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Minor things you enjoy


Try to understand.
As sort of a counter to "Things that grind your gears", here we talk about the minor things we enjoy.

I like how all but one of the base stat values for Ultra Beasts are prime numbers, along with Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma.

I like the legendary beast story about how the lightning, fire and rain led to Raikou, Entei, and Suicune respectively.

I really like Aggron's (Alpha) Sapphire Pokedex entry where it gives another side to the Pokemon by stating it will plant trees to restore its habitat.

So, what things do the opposite of grinding your gears?


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There's something oddly liberating about how, Gen 6 and beyond, you are no limited to 4 directions


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How has this thread not been made until now? Nice idea, Auraninja.

I could put a lot of thought into what I can answer here, but that would be a long and continually increasing list. For now, I will just include a few things that came to my mind at this moment.
I read the post a few posts above mine about Alolan forms and it made me consider how many are part (or entirely) ice or dark types. I like this due to the fact that there are very few ice types in generation I (and clearly no dark types). Having these particular Alolan forms of Kanto Pokémon be these types expands the options for generation I in general. For example, look at Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee. Only Generation I Pokémon, but Alolan forms are included. I do understand many people know this, but having more ice types than just those original 5 in generation I is great. Considering how 3 of them are part water type and another is a legendary, that means if you want an ice type for a playthrough of the main storyline, you must choose either water/ice or Jynx. Now with Alolan forms, as I said, more options.

I can easily think of more things to list in this thread, but for now, I think I will just have the one above here. I may post more in this thread if I remember.


What do I do now?
I like how subsequent generations (and remakes) have callbacks to other regions. Not like shoved in your face, but it's there if you go looking for it. In ORAS, the museum in Slateport had water samples from other regions with little easter eggs talking about different variations in water make up, 7th gen had gym leaders and elite four member walking around, and a whole lot more than I can't think of right now. I know I once documented every single mention of other regions that I could find, both in ORAS and 7th gen, but I need to find it.


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Third installments from Gen II to Gen IV giving Pokemon some movement. It wasn't much compared to what we have now or even in Gen V, but it felt so good

Satoshi & Touko

Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland
I like how you have to grind so much cash in order to be able to collect all the clothing items ingame.

I like how Festival Plaza had more things to it other than being the hub for battling and trading.

I like how the pigtails hairstyle in Gen 7 is the most adorable thing ever. <3 Especially after pigtails in Gen 6 were not so cute.


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Pokeathlon. That. Needs. To be a permanent feature.

Events having actual story and places to them up to Gen 5

The main series having connectivity to spin-offs, like Diamond & Pearl to Pokemon Ranger.

Spinoffs dedicated to the newest generation's lore and region. They stopped making spin-offs dedicated to a generations newest lore and region as of Alola. Would've been really cool to see other devs take on Z-moves.


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What a neat thread idea!

I appreciate official art for like... little scenes. Like Serena picking outfits and that piece of promo art for Alola with all the pokemon and Red shovelling snow with pokemon shaped snow sculptures. I love it.


Try to understand.
Speaking of berries, I always like the lore with the berries, like how the Starf Berry was "abandoned at the world's edge".

I also like the Hoenn aesthetic, and how the nature theme comes through the art and music in the game.

I also like the Sevii Islands and how the Braille clues are on some of the islands (were the Regi people there).

And speaking of Regis, I love how the way to get Regigigas in ORAS sounds like it came from a kid whose dad works at Nintendo (or so he says).


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The battle animations of the 3D Pokemon battle simulators before 6th gen. In XY, when a Metagross punches, they show a fist symbol. In Battle Revolution, when a Metagross punches, it moves out of it's area and literally floats to the target and swings it's claw to that target. I also like the animalistic details and personality that comes with those animations. Really makes Pokemon feel like Pokemon. I hope that returns in 8th gen.


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It's a nice touch that nowadays, legendaries get a different introduction. It's not just "the wild x appeared", but "x appeared" which makes it feels special


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I like to heal my Pokémon by using berries or other food-related items (Old Gateau, Moomoo Milk, Lumiose Galette, Rage Candy Bar, etc...) instead of doing it with Potions and other spray-type items.
Me too! I always felt like the Pokémon would enjoy them more.

Which reminds me, I love the little messages you get when the Pokémon has high affection in Amie/Refresh. Like if it has low health in a battle, and you use a healing item on it, it says “[Name] is thrilled to bits!”

I also like the Hoenn aesthetic, and how the nature theme comes through the art and music in the game.
This is why Hoenn is one of my favorite regions. I just feel so cozy whenever I’m playing. I would totally live in Verdanturf or Fortree.


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I like the little “What would you do?” scenarios in USUM. They give you mostly accurate tidbits of you as a person and I love that a Pokèmon game analyzed my psyche lol.

Also the fact that when a Pokèmon uses a Z Move, it gets an angry yet eager frown (grin?)


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Seeing the reaction of Pokemon when I drop the beans in Refresh. MWHAHAHA!!