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Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
Not sure this counts as a "mistake" or if you just missed this, but we can see a few Paldea Dex numbers at 15:44 in the Presents.

Sprigatito is #1 in the Paldea Dex, Quaxly is #7, and Lechonk is #10. We can also infer from that that Fuecoco is #4.


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On the front page...

Details have been released for the special movie distributions coming to Japan from next week. These distributions are obtained by Sertial Code when you go and see the anniversary showings of the movies. The details are as follows

Palkia - Lv. 70 - Spacial Rend, Hydro Pump, Metal Burst, Overheat. Holds a Lustrous Orb Runs from August 26th (Sword)
However, Palkia can't learn Metal Burst or Overheat. Now, there have been events in the past where Pokemon knew moves that they couldn't normally learn, but is this the case here?

Going to the event page for Palkia...

The event Palkia actually knows Aura Sphere and Earth Power. Metal Burst and Overheat were copypasted from the line above that mentioned Dialga's moveset.


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Eternal Flower Floette has a Pokédex entry in USUM, but it’s not currently available or obtainable. Zygarde got new forms so why couldn’t they have given us the opportunity to obtain AZ’s Floette in USUM?


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Lowest Pokeball Levels for PLA don't reflect the Massive Mass Outbreaks for Normal and Alpha Variants of Pokemon.

This is most notable with the Starters (Rowlet/Cyndaquil/Oshawott), who can be caught a level below their intended evolution for Normal and only a bit higher for Alpha variants.

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On the new pokemon snap page for barren badlands page (Day) It says you have to be on Lv.2 to do the open wide request with salazzle. This is wrong as Salazzle only appears on the sludge mountain on Lv.3.
Just did it so can confirm


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The latest Masters Day information says Sygna Suit Brock got his EX this month instead of Drake.


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The Pokémon Anime Episodes list has the title missing for episode 1192. It should say "The Future is Now, Thanks to Strategy", but it just says TBC instead.



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Noticed this under the Terastal Boosts section

In addition to changing the Pokémon's type, you can change how many things work. YIf the Pokémon uses a move that matches its TeraType or its original types, the move is stronger.

Did you put in one letter too many or is Serebii changing directions and you meant to add one more letter?

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In the Scarlet and Violet happenings thread, Joe mistakenly says that Legends Arceus will be coming out this week. Just wanted to bring attention to the error.



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Every single link for the moves listed on this page links to the Gen 7 Attackdex page for the move instead of the Gen 9 Attackdex page.

For example, Recover links to this:

But Recover should link to this:

Edit: Also, the name of the page says that it's for Sword and Shield, instead of Scarlet and Violet, and this mistake is also present in the opening paragraph.

Edit 2: I found another Gen 9 Attackdex error, albeit it's related to the Gen 9 Attackdex pages rather than links to them.

It seems that every single Gen 9 Attackdex page links to itself instead of the corresponding Gen 8 Attackdex page when clicking on the "Gen VIII Attackdex" link.

For example, on the Gen 9 Attackdex page for Esper Wing:

The link embedded in the text for "Gen VIII Attackdex" is this:

But it should be this:

Edit 3: Teddiursa's Gen 9 Pokedex page doesn't have a link to its Gen 8 Pokedex page.

I'm not going to scour every single Gen 9 Pokedex page to verify this, but I think every single Pokemon not in Sword/Shield that wasn't introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus wound up with this error on their Gen 9 Pokedex page (barring any Pokemon that actually aren't in any Gen 8 games, but Teddiursa is in BD/SP and Pokemon Legends: Arceus).
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Not sure if this is the right place, but I've noticed that in the Paldea Pokearth, the images of the Pokémon don't load and show as 'broken' when selecting either 'Standard', 'Scarlet Exclusive' or 'Violet Exclusive' from the list, then clicking a marker on the map - making the information largely unusable. It looks like there's an extra 'woozlet44/' in the URL for the image files, and removing this extra path seems to make the page work as expected.

There are also occasionally some extra empty 'Biome' entries - but this doesn't stop the page from being useful.

Page Link: https://www.serebii.net/pokearth/paldea/
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It's not a game Kate.
Only a minor issue but on the gimmighoul coins page it's says you usually only get one or 2 coins but then the data table beneath makes it seem that it is actually impossible to get 2 coins

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Fillet Away is described in the attack dex as taking 25% of the user's HP, but to my knowledge it always takes 50%.

Shed Tail has a similar issue, though perhaps that is just misleading wording (that is the substitute it makes may consist of one quarter of the user's HP, but using the move itself takes half of the user's HP).


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Hi there! I'm checking the regular trainers filters in the Paldea Pokearth for the areas I have visited and I have noticed the following so far:

- In area 4 south province there is a trainer listed as "Backpacker TRNAME_AREA05_TRAINER_BACKPACKER_1", who has an Staravia and Oinkologne. I haven't been able to find him yet, so apart from the name issue I don't know if this trainer is actually there (maybe he is somewhere I'm not able to go to yet).

- In area 2 east province there are eleven trainers which appear on the map icons but there are only nine trainers listed. The missing two people are a Student who has an Alomomola, and a Cabber who has a Varoom. I'm not able to help with their names since I have already battled them though.

I hope this helps. Thanks a lot for your great job!


Bird-Brain Banter
Lowest Pokeball Levels for PLA don't reflect the Massive Mass Outbreaks for Normal and Alpha Variants of Pokemon.

This is most notable with the Starters (Rowlet/Cyndaquil/Oshawott), who can be caught a level below their intended evolution for Normal and only a bit higher for Alpha variants.
Not only is the above issue persisting but Gen VIII Pokéball Listing now reflects Gen IX entirely.

I'm going to assume this is due primarily until the proper Gen IX listing is done for all Scarlet/Violet Pokémon in which case afterwards the proper Sword & Shield Lowest Pokéball listings will return to normal.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder

For the third Elite 4 member Larry, there's a mistake in their description:

You mention that Larry is called in to do double duty as an "Elite Four member and Elite Four". It's supposed to be that he's both an Elite 4 member and a Gym Leader.