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Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder

However, Magmortar’ typing holds it back just as much as it propels it forward. Many fellow legendaries are part Dragon or Psychic, limiting opportunities when Magmortar can safely switch in, despite its high speed giving it an advantage against most of the former. Lacking a resistance to Fairy means that Magmortar can’t stop a setup Xerneas or Zacian despite Poison’s advantageous match-up. Despite this, Magmortar is an incredible Pokémon whose unique blend of typing, speed and bulk ensures a slot on many teams stuffed to the brim with other legends.

Magmortar does resist Fairy, it is pure Fire, and switching into Psychic is only a problem if you run the move Psychic.


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The Eevee episode is mistakenly listed as Episode 1194 when it should be Episode 1195 and has the wrong airdate. The TR episode is April 8th.


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The Transfer Only moves section for Generation 8 excludes the Generation 7 games. This includes the Let’s Go games in addition to SM & USUM.


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Lance’s page for Pokémon Masters EX has Kahili’s Toucannon’s Sync grid instead of Dragonite’s


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Drowzee is missing in the Areas tab for the GSC Pokemon Pinball, like, doesn't show up at all. It should be found in Vermillion City: Seaside on the Red Field and Vermillion City: Streets on the Blue Field. (I found it first in Seaside.)
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On the main page, I think Pokemon Go's information was accidentally copy-pasted from last time. It should be from now until July 1st we can get Klink.

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The description of Milotic in the news section of the main site seems to be describing Centiskorch as it says that “Milotic” will heat up its body and lash out using its burning long body.