then he was frozen at the bottom of the sea for four years and had to go search for his lost "friend" (lover!). [SPOIL]Then, the Deoxys in the recent Japanese episode was very emo, telling its sob story of being afraid of the world to Max and making him burst into tears in the process. Then it nearly exploded! Boom! XD[/SPOIL]
  12. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    So, you think I am wrong? I will explain myself. (NOTE: Not responsible for flaming. I wrote this quickly, without taking the time to calm down... and I would like to return to the main topic, mewshipping, as soon as possible)

    Mewtwo is one of Nintendo's main three villains. Now, tell me he is not Pokemon's villain!

    Now, for your points about him not being a villain because he once was good... well, sure! I mean, a villain cannot think he is good! He cannot have been anything else than evil in the past! He cannot have a childhood and be multi-dimensional, as well! Overruled, sorry.

    I say to you: you will not convince me. Don't take it the wrong way but my stance won't be moved, not in this case.

    Now for Mewtwo's Return, I see it as his lesser appearance for a reason ; his later cameos show him as STILL evil. The only relevance that this movie has to Mewtwo's development is to remove his human phobia and make him believable overall. As for Mewtwo's Birth... well, it was BEFORE he turned evil so like, DUH! Of course he's sensible and good and all in that movie! I actually see his development as such:

    -Before he was born, he was pure and innocent
    -Manipulated by Giovanni
    -Enraged because he thinks he's just a clone (Mewtwo Strikes Back)
    -Unsure on his purpose, believing that all lives are equal... but not sure on his purpose
    -Becoming sure he has a purpose ; on good terms with Ash
    -Has found his purpose ; is evil (he will correct the world's flaws... and unfortunately, the means he'll use are rather... discutable)

    I actually like Mewtwo as a villain because that he is a tragic one ; he is a villain which you cannot help but like, despite the fact that he's seeking to destroy everything. I like him because that his evil draws its sources from his anger, sadness, and tragic past. If Mewtwo was a pointless villain, you would be sure that I wouldn't like him as much if at all.

    In fact, it's a reason why I frown when people say that Mewtwo is not a villain and that Giovanni is ; Giovanni is evil because... well, because. Mewtwo makes more sense because you actually see how he came to be evil. Also, unlike Giovanni, Mewtwo is angered and insane enough to nuke the world, slaughter entire populations, and do what ultimate evils usually do ; Giovanni is a crime lord, he seeks to control the world, not nuke it or seriously damage it or anything.

    I also like Mewtwo as a villain because that for once, you have an evil POKEMON rather than an evil human! Pokemon are shown as intelligent and yet, it seems that ONLY humans are evil and that when Pokemon are "evil", it's because they're either manipulated, or just obeying their instincts and aren't truly evil. Sure, we have Meowth... but he's small-time. Mewtwo is that really major Pokemon villain which the serie needed... and the fact that he's top of the rank is also pretty interesting... and when you think about it, him being the ultimate evil is ironic ; humanity wanted to create the ultimate servant of evil and ended up creating the very overlord of all evils.

    But well, since we will never agree, it is useless to argue and anyway, the canon is way too flawed to be reliable so let's move on... and anyway, I feel like I'm flaming and flaming is bad.

    End of case... I hope.


    Also, I noticed that there was no on-topic parts to your post. A mistake? I hope so...

    But well, I wasted enough time arguing over opinions... and this thread is about mewshipping, not about wherever Mewtwo's title as a villain is earned considering his canon apperances... so I'll try to post on-topic by introducing a new topic while reposting Kutie Pie's to make sure it's not overlooked since I think it is quite funny.

    Topic #1:
    "Mewtwo's new machine that switches minds malfuctions and unfortunately himself and Mew were the first victims. Now trapped in each other's bodies, they have to return back to normal within a week. Otherwise, Mew (in Mewtwo's body) will freak out everytime Mewtwo (in her body) goes in front of a mirror and starts "doing things". So how do they solve the problem? (BTW, they'll still have the same voices in the regular bodies. So Mew'll have a deep voice since she's in Mewtwo's body, heh heh.)"

    Topic #2 (the one I'm introducing):
    "What would Mew does if Mewtwo was to suddenly lose his powers without having any way of getting them back? In short, what would happen if Mewtwo no longer had any psychic abilities and found himself with as much power at his disposal than a Magikarp does?"
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2006
  13. Lil Brother

    Lil Brother Just kinda there.

    Okay, just don't create topics like "Mewtwo, being the evil of all evils, slaughters a field of Rattata. What will Mew do?". :p

    Also, for the sake of making a point, things do not have to be peaceful here and stricty talking about MewShipping and only MewShipping. Conversation of one of the characters in the ship is always considered on-topic in other threads. (Example: "What will the upcoming Drew and Arcanine episode be called?" in the ContestShipping thread.)


    Mewtwo's new machine that switches minds malfuctions and unfortunately himself and Mew were the first victims. Now trapped in each other's bodies, they have to return back to normal within a week. Otherwise, Mew (in Mewtwo's body) will freak out everytime Mewtwo (in her body) goes in front of a mirror and starts "doing things". So how do they solve the problem? (BTW, they'll still have the same voices in the regular bodies. So Mew'll have a deep voice since she's in Mewtwo's body, heh heh.)

    They simply have Ash save the day! :D

    What would Mew does if Mewtwo was to suddenly lose his powers without having any way of getting them back? In short, what would happen if Mewtwo no longer had any psychic abilities and found himself with as much power at his disposal than a Magikarp does?

    Love him for who he is and not what he can do. This is Mew we're talking about, she appreaciates all life equally. Although gossip would quickly spread among the Pokemon...
  14. ?question?

    ?question? <-Me in real life

    What would Mew does if Mewtwo was to suddenly lose his powers without having any way of getting them back? In short, what would happen if Mewtwo no longer had any psychic abilities and found himself with as much power at his disposal than a Magikarp does?
    Random Rattata: O-M-G! Did you hear Mewtwo lost his powers!
    Random Ekans: I know! And now Mew and Mewtwo are still a couple! He he he! (Eats Rattata.)

    Mew: *Rubs Mewtwo's shoulder affectionately.*
    Mewtwo: *Kiss on cheek*
    Mew *shocked* Wha...
    Mewtwo: *Leans head on top of her head**Sadness*
  15. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Hee hee hee!

    Zerodius, you are surely making my day! *hugs* Now... to comment on your little stage shows...

    First: The serious one. Loved the joke there. (Great example is Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. With the duck and rabbit season arguements. HA!) And yes Mewtwo, modify your DNA, or prepare to be hamburger!

    Second: O-O-Okay... That was a bit weird and perverted... No more comments from me.

    Third: Read above comment.

    Fourth: Hooray for the Super Mario Super Show! SQUEE! Yet he burst into flame before it could broadcast world-wide... Darn. Very cheesy there Zerodius.

    Lil Brother: Have Ash help them. Hee hee! Ash can't even figure his way out of a closed room! That's hilarious!

    Now for Zerodius's topic...

    "What would Mew does if Mewtwo was to suddenly lose his powers without having any way of getting them back? In short, what would happen if Mewtwo no longer had any psychic abilities and found himself with as much power at his disposal that a Magikarp does?"

    CRAPPY STAGE SHOW ON THE WAY! And created from my small head within... FIVE UBER SECONDS! HA HA HA*SHOT*

    Mewtwo: Time to knock down the tree that's blocking the view to the sunset. I'm sure a good Shadow Ball would do the trick! If only we didn't live so far in Mount Silver...
    Mew: *cradling twins they have* At least barely no Traniers live near-by. Except for Nurse Joy but she doesn't count as one...
    Mewtwo: I don't trust her. I hope she dies soon.
    Mew: Dear! Without her, I wouldn't have lived through the pregnency! So knock it off!

    *meanwhile, at the Pokémon Center*

    Random kid: Nurse Joy, can you heal my Typhlosion?
    Nurse Joy: Sure kid.
    Typhlosion: Rawr! *translation* ME HUNGRY!
    Nurse Joy: Aww! How cute!
    Random kid: He's hungry. And he eats people except for me.
    Nurse Joy: Huh? *looks up to see Typhlosion above her, teeth bared* EEEEEKKKK!
    *This scene where the creature pounces on a happy-go-lucky woman has been blurred due to the police invading the writer's house.
    Random Guy (speaking fast): DRAMATIZATION. MAY NOT HAVE HAPPENED.*

    *back with the kitty couple*

    Mewtwo: Okay! Time to blast that tree to kingdom come! *attempts to blast, but fails* Eh? *repeats* What the heck?
    Mew: *nursing twins* What's wrong?
    Mewtwo: I can't form a Shadow Ball for some strange reason.

    *meanwhile, in a random satellite*

    Guy #1: Wow! This Power-Dematerializer Invisible Harmless Laser really does the trick!
    Guy #2: With this machine with a ridiculously long name, we can zap all of the Legendaries' powers and rule the world with them!
    Guy #1: We're just two lost guys in space.
    Guy #2: So? Ooh look! Space lizard!
    Rayquaza: Yay! A satellite for me to eat! *chomps and Mewtwo's powers absorb into him* Ooh! I feel strange! *makes force field around self* YAY! Now, time to charge down Deoxys! *flies off*

    *back to the kitties*

    Mew: Maybe you need to rest. Let's go back to the house.
    Mewtwo: Okay. *tries to fly* WHAT THE HECK'S GOING ON?!
    Mew: What're you talking about?
    Mewtwo: *tries to make force field and other various psychic abilities* See?
    Mew: Oh dear... How'd that happen?
    Mewtwo: I saw movement near-by a few minutes ago... THERE HE IS! *points at kid*
    Random kid with Typhlosion: Please don't eat me Mr. Fluff! PLEASE!
    Typhlosion: Rawrgh Raur Typhlo! *translation* I'm going to eat you anyway because of the stupid nickname and because you're so fat.
    Random (fat) kid: No! *tries to run but trips* EEEEEEKKK!
    *Again scene has been blurred due to parents being near-by in suspicion.*
    Mewtwo: And there he goes.
    Mew: ><; Eww...
    Mewtwo: Now what'll happen? I'm weak and useless! Like a Magikarp.
    Near-by Magikarp: WAH! YOU HURT ME FEELINGS! MOMMY!
    Gyarados: *appears from water, scaring Mewtwo* Why're you dissing my son?!
    Mewtwo: 0o;; Uh... punch lines are good for your heart?
    Mew: *sighs*
    Gyarados: How about getting pulverized by one of the strongest Pokémon in existance one too many times in a row? Is that good for your heart as well?
    Mewtwo: Meep. Uh... He insulted you! *points to random Donphan*
    Donphan: Huh?
    Gyarados: DIE, ELEPHANT MAN!
    Mewtwo: *ushers Mew away before gruesome scene comes*
    Mew: What's with all of the death scenes?

    *meanwhile, in a random house in the western United States)

    Brother #1: But sis! We want you to play with us!
    Brother #2: Yeah! On the trampoline with the other three brothers we have to play our own Pokémon Adventures!
    Kutie Pie: NEVER! *gets fake sword* En garde!
    Brother #2: Hey! It'll be better if you put gruesome, death scenes in this stage show you're doing!
    Brother #1: Let me see!
    Kutie Pie: SAMUEL! DANIEL! NNNOOOO! *pounces on brothers*

    *back with the kitty couple in their house*

    Mewtwo: *depressed* What'll I do now? I can't protect my small family without my powers!
    Mew: Aww... *wraps arms around Mewtwo's neck* Don't give up hope. There's still me!
    Mewtwo: I mean if we were going to be nuked.
    Mew: There's me.
    Mewtwo: Uh... A Dark and Bug type teams up to kidnap us.
    Mew: That'll never happen.


    Random Dark type (the leader): Fellow Bugs and Darks! Let us became allies and gain up on those stuck-up Psychics who think they know everything and kick their butts!
    Random Bug type: I object!
    Random Dark type (leader): *pushes button and fly swatter smashes Bug* Anymore objections?
    *audience shakes head*
    Random Dark type (leader): Good! Now... let's form an alliance!

    *back at kitty house*

    Mewtwo: Uh... Celebi turns back to evil again like when we got engaged and tries to kidnap you for the hundredth time and ties you up in Psychic-Repellent stuff.
    Celebi: *outside window* Stop saying awful things about me! *cries and runs off*
    Mew: *rubbing Mewtwo's shoulders* Honey... that'll never happen. We're fine. No one'll dare attack us anyway.
    Mewtwo: And the twins?
    Mew: We can still protect them together. With or without our powers. *hugs* You're still strong no matter what. Besides, you know other attacks. We'll be fine.
    Mewtwo: Uh... Oh yeah! I do know other attacks! *zaps approaching Dodrio*
    Dodrio: NO! WE'VE BEEN PARALYZED! OUR PACE-MAKER'S FAILING! *falls off near-by cliff to cover up death*
    Mew: Please don't do that again dear.
    Mewtwo: I thought it was funny.
    Mew: *shakes head and kisses husband*

    *meanwhile, in the sky*

    Rayquaza: Showing off my new-found powers, what else? Ooh look! A jet plane!
    Passengers: EEEEEEKKK! *gets eaten*
    Ho-oh: *passing by* GROVEL, PUNY MORTALS! GROVEL! MUAH HA HA H-*struck by lightning*
    Deoxys: Not like that Ho-oh. Like this. *ahem* BWAH HA HA HA! I CONTROL THIS PUNY WORLD THAT'S FILLED WITH THOSE PUNY MORTALS! Now you try.
    Deoxys: *looking up in sky in curiosity for a few minutes* Meh. I'm going to go torture Lucario for the sake of it.
    Jirachi: *appears with maniacal look on face and holding spray-paint* You'll look more pretty in red, Ho-oh!
    Ho-oh: *charred* Nuh uh! *paint sprayed into eyes* AAAAAUUUUGGHHH!
    Jirachi: *cackles and spray paints Rayquaza pink*
    Rayquaza: Yay! I love the color pink! La la la la laa! La la la la laa! *twirls in circles away in the sky, eating random jets and sky divers*
    Jirachi: Oh my gosh. I created a monster that twirls!
    *And so Rayquaza lost his new-found powers to a random Pidgey that got eaten by an Ekans seconds later and he still continues to be oblivous he's lost his powers. Due to the fact he's still twirling around going "La la la la laa!" too many times. Ho-oh still got stuck by lighting, Deoxys was blown up to bits again, Lucario fell victim to Jirachi's pranks as well as Celebi.

    As for Mew and Mewtwo, they were still a happy family. The twins grew up along with two other brothers and sisters, thus starting families as well. And when Rayquaza came near-by, he was called with his new nickname... Puff the Magic, Retarded, Pink Dragon by Mew and Mewtwo's grandkids.

    Otherwise, everyone lived happily ever after once Giovanni was killed by Ho-oh when he fell on him. And Ash fell off a cliff.*

    And that was my other dumb answer to Zerodius's topic!

    No news for now! Except about the fan art contest. Deadline's Sunday! See you soon!

    ♥Kutie Pie♥ Please be kind to midgets!
  16. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    What can I say? Your answer, Kutie Pie, is hilarous!

    ... and why isn't anyone posting?

    But well... chapter 1 for "Why a Lemon?" was posted! Time to work on chapter 2...

    ... and now for some comments!

    Lil Brother: Very serious and short answers... but well, I guess it will do.

    ?question?: Short too... but I liked the humor with the Rattata that speaks with the Ekans and then BAM! Food you are, little rat! Funny...

    Kutie Pie: Huge answer, a bit random, quite funny. YAY! I'm beginning to take a liking to stage shows...

    Now, I shall answer my own topic right here and now!

    "What would Mew does if Mewtwo was to suddenly lose his powers without having any way of getting them back? In short, what would happen if Mewtwo no longer had any psychic abilities and found himself with as much power at his disposal that a Magikarp does?"


    Mewtwo: My powers... they are... gone.
    Mew: Meeew? *tilt head to the left* Gone? Silly kitty! *poke Mewtwo*
    Mewtwo: Hey stop it! Stop it!

    *Mew keep on poking*

    Mewtwo: I can't... defend myself! Please, stop!

    *Mew notices Mewtwo's expression and stops, confused*

    Mew: Mew? *observe Mewtwo for a while... and then dive into his mind*
    Mewtwo: MEEEEW!!! *shrieks as he cannot do anything to keep Mew out of his own thoughts*

    *Mew comes out, frowning*

    Mew: Poor... poor Mewtwo... I can't believe this... You lost your powers...
    Mewtwo: Why did this happened? I... I'm in shock. It... it cannot be... *Mewtwo remains silent for a while and then...* THAT'S IT! I cannot remain here, doing nothing! I MUST figure out what happened! I must!
    Mew: Mew?

    *Mewtwo runs to his lab, Mew follow him. In the lab...*

    Mewtwo: *obsering a tissue sample from himself* ... this is... shocking. It seems that my body was not adequate to contain my powers... and as such, after a certain number of uses, they vanished... this is... revolting. I... I don't have any power left... I can't do anything... I... *look down at his feet, struggling against the shame and sorrow rising*
    Mew: Mewtwo?
    Mewtwo: Me... Mew... I...

    *Mewtwo turn his back to Mew, ashamed of himself...*

    Mewtwo: You should not hang out with unworthy beings... Go... Go on and leave the fool that I am, alone...

    *Mew comes closer and try to hug Mewtwo but he refuses*

    Mewtwo: Don't waste your energy on a weakling...
    Mew *raising an eyebrow* What is your problem?!?
    Mewtwo *weirded out* Huh? What do you mean?
    Mew: Stop it with the self-pity! Do you really think that I'm just interested in your powers?
    Mewtwo: Well... I...
    Mew: I don't want to hear a single word! You are who you are, whatever happens! Who cares if you don't have psychic powers anymore? Humans live without powers just fine!... and anyway, you still got your soul and intelligence! Who cares if you don't have powers? Your skils with machines make up for any stupid psychic burst of energy!

    *Mewtwo starts to think... and then smiles*

    Mewtwo: You are right... I do have a power greater than psychic abilities... Now, bring me my tools. I must remodel all the systems in the castle to adapt them to my hands...
    Mew: That's the spirit! Mew! *flies out of the room*
    Mewtwo: *smiling* Heh... I guess Mew is right... It will maybe feel strange but eventually... I shall adapt.

    End of scene.

    -Not serious-

    Mewtwo: My powers... are gone! NO! My powers!
    Mew: Mew? *poke Mewtwo*
    Mewtwo: ... don't do that!
    Mew: Mew! *poke Mewtwo some more*
    Mewtwo: Stop it!
    Mew: Mew mew mew! *poke Mewtwo again*
    Mewtwo: No! You're mean!
    Mew: *giggles and poke Mewtwo like crazy*
    Mewtwo: HEY! You must respect the handicaped!

    *Mew stops poking Mewtwo and tilt her head to the right*

    Mew: Mew? You're not handicaped! Your hands work well! Your intelligence is as high as ever...
    Mewtwo:... and I lack powers! Something ALL Pokemon got!... even Magikarp!
    Mew: Err... sorry.

    *Mew's eyes glowed as she finally realized something... and Mewtwo felt... threatened for some reason*

    Mew: Heeheehee...
    Mewtwo: Err... *sweatdrop* Yes?
    Mew: No powers, huh?
    Mewtwo: aaaand?

    *Mewtwo's eyes widened as Mew pounced and did... errr... "stuff" to him. After some mad "action", Mew floated away, blushing like crazy*

    Mew: Now that I am once again the strongest Pokemon in the world, stronger than YOU for sure, I can do anything I want!... now, do some pushups for me!
    Mewtwo: Huh? Why?
    Mew: Just do it.

    *Mew uses her powers and Mewtwo starts protesting... but his body moves on its own. Mew giggles. She will sure enjoy this...*

    End scene.

    -Angsty version-

    Mewtwo: I lost my powers...
    Mew: Mew?
    Mewtwo: I... I lost... my powers...
    Mew: What's wrong?
    Mewtwo: Nothing... nothing...

    *Mewtwo leaves, head hanging low. He is walking slowly, obviously depressed.*

    Mew: Mew?... *silent for a few minutes* Err... why am I staying there? I should go on and cheer him up! Whee!

    *Mew goes outside*

    Mew: Mewtwo! I'm here to... *Mew's face turn pale* EEEEEEEEK!!!

    *Mewtwo's body is swaying back and forth in the hall. He hanged himself after learning he had permanently lost his powers. Mew begun to sob and then, came to a decision... She flew to the top ot the castle, stared at the sky for a moment... and then walked off the edge. Mew splattered into a bloody mess after a hefty fall and joined Mewtwo in death*

    End scene.

    -Randomness! OMG!-

    Mewtwo: I lost my psychic powers... but I gained THIS!

    *Mewtwo is holding a rather familiar-looking red mushroom in his right hand*

    Mewtwo: Thanks to this magical mushroom, which is said to give super powers, I shall gain back my powers!

    *Mewtwo eats the mushroom*

    Mewtwo: Ha! Ha! I can sense it! The power... HUH?!?

    *POOF! Mewtwo turned into Mario!*


    *Mario jumps out of the castle and went on to defeat Bowser and save the princess*

    End scene.


    Well, that's all for now... and I noticed that maybe a few too many of my jokes tend to involve Mew or Mewtwo "taking advantage of the situation"... looks like I'll have to come up with something more original, next time!

    ... and maybe I should take the time to write a reply that is actually thoughtful and emotion-inducing. Humor is fun... but well, variety is good since making fun of the two kitties will get old eventually... well, maybe.

    I'll come up with a new topic later! Have a nice day everyone!
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  17. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    I think I know the answer why no one was posted. My joke must've offended people. (I know it'll offend my parents. Adults have no sense of humor from us teens.) Or everyone got their heads blown off after laughing so hard. I don't know.

    Now, replies to your answers Zerodius...

    First: Loved Mew poking Mewtwo. Funny. And... Mewtwo lost his powers because he used it too much. Yep. Happens. (Like with Rayquaza foolishly lost "his" powers after twirling around so much. Should've had the Ekans die. Oh well.) Liked this one.

    Second: MEW! RESPECT THE HANDICAPPED! And yes, Mewtwo needs exercise! You tell `em Mew! Whoo! Females so totally rock the animal world! (No wonder the men were afraid of women in WWI.)

    Third: :eek: *barfs*

    Fourth: YAY! THE SUPER MARIO SUPER SHOW IS BACK! SQUEE! And huzzah for the mysterious red mushroom that makes Mario temporally big to squish those ebil Goombas and more! Now, go kick Bowser's big, spiky butt! WHOO! Oh, and kick Peach's too. I'm getting tired of her. EXCEPT IN SSBM! WHOOP!

    Okay... NEW TOPIC FOLKS! *fanfare* Whoop!

    OMG GIOVANNI HAS MEW! After cleverly stunning her into a coma, the evil Team Rocket leader has her captive. Mewtwo, being the big hero in here and not that baka Ash, decides to get back Mew. But little does he know Giovanni's using Mew as bait... How'll Mewtwo get Mew back? And is there death? Does Giovanni succeed? Only YOU will decide!

    Yep! Mew's now powerless! And as usual, I'll have my answer below. (Hooray for stage shows. Zerodius must be proud.)

    Giovanni: *in bushes* Okay, got the serum here... syringe... assisstant...
    Butch: Please leave me out of this.
    Giovanni: Nonsense Biff! I need you to carry Mew out in case she puts up a fight.
    Butch: *mumbles* It's BIFF. Gosh, get my name right.
    Giovanni: WHAT WAS THAT?!
    Butch: ^^; Nothing Boss!
    Giovanni: Okay... get ready... get set... GO! *passes out cards* So... got any Jokers?
    Butch: HEY YOU CHEATER! They're all Jokers!


    Mew: Okay dear! I'll be back!
    Mewtwo: How about I go instead? You need to rest.
    Mew: I'll be fine honey.
    Andrew: Hey! What're these Daddy? *holds up silverware*
    Mewtwo: No! Andrew, put them down! Where's Bianca?
    Andrew: Playing with the white stuff in the toiletroom.
    Mewtwo: Great, not again...
    Mew: I'll be back. I'm just getting some flowers in the field.
    Andrew: *pokes Mew's belly*
    Mewtwo: Andrew!
    Andrew: What? I'm just playing with my new brother or sister.
    Mewtwo: Don't do that.
    Mew: It's okay Mewtwo. I'll be fine. See you dear! *kisses Mewtwo and Andrew and flies off*

    *meanwhile, back with Giovanni and Biff*

    Giovanni: Playing UNO Attack is fun!
    Butch: *pushes button and cards spray over him* ACKPTH!
    Giovanni: Good thing I rigged the game!
    Butch: *grumbles but stops* Ooh! What's that pink thing? *points at Mew flying with basket over arm*
    Giovanni: What? *looks* OMG 1T'S M3W! QU14KLY, G1V3 M3 TEH S3RUM!
    Butch: Stop doing that Boss. It hurts our ears and your popularity.
    Giovanni: Sorry. Oop. DUCK!
    Mew: Hmm? *looks at bush* I thought I recognized that voice... Oh well. I'm just imagining things. *flies off*
    Giovanni: Okay. Now... grab the cage and things and let's go after it.
    Butch: Can't we wait until it's skinner? I don't think a fat cat'll fit in the cage.
    Giovanni: Did I say cage? I meant carrier. And it's for my Persian, but I had to bring it. And it's pregnant. *double-takes and hyperventilates*
    Butch: Oh crud...

    *meanwhile, back at the house*

    Bianca: *spreading toilet paper everywhere* FWEE! PLAYING WITH WHITE STUFF'S FUN!
    Mewtwo: BIANCA!
    Andrew: Oh look! What's this? *picks up plunger*
    Mewtwo: No! Give me that! *trips* AUGH!
    Andrew: EEK! *holds out plunger and Mewtwo lands on it face-down*
    Bianca: Yay! Daddy's got a stick coming out of his face!
    Andrew: *stuffs toilet paper in toilet and flushes* YAY! Watch it go Bianca!
    Mewtwo: *trying to get plunger off face* Don't play in the toilet kids! Help me Bianca!
    Bianca: Let's take a bath in here from now on!
    Andrew: Yeah!
    Mewtwo: *stumbles over furniture* Ow! Why'd we get kids in the first place?


    Mew: Well, that's all of the flowers! Mmf! Hard to get up now... At least I'm not having twins again...
    Butch: *runs up* HIYA KITTY! LET ME GIVE YOU A BIG HUG!
    Mew: AAUUGGH!
    Giovanni: *throws shoe at Butch* You bumbling fool! Not like that! Like this! *gets net* YOU'RE MINE KITTY!
    Butch: You gonna run or what?
    Mew: AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHH! *passes out*
    Butch: Oh.
    Giovanni: -_- Okay... Now... to add the serum! Good thing I filled it up back there! Whoops! Some of it got squirted out. Oh well. Still enough to put her into a coma for a while.
    Butch: Will it harm the kid in here? *pokes Mew's belly and is slapped*
    Giovanni: Knock it off. *injects serum in Mew and stuffs her in carrier* Now, back to the helicopter!
    Butch: 0o;;; Oh crap...

    *meanwhile, in the sky*

    Rayquaza: *twirling around like the idiot he is* La la la la laa! La la la la laa! Ooh look! Team Rocket's helicopter! And it's empty and it's on autopilot! FWEE! *eats copter* Yum!
    Ho-oh: Rayquaza, eating machinery will kill you one day.
    Rayquaza: Nuh uh. If my dinosaur cousins can survive on machinery, then so can I!
    Ho-oh: They never ate machinery due to lack of humans.
    Rayquaza: Uh... Have I ever told you I accidentally ate Ash Ketchum's dad?
    Ho-oh: No.
    Rayquaza: Okay. Just curious. *resumes twirling* La la la la laa! La la la la laa!...
    Ho-oh: *flies off but stops* Wait a second... RAYQUAZA!

    *back to Giovanni and Biff*

    Butch: *standing in spot where copter was* Oops.
    Giovanni: I should kill you. But if I do, I'd lose an important member.
    Butch: Yay! Escape Rope! *picks up magical rope*
    Giovanni: Yay! Lucky us! *square-dances*

    *meanwhile, at the kitty house-hold*

    Mewtwo: Okay kids, listen up! As the man of the house, I have to make some rules!
    Bianca & Andrew: *tied up* AAAAUUUUGGHHH!
    Mewtwo: *duck tapes* Enough. Okay... Rule number one: Don't play in the toilet.
    Bianca: -_- Mmf.
    Mewtwo: Second... *stops and twitches* I sense something wrong...
    Andrew: -_-; *thinking* I have to pee.
    Mewtwo: Kids, wait here. I have to go find your mother. *teleports away*
    Bianca: *teleports out of rope and duck tape* YAY! WHITE STUFF! *goes to bathroom*


    Mewtwo: Hmm. Usually Mew's here...
    Mewtwo: 0o;; Square-dancing? *goes towards source*
    Butch: Uh... You forgot to wear your hat.
    Giovanni: MY SOMBREAO (however you spell that)! GIMME! *snatches and sees Mewtwo* HOLA EL GATO!
    Mewtwo: What a stupid hat Giovanni.
    Giovanni: It's not stupid! It's fashionablly delightful!
    Butch: I'll take the fat cat then.
    Mewtwo: *sees Mew in carrier* HEY! WHY'RE YOU KIDNAPPING MY WIFE?!
    Giovanni: Eh? Oh! She's my new pet kitty! *twitches*
    Butch: Boss! You've been eating yuor diet candy bars again, haven't you?!
    Giovanni: Huzzah for diets! *twitches violently*
    Butch: They were spiked!
    Giovanni: So?

    *at the company of the diet bars*

    Worker: But boss! We'll get sued!
    Boss: Once the brain cells are gone, no one'll sue!
    Worker: Family?
    Boss: You're fired.

    *back with Giovanni and the others*

    Giovanni: *break dances*
    Mewtwo: This is getting old. *cracks knuckles*
    Butch: 00; Uh oh...

    *To make a long story short, Mewtwo beats up Biff and Giovanni, blasts them off, rescues Mew, revives her and they're again happy, though Mew doesn't remember the incident. Rayquaza was chased by Ho-oh because of what he did, Bianca and Andrew TPed the house on accident and everything was back to normal.*

    Ash Ketchum: *near the kitty house* Oh no! I'm lost! And I ate Pikachu... Oh well. Ooh! Rest house! *knocks on door*
    Mew: *opens* Yes?
    Ash: Hiya fat cat! *pokes belly*
    Mew: I'm not fat!
    Ash: Can I rest here?

    *To make another part short, Ash gets blown to kingdom come. The end. And Misty marries someone else instead of Ash, thus ending Pokéshipping. Ha ha ha.*

    And that's it. Now, I have to get off. So... don't expect me back for *sobs* TWO WEEKS! (This is all my brother's fault.) Because of my brother tattle-taling, I won't be back for a while. So... SEE YOU! WWWAAAHHHH! *breaks down*

    ♥Kutie Pie♥ Please be kind to midgets!
  18. Lil Brother

    Lil Brother Just kinda there.

    Tehehe... Kutie Pie, yours are hilarious. See you in two weeks! :(

    Zerodius, your serious one is SO CUTE.

    The reason I haven't been posting is... uh... *lame excuse* school!

    OMG GIOVANNI HAS MEW! After cleverly stunning her into a coma, the evil Team Rocket leader has her captive. Mewtwo, being the big hero in here and not that baka Ash, decides to get back Mew. But little does he know Giovanni's using Mew as bait... How'll Mewtwo get Mew back? And is there death? Does Giovanni succeed? Only YOU will decide!

    Oh boy, I love those "Give Yourself Goosebumps" books! :D

    Ash: Ono! Team Rocket has taken Mew hostage!
    Brock: Ono!
    May: Ono!
    Max: Ono!
    Pikachu: Pika!
    Pokedex: I am completely useless!
    Kool-Aid Man: *brust through courtroom wall* Oh yeah!
    Prof. Oak: Ono!
    Misty: Ono!
    Ash: Wt!?!? Why are you two here!?
    Misty: Plot convience!
    Dr. Yung: I will create the Mirage Pokemon, mwhahaha!
    Ash: Ono!
    Misty: Ono!
    Oak: Ono!
    Pikachu: Pika!
    Pokedex: At least I don't have my female voice anymore!
    Brock, Max, and May: *vanish*
    Ash: Let's go stop him!
    Misty and Oak: Yay!

    TO BE CONTINUED IN MASTERMIND OF MIRAGE POKEMON! (Airing in only eleven hours! Yay! Mew and Mirage Mewtwo are in it! That will surely be talked about here.)

    *wherever Mewtwo is*
    Mewtwo: Ono!
    Lil Brother: Stop that! T.T
    Mewtwo: Fine then. I'm off to save Mew! *randomly blows something up and flies off*
    Domino (spying on Mewtwo, talking to Giovanni through com link): Mewtwo's heading your way.

    *TR HQ*
    Giovanni: Excellent! Mwhahahaha!
    Persian: *yawn*
    Mew: *in a coma*
    Kool-Aid Man: Oh yeah!

    *Back with Mewtwo, stopping at Indigo Plateau for fries*
    Nurse Joy: Cheese fries or curly fries?
    Mewtwo: I told you! French fries!
    Nurse Joy: Cheese fries or curly fries?
    Mewtwo: *groan* Fine. Cheese fries.
    Contesta: Note how Nurse Joy's inabilty to even notice Mewtwo's protest lead to Mewtwo's eventual breakdown.
    Pokemon Club President: Remarkable!
    Domino: I'd like a chicken sandwich.
    Nurse Joy: Chicken tenders or chicken nuggets?

    *TR HQ*
    Giovanni: 009, what is Mewtwo's position? 009! *sigh* Can't get good help these days.

    *Wherever JJM are*
    Jessie, James, and Meowth: *all sneeze*
    James: Someone's talking about us.
    Jessie: We'll hunt them down and forever torture them!
    Meowth: Da Boss could benefit by- *Boss Fantasy* -he'll love us so much!
    JJM: *chant of the day*

    *TR HQ*
    Persian: *yawns again*
    Giovanni: Well, since nobody likes me, I may as well talk to you.
    Persian: Nya?
    Persian: o.o
    Giovanni: Now then. As Mewtwo comes here, he'll never expect this to be a plan to capture him!
    Rocket Grunt: But the entire point of Mewtwo's creation was to imitate Mew. If we have Mew, then what's the point of capturing the cheap rip-off?
    Giovanni: I'll do what I want!
    Mewtwo: You're plan has some serious flaws. It's just a vague idea, not a plan, for one thing.
    Giovanni: How did you get in here!?
    Mewtwo: *points to large hole in wall, courtsey Shadow Ball*
    Giovanni: How did I not notice the Earth-shattering kaboom it took to make that?
    Rocket Grunt: Plot convience.
    Mewtwo: *removes Mew from HQ using telekinesis and blows the place up*
    Giovanni: I'm blasting off again! x.x

    *back to Mewtwo's city*
    Mewtwo: Wake up, my darling.
    Mew: *wakes up*
    Mewtwo: Hi! ^^
    Mew: Hi! ^^ Anything happen while I was taking my nap?
    Mewtwo: Uh...
    *Giovanni lands next to them and leaves a huge crater in the cement*

    *Indigo Plateau*
    Nurse Joy: Chicken tenders or chicken nuggets?
    Contesta: Cat fight!
    Pokemon Club President: Remarkable!
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  19. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    A blatent lack of activity we have.

    Correct this I shall.

    Lil Brother: Heh! The Kool Aid Man joke is just as random and funny as my Super Mario Super Show one! Whoo!... and Giovanni has a few bolts loose in his brain...

    Kutie Pie: Spiked bars, twirling Rayquaza, naughty Mew kitties... oh my!

    Now for my answer to the topic!

    "OMG GIOVANNI HAS MEW! After cleverly stunning her into a coma, the evil Team Rocket leader has her captive. Mewtwo, being the big hero in here and not that baka Ash, decides to get back Mew. But little does he know Giovanni's using Mew as bait... How'll Mewtwo get Mew back? And is there death? Does Giovanni succeed? Only YOU will decide!"


    Giovanni: Finally, thanks to this Dark energy force field... MEW IS MINE! The strongest Pokemon is finally mine and now, I shall conquer the world!
    Mew: NO! Mean man! The Chosen and the Legendaries will thwart your efforts, like they always did and will always do!
    Giovanni: HMPH! What are they doing? Didn't they inject the Mind Control serum yet?
    Scientist: Actually, we did inject it... but Mew is resisting. It will take massive doses to succeed... and this will take time as injecting all of the doses right away could kill her.
    Giovanni: Not that it matters...
    Scientist: We also found out something about the little cat Pokemon's private life through analysis of the different fluids that has dried on its fur.
    Giovanni: Why should I care about this?
    Scientist: Well... *whisper something to Giovanni*
    Giovanni: Oh? Really... interesting! Good! Really good! Two Pokemon for the price of one... remarkable! Hahaha... *turns to a random window, an evil grin on his face* We shall meet again Mewtwo... soon... very soon...

    *During this time, at Mewtwo's castle...*

    Mewtwo: ... Mew is taking her time. COMPUTER! Show latest records of Mew's whereabouts!

    *Computer activate itself...*

    Computer: Last night... *Show Mew blushing, sitting on the bed with a blushing Mewtwo*
    Mewtwo: Err... that wasn't what I had in mind... FAST FOWARD!
    Computer: This morning... *Show Mew emptying fifteen bottles of milk in a row while Mewtwo shake his head in disbelief*
    Mewtwo: ... fast foward...
    Computer: 10:30 AM... *Mew is in the garden, picking the flowers and playing with the massive windmills towers while Mewtwo run after her, decided not to let her wreck his garden and his castle*
    Mewtwo: ... I feel so embarassed. Could you please remind me why I'm life-mated to that childish cat?
    Computer: Because that she is a real beast when it comes to...
    Mewtwo: *REALLY embarassed and panicked* FAST FOWARD I SAID!!!
    Computer: This after-noon... a few hours ago. *Show Mew flying near a human city, disguised as a Wingull, "bombarding" passing cars and steal McDonald fries from helpless children*
    Mewtwo: Ugh... Mew sure has weird ways of having fun!
    Computer: Bug detected. That was a real Wingull. *Focus change on Mew who is in a back alley, purring and meowing alongside tons of Skitties and Meowths. The females are impressed, the males are infatuated. Mew taunts the males mercilessly, constantly showing herself off while remaining impossible to touch*
    Mewtwo: Mew sure can be mean at times... She knows what effects she have on males and how she can take advantage of it...

    *But then, on screen, all the cats run away and Mew turn toward members of Team Rocket. Mew meow innocently, tilting her head to the right, and make them spin around her, laughing at them as they fly, helpless, around her... but then, Mew screams in horror and pain as a net drops on her and shocks her with enormous amounts of Dark energy. The grunts turn to the pink Legendary Pokemon and take out guns, firing more streams of dark energy. A tank-like machine break out of the wall and add its own input to the mix. Mew still struggle... and as a helicopter arrive to shock Mew as well, people in the streets begin to notice the scene. Mew struggles and struggles... but with several Dark dynamos, dozens of guns firing at her, the net, and the tanks... Mew find herself being overwhelmed... and she weakens. Quickly, the Team Rocket agents trap her in a Dark energy force field and bring her away...*

    *Mewtwo's eyes widen. He stands up, his eye twitching in anger*

    Mewtwo: Giovanni... COMPUTER! Send the call to the clones and begin production of the new generation!
    Computer: Your next plan of world domination was supposed to begin in two weeks...
    Mewtwo: I DO NOT CARE! Time is of the essence! We shall strike now before they can do anything to Mew!

    *Mewtwo storms out of the room*

    *Back at Team Rocket HQ... Security is tight. Dozens of agents patrol the place and access is restricted. A real fortress. The night... and then, a small truck arrives... the Team Rocket guards come to the truck...*

    Grunt: Identify your... GULP!

    *A blade slices wide open the grunt and a pink tentacle take the body away... then, the grunt, seemingly intact despite being killed just a few seconds ago, came out of the truck and allowed it and its content inside... for it was not a grunt but a cloned Ditto, one of Mewtwo's agents*

    *As the truck makes it inside, an explosion is heard the opposite side of the entrance! The power generator was somehow bombed, cutting the fortress's source of power and plunging it into the dark! Also, the wires for the secondary power source were cut somehow... The grunts run around, trying to figure out what happens while muffled screams and sounds of flesh being ripped apart is heard... and yet, their number do not get smaller for some ill reason despite the carnage*

    Grunt #1: What's going on?!? What are those sounds?
    Grunt #2: I dunno... HMPH! *A massive red clawed hand comes out of the shadows and bring the Grunt into the darkness, where the sound of a neck being snapped is heard... then the Grunt comes out, seemingly unarmed*
    Grunt #1: This is so creepy... Hey man! What happened to you?
    Grunt #2: Nothing.

    *Grunt #1 turns his back to Grunt #2*

    Grunt #1: I don't know about you... but it's so fishy! We should watch our ba...

    *A massive Poison Sting pass straight through the Grunt's chest and he falls, dead and replaced by a Ditto instantly. No agents are left outside and the main defensive systems are down. Mewtwo, hidden under his long cape, appears. Satisfied that everything is going according to plan, he and his agents infiltrate the area, Meowthtwo and Pikachutwo, his second-in-commands, following closely...*

    Giovanni: Hehehe... Mewtwo is coming...
    Admin: Grunt! Grunt! Answer me! What's happening out there? What was that explosion?
    Ditto: There was a malfunction with the power generator. We're fixing it as fast as possible. Sorry, boss!
    Admin: And what's the deal with the secondary systems? We barely have enough energy to keep Mew captive and the lighting systems online!
    Ditto: The malfunction knocked out the secondary systems too. We're working on it boss!
    Admin: I see...

    *The admins are gathered around Giovanni... they frown. They know this is bad...*

    Then, there was a breach in the security. Three beings passed through, the Grunts offering absolutely no resistance. Giovanni's eyes widen in anticipation... and Mewtwo appears before him in all of his glory.

    Giovanni: So we meet again... my Pokemon.
    Mewtwo: *smirking* You disappoint me, my trainer. It seems that my own organization far exceed yours in terms of agents competance and ressources. Your security system was as easy to breach as it is for me to hammer a Magikarp in the ground.
    Giovanni: I wouldn't expect any less from you. Now... *point to Mew, trapped in a Dark energy field* You know that if you do not submit to me... I will cause the force field to become smaller and to shock Mew to death. We are not dumb. We figured out that you took some... liberties... regarding the fact that you were of the opposite gender than her... and I doubt very much that you will allow me to harm your mate.

    *Mewtwo roll his eyes*

    Mewtwo: Why should I care? This is only an illusion. *point out to Mew, who is standing next to him*
    Giovanni: Huh? What's this?
    Mewtwo: *grinning* Ever heard of Doctor Yung? His technology of Mirage cloning was quite brillant... and as such, I created a Mirage Mew to replace Mew in such cases. You see... what you captured is nothing more than a hollogram. After all... I'm sure you must have noticed how Mew's DNA was kinda strange upon analysis.
    Giovanni: *frowning* The DNA analysis... NOW!
    Scientist: Err... heehee...
    Giovanni: What is it?
    Scientist: I just read through it again... and well, he's right. We captured the fake Mew.

    *Giovanni's eyes widen*

    Giovanni: WHAT?!? INCOMPETANTS! Shut down the force field and activate the Capture Beam! Capture Mew and Mewtwo... NOW!

    *The force field keeping Mew captive is shut down and Mewtwo smirks. He sends a telepathic message to the Porygon2 who is hacking Team Rocket's systems... and the Capture Beam malfunction, exploding. Mew flies to Mewtwo and hug him...*

    Mewtwo: Thank you for your cooperation, human. It was easy to modify the records using my Porygon2, swapping Mew's analysis with that of Mirage Mew's. Indeed... you did capture the real Mew... but well, it is easy to fool naive fools such as you. Now... I shall erase your memories and take my leave... but not before leaving a little reminder to you.
    Giovanni: AAAAUGH! *Mewtwo use his psychic powers to cut through his skin, spelling the words "Giovanni and his Team Rocket sucks! Mewtwo and his Dark Vortex rules!" on his forehead. Then, he, Mew and all of his agents teleported away, erasing the memories of Giovanni and all of his agents... as well as nuking what was left of the laboratory, erasing records on Mew*

    Giovanni: Huh? Where am I? How did I arrive here?
    Scientist: No ide... huh? *see the words printed on his boss's face* Err... you might not want to look at a mirror right now...*
    Giovanni: WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!? *face a mirror... and his eyes widen in shock and horror as he realizes the truth* CURSE YOU MEWTWO!!!

    *During this time, Mew purs as she lies in Mewtwo's arms...*

    Mew: Oh my hero...
    Mewtwo: I'm so glad you're alright...

    *Mew keeps on purring... but then notices something*

    Mew: The castle's the other way... and where are you bringing me?

    *Mewtwo place Mew in a stronger Dark energy force field and activate it*

    Mew: WHAT?!?
    Mewtwo: I'm taking over the world. What else? Don't worry. Once the world is mine, I'll free you and you'll be free to be my queen. You will like the changes I will bring to this foolish, flawed world.
    Mew: *sighs and then smile sweetly* Some things never change... but well, you do realize that the Chosen One and the other Legendaries will beat you up as usual.
    Mewtwo: *grins* Don't worry... I look foward to it.

    End of scene.

    Well, I will post more scenes later as I am out of time. Expect to see the new scenes soon!
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  20. Lil Brother

    Lil Brother Just kinda there.

    Well, Zerodius, when it comes to Mewtwo, it seems we agree on two things:

    -Mewtwo and Mew make a good couple.

    -Mewtwo is horny.


    I loved the idea of using the Mirage techno. Speaking of which, did anyone else just plain burst into tears when Mirage Mew died? That was sad. Weirdly enough, I loved the brutal fight between the kitties even though I ship them. Eh, all's fair in love and war.

    New topic time!

    Why does Mewtwo seeks solitare if he really loves Mew on the inside? Maybe it's because of a scene we never saw? *cough*scenescriptchance*cough*


    I have lots of short replies:

    -Mewtwo is afraid Mew will be harmed if they live together (the best shippy answer!)

    -Mewtwo is so accustomed to being alone in the world he likes to be with no one but himself.

    -Mewtwo and Mew are too busy with their own lives and responsibilities.

    -Mewtwo and Mew don't know where one another are.

    -Mew is just plain too old-fashioned to even consider shacking up with him. *cough* I mean she's too silly and childlike, of course. ;)
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