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Mistakes on Serebii.net V2


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Flutter Mane's Pokedex entry does not have it's biome data.
I'm assuming it's similar to Iron Bundle and is found underground.

Roaring Moon and Iron Valiant have some potential confusion concerning their location.
It says "in cave in rocks to left of Research Station 3".
I thought this meant as you were facing the research station. You may include "as you are leaving Research Station 3".
Given this is more of a suggestion than an actual error.

Speaking of suggestions, I would suggest adding a section in the "Paradox Pokemon" page on how to travel to the Paradox Pokemon locations.
I know there is a map, but I would find a detail "walkthrough" a bit easier to dissect.

TL;DR: My first paragraph talks about missing biome data. The next two paragraphs talk more about suggestions.


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Error (assumed since I don’t know how to datamine): LGPE Min/Max Weights are currently 0.3x and 0.7x. I think they are supposed to be 0.48x and 1.68 based on a Bulbapedia weight and size variation draft article that’s googlable.

For Legends Arceus, they are 0.64x and 1.44x (which is like (x0.4+0.8)^2 instead of x0.8+6 for the height multiplier).

The lowest weight record I could find for LGPE (Weedle) was around 0.49x-0.5x. Unfortunately it’s hard to find screenshots of the minimums and maximums because of the low chances.

Also, for: https://www.serebii.net/legendsarceus/size.shtml

Legendaries and Mythicals could be included now that HOME is compatible with Legends Arceus (the single average-ish in-game event size is only obtainable without HOME compatibility).
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The current Pokemon of the week, Toedscruel, says Mycelium Might ensures that Toedscruel can use its base 100 Speed for support, when it should say can't.