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Missing Mod Madness: A Reviewing Roleplay Game


The Ghost Lord
Things are getting inteeeeense! How are these "aliens" going to be thwarted?

Also I appreciate Polly's dynamic with her Dunsparce in this lol


Dragon Enthusiast
The following takes place before Owen entered Horizon

Owen was homesick already. In a futile attempt to mask this longing for heading home, his sense of duty overpowered everything else. Still, he was tempted. And so, while he was reading through the many books he assigned himself, he also kept his own book open. Out of curiosity, he attempted to read from it. He even skipped to the end of the story to see how it all turned out. Unfortunately, the pages were blank. He knew there was writing there, yet he couldn't read it. He had asked a fellow library-goer to read it to him instead, but whenever they spoke about the book's contents, Owen heard nothing but silence. He couldn't even read their lips.

"That's quite understandable," Nevren said, the Alakazam's voice echoing from inside the book that tied the library to his world. "It seems that by some failsafe of our world, the concept of reading ahead is forbidden by entities that exist within it. After all, this book is a mere snapshot of the world in its entirety. They may just be logging what happens. Perhaps that comes with a danger of altering it, so, you simply cannot know it. Have you considered reading the first pages?"
"No, that's blank, too," Owen said.
"Fascinating. Perhaps, then, whatever story is being told has simply not happened yet, at the time that it is tapping into our world."
Owen gulped. "I hate determinism."
"Ahh, have you been reading philosophy books again, Owen?"

Owen heard a gentle shuffling from the book. He logged some of his findings of his current read and closed it, and moved on to the next in the pile. "Something going on?" Owen asked.
"Owen! Owen, my goodness, what's happened!?"
Owen stopped reading. "MOM?!"
"I came the moment James told me--Owen! Please, be careful! I don't want you to get hurt!"
"I--I'll be careful! I'm just reading and stuff!"
"Your mother," Nevren said, "still worries. Do you have any sort of equipment on you?"
"No. I have a fire extinguisher, though."
"...That... will not do," Nevren said. "Should you run into any trouble, what will happen?"
"I, uh... I mean..."
"Nevren, there must be something you can do! Save my son! Help him!"

"Stop--please stop shaking me--" Nevren said. He puffed. "I'm sure there is something that I can do. It's a bit unorthodox... but I have already requested some help from the Association Head."
"Y--you have? Goodra Anam?" Owen said. "Is this really that big?"
"If a force was strong enough to pull you away from your world, then yes, I imagine this is a very big issue," Nevren said. "As such, Anam has already set out a series of prayers for you."
Owen's flame dimmed. "Oh, just some prayers, huh?" he said. "Thanks."
"You do not sound very enthused," Nevren said.
"Sorry," Owen said. "I just don't really... you know. It's not my thing."

"Well," the scientist replied, "perhaps now is a good time to start."
Owen couldn't believe such a thing was coming from Nevren, of all Pokemon.
"It appears to be impossible for us to send you our supplies or any sort of physical assistance," Nevren said. "Therefore, we are sending you aural assistance instead. Should you ever find yourself in peril, Owen, I would like you to envision your friends and family. We will be on standby to help, and I will do my best to work on an... astral projector of sorts to establish the connection."
"Nev, are you eating weird seeds or something? This sounds nuts!"
"Owen, would you mind envisioning your mother for a moment?"
"Hnnn..." Owen sighed. "Fine." He closed his eyes and focused. He envisioned a Gardevoir with blue hair. He opened his eyes and saw a faded mist, vaguely shaped like one, in front of him. "W-wah!" And the mist vanished. "What was that?!"
"Aha! It works!" Nevren cheered. "Amazing! Anam's work is truly something else."
"Ooh, that felt quite odd," Owen's mother said.

"There we are, Owen. I will be fine-tuning it in the meantime, but that is our assistance. Should you ever run into trouble, I would like you to envision your heroes. One way or another, by prayer and desire, we will establish a connection beyond our world and into whatever realm you are within. It will be difficult--and we certainly won't be at full strength--but perhaps our projections will be able to lend you a helping hand for a short while."

"I don't... understand what..." Owen shook his head. "But okay." He closed the book, but then looked at his home's connection. He smiled slightly. "Thanks, guys," he said. He finished the last book and moved it aside, ready to present his findings to the others:

Pletora's Story
Anime Remix Special: The Remix of Darkrai
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light Episode 2
Past of the future, future of the past...
Hunter, Haunted
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light Episode 3

Total: +6
Grand total: 14

By mere coincidence, "Pletora's Story" satisfies the challenge. Owen's response is below:


NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME FOR THAT PRAYER TO START WORKING! Owen screamed mentally into the void. Eyes darted to the left and right. The dark things seeping from the tear in space and time was worrisome enough, but at least those odd creatures appeared to be acting docile--or at least, non-aggressive. The real worry was Necrozma. What in the world was that thing? He'd read about such odd things in archaic books, but never, ever in person, by anybody in all of the world he came from.

Owen wasn't sure about the full context, but from what he could gather, Necrozma wasn't behind these creatures. He was unfamiliar with them. He wasn't sure what light was in this context, either. He then looked at Takato, and then Delirious. This wasn't going to work. Necrozma outmatched them. Nevren's preparation wouldn't be enough to take him on; even if he tried to project his heroes here, it would simply be too far away to do any lasting damage. At best, it would just stall for time.

But he knew what he could do. Possibly. "E-excuse me!" Owen said. "We--we are here for something else. We're looking for creatures called moderators, and it might have to do with these black--things! Can you help us?" Owen said. "Think about it! We have a ton of knowledge that might help with taking these black things down. What if they thwart your plans? Or worse? Let's both take them out!" And then we can get out of here! Owen thought the final part to himself.

And now he hoped for a response. In the back of his mind, he was already thinking about his mother, the Elite Hearts--anybody strong enough to project solid illusions of themselves here to help him fight. He never expected to rely on a scientist's word on the power of prayer before, but here he was, putting his faith in the Alakazam.

[To be clear: The approach is to attempt to talk to Necrozma to figure out what is happening with the strange alien race of blackness. If that fails, he will attempt to flee with his team to gather his bearings, using the power of Nevren's Prayer to cause a diversion. And if he happens to still have that fire extinguisher, he'll use that like Smokescreen to help out.]

The Teller

King of Half-Truths
I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to think that Octollery DeVillain did it! Long, black tentacles, you said? Hmm, seems mighty suspicious. And that's coming from the person who CREATED him to be ultimately innocent in this affair! Anyway, here's some more roleplay.

Octillery DeVillain barely managed to claw his way out of The Deprogramming.

'Heh, that weirdo nutjob Farfetch'd would've loved the implications behind title alone,' he mused to himself. Since he only entered in towards the end of the first chapter, all he saw was a sad, frazzled woman talking to her GameDoodly device, and having it respond back to her, before zapping her into itself. Fearing for his life, Octillery fled the story. Going from a story into a story into a story into a story, etc....how deep would one go before they lose their minds completely? Could one ever find a way out? DeVillain certainly didn't want to try it out for himself. Wasn't there a story around here that was easy going and NOT depressing?

'Hmm...when I inevitably become a moderator, I shall have my first act as Supreme Ruler be to ban and outlaw all stories that are far too dangerous for an Octillery like me to get sucked into!' he thought again.

(This should put me at three points. Don't know how you're going to incorporate people who skipped a week here and there, which is one of the reasons why I provided you the "Octillery got lost for a week" excuse for you to use, if you so choose. If Octillery DeVillain is facing off against aliens, I'd like it to be in the The Defense of Rainbow Rocket HQ storyverse, and if you're asking us how our character interacts with the aliens, then I'd say that Octillery hide out of sight for most of it to collect observational data from them, only to come onto the scene again and weakly do something that could paint him as a villain to both the participants AND the aliens.)


Call me Del
Del clambers out from the PMD section and yawns widely.

"Okay, I've been doing a lot of reading!" Ticks off Astral Genealogy, PMD: Unequivocant, Pletora's Story, PMD: Hands of Creation, and Guiding Light. Then she cocks an eyebrow at the small group gathered at a reading table. "Yeh, I'm kinda addicted to Guiding Light. Who isn't?"

She lifts something from a small bag at her side. "Oh, and... while reading Pletora's Story, I found a little something. I dunno why, but when I came back to reality, there was this... teapot at my side. I think it..." She presses the lid and fires scalding hot tea across the library. "Yeh... it's a weapon. I... I can't even..."

EDIT - Also read and reviewed The Deprogramming, which is pretty fantastic I have to say.

Total - 6 points. Do I qualify for fanart? =3

Also, given I reviewed a story posted in the past three months (Hands of Creation) I think I qualify for this week's goal, too =D

Given it seems like Necrozma is letting these things in, is he responsible? Can't leap to conclusions, and they clearly have no light and are somewhat vexing. Maybe we need to have a little chat, and some tea? And... if things turn nasty... Del can use her newly acquired trick teapot to fire some tea in the old Light Eater's face and run. With her allies, of course. Never leave a 'mon behind, and all that jazz.
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The Ghost Lord
Oh, for the Plan Of Action Thing... Polly's gonna try to either evacuate peopld or ward the critters off. These things seem dangerous, and her job is to protect people from dangerous things.

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
I’m reading a crossover between LC and QtfL, this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Fourteen-year-old Chibi would have had a heart attack.

Also, Pika entering Arbitrary Execution was a huge surprise! But I’m thrilled to see it make an cameo here, and it fits the theme so well!

Interesting to see the worlds/characters starting to converge! We’ve got Silvally and the cast of Reboot + Four O’clock and the cast of Salvage, not to mention all three of the characters that have met in Guiding Light! Also not gonna lie, I really wanna see Farfetch’d and Octillery meet up in the Rainbow Rocket HQ. :p

Even though I’m familiar with about 80% of the stories and characters on display here, the remaining 20% were fairly easy to follow. Looking forward to seeing where this goes next!

PMD Hands of Creation (1, 2, 3)
The Curious and the Shiny
Rainbow Rocket HQ
Hunter, Haunted

Palkia listens to the paranoid ramblings of the unfamiliar Legendary named Chaletwo (while also chuckling to itself upon sensing the rather convoluted mess of temporal disruption that even led to this Legendary's existence in the first place.) Seems that the world it’s visited is doomed to be destroyed by some War! What fun!

But there’s something else going on here as well. The dragon spreads its fins, feeling the vibrations of the universal distortions permeating this realm.

“That's definitely not normal.”

All these universes bleeding together. Giratina's gonna throw a fit. Luckily, Giratina hasn't seemed to notice yet. But unfortunately this means that Palkia might actually have to get its own claws dirty for once.

Palkia pulls this strange Legendary named Chaletwo from whatever pocket space he's hiding in and attempts (keyword) to goad him into fighting back against the alien presence that will have no doubt advanced on them by the time of the next update (with perhaps some motivational words for the humans while it's at it.) Palkia might use some spatial manipulation to assist Matheus (or any other characters who stray into the scene), but will engage the invaders using its own raw firepower only when absolutely necessary (ie, when it's most ~dramatic.~)


Winter can't come soon enough
Okay, time to actually post my Plan of Action!

"Okay, so there are creepy sludge aliens everywhere and realities getting torn asunder. Not exactly a good thing by any means. I totally don't have a plan for this but my buddy back home always had a penchant for thinking crazy when the chips were down. That's exactly what we'll have to do! The captain guy said the ship has weapons, right? Well... use my cheek bolts and connect me to your ship! I'll use the power from my Memory Looplet to supercharge and add elemental attributes to your weapons. That ought to send the aliens packing. Plus, I might be able to help us sense anymore of those rifts and gather more allies!"


Write on
Ooh, slime aliens! I think they have something to do with the missing mods. Nice update! I can't believe two characters decided to explore my very old fic Broken Promise omg. Pyotr exploring "Ills" with Saoirse was, of course, great. That little moment of Franz Liszt caring about Frédéric Chopin was very pure. ;_;

I'm not sure if I can actually review by the end of the day. Life has been pretty nuts for me. Good luck to everyone though! :)


Just me
Just barely squeezed in a review for this week yet again, this time for Hunter, Haunted, which is eligible for the weekly challenge. Mia will, perhaps unsurprisingly, just go all-in fighting these things. She's likely to try to chop them in half, then separate the halves so they can't reunite, see what happens then, and adjust accordingly.


Lost but Seeking
@DeliriousAbsol: Best I can tell you've earned 10 points total (6 in that post and 4 from before). That actually means you've earned three prizes: a review for doing at least one review, a piece of fanart for doing at least ten reviews, and then an additional piece of fanart and additional review for completing 10. PM me when you're ready to claim your prizes!

Everyone else, there's still about three hours left if you want to get your character in this week's update! Good luck!


you taste like fear
Right in under the buzzer, whoops.

Black Paint, Chapter 1

Total: 1
Running Total: 3

(Not on the list you provided, but it's even newer than those stories, so it counts, right? It's like a requirement fulfillment from the future!)

I haven't actually had time to read the giant update yet (oh god XD) so I don't know how to respond or choose anything in character, uh-oh. Apparently there are slime aliens now? Plan of action, plan of action, uh... Tolgo doesn't... do... plans? Or action? Is panicking a plan? What about fainting?

Honestly, I'm kind of tempted to have him offer them cookies. I don't know where he's going to get cookies; probably he's bluffing! But the note that was allegedly from the kidnappers mentioned cookies, right? So clearly they like cookies, and all he has to do is make them believe that There Are More Cookies Somewhere long enough to not get... whatever slime aliens do to people... and leg it out of there.

Failing that, hide behind someone huge or tough! Huge, tough people are impervious to slime aliens, pfft, everyone knows this.
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404: Consistent Schedule not Found
Alright, got a couple of reviews in...

Pokemon:Life (Chapter 2, qualifies for the challenge)
The Alola Pokedex

As much as he'd love to fight, Takato's a team player. After all, he leads a rescue team in his world, so he does understand how important teamwork is. He'll go along with Owen's plan, only choosing to fight if all else fails. Of course, he is pretty antsy to use the Judicator, so he'll definitely fire it if he feels the time is right. (If they fight, he will most certainly use it)

Also, I have a question. How long am I able to wait to redeem prizes?
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The Walrein

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Once again, I procrastinated too much for roleplaying, but here's my challenge fulfilling review for Operation GEAR: The Gardener of Gratitude. That should bring me up to four points now.

As for Farfetch'd's plan... I guess he'll interpret the blinking of the aliens' eyes to be some sort of morse code and try to communicate by blinking at them in turn. He'll make a leap of logic and assume that the aliens are related to the cause of the moderators disappearing (but are not actually directly a part of Deep Plate), so he'll bluff and say that he's actually a secret agent for their side (as evidenced by the fact that he knows how to speak their language, and his knowledge of the identity of all their other agents among the group of investigators (produced by frantic last-minute deduction/guesses)). If they seem to be buying it, Farfetch'd will claim that Tolgo is actually a moderator he's captured, and that he just needs directions to where the other mods are being kept.

On the other hand, if the aliens get aggressive, I'm thinking that Farfetch'd is going to realize the value of teamwork and squawk for Tolgo (he doesn't actually know that's his name, of course) to try and hold off the aliens while he runs away as fast as possible.


Call me Del
@DeliriousAbsol: Best I can tell you've earned 10 points total (6 in that post and 4 from before). That actually means you've earned three prizes: a review for doing at least one review, a piece of fanart for doing at least ten reviews, and then an additional piece of fanart and additional review for completing 10. PM me when you're ready to claim your prizes!

Everyone else, there's still about three hours left if you want to get your character in this week's update! Good luck!
Oh wow, I hadn't realised the points worked like that! I'll hang on a little longer then, thank you =D


sometimes i get a deadache, yeah


The Ghost Lord
Polly lugs in two more books.

"Day-care shenanigans, horror shenanigans... Aliens will probably pop up in the latter."

~Or they could subvert our expectations and do the opposite.~ said Metagross.

"Good point."


Reviewed Some Average Days In A Pokemon Daycare and Black Paint!


Total: 13


Lost but Seeking
For everyone wondering about the prize deadline: please get me any of your prize requests no later than October 6th.

And now it's time (and past time) for the fourth and final reviewing challenge! All reviews for this event, and this challenge, are due in by the end of September: mignight EST on September 30th.

Week Four Challenge: Make Your Final Stand!

It's the final week, our final opportunity to rescue the mods, and the final battle against their enigmatic kidnappers! It's on your character to stop this alien menace and restore order to the fanfic section. How are they going to do it? This is your character's chance to make a badass final stand! Or perhaps they'd be more likely to run away screaming? You decide! For our final week, let's give some love to the fanfic sections that have seen the least action during our reviewing spree thus far. To qualify for this challenge, review a fic in the Non-Pokémon or Completed Fics sections.