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Microsoft Paint & V-Cast Help


Scary Faerie♥
I just got a laptop from Dell, and it doesn't come with Microsoft Paint. I tried to see if I could download it online but all I could find was paint.net, and I was etremely confused on how to use it, and I would like to download the regular Paint from Microsoft. I have Microsoft Paint on my desktop computer, is there anyway I could burn Microsoft Paint onto a CD and then use that to upload it onto my laptop [or is this illegal?]? If you could tell me how to burn Ms Paint from my desktop computer that would be a big help, thanks. [Or if not, any other way to get Microsoft Paint]

Also, I have the LG Venus phone, and I was trying to sync the phone so I could get all my songs from my iPod onto my phone. I used the USB cable my phone came with and plugged it into my laptop [because I have my iTunes account on my laptop] but everytime I plugged it in I'd get a warning saying "A new software has been found. Download it?" and I'd click yes, but after several minutes my phone would say "Connection Failed" and my laptop would say "Software not installed properly". Is there anything I could do to fix this?

Sorry, I'm just really bad about computer stuff.
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Scary Faerie♥
That was the first thing I did when I first got my laptop, but I couldn't find Paint... I guess I didn't look for it hard enough. When I did it again just now, I found it. ^^;; Sorry.

Well my phone came with a cable [other than the charger] and when I plug it in it brings me to the V-Cast page, so I was assuming that I could use it to sync it with my iTunes, but I don't know, maybe you can't. But I thought you could.