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Mewtwo and Young Mewtwo Wallpaper

Hmmm, there's a long story behind what this wallpaper really represents, and I don't wanna go into details. Of course you could always find out more by clicking here to go to my Deviant art page. I'll tell you, it sure took me a while though, and on the most part, it's made from scratch.


Wallpaper size (1530x1113)
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Isn't great enough that you're a genius with pencil? Do you really have to be good at computer art too? XD

Mewtwo is one of my favourite Pokémon, and here you've really emphasized its best aspects. The use of cool colours and blending give it that 'silent/loner' feel and the stars make it look calm and peaceful.

The only thing that sticks out for me is the patch of grey in that gap on young Mewtwo between that loop thing that connects its shoulders to its neck. I think it should be more purplish :/ Me being picky again.
Sinnohdragon, you know, I hadn't noticed the grey empty spot until you mentioned it :S In full view, you can see at least one star in there though xD, but still, it does draw the eye now that I look at it knowing it's there D:

and thank you too miss pink n.n