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Misadventures of Black and White

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Lazorchu!!, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Lazorchu!!

    Lazorchu!! Hellooooo~

    The Misadventures of Black and White
    Okay, due to how many hits this fic has had on my fanfiction.net account, I decided to Re-post the story to
    serebii forums after I deleted it before anyone could review, so without further ado, I present the Serebii dub of Misadventures of Black and White. Rat3d T for teen. Romance and Language!
    Shippings: Chess and DualRival

    So our story begins, in Numeva Town at the Shiro residence, with Black and Cheren talking in the living room.
    "So Cheren," said Black, the raven haired teen sitting in on the couch, looking down at his C-Gear, "Are you pumped about tommorow? We're getting our Trainer Cards, and we'll be getting the Pokedex from Professor Juniper. My cousin, Red, helped out Gary Oak with completing the Kanto Dex, so I have someone too help me with tips if I get stuck. It's the thing that could land you a job a a professor!"
    "Kinda. I really don't know," Cheren, the other boy responded with a sigh, completely oblilivous to the relation to Red. It's not like he didn't know that, as Red was currently the most powerful trainer in the world currently, and Black was always bragging about it.
    "Why are you feeling so glum about it," Black responded, looking up from his wrist watch, "This is one of the most important days of your life. You've been waiting since the Trainer Agency bumped the age when you could get your Trainer Licence to 16 since the Sinnoh incident."
    "I know, I'm just nervous you know. Mr. Noir has been telling Bianca she can't travel with us and... I don't want to leave her. I really, really like her.You know the feeling of having to leave someone you love behind" Cheren responded.
    "Please don't remind me," The raven haired teen responded, looking back down at his C-gear, "Oh wait, I'm having a flash back."

    And so our flashback begins...
    A 13 year-old Black was sitting in the Castelia City Pokemon Center, waiting for Bianca and Cheren to arrive. But when he thought they were about to come in, another person walked in. Normally, he would have just shrugged it off, but she was the exception. She was good looki- no. She was just drop dead gorgeous and he was a 13 year old boy, and unlike his cousin Red, he knew when a girl was hot. She had long, brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail, cerulean blue eyes and a hat with a pink Pokeball design on it. Her outfit consisted of a white tank top and a black vest and short shorts with white things that might be pockets, black ankle boots with pink soles and pink laces. Anyways, she was hot, he was 13, and he wanted to talk to her.
    'Oh Arceus, I don't know what to do,' Black pleaded inside his head, 'Do I compliment her or do I ask her name? I'm so hopeless!'
    "Hi," The girl asked Black, taking him away from his thoughts, "Hello, anyone in there?" She then poked his head jokingly.
    "Oh! Hello," he said nervously, "Why did you come and talk to me, of all people in this building, why... me?" he asked, truly confused.
    "Because," she giggled, "You we're staring at me."
    "Oh," 'Is she hitting on me?' he thought, then regaining his thoughts, "By the way, what's your name?"
    "Oh yeah, how could I forget. My name's White!" She said confidently.
    "'How funny,' He thought, "My name is Black. You wanna get something to eat? I'm starving."
    "Oh gosh we just met and he's asking me on a... date' she thought, then shaking her head, 'No, He didn't do that.' and she said, "Sure! I can't pass up free food without being an idiot."
    "Cool! I realy didn't get that far into the plan so uhh," he scratched his arms nervously, "I really don't know where we can go."
    "We could go to Cafe Warehouse in Nacrene City. I know it's a hike, but if we run into Pokemon in the Pinwheel Forest, I can have a big, strong man like you protect me. Right?"
    Black scratched his chin thoughtfully before answering the question,"Okay, but do you have any Pokemon on you right now?"
    "I have my Mudkip with me right now, and before you ask me, " she said, then added dully, "I like mudkipz."
    "Ohh-kay, I have my Pansear with me, so we should be safe." and before they left for Nacrene, he whipped out his C-Gear he got as a present for his12th birthday and sent invites to Bianca and Cheren to video chat.
    30 seconds later, Cheren's crabby face apeared on screen and Bianca's always bubbly face appeared and Black started the meeting.
    "Alright, you better have a good reason for calling me," A 13 year-old Cheren spat angrily.
    "I do. I'm going to Nacrene for lunch with a girl I just met, so I'll catch up with you guys later," Black said happily.
    "Awww thats SO cute Black! Congrats, you actualy have a chick who likes you!" A 12 year old Bianca said, a smile planted on her face.
    "Thanks. Alright, we're going to Nacrene City and eating at Cafe Warehouse, so see ya later guys," and with that Black ended the call. He turned to White and they left for Nacrene City.
    After they had been walking down the street for some time, Black turned to White.
    "Did you move here from Hoenn?" he asked curiously.
    "Yeah, I used to live in Littleroot, but then we moved to Petalburg when the new gym leader moved here, and my mom found a new house. Why do you ask?"
    "You know," he figeted his hands, then looked up, "You have a Mudkip, and you can't get those here." he stated.
    "Ah that's nice. I like having a rare pokemon. Even Mudkip are rare in Hoenn, and I got this little guy from Professor Birch after I became friends with his son Brendan," She then procceded to release the Mud Fish Pokemon from the red and white capsule on her belt, "See. He's Cute isn't he?"
    "Yeah. He's adorable. When is he go-," He was going to continue that, but was interrupted by stream of water squirting him in the face.
    "Um. Sorry about that, she doesn't like people getting her gender wrong," she then scratched her head nervously.
    "It's fine. So anyways, why did you move to Unova in the first place? I've heard that Sinnoh is beautiful, just like you are," he then clasped his hands over his mouth in fear and clenched his eyes shut.'Crap, crap, crap, That just HAD to come out! Why Di-'
    "It's fine," she coaxed, pulling down his arms from his face "I thought it was nice. Thank you."
    Black loosened up after hearing this, looking into her light blue orbs as if he were a bug and she was a lantern. "Oh. I've just had bad experiences when that slips out," he shuddered at the thought and then hugged her, "Thank you, for not hurting me."
    "Don't get off and I'll think about it," she stated coldly. He did as she said and was off her like a fat kid with a can of peas. "That's much better," she said, returning to her normal, cheery self.
    'Mewtwo that was nerve racking. I though I might have died there. Thank Arceus!' he thought, then said, "I don't understand why we're not taking the train. This could take an hour."
    "Meh," was the response from the Blue eyed girl, "I like stretching these out," she pointed to her legs, "Keeps them looking good."
    "Yeah, I'm just lazy. Plus I'm really hungry so can we just take the tra-," He was cut off by the girl walking next to him.
    "NO LAZY BONES!" She screamed at him in all caps, the raven haired boy cowering down in fear as she screamed at him,"WE ARE WALKING AND THAT IS FINAL!" She grabbed the boy by the arm and dragged him along to the guardhouse.

    After he started walking again and forgot about the rage issue, they were walking along the path in the Pinwheel Forest in silence. This time, she turned to him and said, "I'm sorry about earlier. I was just, umm, really wanting to walk with you, get to know you some more and help you get this baby fat off of you," she the procceded to poking him in the belly and then started tickling him while he was laughing his head off like a maniac.
    "Oh god! That tickles so much! Please stop. I will pee- HeehEheheheheh- my pants if you don't stop, oh god," but it was too late; he had stopped breathing from laughing too much and he was now lying on the path.
    'Oh ****, I did this. Well, good thing I'm CPR certified!' She then procceded to perform CPR on him and when he woke up, it was during the breathing air in so he kissed her, causing her to blush madly and pull back, extremely pissed off at the moment.
    "WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!" She roared, scaring off all Pidove in the vicinity, "I just save your life And YOU KISS ME BA-"
    "Woah, hold your horses. You just saved my life after tickling me to death, so that should not be the biggest concern right now. My biggest concern is that I forgot to say I'm very, very grateful for you saving my life right now. You have my eternal thanks for that," he pleaded.
    "Well... you could tell me where you live. That might help in your forgiveness," she then looked dead serious at me," I need a place to crash tonight. I, I don't want to go home right now. I'm having too much fun."
    "Well... I could call my mom and ask her if you can crash at my place tonight. By the way, do you have a C-Gear?" he asked.
    "Yeah. Wanna exchange numbers?" She asked, almost reading my mind.
    "Um, yeah."
    So after the phone number exchange, nothing exciting happened on the way out of the forest, our young couple finally reached Nacrene City, and went into the Cafe Warehouse.

    'Well since Cheren's going to start telling me to wrap it up, I'm gonna end this here so yeah,' Black thought,"Yo Cheren! You have any food. I'm hungry."
    "Yeah, I think there's some cold pizza in the fridge."
    *Screen Freezes with Black fistpumping*
    Narrator: And so as this chapter comes to a close, we learned how Black and White meet and their first 'kiss' and Black scoring a piece of cold pizza. Man he was pumped up about that Pizza.

    Finally! Due to me posting the first two Chapters of this to fanfiction.net, I felt I should post this to Serebii. Please review because Updates on my progress on chapter 3 will come soon! Chapter two will be posted when I feel like it(and find all the typos^^)
    Later fellow Serebii dweebs! Okay, but seriously, Goodnight Serebii!
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2011

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