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Might it be possible that the generation 9 of Pokémon will be released on the successor of the Nintendo Switch?

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Everyone who saw the last Nintendo Direct noticed that most popular titles were absent. For example their was no news of Zelda or Pokémon. Not even a trace. (With Pokémon Day around the corner that might explain things.) The other thing strange is that their are barely any announcement for summer and later this year. No teasers and no big announcements. If Pokémon presents doesn't announce anything related to a new Pokémon game, then it's possible that it will be released as a start game for the successor of the Nintendo Switch. The previous time, Pokémon was still hanging on the 3DS for a long time. They missed the important step to the Switch. So might they release a brand new generation on a brand new Switch successor?

However this is just speculation, it might be that generation 10 will be on the Switch successor. But, I have my hopes high. It will be a happy moment for sure, if something special happens this year.


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It's far too soon to be making threads speculating about a new Pokemon generation. When/if it's announced is fine, but not now. Thank you.
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