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mightyena's shinys and more...

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Darkmightyena, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Darkmightyena

    Darkmightyena Shiny Trader

    these are all my shinys and events please offer anything good.
    i only want shiny pokemon.
    i mostly want shiny flawless pokemon, male pokemon if you can.
    elektrike or manectric.
    tynamo or eelektross
    chansey or blissey
    larviatar or tyranitar
    drilbur or excadrill must know sand rush
    magikarp or gyarados
    togepi or togekiss
    metagross egg moves
    rare charizards (i already have 3different kinds)
    grimer or muk
    koffing or weezing
    all of these are trade-able and ready to go:
    Latios Modest
    Kyogre Modest
    Weavile Adamant
    Gengar Timid
    Umbreon Impish
    lvl 100 shiny snorlax impish ev trained
    Dragonite Adamant (nn DOOMSDAY)
    Garchomp Jolly
    Salamence Adamant
    Haxorus Jolly
    Electivire Adamant
    Rhyperior Adamant
    Aggron Adamant
    Rampardos Hardy
    Starmie Timid
    Empoleon Modest
    Hydreigon Modest
    Heracross Jolly
    Ninjask Jolly
    Archeops Jolly
    Breloom Jolly
    Lucario Adamant
    Scizor Adamant
    Metagross Adamant
    Typhlosion Adamant
    Infernape Jolly
    Alakazam Timid
    Blaziken Jolly
    Glaceon Timid
    Cresselia Bold
    Reggigas Serious (Jap)
    Raikou Hardy
    Latios Modest
    Sucuine Bold
    Anorith Hasty
    Snover Brave
    Omanyte Relaxed
    Poochyena Hasty
    Articuno Sassy
    Snivy timid (jap)
    Shieldon Bold
    Slugma Lonely
    Ponyta Hasty
    Kyurem Timid
    Eevee Calm
    Zangoose Timid
    Duskull Sassy
    Ralts Jolly (F)
    Vulpix Impish
    Magby Quirky
    Torchic Jolly
    Chimchar Jolly
    Pansage Bold
    Steelix Careful
    Riolu Adamant
    Treecko Naïve
    Axew brave
    Zorua modest
    Bulbasaur Hardy
    Chickorita Sassy
    Shuckle Careful
    Carvanha Careful
    Spheal Docile
    Deino Timid
    Squirtle Sassy
    Nidoking Rash lvl 100
    Minun Brave lvl 100
    Crustle Hardy lvl 36
    Chandelure Mild lvl 100
    Ursaring Careful lvl 60
    Zangoose Timid lvl 8
    Snorlax Mild lvl 100
    Porygon 2 Bold lvl 100
    Porygon Z Bold lvl 100
    Linoone Modest lvl 97
    Kangaskhan Careful lvl 100
    Mightyena Rash lvl 18
    Gorrebyss jolly lvl 80
    Absol Lonely lvl 100
    Zorua Relaxed lvl 31
    Tyranitar Adamant lvl 75 (knows Dragon dance)
    Dragonite Lonely lvl 100
    Druddigon Sassy lvl 100
    Flygon Lonely lvl 100 (jap)
    Kabutops bold lvl 100 (jap)
    Bisharp serious lvl 100
    Hydreigion rash lvl 64
    Spheal lvl 70 docile
    Mamoswine modest lvl 65
    Manectric Naïve lvl 100
    Flaafy lonely lvl 27
    Raichu bold lvl 100
    Solorock Timid lvl 100
    Krookodile Timid lvl 100
    Excadrill Serious lvl 47
    Nidoqueen Modest lvl 20
    Gigalith Naïve lvl 39
    Feraligator Adamant lvl 30
    Politoed Hardy lvl 45
    Milotic calm lvl 100 (jap)
    Gyarados lax lvl100
    Seismitoad hardy lvl 100
    Milotic lvl 5 rash
    Samurott Docile lvl 40
    Vaporeon modest lvl 6
    Hitmonlee Naïve lvl 59
    Throh serious lvl 100
    Hariama serious lvl 100
    Hitmonchan modest lvl 100 (jap)
    Tranquill sassy lvl 100
    Swellow Rash lvl 100
    Togekiss Naïve lvl 100
    Gliscor brave lvl 100
    Pidgey careful lvl 55
    Skarmory serious lvl 56 (NN AIRMURE)
    Aerodactyl Hardy lvl 100
    Delibird lvl 100 hardy
    Sceptile Naïve lvl 73
    Torterra Impish lvl 41
    Mawile quirky lvl 100
    Houndoom modest lvl 100 (NN Hellfire)
    Charizard Rash lvl 100
    Arcanine Adamant lvl 30
    Emboar timid lvl 56
    Gallade Docile lvl 100
    Gardevoir bold lvl 100
    Sigilyph Brave lvl 100
    Rotom Sassy lvl 50
    Dusknoir Hardy lvl 100
    Spiritomb Impish lvl 100 (NN Kryppuk)
    Cofagrigus Relaxed lvl 100
    Toxicroak Serious lvl 100
    Beedrill rash lvl 42
    Crobat bashful lvl 100 (NN Nostenfer)
    Arbok Rash lvl 50
    Ariados Impish lvl 62
    Seviper Serious lvl 75
    Tornadus relaxed lvl 100 (jap)
    Drapion Sassy lvl 50
    Shedinja Jolly lvl 23
    Moltress lvl 50 Brave (barely touched)
    Articuno lvl 50 UT Sassy
    Mewtwo lvl 90 Docile
    Raikou lvl 30 Hardy
    Raikou lvl 50 Modest (Jap)
    Suicune lvl 40 UT Bold
    Entei lvl 100 Lax
    Ho-Oh lvl 100 bashful (jap)
    Lugia lvl 100 rash
    Regice lvl 100 Hasty
    Registeel lvl 100 Lax (jap)
    Regirock lvl 100 rash (jap)
    Groudon lvl 66 quiet
    Latias lvl 49 timid
    Latios lvl 40 modest UT
    Kyogre lvl 100 modest EVD
    Rayquaza lvl 100 Naïve
    Mespirit lvl 100 Bashful
    Uxie lvl 100 Brave
    Azelf lvl 100 Naïve
    Dialga lvl 54 quirky
    Palkia lvl 70 lax
    Cresselia lvl 100 bold EVD
    Reggigas serious lvl 1 UT (jap)
    Giratina Lvl 100 rash (origin form)
    Giratina lvl 71 quirky
    Kyurem lvl 75 timid UT
    Heatran lvl 100 relaxed
    Thundorus lvl 100 quiet (jap)
    Landorus lvl 100 hasty
    Verizion Adamant lvl 100 (jap)
    Charizard (Adamant) Lv. 50 Flawless [Dragon Dance, Outrage, Dragon Rush] EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd
    Eevee (Timid) Lv. 1 UT 31/16/31/31/31/31 [DW, HP Dragon, Wish, Yawn, Fake Tears, Stored Power]
    Flawless ut shiny zapdos timid
    Flawless registeel sassy
    Gligar (Impish) Lv. 1 UT 31/31/31/x/31/31 [DW, Baton Pass, Poison Tail, Double Edge, Agility]
    Braviary (Adamant) Lv. 100 31/31/31/x/31/31 EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd
    Golett Adamant nearly flawless
    ut shiny lvl 42 cobalion timid 31/2/30/31/31/31
    ut shiny lvl 35 bouffalant adamant 31/31/31/13/31/31
    ut shiny lvl 5 oshawott modest 31/22/31/30/31/30
    ut shiny lvl 5 tepig jolly 31/31/31/7/31/31
    ut shiny lvl 42 terrakion adamant 31/31/31/8/31/31
    ut shiny lvl 70 landorus jolly flawless (jap)
    ut shiny kangaskhan flawless
    ut shiny tirtouga adamant flawless
    houndor brave flawless
    flawless karrablast
    vulpix modest flawless
    flawless timburr
    nearly flawless lvl 100 shiny siglyph
    flawless shiny pansear, sage, pour, all timid
    ut shiny timid thundurus lv 40 (flawless)
    flawless ut shiny horsea modest swift swim, w/ ice beam, brine, rain dance
    ut shiny beldum adamant lvl 1
    Aerodactyl (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS) adamant
    Metapod flawless jolly
    Shuppet (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS) adamant
    Relicanth (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS) adamant
    Chatot (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS) modest
    Darumaka (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS) jolly
    Scraggy (UT, lvl 1, JAP, FLAWLESS) adamant
    Poliwag (Bold) Lv. 1 UT near flawless [DW, HP Electric] *Japanese
    Nidoran-M (Modest) Lv. 1 UT Flawless [DW, Head Smash, Sucker Punch, Poison Tail, Iron Tail]
    Shellder impish
    hippopotas adamant
    snover mild
    rotom timid
    zubat jolly
    tyrogue adamant
    staraptor adamant lvl 50
    Flawless volcanora timid evd. Nn mothra
    Regice (Calm) LV 30 UT Flawless
    Ut shiny squirtle hardy flawless
    Ut shiny bulbasaur timid flawless
    lv 40 latios timid flawless(almost UT,only like 10 exp.,no EV tho )enigma stone event
    lvl 100 shiny machamo (nn rock) flawless adamant no guard ability ev trained
    Lvl 5 wishmaker jirachi.
    Lvl 5 Pklatam Jirachi lonely
    Lvl 100 dw arceus (jap)
    lv 90 WIN2011 Celebi timid(used for the event)
    lvl 52 WIN 2011 celebi hasty
    Ut shiny entei adamant gamestop
    PM me with offers! im on most of the time, if not please be patient.
    thank you!
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2011
  2. Rayce

    Rayce _

    looks like it was approved! C: interested in these three:
    flawless shiny pansear, sage, pour, all timid
    i have shiny donphan, politoed, uxie, ev'd mienshao, and ev'd mamoswine
  3. Flash2010

    Flash2010 Shiny Master

    congrats on the shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. XGlaceX

    XGlaceX #YOLO

    Heya! I like the shiny flawless cobalion, would you like to trade it for a flawless evd shiny beautifly (not level 100).
  5. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    I'm interested in your shiny Slugma. Please check my trade shop for what you'd like in return ^^
  6. K1LL3RxP0P7aRt

    K1LL3RxP0P7aRt Stargasm

    hi i was wondering if your chimcharand rioulu knew any eggmoves??
  7. camster12345

    camster12345 New Member

    hey im intrested in lv100 shiny snorlax and your lv100 shiny dusknoir
    i have a lv53 non hacked shiny raquaza and a lv16 shiny pichu and the set of win2011 dogs pm me if u want to trade or if theres anything ele u want
  8. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    im interesested in your shiny ev trained ramparados.check my thread
  9. Darkmightyena

    Darkmightyena Shiny Trader

    just got a shiny level 1 miltank. anyone willing to offer something for it. its female and i usually go for males. just got it like 10 or 20 minutes ago. UT and everything. Offer any good shinys, PM me.
  10. warrior777

    warrior777 Member

    I'm interested in your flawless shiny Bouffalant. Check my shop and see what you want. ;)
  11. Darkmightyena

    Darkmightyena Shiny Trader

    sorry people. sometimes i forget stuff like... miltank only comes in females. i forget stuff like that sometimes.
  12. warrior777

    warrior777 Member

    Quoting in case you missed my post. ^_^

  13. 2dollaz

    2dollaz New Member


    wat is ur friend code for heartgold
  14. Toxicated92

    Toxicated92 Water Expert

    Hey dude, have a look in my trade shop and see if there is Anthony you want for your:
    Bold UT suicune
    Pm of there is anything thanks :)

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