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Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

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Not quite a mistake so much as an addendum to the recent Tasogare no sugata Lugarugan/Dusk Lycanroc update: the CoroCoro reveal states that in addition to being a Mystery Gift, the special Own Tempo Rockruff is an early purchase bonus (早期購入特典 そうきこうにゅうとくてん souki kounyuu tokuten) for Japanese versions of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


Furthermore, the special Rockruff will be available from Friday 17 November 2017 to Wednesday 10 January 2018.


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Uhm. You said the Gold and Silver 3DS themes arent announced worldwide but Ive seen all over Facebook groups you can get themes from the reciept of the purchase. It had the code to get the themes.

Youre welcome.


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Uhm. You said the Gold and Silver 3DS themes arent announced worldwide but Ive seen all over Facebook groups you can get themes from the reciept of the purchase. It had the code to get the themes.

Youre welcome.
I never said they weren't announced worldwide. Our newspost (https://www.serebii.net/news/2017/13-September-2017.shtml) and themes page (https://www.serebii.net/games/themes.shtml) show this. What isn't worldwide is the way to get them through My Nintendo


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A number of moves jump out as odd to me in Gen II Dexes.

I made up a list of moves that may be newly accessible thanks to the VC releases of GS (and likely C), a thread discussed in another subforum.

A few doubts came up when looking over that list:

Magby learning Ice Beam? That's probably Flamethrower, like what Magmar learns by Crystal Move Tutor.
Slowpoke and Slowbro learning Thunderbolt? That's probably Ice Beam, like what Slowking learns by Crystal Move Tutor.
A large number of not-fully evolved Pokemon learning Hyper Beam? That's probably a mistake, one we saw in the RBY Pokedex entries and was corrected last year.
* Tentacool
* Graveler
* Slowpoke
* Doduo
* Seel
* Grimer
* Shellder
* Drowzee
* Krabby
* Voltorb
* Cubone
* Koffing
* Horsea
* Goldeen
* Staryu
* Omanyte
* Chikorita
* Bayleef
* Totodile
* Croconaw
* Hoothoot
* Spinarak
* Chinchou
* Togepi
* Mareep
* Flaaffy
* Marill
* Hoppip
* Skiploom
* Sunkern
* Wooper
* Pineco
* Snubbull
* Teddiursa
* Swinub
* Houndour
Did Staryu and Starmie really learn Attract? I know Crygonal could in Gen V (and later?) despite being Genderless, and as could Mew for each TM, but Staryu and Starmie aren't noted to be able to learn Attract in Gen III and on.
Did Chikorita, Bayleef, Totodile, and Croconaw really learn Earthquake? I'm sure Meganium and Feraligatr, but I don't think the pre-evos did.

Those are all the more suspicious moves I saw reviewing my list. Other people might be tipped off to more oddities based on their familiarity with the move, pokemon, or the Gen II games themselves.


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Probably my report was not see, but I will report again.
In the shiny Pokémon page of Anime there is some missing Pokémon:
-Pikachu (appeared in the shiny Phantump episode)
-Gengar (appeared in the Volcanion and Magearna movie)
-Gardevoir (same as Gengar)

and the Charjabug number is wrong, is number is 737 not 373

and this is just a suggestion, but I think will be better add images of Shiny Mega Gyarados, Shiny Mega Metagross and regular Shiny Rayquaza

Trainer Yusuf


Alolan Sandshrew has been available in Special Stages.

Shroomish and Burmy Plant Cloak are available in Glaucus Hall.

Cascoon and Dustox are available in Prasino Woods.

Samurott and Dugtrio are available in Expert Stages.

Shiny Mewtwo & Megas, Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style), Tapus, Type: Null, Silvally, Magearna, Lunala, Torracat and Buzzwole should be listed for Special Stages.

Alolan Vulpix was also available as a Login Bonus, though it doesn't have its own stage.
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Wormadam Alternate Formes Typing

On the Generation VII Wormadam pokedex page, the sandy forme is said to be psychic/steel and the trash forme psychic/ghost when they are actually bug/ground and bug/steel.


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I'm not sure of where to put this... but every time I've tried to post on the forums I'm running into a 'Database Error' glitch which only gets resolved by refreshing the page.

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The Skills for the Vanillite line on the below page for Shuffle are not right.
The base skills are correct (Vanillite - Opportunist, Holiday Vanillite - Crowd Control, Vanillish - Opportunist, Vanilluxe - Freeze) but the swapped skills are not.
Vanilluxe gets Shot Out, not Vanillite which swaps to Barrier Bash ++. Also Vanillish swaps to Ice Dance.

The list of trainer customisations in Sun/Moon is incomplete.
I am being offered the Rare Cruel, Rare Long Neck, Rare Thunderbolt, Rare Order and Rare Scaly set of shoes from the Malie Community Centre in Moon for my male character which do not feature on the list at all. 50,000 each
Perhaps the female trainer is offered the corresponding hats in Sun as well? That way both Moon genders get the shoes and both Sun genders get the hats?
Also the female trainer clothing items from the Malie Community Centre in Moon (the "Rare..." Espadrilles shoes) are all stated to be found in the Boutique, not the Community Centre, except the Rare Order shoes which are correct.
The Order street cap for the Male character appears in the list twice.


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I see Archeops has no Raise Max Levels in the game.


I also see Zygarde Complete Forme is missing Block Smash+ listed as one of its abilities.

Snorlax is also missing Stabilize++.

Entei is also missing Rock Break+, Suicine Block Smash+, and Raikou Barrier Bash+.
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