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MISSINGNO and GLITCHES - talk about them HERE

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation I & II Discussion' started by RaZoR LeAf, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Any topics about Missingno or glitches that appear in the mian forum get closed. I'm tired of seeing nothing but posts about 'my characters name changed' or 'there's a tiny bit of grass in the wrong place'. These do not warrent discussions of any kind. You want to chat about glitches, you do it here. Same goes for missingno.
  2. bob151jr

    bob151jr Guest

    Glitch clear up
    Ok i will help all those with glitch problems. Everything in this has been tested and is 100% accurate unless listed otherwise

    imposable to get for games under gbc (but you could have one to check trade to a gbc game like crystal)
    there is a 1/8692 chance you will actual run into one

    ================================================== =========================
    ================================================== =========================

    Status: Code

    The number one Mew Rumor says that Mew is under a truck under the S.S. Anne.
    1. It is crucial that you DO NOT!!! go onboard the S.S. ANNE at VERMILLLION
    2. Link up with a friend that has a pokemon with the CUT ability (HM01).
    3. Play through the game until you have pokemon with the SURF (HM03) and
    4. Go on the gang plank that is the entrance way to the boat. Instead of
    gettingon the boat, use your pokemon with SURF to swim to the ground to the
    right of it.
    5. When you go onto the ground, you will see a truck. Use your pokemon with
    STRENGTH to move the truck. After you move the truck, you will see the icon of
    a pokeball or ofa pokemon (like when you encounter MEWTWO). Which icon you get
    depends on the color of pokemon you have. Engage this icon. You will now be
    fighting MEW (pokemon 151).

    What Happens:
    This code does work, just not on the American Red and Blue versions. Try using
    it on the Japanese Green Version.

    Status: Code

    Mew is supposed to be in the Big mansion in Celadon after you get 150 pokemon.

    What Happens:
    This code does work, just not on the American Red and Blue versions. Try using
    it on the Japanese Green Version.

    Status: Code

    All you do is catch a missingno, and beat the elite four a couple of times.
    After each time check your hall of fame and it will screw up but keep pushing
    a.Eventually a mew will appear. You can't catch it though.

    What Happens:
    CONFIRMED! You don't have to catch Missingno., just see it. I have done it
    before. Try it!

    Status: Rumor

    This is just like the number one rumor but it works. First do everything the #1
    rumor above says but don't go to the ss anne yet. Get a missing no and teach
    him Strength.Now got to the safri zone and fish for a horsea.If you get it you
    will get the HM06:SUPERSTRENGTH now you can push the ss anne away with STRENGTH
    and push the truck away with SUPERSTRENGTH

    What Happens:
    CONFIRMED AS A RUMOR! Ash Ketchum1 writes to me this:
    Horsea isn't one of the Pokémon you can fish for in either version of Pokémon
    while you're in the Safari Zone, so that rumor is impossible.
    I CAN'T believe how stupid I am! I never thought of this. Well, Ash Ketchum1
    just earned 1 point in the Bash the Rumors game!

    ================================================== =========================
    ================================================== =========================

    Status: Code

    Missingno can be found if you first go to viridian city, talk to the guy that
    teachs you to catch a pokemon,Then to fuschia and surf down to Seafoam
    Islands.Surf up and down the coast to find missingno.

    What Happens:
    CONFIRMED! This is one of the most popular tricks in Pokemon. A variation is
    to surf up and down the east coast of Cinnabar Island. If you do use this
    code, and you see him, the 6th item in your item list will be multiplied by 129
    or so. If you see him, it will also mess up your Hall of Fame (see THE HALL OF
    FAME GALLERY in the Mew section). If you catch him, it will mess up your Hall
    of Fame also, plus may delete your saved game or destroy your whole game
    (highly unlikely). BTW, he has Sky Attack, Water Gun, and Water Gun.

    Status: Code

    M can be found if you first go to viridian city, talk to the guy that teachs
    you to catch a pokemon,Then to fuschia and surf down to Seafoam Islands.Surf up
    and down the coast to find M

    What Happens:
    CONFIRMED! Unlike Missingno, you can only find M in the Blue Version. M is
    basically the same as Missingno.

    ================================================== =========================
    ================================================== =========================

    Status: Rumor

    Put a charmander,exeggutor,and a missingno in a box together and it will say
    "MissingNo. Has miss evolved into Togepi."

    What Happens:
    I need confirmation for this one. It sounds wild and fake.

    ================================================== =========================
    ================================================== =========================

    Status: Rumor

    You must beat the Elite Four 50 times in a row without saving or healing.

    What Happens:
    Now this seems like an impossible task. If you are wondering about the
    Jigglypuff stuff, Neon Town was on the TV show on the episode "The Song of
    Jigglypuff". After she got a black sharpie from a sleeping Ash's backpack, she
    would write all over everyone's face that fell asleep while she was singing.
    As for this code, I seriously doubt the possibility of this being a code.

    ================================================== =========================
    ================================================== =========================

    Status: Rumor

    You can get Merichu if you go to neon town, buy all the items, and trade a
    level 100 raichu back and forth with a friend.

    What Happens:
    Since Neon Town doesn't seem to be real, I doubt this is possible.

    ================================================== =========================
    ================================================== =========================

    Status: Rumor

    Beat the elite four 12 times in a row without saving or healing on the Red

    What Happens:
    This sounds more manageable that 50 times in a row. I have the Red version, so
    I can take a crack, but I won't waste my time. Don't try it.

    ================================================== =========================
    ================================================== =========================

    Status: Rumor

    Beat the elite four 12 times in a row without saving or healing on the Blue

    What Happens:
    Like the PikaRed rumor, don't try it.

    ================================================== =========================
    ================================================== =========================

    Status: Rumor

    Get a level 100 nidoking and Nidoqueen and go to mount moon. Find any Team
    rocket guy and he'll trade.

    What Happens:
    Interesting. Sounds like a rumor.

    ================================================== =========================
    ================================================== =========================

    Status: Rumor

    Trade a dratini from a red version to a blue.Have the blue evolve it once then
    trade it back.Then evolve it to dragonite on the red and go to the secret
    dungeon.Stand about where MEWTWO was and use a Fire stone on him.It will say it
    doesn't work, but he'll gain the head of a yoshi.Check it's stats and it's the
    999th pokemon.It still has the moves of a dragonite.

    What Happens:
    Doubt it works.

    Now for some old ones
    magicarp evolves into mew

    magicarp goes to daycare till lvl 100 then you take him back and he evolves into mew.

    False this dose nothing but wastes your money. dont even try it.

    If you have a glitch that is not up here post it and ill try and test/answer it
    MaskedManAbsolkid likes this.
  3. salamence373

    salamence373 Guest

    When I do the missingno. trick, a level 132 mewtwo appears BEFORE I EVEN SAVED SAFFRON AND BEAT THE SAFFRON GYM LEADER! this happens to me alot on my red version.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 25, 2005
  4. bob151jr

    bob151jr Guest

    well nothing realy wrong. The pokemon changes often sometimes it a tangala then its a mewtwo.
    Just catch it :p
  5. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Altomare Latios, who happens to be Japanese and owns Green, will confirm that this does not happen.

    Why are you posting bullshit rumours? Does this board really need to be filled with nonsense? No.

    It's in my Red.

    Considering Togepi was designed a long time after the release of the original pokemon games, it is not in them.

    A bit of common sense gets you a long way. Th Anime came AFTER the games.

    The rest of your post is all rumours, and I ask you not to post any more in this thread.

    EDIT - I mean don't post any more 'of the subject material' not don't post at all. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2005
  6. pokeworld

    pokeworld THE!

    Why should he no longer post here? For posting about the topic? The topic clearly asks about Glithces, he posted the ones he knows and explains what he's heard about them. You're the one filling these boards with nonsense by bashing him for posting. You should no longer be posting in this topic, not him.

    *To stay on topic*
    There's also a glitch where if you cut down a tree, stand where it was, save your game then restart, you will be standing ON the tree.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2005
  7. Virtual Headache

    Virtual Headache *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    When you catch Missigno and train it, it evolves into Clefable (nothing new).

    There is also some glitch with Ditto: Battle a pokémon which knows less than 4 moves using Ditto. In battle exchange the first move with the last one.
    The game will be screwed up a bit if you battle again.
    I might have forgotten about something though.

    I found this on a site and tried it out and it worked.

    There is also a way to get Shiny Ditto on you G/S/C by using one of the old version.
    I found it on a very serious German site. Will translate it for you later.
  8. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    it's for discussion of glitches, not "you can get mewthree if you beat the elite 4 500 times - but maybe not". I said don't post any more of that nonsense, not don't post at all.
  9. bob151jr

    bob151jr Guest

    you sayed that Considering Togepi was designed a long time after the release of the original pokemon games, it is not in them.

    you are wrong as red and blue came out gold was comeing out in japan and in 1998 i had pictures of Togepi
    thats the same reason we have the 4th generation guys its not that thy made a game and the next day shiped it
    they spent 1 to 2 years transating and shipping to the usa
  10. SlwaBluPhnx

    SlwaBluPhnx Well-Known Member

    This glitch WORKS but I dunno about Yellow.

    If you battle giovanni(gym)'s Nidoqueen, Nidoking and Gary's(Just when you are heading towards the indigo plateu, near the grass with nidorans, not in the elite4)Arcanine with bulbasaur-ivysaur-venasaur, they will only use tail whip, growl or similar nonsence attacks. It really works not like a rumor. My bulba gained like 13 levels with this.(it was lv 7)
  11. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Pokemon was released in Japan in 1996, considering how often you are pointing out the Japanese version of Green, I'd have expect you to know this. Gold and Silver were released in 1999. Three years difference. Red and Blue released in the rest of the world used the Japanese Blue's engine and graphics with the Red and Green pokemon availablities. I seriously doubt Nintendo would have made whole new games with secret hidden pokemon in especially for the rest of the world, to coincide with the relase of GS.
  12. Lord Lonic

    Lord Lonic Guest

    That was just an April Fools Joke from EGM. Of coarse, the rumor might have came before the joke, though.
  13. BadWolf

    BadWolf Guest

    If Togepi, Pikablu, etc. DID exist, I think someone would have hacked the game open and found them by now...
  14. Elastiviolet

    Elastiviolet Guest

    I've heard that if you catch Missingno and train it, it evolves into Kangaskhan. Did I miss something?
  15. Lord Lonic

    Lord Lonic Guest

    Yeah. That is only if you use a Rare Candy on 'M, not Missingno.
  16. salamence373

    salamence373 Guest

    *sighs* I heard of the mew glitch that you can catch it with no gameshark, but I beat the dude that your not sopposed to beat, but too late.........what should I do? is my only hope a game shark to catch mew?
  17. Lord Lonic

    Lord Lonic Guest

    If you are talking about the Gambler, then yes, unless you delete your game and start a new one, it is too late.
  18. Someone

    Someone Guest

    Yeah just restart your game. Getting back to where you were isn't that hard. I did that mew cheat in one of my blues( I have two ). It doesn't impress me though. XD

    Have any of you ever fought Prof.Oak with the gameshark? XDDDDDD He has a Missingno. as one of his Pokemon in his team. Even when you fish to fight him he has 3 Missingno. on his team instead of one.() You know what I hate? The move TM. It makes your game go into a deep freeze.

    Any one here ever seen Missingno.s' Pokedex entry besides me? In the game. Really. I'm not joking. You can only see it if you use Gameshark to find it. Or any other one of them glitches including 'M. 'M's number is like 212.

    If you guys haven't seen Missingno.s' Pokedex entry I can post up the information. XDDDDD
  19. I had one time something weird. That I caught a Missingno, and was trying to change it into a Kangkahskan by training. And I fought a Ditto, and the blob turned into Sabrina! saying "Wild Rattata ran away" for the rest of the battle O.O
  20. bob151jr

    bob151jr Guest

    you can do the mew glitch with any guy that you can walk into then push start befor you battle.
    then take a pokemon with 21 special and fight any trainer
    now run into a ditto and let it the pokemon with 21 special now go back to the route that the first guy (the one you ran into) was and your menu will pop up

    there you go you have mew!

    just changer your special (lvl up or item) and do again you can get every pokemon in the game
    it works too i used it to catch mew and hitmonlee
    i have a pic of mew on my psp somewhere ill post later

    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2005

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