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Mirage Island

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Charmander is best
I went to mirage island once. I found it while I was surfacing to Pacifidlog Town on Emerald. I was shocked because I had never found it before and there it was just as I was surfing along. :)


Call of Fate
I have never got to go there.I don't care for the Wynaut,but I always wanted to get that rare Berry.


I have never been in Mirage Island... But my Pokémon Emerald works yet. Well, I need good luck to go there. I want to take that special berry... The Wynaut are not important for me now.
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Played Emerald a zillion times, but never saw that island myself. In the end, I just saw it youtube & that was enough. Moved on to other games, don't really mind now.


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I think I found it once, but I'm not sure because I don't have the berry. Though I'm pretty sure I remember finding the wynauts...
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