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Mistakes on Serebii.net V2


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In the new page for the dream world with the decorations for your house, I think the words method and price need to be switched around


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Error: Overzealous mass replace made a generic card Rileyeric.
Link: http://www.serebii.net/diamondpearl/trainercard.shtml

Error: Japanese item names are used for Member's Card/Azure Flute.
Link: http://www.serebii.net/diamondpearl/legendaries.shtml

Error: Rowap Berry is missing from the berry details.
Link: http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/dreamworldmini.shtml

Live Caster is listed twice under key items on B/W page

I don't know if you know or if it matters, but there are two Livecasters, a blue one for boys and a pink one for girls.
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Error: All the TCG Pokemon LEGEND cards that feature two Pokemon are supposed to have the opponent pick up 2 Prize cards upon knocking them out. This is not shown on the website text, only on the scan of the card, which causes problems if the card is in Japanese or people don't notice it.


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Lairon is missing its Egg Moves.

Both Aron's and Aggron's appear on their respective pages, as well as Egg Moves (like Dragon Rush) showing up for them. Lairon's do not.


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Some weird thing going on with the DPPtHGSS dex.

The screenshot is in the spoiler.

I don't know if this could help you Serebii but.. yeah xD



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On Pokearth, under Turnback Cave, the last section, at the very bottom about Platinum, for night time, the percentages add up to 95%.


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When you click the Flying-type button on Tornelos's location page it takes you to the DP Flying type listing, not the BW one.

Also, multiple places still have its unofficial Romani name. Such as the drop-down list for the Pokedex.

Ultimate Glalie

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This error hasn't been addressed yet:
Ultimate Glalie said:
This Pokemon's name is supposed to be Hahakomori, not Hahakurimo:


Edit: There are also some other small naming mistakes:

Roopushin should be Roobushin:

Shinpora should be Shinboraa:

Yabakuron should be Yabukuron:

There also some naming mistakes in the Isshu Pokemon drop-down list:

Boappu -> Baoppu
Hatoopoo -> Hatooboo
Gigaith -> Gigaiath
Roopushin -> Roobushin
Doreida -> Doredia
Shinpora -> Shinboraa
Yabakuron -> Yabukuron
Kapurumo -> Kaburumo
Burunkeru -> Burungeru
Goruggo -> Goruggu
Sazando -> Sazandora

Also, some Pokemon who got officially romanized names didn't get their names changed on the drop-down list:

Reparudasu -> Lepardas
Kobaruon -> Cobalon
Terakion -> Terrakion
Birijion -> Virizion
Torunerosu -> Tornelos

The drop-down list mistakes in the quote above and the romanization mistakes above are also present in the Event Database drop-down list, along with a few other errors:

Naming mistakes:

Hahakurimo -> Hahakomori
Futsude -> Fushide
Meloia -> Meloetta


Janobii -> Janovy
Jaroda -> Jalorda
Chaobuu -> Chaoboo
Emboar -> Enbuoh
Miruhoggu -> Miruhog
Leperasudu -> Lepardas
Yanakki -> Yanakkie
Baokki -> Baokkie
Hiyakki -> Hiyakkie
Gigaiasu -> Gigaiath
Moguryuu -> Mogurew
Meguroko -> Meguroco
Warubiru -> Waruvile
Warubiaru -> Waruvial
Abagoora -> Abagoura
Aakeosu -> Archeos
Chirachiino -> Chillaccino
Kumashun -> Kumasyun
Kojofuu -> Kojofu
Urugamosu -> Ulgamoth
Borutorosu -> Voltolos
Randorosu -> Landlos
Kyuremu -> Kyurem

Hope this helps. :)
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^Are those really that necessary/important? They're eventually going to be changed again anyway.

Anyways regarding the new 'Statistics' page, there are some errors I noticed:

- Quick Powder raises Ditto's speed by x2, not x1.5.
- Breakable Armour lowers Defence, not Attack.
- Flower Gift boosts Sp.Def, not Sp.Atk.
- No mention of Pigeon Heart preventing Defence drops.
- V-Generate lowers user's stats, not opponent's.
- It should be stated that Sandstorm boosts Sp.Def of Rock type Pokemon by x1.5. Saying that the ability Sandstream boosts the user's and opponent's Sp.Def is incorrect and misleading.
- Lax Incense raises Evasion not Accuracy.


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Rotom is missing its shiny PtHGSS sprite.

Also, on all Dex pages of Pokemon that aren't wild in HGSS, but are wild in DPPt, it says Trade From DPt. Isn't that a bit confusing for pokemon that are wild in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, for example Rotom, but some may think aren't wild in Pearl because you're missing a P.
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In the anime section you list Jessie's Kormori knowing Gust and Confusion

it's Air Slash..not confusion

and Kibago used scratch not Fury swipes

and Ash's Mamepato does not know Tackle..it should be quick attack

and Tsutarja's Grass Mixer is actually Grass Oath (compare to shootis)