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Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Kutie Pie, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    Ha... Naterio's reply was deleted. Good thing. Anyway...

    I'm, not posting my latest replies to the topics... but know that I FINALLY was able to draw a mewshipping picture that isn't toally worthless!

    Now... behold!

    OK... it's not exactely romantic... but still, it's somewhat cute, I believe. Also, yes, I know that the eyes are too big. It's part of my unique drawing style so I will ask you to appreciate/bear with it. Mew is a bit too small here but I think it's OK overall.

    YAY! An actually shippy picture! Mew is slightly too small on this picture as well... but apart from that, I think I did well.

    Now... about the special episode...

    I will post my (extremely harsh) review of it later since the next chapter for Rejected, Weakest Link, and Why a Lemon are long overdue.
    Last edited: May 4, 2006
  2. Naterio


    ...um I deleted it myself.
  3. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    Naterio, do you like mewshipping? Please share your opinion about the topics, create new topics, or post pictures... else, DON'T POST!

    Spam is NOT welcome here!


    Now for my opinion about the mirage special.

    Disappointment... MAJOR disappointment and no, it's not because of the voices!

    I expected Mew and Mewtwo to appear, they did not.

    I expected the Mirage Master to be everyone but Dr.Yung, it was not the case.

    Dr.Yung is a cliched and badly executed villain.

    Mirage Mew having a soul and the others not having a soul makes no sense, period.

    Corny lines like "you can't make a soul into data!" make me hate the episode... and that statement is false *COUGH!*Porygon...*COUGH!*

    Mirage Mew got owned by a Magnemite. Mirage Mewtwo got killed by one Volt Tackle. I need to say more stuff?

    Ash & cie. were OoC beyond belief. I had been looking foward to Misty's appearance so much... but now, I am left hoping she wouldn't have appeared.

    All in all, I despised the episode. I even consider it one of the worst Pokemon episodes in existence.



    Now, let's get on-topic!

    "Why does Mewtwo seeks solitare if he really loves Mew on the inside? Maybe it's because of a scene we never saw? *cough*scenescriptchance*cough*"



    *Mew float there. She tilt her head to the right...*

    Mewtwo... why are you here?
    Mew:Why do you remain in your castle, alone, all day?
    Mewtwo:*sigh loudly* Look Mew... I... *thinks for a while, with a sad expression... but then, his expression turn serious and harsh* No... Just leave me alone. I do not belong over there...
    Mew:What are you talking about? Of course you do!
    Mewtwo:No, I don't.
    Mew:Yes, you do!
    Mewtwo:No, I don't.
    Mew:Yes, you do!
    Mewtwo:*sigh loudly*Why don't you go over there? *point to the horizon* Why don't you go there and have fun? with those who are like you?
    Mew:*angry* Hey! You have no right to speak to me like that! I am your MOMMY! Show respect to me!
    Mewtwo:*frowning* There is absolutely no proof that the DNA used to create me was your own!... and besides, the differences in our DNA makes me unrelated to you technically.
    Mew:I KNOW that the DNA was from me!... and different or not different, it doesn't matter! I'm your mommy!
    Mewtwo:No, you aren't.
    Mew:Yes, I am!
    Mewtwo:No, you aren't.
    Mew:Yes, I am!

    *Mewtwo's right eye starts to twitch. He stares at Mew and he look SERIOUSLY annoyed*

    Mewtwo:Just... leave me alone already... NOW!
    Mew:What's wrong with you?!? *look sad*

    *Mewtwo's annoyance disappears. He stands there, upset seeing Mew's expression...*

    Mewtwo:What do you mean?
    Mew:All you do is remaining alone all day! It's unhealthy, you know! I'm worried!
    Mewtwo:Really? You shouldn't... I can take care of myself...
    Mew:I don't care! Why don't YOU go over there and have fun? *point to the horizon* It would do you a lot of good!... rather than remaining in that castle all day and inhaling dust!

    *Mewtwo frowns. He seems rather... nervous*

    Mewtwo:I... cannot do that.
    Mew:Huh? Why?

    *Mewtwo's eyes widen. He seems REALLY nervous now. He turns his back to her*

    Mewtwo: I... I just can't.
    Mew:*Mew calm down. She tilt her head to the right* Mew?
    Mewtwo: I... You should go.
    Mew:What's wrong Mewtwo?
    Mewtwo: ... nothing.
    Mew:You're a terrible liar. Please tell me what's wrong...
    Mewtwo:... I... I... There's nothing wrong.

    *Mew doesn't seem happy. Her tail swings like a pendulum and she looks like she's going to jump on Mewtwo's face and turn it into raw meat*

    Mew:I'm sick of your secrets! Tell me! Tell me! TELL ME!
    Mewtwo: I... I...

    *Mew is throwing a fit. She bounces madly around Mewtwo like a crazy Spoink. Mewtwo's eyes widen further and he senses his patience wearing thin...*


    *Mewtwo's patience is broken*

    Mewtwo:SHUT UP!!!

    *His scream is deafening to the point of making the entire castle shake. Mew stops and float there, blinking, confused*


    *Mewtwo turns to Mew. His eyes burn with rage and he REALLY look scary*

    Mewtwo:You want to know? YOU WANT TO KNOW?!? FINE!!! I'm a freak... A MONSTER!
    Mew: *frowning* Meeeew... *starts to cry*
    Mewtwo:I'm a stupid abomination! Not only am I a stupid clone but I also happen to be the FREAKIN' SOURCE OF ALL SHADOW ENERGY!

    *Mewtwo smiles. He look... insane*

    Mewtwo: Satisfied? SATISFIED?!? Now... BEGONE!!! *point to the horizon and unleash a massive psychic force that kick Mew out of his castle on the spot, sending her slamming into the nearest tree*

    Mew: *slammed in a tree* Meeeeewoooow...

    *Mew is stuck in the tree. She place her large feet on the tree and pull... but she's stuck. After much effort, she is able to free herself*

    Mew:What a jerk! He can remain alone as long as he wants! Serve himself right!

    *her ears start to twitch... she think she can hear something... Mew slowly float back toward the castle and notice Mewtwo, curled into a ball... and she finally identify the sound... and she frowns, saddened, realizing that Mewtwo is crying. Instantly, she forgive him and enter the castle to fix the issue... Mewtwo notices her and stops crying. He turns to her, distressed...*

    Mewtwo:Back? So you're going to rub it in aren't you? AREN'T YOU? LEAVE ME ALONE!
    Mew: *taking a motherly expression* Calm down... calm down...
    Mewtwo:How can you be so calm?!? I... I can feel it, inside of me... the cries... the screams... all of the sorrow and anger of all creatures... Everytime I close my eyes, I can hear them... I can see them... and... and I know deep down that they're the source of my power... I draw my power from others' suffering... I am... a monster... a demonic monster...
    Mew: Do you believe that you are a monster because of this? Do you truly believe it makes you a monster?
    Mewtwo:You cannot understand...
    Mew:I do.
    Mewtwo:No, you cannot.
    Mew:I do.
    Mewtwo:No, you cannot.

    *Mewtwo frowns and look away from Mew*

    Mewtwo:See? SEE?!? Now... begone!
    Mew: Do you truly believe you can run away from it? That you can seal yourself away forever?
    Mewtwo:Why wouldn't I be able to?!?

    *Mew close her eyes and show Mewtwo what happened in Orre... How Cipher extracted the leaking power of Mewtwo and used it to create the dreaded Shadow Plague. Mewtwo widen his eyes in horror, an expression of shock on his face. Mew slowly open her eyes...*

    Mew:See? You are the Legendary Pokemon of Darkness... the one who was born out of humanity's selfish desires, the one brung forth by the ambitions of the wicked. You are the Darkness. Within you, the negative feelings of this world take a physical shape, reshaped by your psychic powers into the Shadow Energy.
    Mewtwo:This is... unspeakable!
    Mew:You will be able to run away from this. Even if you terminate yourself... you are a Legendary Pokemon. Your soul is directly linked to the Darkness, like my soul is linked to the Light, and like Ho-oh's is linked to Life. Even if you die, you will always return, forever revived by everyone's hatred.
    Mewtwo:Then... it is hopeless.

    *Mew shake her head*

    Mew:No... it isn't. The Darkness is your power... and like any power, it is up to the wielder to use it for whatever purposes the wielder may have in mind. You must control your power and use it for the good of everyone... like I do with my own.
    Mewtwo:How... how can I control a power I don't even understand?
    Mew:You're the smart one, not me. You have machines, right? Analyse yourself... learn from your experiences, perceptions... experiment. Grasp the form of your power and control it. I know you can do it... I trust you...
    Mewtwo:You... you trust me?
    Mew:I always did. You doubted me?
    Mewtwo:No... no...

    *Mewtwo turned his back to Mew, closing his eyes, calming himself. He is strangely quiet...*

    Mewtwo:I... will try.

    *Mew smiles sweetly*

    Mew:Thank you... and please, don't hurt yourself anymore. You said it yourself... it doesn't matter what is your nature for you will always be yourself...
    Mewtwo:Yes... you are right. How could I forget...

    *Mewtwo turns back to Mew... and notices how she haven't left yet.*

    Mew:There's something else... You wouldn't have reacted like this if it had been someone else... Tell me... What's wrong with you? What is REALLY wrong with you?

    *Mewtwo's eyes widen anew. He looks like he's about to panic again. He turns his back to Mew and hides his face, as if to hide something... and hiding something he is. He is hiding the red color that appeared on his face...*

    Mew: Don't lie to me. You know it's useless...
    Mewtwo:You wouldn't understand. It's too... messed up.
    Mew: *smiling* Go ahead. I'll try to understand...

    *Mew floats next to Mewtwo and awaits his answer. Mewtwo closes his eyes, sigh loudly, and decided to go ahead...*

    Mewtwo:I... I feel weird around you... There's... there's this strange warmth I feel around you... and for some reason, I can't get sick of looking at you. I can stay entire nights, watching you from my castle, on my monitors... and I have been dreaming of you as well. Your image haunts me... and I... I don't know why. I'm so frustrated... and scared... and I want to be close... and yet, I feel so awkward and nervous near you... I... I fail to understand what's wrong with me...

    *Mew recognize those symptoms... and she cannot help but smile. Mewtwo turns to her, raising an eyebrow... and then, much to his confusion, Mew burst out laughing*

    Mewtwo:What's so funny?

    *Mew is barely able to control herself. She turns to him, trying to control her laughter*

    Mew: Heehee... what's so funny? Well...

    *Mew get ahold of herself and wonder why she had laughed. Nervousity? Surprise?... or just the entire awkardness of it all?*

    Mew:Oh Mewtwo... there's nothing wrong with you!

    *Mewtwo raise an eyebrow. He doesn't understand...*

    Mewtwo:What? Really? What is it then?
    Mew:Mewtwo... *smiles in a naughty way. Float until her nose is almost touching his* You are in love with me. It's just that.
    Mewtwo:Oh. I see.

    *Mewtwo stands there, staring at Mew... and then, the full realization of it smack into him like a brick wall. His eyes widen and he becomes tense*

    Mew:Indeedy! It seems you have taken a bit of a liking to me, it seems!
    Mewtwo:But... but I'm your clone! That... that would be like falling in love with my mother!

    *Mew starts laughing anew*

    Mewtwo:What's so funny?
    Mew:Oh Mewtwo! Mewtwo! Heeheehee! You're SO funny! A second, you say that I'm not your mommy, the next I am? Decide yourself!
    Mewtwo:I... err... well... *embarassed, blushes* I... well...
    Mew:Now now... there's no reason to rush it. Calm yourself and think it over... You have went through a lot. You need some rest...
    Mewtwo:Ye... yes... you are right. I'll think about it... *Mewtwo sits down. He's rather... confused right now* I... I will think about it.
    Mew:Nice... Now, if you need me... just call to me. I'll come in a second... I'll see you later. Love, Mewtwo!

    *Mew fly out of the castle and turn back toward the castle...*

    Mew:Oh Mewtwo... you sure make me go through so many states! What will I do with you... *giggles* Mewtwo... in love with me? Such a funny situation! I wonder if I should be amused or panicked. The Legendary Pokemon of Darkness, in love with the Legendary Pokemon of Light? A funny thought!... and an impossible one, as well! No way I could fall for such a cute, smart, nice, beautiful male who... *Mew start to blush wildly as she describe him to herself... but realizing she blushed, Mew's eyes widened* Errr... *giggles stupidly* Oh great! I feel so dizzy...

    *Mew turns toward the castle one last time*

    Mew:Well... I don't know about him... but I'll take some time and think about it. I look foward to seeing you again Mewtwo... I hope we can be good friends... yeah... good friends... *blushes at the thought... but then, she get ahold of herself, saying mentally to herself "Not in that way, kitty! NOT IN THAT WAY".*


    *After meowing one last time, Mew fly away and disappear in the clouds*

    End of scene.


    I'll post more scenes later. I hope you enjoyed this scene!
    Last edited: May 4, 2006
  4. Naterio


    OHH......MYY......GAWDD!!!!!!11!11 THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING..............WOOOOOOOOW! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOYAAAAAAAAAA......**CHOUGH** Er....hee hee...great story...it really explained a lot.................."WHERE THERE IS LIGHT (Mew), THERE IS DARKNESS (Mewtwo)!" - Rimeraz...from Skies of Arcadia, remix by Naterio. HOOYA!
  5. Lil Brother

    Lil Brother Just kinda there.

    Naterio, I have the feeling you failed English Lit. o.o

    Now then.

    Heh, I like your style, Zerodius. Although I perfer muscle Mewtwo to lanky Mewtwo, he likes so awesome. XD And the second one gives me dirty thoughts...

    I'll read your scen later tonight when I have more time on my hands. :p But for quick Mastermind notes...

    Ash: Bye, Misty, have fun falling to your death! Bye, Pikachu, have fun being kidnapped! Oh, hey Mew, how you been since the last movie? Yes, that's rights, sit on the black thing. Whoa! A pink lazer beam of DOOM!

    I expected Mew and Mewtwo to appear, they did not.[/QUOTE]To be fair, having our favorite kitties appear from nowhere would be completely random.

    What I'm concerned is Mewtwo being public knowledge now. Has he been lazy with concealing his identity? :O

    And to post something MewShippy, time to answer a random topic quickly!

    If Mew and Mewtwo married, how many kids would they have and what would their names be?

    Why did I never answer this? o.o

    Anyway, this is the main reason I started to support MewShipping! I imagined them with a tiny baby Mew (when GSC came out, I made him a shiny in my mind). He wouldn't have a name, as Pokemon don't have names unless a human names them. Mew would worry about him a lot, as that seems the Mew thing to do. The offspring would look up to Mewtwo and try to be like him... leading to him getting into plenty of trouble. He would be a good-natured Mew, but he somehow just can't seem to stay out of that pesky trouble! And Mewtwo would scold him a bit, not being a good father figure in my mind. The offspring would slowly turn away from him and his mother. But there would be an eventual make-up as the offspring admits to just wanting to be like his father and they would have a teary revelation/make-up with Mewtwo trying to make up for the lost years!

    Yes, random.
  6. Naterio


    MewFii could be one...A female Mew and/or Mewtwo

    Nintendo Copyright Pokemon
    MewFii Copyright Naterio

    ^Just so it a Nintendo person with a name I made.
  7. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    Awaiting your comments, Lil Brother!

    ... and Kutie Pie sure will have a lot of scenes to look at when she/he will be back online!

    Now for the current subject...

    "If Mew and Mewtwo married, how many kids would they have and what would their names be? "

    Well... the most likely theory would be that since Mew is a cat, she would give birth to a litter of cute little kitties. Thus, we would end up up with six cute little kitties!

    *Mew is exhausted, Mewtwo is standing next to her, tail high up. Both are purring loudly. Six little Mew/Mewtwo babies can be seen...*

    Mew: So... what shall we name them?
    Mewtwo: Easy, my love... Mewthree, Mewfour, Mewfive, Mewsix, Mewseven, and Meweight.

    *Mew stop purring. She raise an eyebrow, frowning... and then, she smiles and giggles slightly (not as much as usual since she is exhausted from giving birth)*

    Mew: Very funny! Whee! Funny joke!

    *Mewtwo crosses his arms, raising an eyebrow as well*

    Mewtwo: Huh? I was being serious here. I mean... I'm just keeping up with the trend for our specie's names. First you, then me, "Mewtwo". It's only logical that our children might have your name with a chronological hint in it to signify how far from the original they are.
    Mew: Mewtwo... if I wasn't exhausted I would blast you for this, doofus!

    *Mewtwo frowns*

    Mewtwo: Hey! What did I do?
    Mew: What about REAL names?
    Mewtwo: What? My ideas are not good enough?!?
    Mew: Err... it's... *is embarassed* It's not that your ideas aren't good or original but... well... *hesitate* well... actually, the names you thought of just plain suck.

    *Mewtwo remains there, baffled for a moment... and then, he turns to the kitties, staring at them in a somewhat sad way*

    Mewtwo: You know Mew... I love you to the point of insanity... and I do know that us arguing isn't such a big deal... but I would like it if our children could have a better image of us than two cats hissing at each others.

    *Mew blinks a few times... and then, she relaxes and starts to pur*

    Mew: Well... I guess you're right. Let us think of names without arguing...

    *The two cats stare at each others for a while... and then...*

    Mewtwo: Humm... we do need names. Identifying them would be best, you know...
    Mew: Yes, indeed...
    Mewtwo: I still say that Mewthree, Mewfour, Mewfive, Mewsix, Mewseven, and Meweight are the best.
    Mew: *annoyed, tail swinging* Mewtwo...

    *Mewtwo was about to say something when he noticed something... He smiled sweetly and pointed at the kitties*

    Mewtwo: Mew?

    *Mew's annoyance disappears instantly, her curiosity taking over*

    Mew: Huh? What?
    Mewtwo: Look... our babies...

    *Mew turn down to look at them... and smiles, seeing as they sleep*

    Mew: Ooooh... our babies...
    Mewtwo: How cute... they're sleeping.

    *Both cats pur for a little while... and then, Mewtwo crosses his arms, smiling in a naughty way*

    Mewtwo: Well... I guess that it's OK for us to argue about their names now that they're asleep...
    Mew: *roll eyes* You will never change...
    Mewtwo: What do you have against Mewthree, Mewfour, Mewfive, Mewsix, Mewseven, and Meweight?
    Mew: Just no.
    Mewtwo: Why not?
    Mew: No.
    Mewtwo: Yes!
    Mew: No!
    Mewtwo: Yes!
    Mew: No!
    Mewtwo: Yes!
    Mew: No!

    End of scene.

    So, what are their names?... well, we'll find out when the two finally agree... which will take quite some time.

    ... although...


    [SPOIL]Mewlt is the son of Mew and Mewtwo in Rejected. In the alternate version (not yet released), Myudii is their daughter. In Forgotten, the second alternate version, both Mewlt and Myudii exist.[/SPOIL]

    That's all for now... actually, no.

    I got a MASSIVELY weird topic here!

    "Mewtwo was cloned from Mew, right? Ever found it weird how they were opposite genders despite the fact that Mewtwo is Mew's clone? Well... what would happen if Mew was to discover that Mewtwo was, in truth, a female?"

    Muwahahaha! Fear my weird topics!

    I shall give my answer(s) later, as always.

    Have fun, people!... and don't forget Lil Brother's topic as well (I would like to see more answers to it, personally)!
    Last edited: May 8, 2006
  8. ?question?

    ?question? <-Me in real life

    "Mewtwo was cloned from Mew, right? Ever found it weird how they were opposite genders despite the fact that Mewtwo is Mew's clone? Well... what would happen if Mew was to discover that Mewtwo was, in truth, a female?"

    I think that Mew would pull out her cute pink cell-phone and call all her girl-friends to gossip. But then, after extensive research (imagine Mew in a lab coat with horn-rimmed glasses) Mew discovers, she is really a he! Bum, bum, bum!
  9. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."



    Ahem. Well, I can't believe I missed so much! Naterio, welcome to the thread but PLEASE don't spam or ANYTHING! Otherwise, I shall... Throw balls at you. Yeah. I don't know.

    Zerodius: What kind of guy would have this screen name, huh? And your pictures... *snickers* Couldn't help but laugh at them, but they're really cute. (Well, everyone has their own drawing style. I keep having Mewtwo's head round at times. CURSE YOU PHOTOBUCKET ACCOUNT!) And... YAY! A SEQUEL (or prequel dur...) TO REJECTED! WWWHHHHHHOOOOOO! I mean... HOLY SCHNITZEL!

    And BOOYAH! My guess on the evil mastermind was so totally correct! (SUBMIT, MY BROTHERS! GIMME YOUR MONEY, BOYS! *pounces on two brothers*) Anyway... YES! I was choked up when Mirage Mew died. *sniff* Now... Who won the other contest? (You changed your avatar, nooo!)

    Lil Brother: HA HA HA HA HA! Your reply to my last topic was funny! Die Kool-Aid Man! Whee! I'm sure you missed me a LOT. Well... What else am I supposed to say... I forgot. And be nice to Naterio. If you insult him AGAIN, then you are... PELTED BY MY LITTLE MARSHMALLOW PEEPS WHICH ARE JIGGLYPUFFS!

    ?question?: You sure didn't reply much. (School, right?) And Mew being a he... OMG NO!

    Okay... REPLY TO NEW TOPICS! (One of the long forgotten topics has returned! A shiny Mew? Dang, Lil Brother. And naming the kittens Mewthree, Mewfour, Mewfive, Mewsix, Mewseven and Meweight's not going to work Mewtwo. Heh heh.)

    "Mewtwo was cloned from Mew, right? Ever found it weird how they were opposite genders despite the fact that Mewtwo is Mew's clone? Well... what would happen if Mew was to discover that Mewtwo was, in truth, a female?"

    NO! MEWSHIPPING THEN'LL BE A LESBIAN THING! EWW! I refuse to answer to that. Hard to imagine a girl with a man's voice. *shudders*

    "Why does Mewtwo seek solitare if he really loves Mew on the inside? Maybe it's because of a scene we never saw?"

    Well... Here's a scene. (Hope it's not too long.)

    Mewtwo: *has shifty eyes* Okay... I must finish packing before Mew comes in...
    Mew: *flies in* Hi dear! Why're you packing? Are you going somewhere?
    Mewtwo: Yes.
    Mew: Where? You never told me anything.
    Mewtwo: Uh... Giovanni's trying to capture Rayquaza to recover his copter.
    Mew: You sure? He doesn't know that.
    Mewtwo: o0;; *twitches* Er...
    Mew: What's your secret? I can probe minds.
    Mewtwo: OKAY OKAY! *sighs* I've always been a solitary person. I just can't stand being with someone for a long period of time. That's why I was always to myself whenever I was with my superclones. And that's why I go outside a lot for hours at a time.
    Mew: And leave me with the kids.
    Mewtwo: Speaking of the kids, where are they?
    Mew: At a friend's house. I'm letting her handle them for now.

    *at the other house*

    Andrew: WHOO! Look what I found! *holds up rifle*
    Larvitar (Named Dillan, is Andrew and Bianca's friend): Oooo!
    Dillan's mother (Tyranitar): HONEY! I THOUGHT YOU GOT RID OF THAT! DEAR!
    Andrew: What's this? *points at trigger*
    Dillan's mother: Give me that! *snatches away*
    Andrew: Hmph. *kicks Bianca's shin*
    Bianca: OW!
    Dillan: Hey! Let's go to the dark side of the cave!
    Bianca and Andrew: WHOO!
    Dillan's mother: NUH UH! DON'T YOU DARE!
    Bianca: First bath in toiletroom!
    Andrew: And white stuff!
    Dillan: Sounds like fun!
    Andrew: And the stick thing! *picks up plunger and smacks Dillan's mother's face with it, and it sticks* Oops.
    Dillan: RUN!

    *back at the Mew house*

    Mew: So why're you always solitary?
    Mewtwo: Uh... scientists' fault?
    Mew: Well, where are you going anyway?
    Mewtwo: *sighs* I have to leave for a few months.
    Mew: WHAT! But Mewtwo, I'm due soon! I can't be left alone! And there's poachers and Trainers out there still!
    Mewtwo: I might go to insanity if I stay any longer.
    Mew: *crying* But... but dear...
    Mewtwo: I'm sorry. But I have to leave.
    Mew: *turns away* After all w-we've been through...
    Mewtwo: When the kids ask where I am, tell them it's a small... mission.
    Mew: I'm not having the kids think you're a secret agent!
    Mewtwo: They think I am anyway.
    Mew: What if other males mistake me as a single mom, huh? And... they try to... get me to marry them...
    Mewtwo: The ring's proof you're married.
    Mew: *stares at ring and cries harder* What if I don't have the ring with me?
    Mewtwo: What're you talking about?
    Mew: What if I discard the ring?
    Mewtwo: And leave me?
    Mew: You should've told me sooner. Now I might have to raise the kids fatherless.
    Mewtwo: But... honey...
    Mew: Get away from me. I don't want to see you. *points to door* Now leave.
    Mewtwo: But...
    *door slams open and the twins rush in, whooping*
    Andrew: That was fun!
    Bianca: I can't believe Dillan's mother screamed like that! I didn't know she could!
    Andrew: And that Smeargle's tail we stepped on? WHOOP! That was funny! Hi Dad! On another secret mission?
    Bianca: Trying to fight the evil Middle East terrorists again?
    Mew: *glares at Mewtwo* Maybe he should explain everything to you. EVERYTHING.
    Andrew: Oooo... The President is out of control, is he?
    Bianca: Is Bill Clinton trying to take over the world again like before?

    *in a prison cell*

    Bill Clinton: *insane* THE WORLD IS TEH OWNAGE!
    Guard: Shut up ex-President. And I'm not electing your wife as President. She's a stupid, stuck-up witch.
    Bill Clinton: Why you little... *does the "Homer strangling Bart" move*

    *back with the Mew family*

    *After Mewtwo explains to his kids...*
    Bianca: *hurt* You're not a spy?
    Andrew: Bill Clinton's not really evil?
    Mewtwo: Except for Bill Clinton, I made up everything.
    Andrew: What's going to happen?
    Mew: Divorce.
    Bianca: What's that? A dance? A song?
    Mew: It's where a married couple separates for as long as they want. And if they wish, a restraining order can be put on them.
    Bianca: That bad?
    Mewtwo: We're not getting a divorce.
    Bianca: Whoa. Mommy's never been that mad before.
    Andrew: Look at her face! It's gone red! Now blue-ish purple... Uh... PLAID! MOM, TURN YOUR FACE PLAID!
    Bianca: No! Turn it rainbow! Like how Ho-oh does! Especially when he blinds people with his colors!
    Bianca: *crying*
    Andrew: Really?
    Andrew: Okay. *pokes Mew's belly* See you new brother or sister. *leaes with Bianca*
    Mewtwo: Don't take your anger out on them. Do it on me.
    Mew: *fuming* That's it. Starting tomorrow, I am going to file a divorce. And you can sleep on the couch tonight.
    Mewtwo: *sighs sadly* All right dear.
    Mew: Don't call me that.
    Mewtwo: All right Mew. Whatever'll please you.
    Andrew: *outside door* I think Mom and Dad are really mad at each other.
    Bianca: I can't take it anymore! *rushes in* MOMMY, PLEASE DON'T GO AWAY FROM DADDY!
    Mew: Bianca!
    Andrew: Divorce is bad, right? If so, I don't want that.
    Mewtwo: It is bad. Unless... the couple decides it's right.
    Mew: To me it is. NOW GET TO YOUR ROOM, KIDS!
    Bianca: *crying and clinging to Mew* N-NO!
    Mewtwo: Yelling at them isn't going to help Mew.
    Mew: SHUT UP!
    Andrew: *eyes welled up* Are we going to be separated? I can't separate from Bianca.
    Mew: Just your father. Now get to your room!
    Andrew: No! *clings to Mewtwo*
    Mewtwo: Andrew, do as you're said!
    Andrew: *clings tighter*
    Mew: Kids, I'm getting irritated. Now leave!
    Bianca: *crying harder* I-I don't want Daddy to leave! I want us to stay!
    Andrew: Same here!
    Mewtwo: *frowns and sadly glances at Mew* Honey... Our kids idolize us. If we resume this, then the twins'll do the same to their spouses in the future. Think of the children first. *grasps Mew's hands* Think of our lives... *places hands on Mew's stomach* Think of the baby.
    Mew: *softens and starts to cry* What was I thinking? I-I didn't mean to harm our relationship...
    Bianca: Mommy? You okay?
    Andrew: What's "spouses" and "idolize"?
    Bianca: *shrugs*
    Mewtwo: So what's it going to be? A happy life together, or a torn one with a poor relationship to each other and to the new spouse?
    Mew: *sobbing* Oh dear...
    Mewtwo: *hugs gently* It's okay... Everything's okay...
    Bianca: Do we get hugs too?
    Mew: *gazes at the twins* Of course. Come join.
    Andrew: YES! *ducks under the arms and squeezes to Mewtwo*
    Bianca: *follows and hugs Mew* So... Is Daddy staying?
    Mew: You going to leave still dear?
    Mewtwo: *gazes at family and sighs* No. I'll have to grow out of a solitary life.
    Mew: But why were you that in the first place?
    Mewtwo: I had no one to turn to. No family, no friends. Just myself. I was always secretive to everyone. But when we met, I felt something new. After our marriage, I was careful to be secretive and left secretly once every few months. I selfishly let you believe one of my superclones was in trouble and needed help. But that wasn't the case at all. I left to just be by myself. I always left... selfish and cruel... *tears run down face*
    Andrew: Superclones?
    Bianca: Oooo... Sounds fun!
    Mew: So you left me alone to think about... our lives every few months? *closes eyes* I always felt like ending our marriage after the twins were born... But my love for you was too strong for that too happen.
    Mewtwo: I-I also was solitary because I was the only one of my specie... And though I did turn to Ho-oh for help, our friendship ended when he found out I was just a man-made creature. A freak of nature... a souless monster with no heart... a creature without a purpose in life but to destroy... *breaks down and cries*
    Andrew: *shocked* Dad cries? Are they supposed to?
    Mew: Oh honey... Sweetheart, I can't believe you kept this from me... You've been falling apart and I didn't notice... Mewtwo... *wipes away Mewtwo's tears* Please don't cry anymore. We're together now and that's all that matters. Our family's still one. And you're the one link that holds us together next to me. And the father affects the family. If you were to stay secretive longer, then the whole family would've fallen apart.
    Mewtwo: I've been a terrible father and husband... Just terrible...
    Mew: But now that you've told us your troubles, you'll be better than before. It's for the best. *smiles sweetly* A happy father helps keeps the family healthy. But if the father is broken down, then it's up to the family to keep him healthy.
    Mewtwo: *smiles* Where would I be without you?
    Bianca: Uh... no where?
    Andrew: What about us, sis? Where would we be?
    Bianca: I don't know. With the stork still?
    Andrew: Don't be stupid! Storks aren't real!
    Mewtwo: Now be nice you two. We don't want another fight.
    Mew: *giggles and hugs Mewtwo* I love you dear.
    Mewtwo: *returns hug* I love you too. Always and forever... *gives Mew a soft kiss*
    Andrew: Eww! *makes face and gags*
    Bianca: Blah!

    End scene.

    And that was longer than it was. And it's now six thirty, my little brother's watching Little Einsteins on DVD, I found out pink and yellow does make orange and I'm now signing off before my mother finds me on here. (Ha ha. Been up since five on the Internet. I'm sooo busted.) Hope you enjoyed that too long of a scene.

    *Kutie Pie* Back in black! (Literally.)
    Last edited: May 13, 2006
  10. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    Kutie Pie: Yay! You're back!... and we got a cute scene!

    Also, no, Exiled and Forbidden are not sequels/prequels to Rejected... but are actually retellings. The background story and universe is mostly the same... but the characters and events are entirely different. But well, you shall see in time, isn't it?

    Thank you for your comments about my drawings. In fact, if you liked them... you might also like my new ones.

    ?question?: Kinda funny I could say. Mew, being a he? Would be a mighty weird scene!


    Anyway... looks like my latest subject did not spark people's interest or at least, not much... so here is my next attempt!

    "Mewtwo, thinking that he and Mew couldn't reproduce, had used his knowledge to create clones that had both his and her DNA. Those clones would act as their children.

    But then, much to his surprise, Mew's belly grown to be really huge for some strange reason... and after nine months, a litter of cute kitten was born from Mew... and the day the kitten were born was the same day the clones developed enough to be released from their capsules.

    Now, what will Mewtwo do? Mew doesn't know about the clones... and he cannot abandon them! What shall he do? How will Mew react?"

    I'll reply to my own topic later. For now...


    Mew is cute and loveable... so much in fact, that males just can't get their eyes off her. The female kitty looks like she's willing to share the love... but it also seems like the male in the back has something to say about this! Estimated lifespan of Metwwo's rivals: less than 3 seconds.

    This one isn't colored, sorry. The two kitties with their energy wings visible. Opposites they are... and yet...


    Well, that's all for now. Enjoy!
  11. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    BOO-YAH! *strikes pose* I'm teh superior! BUAH HA HA HA*SHOT* And the scene was going to be a two part thanks to my mom, but I edited it on Saturday. And seriously, I wanted to CRY while making it. This is the sad truth in the real world about couples getting divorced, thus spliting apart the connection. Including siblings. (It's gotten TOO common nowadays, and that's the sad truth.)

    Ooooo... Mewtwo's in trouble! *thinks back to video group of students made of English teacher* Ha ha, he gets killed by her. (In the film everyone did in groups as an activity, some kids made fun of our English teacher like everyone does. Well, one girl got in trouble and was taken outside where she screamed and the "teacher" came back with a skull. XD It was hilarious. "Floating A" Fortresses. I need one...)

    Well... No stage show for now.






    It's actually a short one. (I swear.)

    Mewtwo: Oh crud! I'm in soooo much trouble! I wish I had that ability to travel back in time and stop myself... *gets idea* That's it! I'll build a time machine! MUAH HA HA HA!
    Mew: *other room* What's with the evil laughs?
    Mewtwo: ^^; Nothing dear! Now... To check on my clones!
    *few minutes later*
    Mewtwo: Oh boy, now what? *thinks* I know! I'll just... No...
    Random Trainer: *walks in* Oooo... What's this? *points to raygun*
    Mewtwo: OI! DON'T TOUCH IT!
    Random Trainer: Ooo! Big kitty! Me want big hug!
    Mewtwo: >< Me want get away from retardo.
    Random Trainer: BIG HUG!
    Mewtwo: *sees Trainer up close* OH MY GOSH, IT CAN'T BE!! ASH KETCHUM! AAAAUUUGGHHHH!
    Ash: Aren't you going to give me a hug?
    Mewtwo: No. Go hug Pikachu.
    Ash: I hugged it to death. See? *holds up stuffed Pikachu*
    Ash: Wanna feel it?
    Mewtwo: *glances at clones and sparks idea* Hey, Ash? Would you mind taking care of some rare Pokémon?
    Ash: *hyperventilates* YES YES YES!
    Mewtwo: *releases clones*
    Mew clone: Uh... Where am I? Who am I? What am I?
    Mewtwo: Shut up Ash.
    Mewtwo clone: Who're you freaks?
    Mewtwo: 0_0;
    Ash: I'm Ash Ketchum, your new loveable Trainer! *huggles clones*
    Mew clone: Hiya Ashy!
    Ash: Come! Let me take you to the black market and sell you off like I did with my other Pokémon!
    Mewtwo: 0.0;; Black market?
    Mew clone: Oooo... a market painted black!
    Mewtwo clone: YAY!
    Ash: THANKIES MEWTWO! *runs out*
    Mew: *comes in* Why was Ash here? And what do you mean he's a Trainer to some rare Pokémon? You hiding something from me?
    Mewtwo: No.
    Mew: Okay! Now, I need you to watch the kittens so I can go after Ash. *flies off*
    Mewtwo: 0o;; I rather not think about it...


    And that was a cruddy one! WHEEE!

    I have some announcements... Ahem. Besides topics, we're also going to reply to something else: YKYOWMW! This is short for: You Know You're Obsessed With Mewshipping When...

    Doesn't it sound exciting? I'd figure we try a new thing. We'll still reply and make up topics and answer to this. BTW, I have a new topic as well!

    After a stupid prank by Rayquaza the Retarded Dragon, Mewtwo was forced to eat too many sweets and goes on a SEVERE sugar-rush. Now that he's loose in the world, wrecking havoc, Mew (along with Retardo Rayquaza) must stop him before Mewtwo makes the whole world insane!

    -_- Yes, I know it's a small rip-off from When Altarias Get Hyper, but I wanted to do that. And this'll come as a BIG shocker to many of you, but because of this topic, I have a long stage show thingy I'll post later on since I may accidentally do two posts if I was retarded enough to do so.

    Instead, I'll post a few examples of YKYOWMW.

    You know you're obsessed with Mewshipping when...

    1. You have thousands of floppy disks filled with Mewshipping stories.

    2. Your room's covered with pictures of Mew and Mewtwo.

    3. You're constantly day-dreaming about their lives together (everywhere, including church if you go to church).

    4. You make up a motto about it.

    And I just happened to do number four randomly! *hears screams and Psycho theme.

    Here it is! You can all use it if you wish! (And for fun, if you have room, you have my permission to put it in your signature. For fun.)

    We have a thing for two cats
    And that is that!
    You may think they're a weird couple
    But to think they're a great double!
    Mewshipper forever!

    And that's the motto I made up within two minutes a few weeks ago! Yes, it sucks I know, but it's the little made-up motto for Mewshipping. If you have comments for this, please let me know. And to surprise me if you wish, you may put it in your sig. Ha ha! I approve that!

    Well, I'll see you all later! *hugs* Thanks for "reviving" the thread, Zerodius! I was worried I chased everyone away...

    *Kutie Pie* BACK IN BLACK, BABY!
  12. pokeplayer984

    pokeplayer984 Banned

    Hi there, everyone! My name is pokeplayer984, and Mewshipping was the first shipping I ever supported, and I still support it to this very day. :)

    I just absolutly love the idea of these two being together and raising a family. Their family would consist of a mix of Mew and Mewtwo. Of course, they would all start very small, but the Mewtwo would grow as fast as a human, eventually reaching the height of six feet by the time it reached teens. :)

    For those looking for a good Mewshipping story, look no further than my story, The Trials of the Pendant. Those who reach the ending though, won't be very happy. However, it's upcoming sequal holds something secret for you all. ;)

    Well, gotta go now. I'll see ya later. ^_^
  13. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    pokeplayer984: Oh... I remember that fic. I HATED the ending... nope. I DESPISED it. What about the sequel? We'll find out that it was all a dream? That the stupid pendant (yes, I found the plot very bad, sorry) to be a mere dream as well?

    This fic may be "mewshipping" but frankly, I didn't like it so much. I'm sorry. Maybe the next will be better.

    I would like you to read "Why a Lemon" and tell me what you think of it, so far, please.

    I'm also glad that we got a new person to post in the thread! YAY! With that evil Dreamshipping thread and its creepy popularity rising, I was getting worried. Yes, I'm harsh... but well, I classify that particuliar ship in the same category as Abilityshipping (which is: "EEW! Get it away from me!"... sorry Annabel fans).

    I hope that last paragraph won't land me a ban or a warning... but well, anyway.

    Kutie Pie: I will never put mottos in my signature. Even Pokeshipping, which I consider the most obvious of all ships, I wouldn't put a motto of it in my signature. So... sorry.

    Your scene isn't funny or cute this time. It's just... weird. I also meant that Mewtwo see the clones as HIS CHILDREN AND MEW'S. I doubt he would give them away. As such, I seen it as very awkward... and as the proof I did not explain the topic well enough.

    But well, it was still good... in a somewhat awkward way.


    Now for a new topic!

    "What got you into mewshipping in the first place? How did you grow to like it?"

    Myself... I always somewhat considered it but only because they looked alike and because it was a bit awkward. It was more of a humorous "that's not gonna happen so I'm gonna put it in and make fun of it" way back thern... but then, it all changed when I read an old fic (not on this site).

    The fic that really got me into mewshipping is, surprisingly, a "Mew x Jirachi" one... but although the author isaid it was this way, it truly was a tragic mewshipping story. It was extremely sad and well-writen, with a hormone-stricken, love-sick Mew denying her true love (Mewtwo) to drown herself into a mock-up romance with Jirachi (who only see her as a sexual toy and doesn't care about her in truth) while Mewtwo desesperatly try to get ahold of himself while Celebi keep on manipulating him, Mew, and Jirachi in the hopes of keeping Mew and Mewtwo separated so that she may keep Mewtwo all to herself. Ends in a very tragic way (Mew commits suicide by turning herself to stone and Mewtwo become insane, becoming Celebi's toy for all eternity. The only good side ; Mewtwo get to blast Jirachi to kingdom come before Mew dies).

    After that, I really begun to mix the two and ended up in this position regarding mewshipping.


    Well, that's all for now... or not.



    Mew and Mewtwo with a cute little kitty! [SPOIL]If you have read Rejected, you know who the kitty is.[/SPOIL]

    That's all for now.
  14. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Hmm... Well, I have a guess the evil villain (Yes, a villain. I found out there's an evil Pokémon in here.) is Lucario. (Unlikely, but it'll be funny.) And yes, I hated the ending too. (I stopped reading it for a few days before returning to it. Gave me awful images... And I giggled when I read Mewtwo was married. Seriously. It was weird...) But I liked the fic anyway. It was cute!

    Oh my gosh, I saw that thread too. EWW! HUMANxPOKEMON SHIPS FREAK ME OUT! Abilityshipping? I don't know... ZOMG DREAMSHIPPING'S GOING TO TAKE OVER MEWSHIPPING! SAVE US!!! *SHOT* And yes, I'm glad pokeplayer's here as well. *pokes* I sort of asked him to.

    It's okay. It's optional. You didn't have to if you didn't want to. I did to mine just because I felt like it.

    ^^; Uh... Well... what was I supposed to put in it anyway? Besides, I put Ash in it because he's stupid. He ALWAYS gives away his Pokémon. I should've put at the end where he gets blown up by them and the two find mates and live happily ever after. Er, I mean... Live happy. Stupid fairytales...


    Well, pokeplayer's fic got me into it. No seriously it did. After reading that, I thought, "Hmm... interesting..." And I got hooked. Soon afterwards, I found your fic and got hooked onto it as well. The aftermath? Pictures of Mewshipping all over my room, Mewshipping fics on my computer, day-dreams, and more. So as you can see, I'm hooked.

    (BTW, have you read that fic by Knightblazer Ash? [No, not the kid.] It's a dark Mewshipping one-shot, though Mew's his mother. 0_o Found it entertaining to read though. I'm not sure you might like it though. Just a suggestion.)

    And Zerodius, you didn't reply to the YKYOWMW idea! I thought you would!

    And now, the reply to my topic that no one seems to like...

    After a stupid prank by Rayquaza the Retarded Dragon, Mewtwo was forced to eat too many sweets and goes on a SEVERE sugar-rush. Now that he's loose in the world, wrecking havoc, Mew (along with Retardo Rayquaza) must stop him before Mewtwo makes the whole world insane!

    *one morning*
    Rayquaza: *twirling in air* La la la la laa! La la la la laa! *eats random sky-diver* I'm bored. *thinks* Ooh! I know! I'll go visit Mewtwo! I haven't seen him for so long! And I wanted to show him my new powers! (He still believes he has Mewtwo's powers.)

    *at the Mew house*

    Andrew: Ssh! Bianca, be quiet! Today's Dad's birthday! And we don't want to wake him, Mom or John up!
    Bianca: Andrew, I'm too tired! John kept me up all night with his crying!
    Andrew: Along with Mom and Dad, but I still want to present these pancakes we made! *holds up breakfast*
    Bianca: But we burned it.
    Andrew: At least we made one!
    Bianca: Who's going to clean up the kitchen?
    Andrew: 0o;; Uh...
    Bianca: And the pancakes stink. What if Mommy and Daddy smell it and think there's a fire?
    Andrew: Uh... We'll just say the Pokémon Center blew up.
    Bianca: How?
    Andrew: It spontaneously combusted?
    Bianca: Let's just say Rayquaza did it. Now come on!
    *both tip-toe into parents' room*
    Bianca: *whispering* Ready? One... two... three!
    Andrew and Bianca: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Mewtwo: AAAUGGHH! *falls out of bed*
    Mew: *gasps and bangs head against dresser*
    Bianca: Oops.
    Andrew: Hey hey! Just in time too! The alarm clock died right at the time they're supposed to wake up!
    Bianca: We unplugged it last night.
    Andrew: Oh yeah...
    Mewtwo: Ugh... Kids! What was that for?!
    Mew: I hope you didn't wake up your little brother!
    Bianca: We put earmuffs on him.
    Andrew: Here's your birthday breakfast Dad, complete with freshly squeezed orange juice!
    Bianca: Comes with free seeds in the drink!
    Andrew: We made eggs too, but they burned to the pan and couldn't chip it out.
    Bianca: And someone ate the toast. *glares at Andrew*
    Andrew: You broke the pitcher!
    Mewtwo: Uh... Thanks kids but... are they safe to eat?
    Andrew: The toast was burnt, but it tasted fine.
    Bianca: And the oranges were from the tree outside.
    Mew: 0_o; Uh... kids? The oranges weren't yet ripe...
    Bianca: 0o;; Uh oh... ^^; But at least we tried, right?
    Crazy voice: *outside* YAAAAH-HOOOOO!
    Mewtwo: Oh no! Rayquaza!
    Rayquaza: *stops at window and taps, grinning stupidly* HI!
    Bianca: *opens window and gags* EWW! Rayquaza, you didn't brush your teeth! Look at them! They're the same color as your gums!
    Rayquaza: I'm a hill-billy! *banjo music plays*
    Mewtwo: -_- Why're you here?
    Rayquaza: To wish you a happy birthday! *holds out cake* Baked it myself! Has a triple coating of chocolate!
    Mewtwo: 0o;; Great...
    Rayquaza: And being the big prankster here, I added six buckets of sugar into the mix!
    Mew: Kids, why don't you go get your little brother?
    Rayquaza: Wow! You sure exercised a lot Mew! Last I saw you, you were really fat!
    Mew: >< Complete with pain.
    Rayquaza: Now, here Mewtwo! Eat it!
    Mewtwo: I'm, uh, allergic to chocolate.
    Rayquaza: Nonsense! Remember a few months on Halloween?

    *few months ago, October 31*

    Random Trainer # 1: *in Team Rocket costume* Dude, this place looks creepy.
    Random Trainer #2: *Cipher* Nonsense! This is perfect to get scared. All we have to do is find a scary cave and Pokémon and we'll wet our pants!
    RT #1: Hope so. OOH LOOK! RANDOM HOUSE!
    RD #2: Yes! *runs over and knocks on door*
    Mewtwo: *opens door* Yes?
    RT #1 and 2: Trick or treat!
    Mewtwo: What the? Humans?! What're you doing here?
    RT #2: What're you talking about? And great costume! How'd you get it?
    Mewtwo: This happens to be real fur.
    RT #1: POACHER!
    Mewtwo: Am not! Otherwise, would this tail move?
    RT #2: Oooh...
    Mewtwo: Wait a sec... CIPHER AND TEAM ROCKET?! DIE!
    RT #1: AAAAAHHHHH! *runs off*
    RT #2: Stupid! He's joking! Now where's our candy?
    Mewtwo: *smirking* Hey Cipher? Want a berry?
    RT #2: No! Candy! You know, this! *holds up candy bar* Chocolate! Here! Try it!
    Mewtwo: This a trick?
    RT #2: No.
    Mewtwo: *eats* Tastes sweet... TOO sweet... AUGH! I'M TURNING INTO LUCARIO!
    RT #2: You're funny!
    Mewtwo: HOOPLA!
    RT #2: O-O; Uh... See you dude. *runs off*
    Mewtwo: Huh? OI! CIPHER! GET BACK HERE! *chases kid*

    *back in the present*

    Rayquaza: And shortly after capturing that kid, you received a distress message from Mew that she was in big pain and...
    Mew: Okay okay! Sheesh! But please, leave out the crave for chocolate.
    Bianca: Ooh! Candy!
    Andrew: I like chocolate!
    Mew: Kids! Go get John!
    Rayquaza: So here Mewtwo! Take it. You know you can't resist...
    Mew: Actually kids, let me show you how to clean up spit up...
    Bianca: Eww...
    Andrew: ^^; Uh... I have to go. *runs*
    Mew: Andrew! *chases, Bianca following*
    Mewtwo: I'm going.
    Rayquaza: Before I leave, though... *stuffs cake into Mewtwo's mouth* Now eat it!
    Mewtwo: *swallows* There! Now if you excuse meh-eh-eh... *twitches*
    Rayquaza: My work here's done. *flies away cackling*
    Mew: *comes in holding John* Honey? You okay?
    Mewtwo: *twitching* Mmm... honey...
    Mew: Mewtwo? Something wrong?
    Mewtwo: Dur... *looks around* OOH LOOK! SHINY THING! *goes to mirror* Hey! That copycat's doing everything I'm doing!
    Mew: *worried tone* Mewtwo? You okay?
    Mewtwo: AAUGGH! PINK CAT! *flies out window* (Yes, Mewtwo regained his flying powers.)
    Mew: What happened?
    Andrew: Whoa! I've never seen Dad act like that before!
    Bianca: Can we go crazy too?
    Mew: You watch John and clean the house. I'm going to go find Rayquaza. *hands Bianca John and flies out*
    Bianca: Now what?
    Andrew: Party! *goes off to invite friends*
    Bianca: 0o;; Uh oh...
    John: *spits up*

    *in the O-Zone layer*

    Rayquaza: *singing off-key* Holiday! Celebrate! Holiday! Celebrate! *tries clapping*
    Mew: *flies up* Rayquaza! What happened to Mewtwo?
    Rayquaza: Hey! I'm trying to imitate Madonna! Leave me alone!
    Mew: What have you done to Mewtwo?
    Rayquaza: Forced him to eat the birthday cake.
    Mew: WHAT?!
    Rayquaza: At least he's happy with his craze for chocolate and sugar! You know, I was on a worse sugar rush than that! Yep. I was REALLY hyper.
    Rayquaza: Yeah.
    Mew: *fuming*
    Rayquaza: I sense an explosion.

    *meanwhile, in the United States*

    Gangter: Yo dawg! Come 'ere and let me teach you somethin' foo'!
    Mewtwo: *grins stupidly* You funny.
    Gangster: I kno' tha' foo'! Now show me your thang!
    Mewtwo: I don't have a 'thang'.
    Gangster: Shut up, foo'!
    Mewtwo: *pokes gangster's eye out* MAH HA! I WIN! *flies off and produces megaphone*
    Californian person: What's that up there? A prop from Hollywood?
    Californian people: No! Not the Cheeseasaurus Rex!
    Cheeseasaurus Rex: I was created by you American folks! How can you hate me? *mauled by bear*
    Citizen: Hooray for the Grizzly Bear! *huggles bear and is mauled*

    *back in the O-zone*

    Mew: Come on Rayquaza. Let's go stop Mewtwo.
    Rayquaza: *beat up* My sources tell me Mewtwo's terrorizing America before he could go to Europe. Right now... he's in Nevada. He's already had California worship the Grizzly Bear after it mauled Cheeseasaurus Rex. And now he's blowing up the lotteries and shooting those red, spicy berries everywhere.
    Mew: How do you know these things?
    Rayquaza: You can see everything from up here! Oop. Now he's in Oregon.
    Mew: Let's go stop him then!

    *in Oregon*

    Mewtwo: What's so important about Oregon, huh?
    Citizen: Uh... The senery? I don't know... Lewis and Clark came by here?
    Mewtwo: All right. *throws pumpkin pie* EAT SOME PUMPKINS, EVERYONE! WHOOO! *leaves to Washington*
    Citizen: It's flipping cold up here all the time!
    Mewtwo: Ooh look! The famous volcano that erupted in 1980 and destroyed the lake and forests! Now, what's its name... Mount Saint Helens! Oh well. *drowns state in pecha berries*
    Washington citizens: TOO SWEET!
    Mew: *arrives* What the...? PECHA BERRIES?!
    Rayquaza: YAY! MY FAVORITE! *eats bucketfuls of berries and humans mixed*
    Mew: Come on Rayquaza! Let's go stop Mewtwo!

    *The awful sentence that fills in the gaps of the rest of the story. They eventually meet Mewtwo in Japan after he attacks nearly all of the continents and stops him by knocking him unconscious. Rayquaza apologizes, leaves, Mew takes Mewtwo home.*

    Mewtwo: *outside Pokémon Center* Ugh... What happened?
    Mew: Oh! You're up! I was going to check you in to the Center for the night! Good thing you're okay. *hugs*
    Mewtwo: What happened?
    Mew: *tells whole story that'll be ignored for the rest of this story*
    Mewtwo: I did all that?
    Mew: Like how you wanted the whole world at first.
    Mewtwo: Complete with berry oceans on every continent?
    Mew: Uh... no...
    Mewtwo: Where're the kids?
    Mew: I left them to take care of John.
    Mewtwo: Wait a minute...

    *meanwhile, at the house*

    Andrew: *as DJ* Okay! The next song is... The Cha Cha Slide! Whoop!
    Bianca: Andrew, what if Mom and Dad come home and see that the whole house is filled with kids ages five to nineteen?
    Dillian: And my parents are gone for another fifteen minutes. Sure about this?
    Andrew: No prob! How's John?
    Bianca: Cranky.
    Andrew: As long as Dad's crazy on chocolate, we're fine!
    Random kid: IT'S A RAID!
    Mewtwo: What the?! What's going on here? Why're there so many kids?!
    Dillian: Nice knowing you. *jumps out window*
    Mewtwo: Come back here! Hey I know you! Wait 'til I tell your parents!
    Bianca: Busted. *smirks*
    Andrew: ^^; Uh... *points at John* His idea!

    *To make another long story short, Andrew was grounded. And Rayquaza became the twirling retard he is once more. Soon, however, mobs appeared in Mount Silver, but that's another story.*

    And that was long enough to make a double post! Luckily, I decided to do the small paragraph of DOOM. Well... I should leave now. See you all later! And thanks for joining pokeplayer! (The surprise, huh? I already know it! I have a feeling there's mention of Mewshipping in it. Ha ha!) I hope you don't mind the insanity here.

    Now, if you wish, you may post topics and/or pictures. All must relate to Mewshipping. And if you'll allow me, I might add you to the roster that hasn't been updated in a month or two. Well, see you all later!

    *Kutie Pie* Please be kind to midgets!
    Last edited: May 19, 2006
  15. Lil Brother

    Lil Brother Just kinda there.

    >> Yes, I didn't die.

    I've just lost interest and have been at a lack of things to say.


    I will reply to everything eventually, possibly over the weekend. But for now, I'll just put a topic out and go on...

    Emergency! Lil Brother is at a loss of things to say about MewShipping! What amusing things about MewShipping can be done to ge tLil Brother (and possible new shippers) interested?

    ...yes. Now answer.
  16. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."


    Okay, Lil Brother? I have a feeling you're growing out of this ship (ZOMG NO!).


    Second, I decided to try out YKYOWMW (You know you're obsessed with Mewshipping when...) idea and see how everyone reacts to it. (None so far...)

    More pictures?

    Erm... Ooh ooh! I know! How about if we say what songs go well with Mewshipping! (Like 1000 Miles by Vannesa Carleton is a good one. Everytime I hear it, I get dramatic images about Mew trying to find Mewtwo. And getting herself in danger.)

    Or... We could do some sort of storyline everyone'll make up! You know, like we all create a story, one small part at a time! Example: I got this idea from an activity I did years ago. Everyone did a certain thing to create a storyline. There were five sentences that created a short, yet funny, thing. (I only remember what my last sentence was: "And everyone said to the heavens, 'Bud Light, king of beers!'" My friend did that phrase for the end. It was strange... And I had Jerry Springer.)

    So, we can do something like that. Everyone can summit a small part and others can create more and more until it makes a story! It can be funny, dramatic, tragic, whatever! But I need to see if people'll agree to that before we start. But it'll be a great activity if we all agree to try it. We just all have to take turns posting a part.

    And for this to work, whoever posts a part MUST be active here. Otherwise this won't work. And for those who enjoyed doing it will have their fun crushed by those with lack of interest in this thread. *stares* So, what'd you think? Is it a great idea or what?

    And Lil Brother'll sure be active during summer, won't you? Hmm?
  17. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    What? No new replies while I was banned?

    This is... shocking.

    Anyway, I got TONS of new pictures, story ideas, and new scenes that I came up with while I was gone.

    Closing Eyes... (Rating: Kid-friendly)
    Can't believe I never posted anything about that one! Every shipping thread need at least one picture like this, you know!

    Mew's Mischief (Rating: Kid-friendly)
    Mew, the eternally innocent and playful child... In this picture, Mewtwo is a victim of yet another of Mew's pranks. In this particuliar one, Mewtwo goes through a big classic.

    Weird Positions & Mew (Rating: PG-13)
    THIS is why Mewtwo should be thankful that he's not a hormone-driven male teenager! Heeheehee...

    Pokey Kong (Rating: Kid-friendly)
    What do you get when you mix Pokemon to the ancestor of all platform games? You get Ash Ketchum, jumping over barrels thrown by a raging Mewtwo who is throwing a fit atop a construction site, while Misty stands there doing nothing like an idiot.

    Moron Vs Landmine (Rating: Kid-friendly)
    There are people who are unhappy with the strongest Pokemon being a skinny, philosophical character rather than a ultra-musculated, raging psychopath and as such, on some sites, pictures of uber-musculated "new" Mewtwos abusing the original "because he is weak" are fairly common. That picture is a parody of those stupid pictures.


    Phew! That's all for the scanned stuff!

    Now, let me post a subject...

    "After the events of the Mirage Pokemon incident, Mewtwo found the last Mirage server, which had been preserved in a hidden room of the castle, protected from the fire, and brought it back home... and when he activated it, ALL of the Mirage Pokemon were released! Looks like they weren't dead after all.

    Now, this is all fine and all... but that stupid jerk, Mirage Mewtwo, is trying to steal Mewtwo's lover (Mew) because of his hormone rush while Mirage Mew desesperatly try to get Mewtwo to love her. Considering that Mirage Mewtwo hate Mirage Mew and that Mewtwo's heart belong to Mew's and vice-versa, what will the two do to fix that Mirage Pokemon issue?"

    Hope this will bring out replies.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2006
  18. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    YAAY! ZERODIUS'S BACK! *gives bear hug and almost suffocates him* Whoops. Wonder what you did to get banned... And thanks for reviving the thread! SQUEEE!

    And look! New pictures! (Curse you photobucket account I'll never get! I have Mewshipping pics I want to show. ;_; UNFAIR!)

    Aww! Kawaii!

    *dies laughing* Mewtwo hissing! Ha! Is that a rake? Don't remember...

    Fun fun fun! Ha ha ha! Wish I knew what Mewtwo meant.

    THIS happens to be my favorite. HA! (What's this doing here?)

    ZOMG I LOVE THAT! Big meany "Mewtwo" is all... uh... beefy while smart, yet anorexic *blowns to bits by Mewtwo* ^^; I mean POWERFUL Mewtwo we know and love *coughMewnotuscough* is just standing there. AND BEEFY MEWTWO GOES BOOM! He looks like a good meal for *ahem* Rayquaza. (Again ANOTHER non-Mewshipping picture. Funny though.)

    "After the events of the Mirage Pokemon incident, Mewtwo found the last Mirage server, which had been preserved in a hidden room of the castle, protected from the fire, and brought it back home... and when he activated it, ALL of the Mirage Pokemon were released! Looks like they weren't dead after all.

    Now, this is all fine and all... but that stupid jerk, Mirage Mewtwo, is trying to steal Mewtwo's lover (Mew) because of his hormone rush while Mirage Mew desesperatly try to get Mewtwo to love her. Considering that Mirage Mewtwo hate Mirage Mew and that Mewtwo's heart belong to Mew's and vice-versa, what will the two do to fix that Mirage Pokemon issue?"

    Ooh... I'm going to have fun with this. BIG STAGE-SHOW! WHOO!

    Mewtwo: I can't believe Rayquaza forced me here. Stupid dragon.
    Rayquaza: *in ocean* Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!
    Mewtwo: 0o; That's just wrong... *notices door open* Hey! What's this?
    Random Caterpie: That my good man is what's left of that big jerk Doctor Yung's mirage system.
    Caterpie clan: Joy to the world, Doctor Yung's dead. He barbaqued his head! What happened to his body? We flushed it down the potty. And around and 'round it goes! And around and 'round it goes!
    Mewtwo: That's just wrong. *grabs Mirage System and Teleports away*

    *at the Mew house*

    Bianca: Hey Daddy! Ooo, what's that?
    Mewtwo: I'm not really sure. But until I figure it out, this is off-limits.
    Andrew: *runs in, wet* WHOO HOO! Hey Bianca! Go take a bath in the toilet! It's fun! *falls down as he's dizzy*
    Bianca: COOL! *flies into "toiletroom" as they call it*
    Mewtwo: -_- Something tells me...
    Mew: *comes in holding John* Hi dear! *kisses husband* What's this?
    Mewtwo: Oh! It's a Mirage System from Doctor Yung from what I heard.
    Caterpie clan: *at the window* Joy to the world, Doctor Yung's dead! He barabaqued his head! What happened to his body? We flushed it down the potty!
    Mew: -_-; Did they follow you home?
    Mewtwo: NO! *knocks Caterpie out* Anyway... Oh yeah! I need to test this out tonight to see if it really IS a Mirage System.
    Mew: You better hope it won't explode like the last thing you brought.

    *last month*

    Mewtwo: *outside* Now why in the world would Giovanni have a rocket launcher in his hide-out?
    Mew: Honey, it's almost midnight. You can experiment on it tomorrow.
    Mewtwo: Hold on, let me disconnect it. Let me see... Red wire!
    Mew: *looks up randomly* EEK! LOOK OUT! *pushes Mewtwo out of the way while Rayquaza darts down*
    Rayquaza: WHOOOOOOO! Hey! A rocket launcher! *sets off rocket*
    Mew and Mewtwo: RAYQUAZA!
    Rayquaza: What?
    *rocket explodes, leaving Rayquaza and Mew and Mewtwo black and charred*
    Mewtwo: Why you big...!
    Rayquaza: *screams in girly voice* AAAHHHH!


    Mewtwo: Don't worry! I'll make sure I'll be careful!
    Mew: I hope so. Now I need to put John to bed. And where's Bianca?
    Bianca: *twirls in, wet* Wheee! That was fun! *collapses*
    Mew: And it's time for a pair of twins to go to bed.
    Andrew: Awww...
    Bianca: Oog. What?
    Mew: Bed. *takes the kids*
    Mewtwo: Okay! Let's see... Ooh! What's this button? *presses and bright light fills room* ARRGH! CAN'T SEE!
    Mirage Omastar: Hey! We're free! Come on guys! Let's PARTY!
    All Mirage Pokémon: WHOO! *leaves the house*
    Mewtwo: 0o;; Whoa. That's weird...
    Mirage Mew: What is this place?
    Mewtwo: Why do you look like my wife?
    Mirage Mew: Hmm? I don't know. But you sure do look very hunky! I hope your name's Hunkcules!
    Mewtwo: *shudders* No. I'm just Mewtwo.
    Mirage Mew: And you can just call me Mew too! *giggles*
    Mewtwo: *panicking* Actually my name IS Hunkcules!


    Hercules: Meg! Someone's making fun of me!
    Meg: Oh no!
    Phil: Baa! So what?
    Hercules: I have a feeling it's Hades again. *grabs bow and arrow* I'm going to find the big jerk who dares to make fun of my name. NO ONE MAKES FUN OF HERCULES! *does Tarzan yell and runs off*

    *back at the Mew house*

    Mew: *in her room* Hmm... I have a feeling the kids have been in here... Yep! They have.
    Mirage Mewtwo: Ooh laa laa! My first time out in MONTHS and I find treasure!
    Mew: EEEK!
    Mirage Mewtwo: Hey baby! How about we go for a night out? Just you and me, out in the wilderness. From there on, it becomes a night so romantic, even the others become jealous. So what'd you say? *winks*
    Mew: Ugh! Never! Besides, I'm already taken. So leave impersonator.
    Mirage Mewtwo: Hmm... How about I act like Tom Cruise. Then will you go out with me?
    Mew: No.
    Mirage Mewtwo: Orlando Bloom.
    Mew: Go away sicko!
    Mirage Mewtwo: Oh, you hurt my feelings there. Come on, you don't want my heart to break, do you?
    Mew: You don't look like you have a heart at all.
    Mirage Mewtwo: Oh come on! Just for one night. Once we do, things will get HOT.
    Mew: EWW! *slaps and flies off*
    Mirage Mewtwo: Ow! What a fox!

    *back with Mewtwo*

    Mewtwo: For the last time, I'm married! Now leave! Go party with the other mirages!
    Mirage Mew: No! I want to stay with you!
    Mewtwo: No! I want you to leave!
    M. Mew (I'm getting tired of writing the whole thing): *finally pounces on Mewtwo* But Hunky! I want to stay with you!
    Mewtwo: Ugh! Get off of me!
    M. Mew: You don't know how lonely I was in there.
    Mewtwo: Get off!
    Mew: *gasp* MEWTWO! WHAT'RE YOU DOING?!
    M. Mew: *turns around* Hey! You look like me!
    Mewtwo: Stupid Mirage Mew! *throws off*
    Mew: 0o Hunky?
    Mewtwo: Honey, this isn't what it seems to be! I accidentally activated the mirage system! If you look outside, you'll see what I mean!
    Mew: I only see Rayquaza break dancing.
    Rayquaza: *outside* WHOO! I CAN DO TEH WORM! WHOOOOO!
    Mewtwo: Not him! Over there! See?
    Mew: I don't see anything. Just Rayquaza.
    Rayquaza: *notices Mew staring at him* What? I didn't eat anything. ZOMG A TRAINER! MINE!
    Random Playable Gold/Silver/Crystal Trainer: AAAUUUUUGGGHHHH! *is eaten*
    Mew: Ewww...
    M. Mew: What? I wanna see!
    Mewtwo: What? That can't be! The Mirage Pokémon should be over there!
    M. Mew: Obviously, your HOUSE is the mirage system.
    Mew: *smirks as she gets eville idea*
    Bling Bling Boy: Hey! Eville is MY word! Not yours!
    Me: Well too bad! *cackles and electrocutes BBB*
    Bling Bling Boy: *gasps* You work with Johnny Test, do you?
    Me: He's my Cartoon Bishie! Now get!
    BBB: But mother! I'm trying to take over the world!
    BBB Mother: Don't make me come over there mister!
    BBB: Yes mother. *sulks off*
    Me: *cackles* Now back to the script thingy! *disappears*
    Mew: 0_0; Uh... where was I... Oh yes! *smirks*
    M. Mew: O_O; Uh oh... *thrown out window* AAAAAHHHHH! *disappears*
    Mew: There! SO LONG *****!
    Me: *gasps* TO THE BATHROOM WITH THE BAR OF SOAP! *carries off Mew*
    Mewtwo: 0o;;;

    *in Mew and Mewtwo's bathroom*

    Mew: -_- *soap in mouth* Hmfh.
    M. Mewtwo: There you are my queen!
    Mew: 00; *muffled* AAAAHHHHHHHH!
    M. Mewtwo: *hugs Mew and kisses her face* Come with me, mademoiselle. Together, we'll make beautiful music together.
    Mew: *takes out soap bar and throws it at M. Mewtwo's face* I'm not single!
    M. Mewtwo: Oh yeah? Prove it!
    Mew: *holds up hand* My ring! Ha! Go find someone else!
    M. Mewtwo: Never! You're mine whether you like it or not!
    Mewtwo: *comes in* MEW! WHAT'RE YOU DOING?!?
    Mew: Mewtwo, this thing is a fake! Help!
    M. Mewtwo: Le gasp!
    Mewtwo: Trying to French talk my wife into going with you? Not on my watch you're not!
    M. Mewtwo: Want me to do some other French things with her?
    Mew: 00; AUGH! AUGH! AUGH!
    Mewtwo: No.
    Hercules: *runs in* AARROOOO!
    Mew: What the heck?!
    M. Mewtwo: Greek people? Hmm...
    Mewtwo: >_<; KUTIE PIE!
    Me: *appears* ^^; Heh heh. Um... What a coincidence! Hercules, go back to Meg!
    Hercules: Not until I find out who made fun of my name by calling me HUNKCULES!
    Mewtwo: HE DID! *points to M. Mewtwo*
    M. Mewtwo: WHAT!
    Herucules: DIE! EEE-YAAAAHHH! *slams M. Mewtwo in side, sending him flying through the window where he disappears*
    Me: Good job Hunkcules! 0o; Er, I mean...
    Hercules: YOU TOO! *slams KP through window*
    Cheeky the Pikachu: THIS STIIIIIINKS! *ding*
    Hercules: Have you two made fun of my name at all?
    Mewtwo: No we haven't. Those Caterpie have though.
    Caterpie clan: *outside* Hey!
    Hercules: AARROOOOO! *pounces on the Caterpie, which happens to be a thousand* DIE!
    Mewtwo: *closes window and hugs Mew* You okay?
    Mew: Mmm hmm. See what happens when you mess around with other people's things?
    Mewtwo: Shut up! *grabs pencil eraser*
    Doctor Yung: *girly scream* AAAHHH! *jumps outside and gets eaten by Rayquaza*
    Rayquaza: Finally I'll get some fan-girls! *flies off*
    Mew: Now, you ready for bed?
    Mewtwo: Of course I am dear. After fighting off two Mirages, I'm exhausted.
    Mew: *hugs* I love you Mewtwo.
    Mewtwo: I love you too Mew. *gives Mew a kiss*

    *And so, Rayquaza did get only a few fan-girls, Doctor Yung was forgotten over the years, the mirage system destroyed, and Kutie Pie punished by her mother for intruding into a story she was not supposed to go into.*

    Me: What? It's not my fault! It's all Cheeky's!
    Cheeky: Nuh uh! It's the Caterpie!
    Caterpie clan: Joy to the world, Doctor Yung's dead! He barbaqued his head!

    *And Kutie Pie was also tortured by the annoying singing of the Caterpie clan. And everyone lived happily ever after *destroys fairy tale ending* once Giovanni was at last eaten by Ho-oh for no reason at all and Rayquaza returned to twirling, finally taking ballet lessons. AUGH! Oh, and Ash and Misty were transformed into the one Super Mario World game, Professor Oak being Bowser, Brock Toad, Pikachu Yoshi and Delia was Smithy (whoever he is)*


    And that was pretty long. And my hour's up. Now, I'll be back Saturday and then the next Saturday and vice versa. And thank you for reviving the thread Zerodius! *hugs* See you all later! (I bet you all hate me for sneaking in here, huh?)

    *Kutie Pie* Please be kind to midgets!
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