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Middle Cup Team on PO. "What?"


Arm Wrestle?
I've got a couple of suggestions

Golbat---Nothing atm.
Magmar---You could run Mach Punch over Return.Or maybe a mixed set? No, no STAB and the lol Priority feel of MC goes against it.
Gurdurr---I've tried Foresight in place of Payback,and it works quite well.You get to hit Ghosts with Mach Punch.Especially when you can hit Dusclops with Nah, Payback works better. The added neutral coverage helps. I COULD change some stuff, but eh... Drain Punch
Magneton---Nothing atm Lol.
Wartortle---Try giving Wartortle a Choice Scarf and Water Spout.You'll be surprised how well that works Interesting... Of course, he's a spinner though, so this wouldn't work well.
Krokorok---Seems pretty well put together.Although I would run adamant-Scarf.Considering Krokorok isn't really that fast,Scarf can be a great help.Speed isn't nessecary in MC, I only run it because he's got lol defences. The drop in power would suck.

Just posting to say, EV's at level 50 are not entirely the same as EV's at level 100. If you have an even IV (30 Speed/SpA for HP-Fire, for example), you should only place 248 EV's (or any other multiple of 8) into that stat, instead of a multiple of 4 like at 100. 248 EV's gives the same stat while allowing you to place 4 EV's into another stat, giving a free stat point.

For example, for a level 50 HP-Fire 70 Latios in GBU, the EV-spread should look like 4Def/248SpA/4SpDef/248Spe, with the 4 extra EV's placed in either Defense, or HP (provided the IV is odd).

Lol, this is the older version of my team. Thank you, I know but OK Lol. (And you could also put 12 in one stat BTW)

Give Gurdurr a brave nature and 0 Spe IVs if your using payback.


On Magmar maybe Fling > Return seeing as you may want to get rid of the choice scarf at some point. Idk.

I have a newer version of this team that doesn't even run Magmar.

Lol, sorry if this seems brash, but I have a newer version of this team here. It's got some additions, some negations. Lol. Sorry if yer comments seem to have fell on deaf ears.


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