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Mewtwo EX deck splashed with fighting

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by RandyH, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. RandyH

    RandyH New Member

    So I have started playing the PTCGO (Pokemon Trading Card Game Online), and am now considering building a Psychic/Fighting deck with Mewtwo EX at it's heart. I don't care if it is modified legal or not...Just know that the PTCGO is limited to fairly recent sets (I think the oldest is Diamond and Pearl cards)

    Here is the run down of the card list and it's reasons:

    Pokemon - 15
    Gardevoir x2 (For her Psychic Mirage ability)
    Kirilia x3 (Evolution)
    Ralts x4 " "
    Mewtwo EX x2 (Main Attacker using X Ball)
    Mew EX x1 (Versatile ability)
    Landorus x1 (Main sweeper against Dark pokemon)
    Terrakion x1 (2nd sweeper for Dark pokemon)
    Bouffalant x1 (Gold Breaker against EX pokemon)

    Trainers - 25
    Pokemon Catcher x4
    Switch x4
    Cheren x4 (Draw)
    Skyla x4 (Trainer Search)
    Cilan x4 (Basic Energy Search)
    Scramble Switch x1 (Switch, plus moves all energy)
    Pokemon Collector x2 (Basic Pokemon search)
    Pokemon Communication x2 (Any Pokemon Search)

    Energy - 20
    Double Colorless Energy x4
    Fighting Energy x6
    Psychic Energy X10

    First of all I think I may have too much basic energy. 16 sounds like a lot when I also 4 Double Colorless Energy. Maybe I can take out 2 Psychic energies and toss in another Pokemon Collector and Pokemon Communication. What do you think?

    The Double Colorless are a great asset when you just drop down a Mewtwo-EX (Drop him in play, switch him in, attach the DCE and I'm able to use X Ball right away), plus it will always increase X Ball's attack power. One thing I might consider throwing into my deck is a couple Energy Exchanges, so that I can discard a basic energy and search for a Double Colorless Energy, again to benefit my X Ball attacks.

    My Mew-Ex is mainly in there so it can use Mewtwo-EX's X Ball attack, so I know that it isn't entirely necessary...After all, I could just throw in another Mewtwo-EX for the same effect. I just like like the combo of using X Ball with my Mew, so it's in there for my own novelty reasons.

    For my Stage 3 line I chose Gardevoir because her Psychic Mirage ability doubles the amount that each psychic energy produces, so that right there, can boost the attack power of X Ball significantly. I considered using Gallade for decent attacking, but ill leave that to my Mewtwo. I also considered other lines (such as the Reuniculus line for moving damage counters), but decided it better to use Gardevoir to go with my theme of OHKO's with Mewtwo and Mew.

    The Landorus-EX seems like a good support for this deck to help sweep Dark Pokemon. He attacks quick and hits most dark Pokemon hard. I threw in a Terrakion as well, in case my Landorus ended up in my prize cards. Although I haven't decided on the EX or regular version of him yet. Sure the extra 50 HP is nice on the EX, but he is slower to attack than Landorus (making him seem less sustainable to me) so having the normal Terrakion might be worth it to deny my opponent the extra prize card had it been an EX.

    A Bouffalant with the Gold Breaker attack seems like a good addition to any deck to go against EX Pokemon, and reducing all damage from attacks by -20 makes him seem like a decent tank when I just want to stack up energies on my Strikers. Lastly, If I am up against a Dark deck, then he seems like he would make a decent 3rd party to my non-psychic lineup.

    Most of the Trainer cards are pretty obvious. Drawing and Searching seem to be the most important needs of this Deck, so Skyla and Cheren for sure. Colress would be only alternative to Cheren that I would consider, but I already have the Cheren in my collection and no Colress's.

    I like Cilan as my energy searching card any multicolor deck...Even though, I will almost always use my Psychic Pokemon exclusively unless against a dark deck of course.

    I love putting Pokemon Catchers to use, so I will mostly likely keep 4 in. However Switch can be iffy on using 4 in a deck. Sometimes I end up drawing 2 Switches that I never use, other times I never end up drawing one when I needed one most. And if I go with Scramble Switch as my Spec Ace card, then I have yet another switch, so I am not sure as too how much I should include.

    I like to have both Pokemon Collectors and Pokemon Communications. It's nice to be able to play a Collector and search for 3 big pokes, or 2 big ones and 1 Ralts if I need one. Just think if one my first turn I have it in my hand and drop down a Mewtwo-Ex, Mew-Ex, and anything else really. haha. Communications are great, because If I have hard time drawing one of my Gardevoir or Kirilia, I can search for one of those, and if I dont, then I can search for any other Pokemon as well.

    I found quite a few viable choices for a Spec Ace car, but ended up deciding on Scramble Switch. Basically I choose it for when my active Pokemon is low on health, I can switch it out while transferring all it's energy cards to my new active Pokemon. Perfect scenario is when I have a Mew-EX in play with a decent amount of energy attached to it and will die if it stays out. I use Scramble Switch to not only take her out harm's way, hopefully denying my opponent the 2 prize cards, whilst switching it with a Mewtwo-EX who who has a large attack bonus to X Ball as well.
  2. RandyH

    RandyH New Member

    Oh and on the Terrakion issue these are the ones I am considering:

    Terrakion: 130 hp
    Fighting, Colorless: Retaliate: 30+ (90 total if a pokemon of mine just got knocked out)
    Fighting x2, Colorless: Land Crush: 90

    Terrakion-EX: 180hp
    Fighting, Colorless: Rock Tumble: 50 (Not effected by resistance)
    Fighting x2, Colorless: Pump-Up Smash: 90 (attach two basic Energy cards from my hand to my benched Pokemon in anyway)

    EX benefits: Extra 50 hp, 50 Damage no matter what on first attack, Pump-up Smash could help benched Mewtwo's X Ball
    Normal Benefits: Only one prize card awarded to opponent upon being knocked out, Possibility of a 90 power attack with only 2 energy
  3. Swagsire

    Swagsire Well-Known Member

    okay. Your "fighting splash" is too thin. And they gain no help from gardevoir. I would stick to gardy and maybe bouffie, or take out the whole gardevoir, bulk up lando/ bouffalant lines. Also, Add the regular terrakion. Its wonderful for making your opponent take 7 prizes. energy lines are much much MUCH too thick. thicker than you think. id go down to 8 of whatever exclusive type you pick(if fighting you dont need psy cause psydrive SUCKS) and 4 DCE. Itll work, trust me. 4 Cilan is a huuuuuuge no no. Its a huge waste of a supporter, as energy is the most dominant card in any deck. A cheren or an N will generally yield enough energy and besides, you cant attach more than 1 energy a turn,so what happens when your only other supporter is cilan and you already have 3 energy? Add in N's if you can find them, you will not be disappointed. that Mew EX too... you said it yourself, it does nothing. Just give it up man. It's a weak mewtwo. Hope this helps Qwaa ;195;
  4. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    I went against a guy running mewtwo/gardevoir a few times it could have been the way he made it but I'm sure it was gardevoir it wasn't very good overall. You will never need 4 cilan 1 or 2 but not 4, when you're hand is out of supporter's and you don't necessarily need any more energy cards because you already used cheren to grab energy and pump up smash, by taking out the cilan for 4 N/juniper that way you can get the larger hands as well as the energy in you're hand use energy search it works with skyla reduces you're energy search down to a item so you can use another supporter for the turn. You don't need 20 energy, it's to much reduces you're draw and thickens you're deck so draw cards are less effective.

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