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Mindreader/Sheer Cold Articuno

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by Clipps, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. Clipps

    Clipps Beginning Trainer

    Talk about Uber
  2. Metroid_Sniper

    Metroid_Sniper Paresect=TehAwsemest

    what? do you mean like to teach articuno mind reader and sheer cold and then use them in that order? that would kick but... *runs to go train an articuno*
  3. Sammi

    Sammi Banned

    ... That would kick butt. But I agreed to myself not to use legendaries. ... Though I love Articunos... They rock.
  4. Icosahedron

    Icosahedron レミオロメン♪

    In competitive play, OHKO attacks are frowned upon, and it also never works because human players will just switch out. But still, 30 accuracy isn't that bad, and if you get lucky, the other team will have lost a member. That is why OHKO attacks aren't used by experienced, real players - because they rely on luck, and are generally cheap.

    However, ingame I think they are fine. They also work wonders in places like the Battle Frontier because the AI seldom switches. In fact, I'm currently training an Articuno solely for that purpose. Now if only he had a decent recovery move....
  5. Dratini927

    Dratini927 Matt the Drat

    ...Ok...from your first post, there's nothing to be talked about. So I'm going to close this.

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