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Midi making?


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Is there maybe a program I can make my own midis on? I don't mean covert either. I mean just enter some notes and it'll play in a midi and I could save it in midi. I hade something like this on my cell phone, but idk if it can be done on computer. Anyway I need to make some themes for a video game I'm making on RPG Maker XP.

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The Technical Term is "Midi Sequencer."

Midi Files, to the Novice, is data telling something to play an Synthesizer to play Notes. Think of it as Sheet Music.

Midi Files are smaller, but deliberately Lacks any "Vocal" Track support. (The Midi format is 24, as old as I am!) You can't record SPEECH.

Several Midi Squencers, Such as Cubase (which is a expensive, but powerful), can slightly manipulate "Waveform" Audio like .MP3 and .wav . These are always used for Exported Wav/Mp3.

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for midi sequencing at uni we use Logic 7- it's pretty good, but i think it can be quite expensive and it can only be used on a Mac computer....


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Anvil Studio will sequence, play and save midis for free. If you want to print you have to pay.