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Mewtwo w/ airbrush =P

Thanks, always nice to see a comment. If I ever get my scanner back, I can upload a few drawings I've made lately, but until then, I'm gonna be hittin' this MS Paint Mewtwo thingamagiggy

If you care to see what my drawings are like, here's a link(click on the gallery button next to profile), although my style's changed a bit since my scanner's absence...
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Nine one six ~
You did that with MS Paint? Wow! That's really awesome!


kiss my greens
I am in love with the shading. A lot of artists overlook the shading, but this is just excellent. It looks superbly professional, and the sole splash of purple in Mewtwo's eyes really ties the whole piece together perfectly.

Keep going. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future ^_^