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Mistakes on Serebii.net V2


Luffy isn’t Luffy if it’s not boiled.
Pokemon Go, Pokemon Home, Pokemon Unite, Pokemon Cafe Remix and Pokémon Masters EX are only listed under the Gen 8 games when they should also be listed with Scarlet and Violet as part of the Gen 9 games.
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I seen to have spotted a bit of a mistake in the page about the base camps from Mystery Dungeon DX, the flags for psyduck and cyndaquil seem to be in each other's place.
Since Ash is leaving the anime and his Character Bio will likely not be updated again for the foreseeable future, would it be possible to update the image used for Ash's Beedrill? For several years, its just been a picture of the red light getting sucked into the Pokeball when he catches it. Just a minor thing, but it'd be nice if this was finally updated. Also, I just noticed today that the image used for his Mr. Mime isn't loading properly. Not sure if that's just because this page has just recently been updated to show the Journey's Pokemon now residing at Oak's lab, but I figured I'd just mention it right here.