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miror b doesn't appear!

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Marsh Trainer
I've beaten the greevil and i headed to gateon port to snag dragontie but miror b doesn't appear.

I didn't catch lugia, is that the reason why he doesn't appear?
do you have to catch lugia to make him appear?


Eh, ragazzo!
He probably won't appear until you beat a Stadium or something so try that.

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member
like Cipher said you need to have snagged all previous 82 shadow pokemon, then your miror B radar will go off, head to the top of gateon port lighthouse, you will see Miror B dancing with his ludicolo to celebrate 'team Miror', walk up to Miror B and you fight him, all his team are Ludicolo except for Dragonite, after you defeat him he will yell at you for snagging the final shadow and he will storm off into the lift, he will then notice the miror B radar and break it.
then do what I did, dumped it in the purify chamber


Super Gamer
It takes a while. He's not gonna just appear. I had to travel to several places to get him to show up on the Radar. When he's doing a challenge at Realgam - enter it and you will get to battle him sometime or another (and he will have a Shadow Pokémon ofcourse.

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